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4 Fears about giving a baby up for adoption in Missouri 

4 Fears about giving a baby up for adoption in Missouri 

By Carl Roth

Adoption in Missouri can be complicated, and it’s natural to fear experiences you haven’t encountered before. However, asking questions to address your concerns is the best way to determine if adoption is right for you and your baby. Their healthy growth is most important to you, and you want to feel confident with your course of action. If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, there’s no shortage of resources to inform you of the possibilities. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to provide you with the honest answers to your most pressing unplanned pregnancy questions.

Our team of experts serves to fulfill your every need throughout the various stages of the adoption process. We realize what is at stake for you and have the best interests of you and your child at heart. Partnering with us means gaining needed clarity for your most challenging decisions. Your greatest fears have our attention, and you’ll have nothing but the best access to adoption resources and care to suit your needs. 

Fear #1 Uncertainty about the adoptive family

Ensuring your child’s safety is everything, and the Missouri adoption process was designed with safety at the forefront. You can be heavily involved in the family selection process if you wish. This way, you can get a personal feel for what your child’s future caretakers will be like as parents. The number of waiting families is high, so filtering can be done if you’re looking for specific types. Additionally, these families are screened by your local adoption agency to meet the proper criteria.

Even after you place your baby, the family does not gain custody for an additional six months. A social worker checks on them to make sure that the adoptive home is as loving as you’d hoped. Stability and compassion are what adoptive families are judged by, and their love will be enough for your baby. You may also choose open adoption to check in with your child periodically. It doesn’t mean they’re outside of your care, even if they aren’t in your custody. 

Fear #2 Child will grow up confused or angry about adoption

An unplanned pregnancy is difficult enough without the concern for your child’s future feelings toward your decision. Adoption is a complex concept for a young child to digest, and the meaning will not become clear until they mature. As is expected with a child’s curiosity, they will have questions for their adoptive parent(s) and you. The adoptive family will be forever grateful for your selflessness and will surely paint you in a positive light. As your child grows into adulthood, they will come to appreciate the struggle you’ve gone through to put them in the best position. We assure you they will grow up in a loving home where they won’t feel compelled to resent you. To be certain that your fears will be heard, express them with your Adoption Choices of Missouri expert. Your personalized adoption plan will reflect any and all aspects of the process you value most. 

Fear #3 Challenge of starting a family post-adoption 

If you’re a younger birth mother, you might be concerned about how giving your child up for adoption impacts future family plans. There’s a good chance that you’d like to start a family and have planned children in the future. From a legal standpoint, transferring custody of your child to another family won’t impact your guardianship of other children you have. Every pregnancy is treated individually, so choosing adoption for your child is an isolated case.

On a personal level, you may fear that having children later can create guilt for not raising your adopted child. As stated before, the adoptive family you choose will provide all the love and care your child could ever need. When combined with the love you hold for them, their development is nothing to be guilty of. You’re looking to provide the best home environment possible for your children. Once your situation meets your criteria for raising them, there’s never any shame or issue with family planning. Adoption isn’t meant to hinder progress toward your goals but rather enable an ideal resolution to an unforeseen trial. 

Fear #4 Complexity of Missouri adoption process

There’s a reason that adoption agencies are made up of experts for every step of the process. No birth mother could be reasonably expected to navigate all of the legal and medical procedures on their own. From selecting a family to choosing a hospital to have a judge sign the adoption order, there’s a lot to account for. Adoption in Missouri is not straightforward, but your actions are greatly simplified with a team of experts at your side. Adoption Choices of Missouri will handle the complicated steps and provide you with the essential decisions. Your overarching preferences dictate how your unique path will unfold throughout your pregnancy. However much control you’re looking for, your adoption expert will allot your desired decision-making leverage. 

Starting with an adoption agency near you

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we encounter the fears of birth mothers on a daily basis. Each is unique in its own way, just like the resilient women who carry them. We aren’t looking to minimize your fears but allow them to dictate a plan that meets your greatest concerns. An unplanned pregnancy can be scary, but there’s a blessing to be found in the struggle. Allow us to help guide you through the confusion to a satisfying conclusion. We serve birth mothers across Missouri with respect and dignity, as your happiness is paramount to a fruitful adoption experience. Let us show you what a responsive and trusting adoption agency looks like; we’re just a click away. 

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