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4 Ways Adoption Choices of Missouri Supports Birth Mothers After Adoption

4 Ways Adoption Choices of Missouri Supports Birth Mothers After Adoption

By Katy Reagan

An unplanned pregnancy takes a physical and emotional toll. Once you’ve found out you’re pregnant, you have to decide what’s next. You might not be ready to be a parent, and that’s okay. Choosing adoption is one of the bravest decisions you can make. That doesn’t make it any easier, however. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a private Missouri adoption agency focused on helping birth mothers before and after adoption. 

1. Adoption Choices of Missouri Provides Free, Unlimited Counseling

Many adoption agencies believe their job is done when the adoption is finalized. You’ve just made one of the biggest decisions of your life. Your body has gone through something traumatic. You’re experiencing so many different emotions on top of hormones. Here at Adoption Choices of Missouri, we know that our job is just beginning. The adoption process does not end when you leave the hospital. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri offers post-placement counseling for birth parents. We connect you with counselors who specialize in adoption. They know the adoption process inside and out and the effects it has on birth mothers. They understand exactly what you’ve gone through. We can also refer you to support groups if you don’t want to be in a one-on-one setting. You can hear from other birth mothers who are experiencing the same things as you. 

The healing process is different for everyone. That is why our counseling is free and unlimited. You can come as long as you would like. 

Our agency makes sure you do not go through this journey alone. We help you transition into this new phase of life. One where you have made a selfless choice and given adoptive parents a chance to have a family. You’ve provided multiple people with a new chance at life and love. Even if you don’t feel like it right now, we will help you to see the good you’ve done. 

2. You Choose the Level of Communication After Adoption

When you first contact our agency, we will help you figure out your adoption options and create an adoption plan. This includes the type of adoption you want: open, semi-open, or closed. The type is based on the level of communication you want with the adoptive family and your child. No matter which one you choose, our agency makes sure the communication is carried out how you want.

An open adoption has full communication between you, the adoptive family, and your child. This is perfect for birth mothers who want a relationship with their child but don’t want to parent. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you figure out exactly what that relationship looks like. We help schedule regular visits or get you pictures of your child.

Semi-open adoption has indirect communication through a third party. Adoption Choices of Missouri has a secure line of communication called Childconnect. We regulate communication between you and the adoptive family. No identifying information has to be shared, but through us, you can still get regular updates on your child. This can look different for everyone, so we listen to your needs and wants to figure out what is best.

Finally, closed adoption has zero communication. You can trust us to share no identifying information of either party. After the adoption is finalized, we carry through with the requirements of whatever type of adoption you choose. 

3. You can Receive Financial Assistance After Pregnancy

The need for financial assistance also doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. Everyone’s situation is different. That’s why we evaluate your needs to see what assistance you still qualify for after the adoption is finalized. You will have an adoption counselor who walks you through the adoption process. This is the person who you can talk to about financial assistance. 

Pregnancy can be difficult, and oftentimes, birth mothers can’t work for a period of time. That’s why we provide you with the financial support you need for six months after birth. We give you time to heal and become financially stable.

4. You and Your Baby are Our Priority

Adoption in Missouri can be difficult for birth mothers. There is a lot of focus on the well-being of your child and little on your own. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to change this. You and your baby are both our top priority. You are just as important as your child. That’s why we address your physical, mental, and financial needs. 

You will never be alone for any part of this process. Your adoption counselor will be by your side when you first call us, in the hospital, and long after. We make sure your child is in the best environment possible to keep them safe and ease your mind. We have a home study checklist for adoptive parents to make sure they’re ready for a child. All of our adoptive parents have gone through background checks and home visits. We provide both you and your child with what you need even after placement.

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It is difficult to figure out how to give a baby up for adoption on your own. That’s why Adoption Choices of Missouri provides you with an adoption counselor to walk you through it. It’s very important to understand that placing a child for adoption is not giving a child up for adoption. You are not giving anything up or losing anything. You have weighed all of your options and made the best possible decision. We understand the strength it takes to make this choice. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, contact us to make sure you will have support after the adoption is finalized.