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5 Things People Get Wrong About Birth Fathers in Missouri

5 Things People Get Wrong About Birth Fathers  in Missouri

By Lindsay Parkoo

Birth fathers have a pretty bad reputation in the world of adoption. In the media, birth fathers are depicted with many negative stereotypes. This creates negative expectations for how a birth father deals with adoption. They are seen as unimportant, absent, or unsupportive. While that can be the case for some, birth fathers are so much more than that. They can provide so much for the birth mother during the adoption. So, let’s break down some common misconceptions about birth fathers and let you know the truth.

But first, if you’re looking to place your baby for adoption, look for Adoption Choices of Missouri. With Adoption Choices of Missouri, you’ll work with adoption counselors who’ll provide support for you as a birth father. We make sure you understand the adoption process as well as what the types of adoption for you are. You can rest assured that you’ll be well informed in every decision that needs to be made.

5 Misconceptions about Birth Fathers 

Birth Fathers Don’t Want to be Involved in Missouri Adoption

Every birth father has the choice to be involved in the adoption process. In some cases, unfortunately, they choose not to be. That shouldn’t have an impact on the birth fathers that do make an effort to be involved. They get to decide with the birth mother on their adoption choices. If they opt for open adoption, the birth father has the option to be involved with the child. Adoption in Missouri allows you to have a relationship with your child after placement if all parties agree. 

Birth Fathers aren’t Involved with the Birth Mother in Missouri Adoption

Many believe that once the baby has been placed, the birth mother and father are done with each other. That isn’t always the case, but that decision is up to the birth parents. Many couples may choose adoption and still become parents later. Birth fathers learn to understand that a birth mother’s needs must come before theirs at times. Sometimes going through the adoption process together can lead to a better understanding with their partner too.

Birth Fathers are Unsupportive in Missouri Adoption

When a birth mother is pregnant and considering adoption, there’s a lot for her to think and worry about. She is, after all, making a brave and big decision for her and her child. She likely needs more support now than at any other time in her life. Being the birth father means that your job is to support her needs during and after the process. Whilst there are birth fathers who aren’t supportive during adoption, that doesn’t make up the whole. There are birth fathers who also feel that they’re not ready to be a parent. 

Birth Fathers aren’t Important in Missouri Adoption

This is very false. While the birth mother does take priority, the birth father is often there as her support. If the birth mother isn’t comfortable, there can be complications during her labor. It’s the birth father’s job to make sure she is being cared for. It’s a very important job to undertake. They should be included in all major steps, from making an adoption plan to choosing the adoptive family. That way, the birth mother doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Birth Fathers Don’t Need Counseling During Adoption in Missouri Adoption

Our society often doesn’t let men talk about their feelings or get counseling. However, adoption can be an emotional process for both parents. It’s not easy if you feel like you’re giving a child up for adoption. Birth fathers might feel like their feelings and experiences aren’t worth dealing with. They might also feel judged by others if they seek out counseling. Adoption in Missouri allows both birth mother and birth father to get the emotional support they need during adoption.

Be a Part of the Missouri Adoption Process as a Birth Father

Birth fathers don’t always live up to the negative reputation the media puts on them. There are birth fathers that support the choice of adoption. They need emotional support and want to be involved with the child. We mustn’t leave them behind. There are resources and steps so that the birth parents collaborate during the process. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri can give you those resources. We take you step by step from birth to placement. Adoption Choices of Missouri even has a home study checklist for when they research and review prospective families. There’s a plethora of things your adoption agency teaches you, such as positive adoption language. So, you don’t have to search for how to give a baby up for adoption and feel miserable for it. Contact us early in your partner’s unplanned pregnancy and start your journey.