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Reasons to Consider Adoption in Missouri

When pregnant, whether it be planned or unplanned, the birth mother has three options when it comes to her baby: terminate the pregnancy, parent the child or create an adoption plan so she can find the right adoptive family to raise her baby.

Adoption Choices of Missouri knows the challenges birth mothers may feel when they are faced with the many paths and decisions laid out before them. We’re going to give some reasons to consider adoption in Missouri and, hopefully, share some helpful insight along the way.

  • You may Not Be Ready to Be a Parent

Children are a big responsibility, and the undertaking parents go through can take its toll on the unprepared. One of the first reasons to consider adoption as a pregnant woman is because you may feel it’s not the right time in your life to commit to raising a child. There may be future aspirations that you have set in motion that would have to be put on hold if you were to have a baby right now. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to compromise your own happiness and goals.

Your life, along with your wants and desires, matters too, and it is okay to say you do not want to put them on the backburner. 

  • You Don’t Want to Be a Mother Yet or At All

Especially in the cases of unplanned pregnancies, many birth mothers will realize they don’t want to be a mother, but do not wish to terminate their pregnancy. That choice is totally valid, and one that is to be admired. You do not see yourself as being a parent in the future, but you choose to carry your baby to full term, so that he or she can be raised by a loving adoptive family. Be it through closed adoption, semi-open adoption or open adoption, you gave your child the chance to have a healthy and happy upbringing. 

  • Your Life may Not Be Where You Want it Right Now

Everyday, we go through so many struggles and life can sometimes throw us a curveball that makes those struggles even more challenging. It can come in the form of financial insecurity, family dysfunction, or maybe even job disparities. There are so many factors and variables out there that can weigh in your situation and give some really important reasons to consider adoption as a pregnant woman.

You may be in the middle of an emotional storm or sitting in a proverbial valley right now, where having a baby would not help your situation at all. Not only would it not help you as the birth mother, but it would also be potentially harmful to raise your baby in your circumstances. Wanting to give your child to a caring adoptive family so he or she doesn’t have to go through the same tribulations as you is a selfless decision. One that comes from a place of love, not selfishness.

  • You may Just Want Your Life to Be “Normal” Again

A baby will put everything on pause, no matter what it is. Before and after birth, they are your number one priority and they will let you know that from the start. Being pregnant can really send things into a spiral that most birth mothers may find overwhelming to deal with in that moment. It’s especially hard when she is facing it alone, having them think of reasons to consider adoption as a pregnant woman.

You want to be back in your comfort zone, back to where you felt you had control over the things happening in your life. It is not selfish to want this. It is not cruel to want to gain that sense of security back in your life.

Why are You Considering Adoption in Missouri?

Adoption agencies in MO are great pillars to lean and get help from. In fact, at our adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri, our main priority is always you and your baby. We understand how you may experience the pain of having your life being shifted away from your own routine you felt comfortable with. That is a natural thing to feel and one that could be tough to cope with when in the midst of it. That’s why we have specialized adoption counselors on staff who can give you a private, safe and nonjudgmental space for you to process your thoughts and feelings and offer unplanned pregnancy help, so that you decide what’s best for you and your baby.

For all things adoption, find us here and let’s get started on your adoption plan today.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800

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