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Placing My Baby for Adoption: I’m Not Excited About My Unplanned Pregnancy and That’s Okay

When you first learn of your unplanned pregnancy, it is okay to have mixed feelings. These feelings can come from a number of factors when you are considering placing your baby for adoption. You could be shocked because you were sure to be careful. You could be feeling scared because you are not sure what to do next. You could be stressed because you do not want to have a baby at this point in your life. There is no need to panic because you have some options on what to do next. The adoption process is one of those options. Here at Adoption Choices of Missouri, we are prepared and ready to help you on your adoption journey.

I’m Not Ready To Be A Parent. Is Adoption the Right Choice for Me?

One of the most common reasons why birth mothers consider placing their baby for adoption is because they feel they are not ready to be a parent. There is nothing wrong with feeling like you are not ready to be a parent. Again there is no need to panic about what to do next because you have some options to choose from. The choice of adoption agencies in Missouri can seem very daunting to birth mothers. This can be because they are not sure what to expect from adoption in Missouri.

Why Am I Not Excited About Having A Baby?

Some birth mothers may not feel excited when they learn that they are pregnant. This could be the case because they do not feel ready to be a parent, they do not want a baby, or they are in shock. If you feel this way as well, do not be too hard on yourself. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way. No one says you have to be excited about your unexpected pregnancy. It is a common feeling among birth mothers that experience an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy. 

The Adoption Process in MO Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

We know the adoption process can be overwhelming, scary, and emotionally draining. Our staff is here to help guide you and support you during your adoption journey. An unexpected pregnancy is always scary, and if you choose the adoption process and work with us, we will do everything we can to help make you feel safe and secure with your choice of adoption in Missouri.

You Are In Control of Your Adoption Process in MO

One of the misconceptions about the adoption process is that birth mothers will have little to no say in how the process goes. That is not true! Here at Adoption Choices of Missouri, our staff is here to guide you and support you. One of our adoption specialists will provide you with the information you need and guide and support you through the steps of the adoption process. Once you begin the process, we do not take over. You are the one that is in the driver’s seat. You should feel comfortable, safe, and secure during your adoption journey and with your adoption plan.

We Are Here For You And Your Baby

Here at Adoption Choices of Missouri, you will not be judged for choosing adoption and for why you choose adoption. Our staff is here to help you through this process. We understand that even though you may not feel ready to be a parent, going through the adoption process can be emotionally draining and tough on you. Our goal is to help you do what you think is best for both you and your unborn baby. Our staff will be there to guide you and support you throughout your adoption journey. Again you are the one in control, and you have the final say on your adoption plan. 

On our page, you can find all of our contact information and more information on adoption and the adoption process. We have pages that provide information on different types of adoption, last-minute adoptions, and our blog if you are looking for additional information. We are here to help you get your adoption journey started!

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