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Homeless, Pregnant, Abused, and Choosing Adoption in Missouri

Homeless, Pregnant, Abused, and Choosing Adoption in Missouri

By Nicholas Rodinos

Thousands of people are affected by homelessness in the US annually. Homelessness is already a difficult situation to be trapped in. It’s worse when dealing with pregnancy. Many birth mothers find themselves homeless because of abuse and feel that they cannot contact their families. Adoption agencies can help you in your time of crisis.

Adoption agencies understand your struggles and will help you place your child for adoption and support you. Our adoption agency can provide you with adoption support, housing, transportation, medical care, financial assistance, and counseling. Adoption Choices of Missouri can provide you with adoption support, no matter what your current living situation. Our agency is staffed with caring professionals who assist birth mothers in cases of homeless pregnancies and unplanned pregnancies

Your Alternatives to Adoption

There are three solutions for pregnancy: raising it, placing the baby for adoption, and terminating the pregnancy. Raising the child, while possible, is extremely difficult considering your current financial and living situation. Many birth mothers decide against this, as they’re concerned about the safety and health of their children. 

Termination of a pregnancy is another possibility. However, it’s not for every birth mother. This option can be medically necessary in some cases and life-saving for some birth mothers.

Adoption is the final option, and it provides your child with a new life in a safe home. This option provides your child the home they need and allows you the support you need. Adoption agencies allow you to meet and communicate with your child when they’re ready to understand their origins. 

The Adoption Agency Staff Will Help in Your Time of Need

Our Missouri adoption agency staff will explain the adoption process to you and support you in every decision. The first step of the adoption process is contacting and scheduling a meeting with a local adoption agency. You’ll meet with your adoption counselor, and they will have you sign paperwork and check your proof of pregnancy. The adoption counselor will ask you what kinds of support you need: financial, housing, transportation, and psychological counseling.

Our agency will find a doctor to determine your pregnancy needs by checking your blood pressure and heart rate. Your adoption counselor will find you a safe, clean, judgment-free place to live during your pregnancy. You’ll tell the adoption counselor all your qualifications for an adoptive family, picking through candidates and interviewing candidates. The counselor will have you create a plan for your child’s birth, including all necessary hospital accommodations.

Our adoption agency will provide post-adoption counseling to help you cope with post-adoption grief. If need be, our agency will help coordinate your meetings with the adoptive family.

Adoption Agencies Can Provide Financial Assistance

Homelessness impacts many birth parents seeking adoption, and being homeless is far more expensive than many realize. Hundreds of birth parents need some form of financial assistance while living with their pregnancies. The health of the birth parents and children is partially determined by how many financial resources they have. Financial support is a crucial part of adoption in Missouri, as it ensures the birth mother’s health and safety.

Adoption agencies near you understand your struggle and will work to provide you with the necessary financial resources. Your adoption coordinator will determine how much financial support you may qualify for and what that support entails. Our adoption agency may be able to provide support for your medical care, housing, transportation, food, and phone bills. We can provide so that you can live your life before and after the birth of your child.

Adoption Agencies Can Provide Housing

Housing is a common concern among birth mothers, and that’s why adoption agencies in Missouri provide free housing. Some birth mothers have a home but can’t pay for it now. Adoption agencies near you can provide rent and utilities to relieve some of the stress you are grappling with. Our housing exists to guarantee the safety and well-being of you and your child.

Our housing is clean, so you won’t need to worry about your or your baby’s health. This agency understands the struggle you’ve endured and has ensured that our housing is safe for our birth mothers. If you need a judgment-free home, our staff can provide you with all the emotional support you need. You’ve been through enough. Let our agency take away some of your worries by providing you with safe housing. 

Creating An Adoption Plan and A Birth Plan

Adoption agencies in Missouri will let you choose an adoption plan so that you can see your child again. An adoption plan says how much contact you’re allowed with the adoptive family of your child. Your adoption counselor will explain the differences between open, semi-open, and closed adoptions and ask which works for you. Adoption plans are designed so that you can contact your child as much as you need.

The birth plan dictates your needs and accommodations during the birth of your child. Your doctor will have you list all medications you’re currently on and which medications you’re allergic to. The birth plan will have you discuss how you want the hospital room. Birth plans let you create your support system so that you’re surrounded by loved ones during your pregnancy.

Missouri Adoption Agencies Can Provide Counseling

Many birth mothers experience grief and guilt after placing their child for adoption. Our adoption agency will support you. As a part of adoption in Missouri, you’ll receive counseling to create coping mechanisms for post-adoption grief. Your counselor will help you understand that adoption isn’t something to feel guilty about. The counselor will help you discuss any post-adoption guilt and find therapy methods to help you cope. 

Our Adoption Agency Can Help You

Our adoption agency can help if you’re pregnant and need to place your child for adoption. Adoption is a powerful tool that provides birth mothers with the security of mind that their children are safe. If you need adoption support, housing, or financial assistance, please contact our agency so we may assist you.

Adoption Choices of Missouri can help if you are a homeless birth mother dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Our agency can provide adoption resources, financial support, housing, transportation, and psychological counseling to eligible birth mothers. We provide you with control over the adoption process and the support you need during your adoption decisions. Please contact our agency if you require adoption support or have any questions related to adoption.

Adoption Choices of Missouri puede ayudar si no tiene hogar y necesita recursos de adopción especializados. Nuestra agencia de adopción puede ayudar a los padres biológicos sin hogar a colocar a sus hijos en adopción. Podemos brindar asistencia a madres biológicos sin hogar elegibles, en forma de vivienda, asistencia financiera, asesoramiento y transporte. Comuníquese con nuestra agencia si tiene preguntas sobre la adopción de bebes, y otros recursos para la adopción.