Single Parent Adoption Success Story

Birth mothers know that when selecting the best family to adopt their baby, there are many options. All of these have their own pros and cons, and need to be carefully researched. This will help you see which type of adoption best fits the life you want for you and your baby.

Adoption Choices of Kansas wants to highlight  the story of a woman named Monica. Her adoption journey illustrates single parent adoption success.

Monica’s Story 

Monica is a 34-year-old woman. She has been trying to have a child for 18 months. She tried via a donor, but without success. When she was looking into her other options, she found adoption and began to start a journey that changed her life forever. 

She knew that being a single adoptive mother would be difficult, but she was motivated and wanted to become a parent more than anything. So, she took her decision seriously. She thought through everything and became serious about her finances. She saved up her money and created an adoptive parent profile. 

Many birth mothers rejected her, but she still didn’t give up. She had come too far and truly believed her adoption story would be successful. When her attorney showed her picture to a birth mother who was rejecting many other adoptive parents, Monica had 2.5 out of 3 traits on the birth mother’s criteria list. The birth mother decided that Monica would be the best fit for her baby. Monica could not contain her excitement! She agreed to meet her potential child’s birth mother and got along with her right away. Then, nine months later — she met her baby — her beautiful and healthy boy.

Monica knew that her son would have questions as he grew older, and she was ready to tackle those when the appropriate time came. She and her son’s birth mother agreed to a semi-open adoption, which allowed Monica to send pictures, letters and updates through a secure, confidential portal called ChildConnect.

Why is Monica’s Story Successful? 

What makes Monica’s story a single parent adoption success is that she never gave up. No matter what she faced, she persevered and followed her dreams to parenthood. If you are a birth mother considering placing your baby with a single adoptive parent, know that this is a wonderful decision! Single adoptives are extremely dedicated, loving and often more financially stable and fully committed to the adoption journey. 

Single Parent Adoption Works! 

Single parents can succeed in raising your child, and Monica’s story is proof! Single parents genuinely care about your child. Any single mom or dad would be incredibly lucky to adopt your baby! The next single parent adoption success story could be about your adoption! Remember to please see the links below on Monica’s story, along with a list of things to know about single parent adoption. 

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