Semi-Open Adoption Success Story

Erika unexpectedly found herself pregnant at the age of 35. She knew that she wasn’t ready to have another child. She did, however, know that adoption was the best possible decision that she could make. So, she began her adoption journey and found an adoptive family who agreed to an semi-open adoption.  A few months early, Erika gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She was not able to meet the adoptive parents face to face, but she was thankful whenever her child’s family posted pictures, letters or updates online via the secure and confidential ChildConnect.

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Erika receives updates about her daughter three times a year, which is the perfect amount. It gives her peace of mind and confidence that she made the right choice. Seeing how happy and healthy her child is helps her grieve healthfully and move forward in her life.

If you find you are a birth mother who finds herself in this situation, you are not alone. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help. We want to provide you with information that will help you understand why we believe that semi-open adoption journeys can be successful.

What made Erika’s Journey a Semi-Open Adoption Story Success?

Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, you have options available to you. When placing your baby for adoption through our agency, you can select from three different levels of openness. These are: open, semi-open and closed. Be sure to research all three to see which level fits best for you and your child.

Here are the ways that Erika’s journey was successful as a semi-open adoption agreement:

  1. Communication

Even though Erika and the adoptive parents didn’t have an in-person relationship, they still worked to communicate with each other online. Updates were posted per their adoption agreement, which helped Erika know that everything was ok. That her daughter was with the family she was meant to be with.

Communication is the secret to success with many things. Semi-open adoptions are no exception! Each and every birth mother will have her own requirements when it comes to how much communication takes place in her adoption journey. If she only wants enough to see how her child is doing, but not much more semi-open has the perfect amount of communication for this.

  1. Amount of Involvement

As aforementioned, Erika wanted to know how her child was doing but didn’t want to be overly involved. This helped her continue on her life path without worrying that she’d made a mistake about placing her baby for adoption. The amount of involvement that semi-open adoption worked wonderfully for Erika in this way, and is known as “the best of both worlds” to birth and adoptive parents in the adoption world.

The restricted amount of involvement was the second thing that made Erika’s journey a semi-open adoption success story.

Semi-Open Adoptions Could Be For You! 

Semi-open adoptions work for a lot of birth mothers. You do not feel overwhelmed when it comes to the adoption process, yet you’re still able to communicate with your child’s adoptive family just enough. 

Furthermore, birth mothers maintain a level of involvement that allows them to check in occasionally online, but not be overly present in your child’s life. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800

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Jason is a self-proclaimed introvert with Asperger’s who really enjoys writing. He has a huge passion for helping others, specifically those with disabilities. He is very excited to be working with Adoption Choices over the summer, and looks forward to learning more about the adoption process!



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