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Should I Feel Guilty About Placing My Baby for Adoption, Is Something Wrong With Me in Missouri? 

By Nicole Cunningham

When placing your baby for adoption in Missouri, it can cause you, the birth mother, and the birth father to have many different kinds of mixed emotions. Many parents will go through a range of emotions when they think about considering adoption for your baby or when they go through the adoption process. Adoption is a difficult journey for parents to have to go through. It can be daunting at times. Parents all deal with adoption in their own ways. Adoption Choices of Missouri can have a licensed professional answer any questions you may have about the adoption process.

Expected Feelings When Choosing Adoption

Placing your baby for adoption and deciding to create an adoption plan is one of the hardest decisions that a parent can make. This choice doesn’t come easy, no matter what situation they are in. The emotions that can come along with that life-changing choice can lead to feelings of guilt, sadness, and grief. The feeling of losing a child can be hard and difficult to deal with for some. These are more common emotions for parents to be feeling.

Many feel guilty for placing their baby for adoption because it is a situation that not many plans for. These guilty feelings can come from an unplanned pregnancy. The parents feel that adoption is the best choice for their baby to have a better chance for a successful life. Even though they know they are doing what is best for their situation, it doesn’t suppress the feeling of guilt they experience for placing their baby for adoption.

Sadness and grief are stronger emotions that parents can feel after giving a child up for adoption

These feelings can also lead to depression. Some allow these feelings to take over, and it can overwhelm them. They are experiencing a loss that is hard for them to deal with, and even though they know what they are doing for their baby is the right thing to do, the sadness and grief can still become too much.

Feelings of Happiness, Relief, or a Sense of Empowerment When Choosing Adoption 

However, there are many parents who are on the other side of the spectrum with their emotions. There are plenty of parents who experience happiness, relief, or a sense of empowerment from placing their baby for adoption. Parents feel happiness or relief because they know what they did was the right thing to do. They knew that when they placed their baby for adoption through Adoption Choices of Missouri, it was going to help provide their child with the possibility of having a better life. Some also feel a sense of empowerment. They did exactly what they needed to do, and they know that decision was the best one. They feel empowered that their choices were successful and that their child will be with a family that can provide their child with a life that they cannot.

Absent Feelings Don’t Mean Something is Wrong with You When Choosing Adoption

There are more parents who don’t speak up about not feeling bad about choosing adoption for their child, and they should be able to talk about it. There is nothing wrong with not feeling sad or having a range of different emotions. It’s normal for you to feel exactly what it is that you are feeling. Those feelings are still valid and accepted. Adoption is challenging for all parents, and everyone deals with and processes it differently, and that is perfectly okay.

Exploring Emotions or Seeking Support for Your Adoption Journey

We know that this journey is emotionally unique; it is different from anything that you have had to deal with before. We understand just how hard it can be for you to go through it. Adoption Choices of Missouri would like to do the best we can to support you on this emotional journey. Keep exploring the emotions you are feeling, and if you need to talk to someone, we can get you a professional to help you process them. It is perfectly okay to express your emotions and not be afraid to talk to someone.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help support you in any way that you need help. If you just have questions about how to go about the adoption process, they can help with emotional support and educational information. Please feel free to reach out to one of our professionals.