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4 FAQs regarding an Adoption Plan in Missouri

4 FAQs regarding an Adoption Plan in Missouri

Asking questions about something can help you plan and prepare for it. As you embark upon your adoption journey as a birth mother in Missouri, you will need to create an adoption plan. This adoption plan will help you outline the details of each step in your adoption journey and ensure that you don’t encounter too many surprises along the way.

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we understand the unique nature of each birth mother’s adoption journey. The adoption plan that you create will be as individual as you are. However, we do come across some frequently asked questions regarding an adoption plan in Missouri.

What is the Purpose of an Adoption Plan? 

An adoption plan is put in place to help eliminate surprises during your adoption journey. There will be a lot of big decisions and emotional moments throughout your pregnancy and during delivery. Having an adoption plan can help you feel prepared for the future and comfortable in your choices. It also helps ensure that you are not making any larger decisions without taking adequate time to think them through.

What do I Include in My Adoption Plan? 

Your adoption plan is an opportunity for you to arrange any details of your pregnancy and your adoption preferences. You can include information about the type of adoption that you would like to have, as well as any beliefs or values you want your child’s adoptive family to share.

You can also make preparations for your baby’s birth by including details about who you want in the delivery room with you, how you will get to the hospital and any items you’d like to bring along for comfort. If you want to hold your baby post-delivery, you can include that information in your adoption plan.

Do I have to Come Up with My Adoption Plan by Myself? 

No, you don’t have to come up with your adoption plan alone. You will have the support of your adoption caseworker throughout the creation of your adoption plan. She can help you discuss your options and answer any questions that arise.

If you have trusted people in your life who are supportive of your decision to choose adoption, you can also turn to them for support. It can be helpful to get feedback or input from the people we love. However, make sure to listen to your heart and your own needs. If someone is suggesting something that doesn’t feel right for you, trust yourself and make your own decision.

Can I Make Changes to My Adoption Plan?

Yes! You are in control of your adoption journey. While your adoption caseworker will be there to guide you, all the big decisions will ultimately remain with you. If something that you included in your adoption plan no longer feels right, you can certainly alter it.

Before you make any big changes in your adoption plan, be sure to communicate with your adoption caseworker or a trusted friend. If you’d like to speak to an adoption professional, Adoption Choices of Missouri also provides access to counseling services through your pregnancy and post adoption. It can be helpful to discuss the reasons why you feel differently about an aspect of your adoption plan than you did when you created it.

What Questions do You have about an Adoption Plan in Missouri?

If you are feeling intimidated by the idea of creating an adoption plan, know that you have plenty of support! Our staff at Adoption Choices of Missouri is happy to help you answer any questions. Reach out to your adoption caseworker today to get the adoption process started. Remember, planning ahead ensures that you have as smooth an adoption journey as possible.

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