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Placing Your Newborn Baby for Adoption in Missouri

By Rose O'Connor

When you go through an unplanned pregnancy, it can be an overwhelming and confusing time. You may be looking at different options. Remember that you choose the option that is best for you. Furthermore, if you are pregnant and considering adoptionAdoption Choices of Missouri is here to help you every step of the way. We want to ensure that your questions will be answered and that you will be provided with additional resources. 

What is Newborn Adoption? 

Newborn adoption happens after your delivery at the hospital where your baby is born. If you are thinking about newborn adoption, you can still create an adoption plan and go through the process either while you still pregnant or right after your birth, 

If you gave birth and have decided to place your baby for adoption there, we can still help you! Adoption is always an option, no matter what. In fact, many potential adoptive parents don’t think about adoption until after the delivery. 

Things to Consider When Placing Your Newborn Baby for Adoption 

When you are going through your adoption journey, it is important to know the concepts of Adoption and what adoption can provide for you and your newborn baby. Here are four factors of adoption to think about. 

Consider Thinking about the Adoption Process 

The adoption process is a step-by-step guide to placing your newborn baby for adoption. It gives detailed insights into what to do, who to contact, and how Adoption Choices of Missouri contributes to your journey. Here are the steps. 

Step 1: Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri 

You can contact us through any form of communication that is convenient for you. It can be by phone, face-to-face, and other forms. 

Step 2: Meeting with Your Adoption Specialist 

It is time to meet with our Adoption Specialist! Our Adoption Specialist can meet you somewhere that feels the most comfortable to you. 

Step 3: Creating your Adoption Plan 

Your Adoption Specialist will offer you all the important paperwork to create your adoption plan. Your customized plan will include making significant decisions about adoption. Additionally, meeting with a doctor to start your prenatal care is important. 

Step 4: Choosing your Adoptive Family 

You will begin your matching process! Your Adoption Specialist will provide you with adoptive family profiles for you to choose from. Once you are set on your adoptive family, you will begin receiving financial and housing assistance. 

Step 5: Post-Placement Counseling 

You will have chosen the type of communication you want with your adoptive family. Moreover, expenses will continue to be paid after your delivery for up to six weeks. 

What Should I Look For When Choosing an Adoptive Family?

It is important to think about what type of adoptive family you want for your newborn baby. Additionally, learning these concepts can help you further with your decision> Therefore, here are some things to consider: 

  • The Adoptive Family’s Parenting Style: Learning and talking to adoptive families about how they parent is a good eye opener on who they are in their household. Ask them many questions so that you will get a good insight into your newborn baby. Ask about their house rules, what are their hobbies, and many more. 
  • The Adoptive Family’s Ethnicity: This is a great chance to look at another perspective of the family’s life. Learning a new culture can set a good example for your child, and your child will grow up to enhance the skill of learning a new concept.s. Diversity is a great way for insight into culture and background.
  • The Adoptive Family’s Location: Think about the setting you feel comfortable for your child to be in. Do you want a more suburban type> If you consider more close communication, what is the distance you would feel comfortable with? 

Consider the Types of Adoption 

There are three main types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed. Therefore, here is a more detailed list of the different types of adoption. 

  • Open Adoption: Open adoption occurs when you and your adoptive parents exchange almost all of your information. Additionally, open adoption also allows direct contact with each other. An important thing to know is that adoptive parents still have legal parental rights. But you will still have direct contact, and you will be openly connected. 
  • Semi-Open Adoption: Semi-open adoption occurs when you and your adoptive parents exchange non-identifying information. Furthermore, this means that you share information such as first names and locations. However, you don’t share last names or other identifying information. Additionally, you don’t share direct contact with each other. Instead, they get other information through our adoption agencies
  • Closed Adoption: Closed adoption occurs when you and the adoptive parents do exchange any information at all. This means that as the adoptee grows up, there is no form of contract involved. 

Choosing to Place My Newborn with a Private Adoption Agencies in Missouri 

Firstly, private adoption is where you choose to voluntarily make an adoption plan. Additionally, private adoption does not mean closed or secret adoption. Moreover, it means that we are working with you by your side. Additionally, if you were working through other social services or the state, it would result in your child being removed. In a private adoption, you are voluntarily giving up the parental rights to the adoptive family. 

Additionally, there are a lot of benefits to working with adoption agencies near me to place your newborn for adoption. Here are just a few: 

  • You have more control over the adoption plan: you can decide all of the factors, such as the type of communication you want with your adoptive family, the type of adoptive family you want for your baby, how you want to proceed with your delivery, and many more. 
  • Your Adoption Specialist will help guide you throughout your journey: You will have someone by your side to help you with every step. We will help you to create your plan and see which adoptive family fits best within your needs. 
  • You will be taken care of: You will be able to make decisions you feel are best for you and your baby. 

When you are with adoption agencies near me, we will offer you support, counseling, and financial assistance for your needs. Those needs include transportation, doctor/hospital, food, and housing. 

A Message for You On Your Adoption Journey

You are not alone. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to guide you and answer all of your questions. We want to walk with you on your journey, and we want to ensure that your baby is in a loving and nurturing home.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 316-391-4904