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What is a MO Adoption Plan, and How Do I Get Started?

What is a MO Adoption Plan, and How Do I Get Started?

You may be a current mother that recently found out that you are pregnant with an unplanned baby. Right now, you are weighing your options which are three. You would either terminate your pregnancy instead of giving birth to the current child you are carrying. Or you are contemplating raising the child as your own though there may be struggles during the duration of such. Then there is adoption which you have never experienced and aren’t educated on the adoption process.

As an adoption agency, we completely understand that you have a plethora of questions pertaining to the Missouri adoption process. Many birth mothers come to our agency without much understanding of adoption other than a google search. They are not well versed in the process, the different types of adoption, or the mental capacity that can take place during the adoption.  

Defining an MO Adoption Plan

At our agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri, every decision chosen will be that of the birth mother’s choice. We do not pressure or guilt you as a mother because it is a delicate situation that we can provide you with information on. However, the decisions are yours due to the child biologically belonging to you. When it comes to an adoption plan, every step is yours to choose. An MO adoption plan is a thoroughly designed plot that is written and followed by you during the beginning of your adoption process

In such an adoption plan, you lay out the needs and wants you would like to have as the birth mother. Such as detailing the preferences you would like to see in the adoptive parents of your unborn child. The preferences can be as detailed as you would like depending upon your wants and needs for the sake of your child. Soon after, you will be provided parent profiles by your caseworker. Each family will match your preferences. They might not exactly match your preference in some cases, but it will be a grave deal of similarities. To add on, if you are not in favor of the families we provided, then you shall be provided more from your caseworker. Eventually, you will pick a family and based on the type of adoption you choose: closed, semi-open, or opened. You will or will not have contact with the family during your pregnancy. 

As said above, you will choose the type of adoption you would like to choose. There are three adoption forms we provide: closed, semi-open, and open adoption. After defining all three types of adoptions, you would choose which form you would like to utilize for your adoption in MO. When making such a decision, there has to be communication between yourself and the adoptive family. That is due to the fact they have to agree on the type of adoption you decide to go with. 

There are more talking points when it comes to creating an MO adoption plan. Such as notifying us if you need financial assistance, medical assistance, or therapy. Also, when it comes to communication between yourself and the adoptive family you picked, you will decide the ways in which you all communicate. It can be directly or through a facilitator, which would be your caseworker. Then you have to create the birth plan and handle your delivery wants. 

As your adoption agency, we can assist you in laying out such a plan without making the decisions for you. 

Where Can I Go for Assistance in Adoption in Missouri? 

You can come to us, Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are one of the top private agencies with different sectors in multiple states. We assist birth mothers like yourself, adoptive parents, and unborn or born children. Since you are in Missouri, we have different locations with one agency in Kansas. If you have beginning questions as a birth mother, contact us through our portal on our website or call us. Before coming to our agency, we understand you might have multiple questions you would like answered. 

To add on, if you would like to read any past stories of birth mothers we have assisted, that is no problem. We have stories from multiple birth mothers we have assisted during their adoption process in Missouri on our website. 

Never Hesitate to Contact Us if You Are Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy  

Being pregnant with an unplanned baby is tough, but doing so alone is even harder. Contact us if you are in such a predicament and would like to put your baby up for adoption. We will not hesitate to support you! You will become part of the Adoption Choices of Missouri family. We are building families, including ours. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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