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All About the Benefits of Choosing Adoption

All About the Benefits of Choosing Adoption

By Brendan Finegan

When some people think about adoption, they often picture the birth mother as the only significant factor in the process. However, the adoptive parent and child play just as equal roles. You will have to consider what the best plans and options are for your child and the adoptive family during the adoption process. If you’re feeling anxious and hopeless trying to balance everyone’s needs during your unplanned pregnancy, do not worry. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help you understand the best choices for your child, the adoptive parents, and yourself.

5 Ways to Make Adoption Work for Everyone

Finding the right adoption agency will give you the best choices for both the adoptive parents and child during an unplanned pregnancy. It’s tough satisfying all the needs of every person included in the adoption process, but through careful planning and support, you’ll find exceptional choices for adoption in Missouri. Adoption Choices of Missouri will provide you with the high-quality professional counseling needed to select a successful adoption plan. If you’re worried giving up your child won’t align with their and the adoptive parents’ needs, take some time to familiarize yourself with your options.

1. You Get to Choose Your Adoptive Family

You will be able to closely coordinate with your adoption specialist to choose your child’s adoptive family. Rest assured your baby will be cared for before, during, and after the adoption process; the choice of what happens to your adopted child is entirely yours. You get to decide if the adoptive family has local roots within your community, has a similar ethnic background as yourself, and possesses the same lifestyle and religious beliefs. After you’ve found the adoptive family that you believe will suit your child’s needs, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the adoptive family. You will have the final choice of moving forward with the adoption process.

2. Find the Type of Adoption that will Work for Everyone

You will have the opportunity to decide between three types of adoption for your child: open adoptions, semi-open adoptions, and closed adoptions. With open adoptions, information such as names, phone numbers, and contact info are shared with the adoptive family. You will get to decide the varying degrees of openness with the adoptive family after the adoption process is finalized. The level of contact post-placement typically includes emails, letters, pictures, phone calls, and in-person visits. 

In a semi-open adoption plan, non-identifying information is shared between you and the adoptive family. You can still exchange letters, photos, and emails during a semi-open adoption either directly or through a third party, but in-person visits with the adoptive family usually do not take place. Your child will typically have no direct communication with you.

If you choose a closed adoption, you will never meet with the adoptive family and will know very little about them. Adoption Choices of Missouri will choose the adoptive family for your child. Keep in mind that the adoption agreement made between you and the adoptive family is only enforced until your child reaches adulthood and can make decisions for themselves.

3. You Will be Able to Ensure that Your Child Has the Best Possible Circumstance

Take comfort in the fact that your child can have the home and lifestyle that you believe is necessary after adoption. If you’re worried about financial security for your child, you’ll be able to find an adoptive family that can provide the support for a quality upbringing. Your child can have a home life and stable family. In return, the adoptive family that you select can provide the life for your child that fits both your criteria.

4. You can Gain the Financial Assistance Needed Throughout the Adoption Process

With your adoption plan, you will bear no cost for the adoption. If eligible, you can coordinate with the adoptive family to cover your living expenses. This way, you will gain support from the adoptive family throughout the adoption process. Your child will be going to a family that understands the difficulties of working and possibly lacking family support while pregnant. Have assurance that your child will be going to a loving home that supports you during your pregnancy.

  1. Get the Medical Services that you Need During the Adoption Process

Adoption Choices of Missouri will ensure that you receive timely and effective prenatal care through our adoption services. It is crucial that you have the necessary healthcare for a healthy and successful delivery. Your baby’s health and safety is essential not just for themself but also for the adoption process with your selected adoptive parents. 

Start your Adoption Process

After carefully choosing what will be most beneficial for yourself, your child, and the adoptive parents, you can begin the adoption process. Taking the time to consider what option is best for every party involved will create the smoothest and most effective adoption process possible. Take a look at the steps outlined below if you’re unsure how to start the adoption process. An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful and overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

  1. Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri at (816) 527-9800 to have all your questions and concerns answered.
  2. Meet with an adoption specialist to discuss options, information, and support.
  3. Select an adoptive family for you based on your preferences.
  4. Create a hospital and birth plan so that your baby can leave with the adoptive family after birth.
  5. Receive post-placement counseling after the adoption.

Giving your child up for adoption is not an easy decision, but after selecting the best possible plan, your baby will have the life that will bring you comfort and relief after adoption. Pick from the adoption agencies near you that will get rid of the worries and anxiety of an unplanned pregnancy.