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National Adoption Month and Its Importance

By Nicholas Rodinos

It’s a wonderful time, November is National Adoption Month, a time to celebrate the beauty of adoptive families. National Adoption Month exists to celebrate everyone involved in the adoption process. It’s a chance to discuss the benefits of adoption and create new ways to celebrate the wonders of adoption. There are many different forms of celebration when it comes to adoption. Let our agency help you celebrate.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is an adoption agency dedicated to serving birth mothers and adoptive parents throughout our state. Our agency helps birth mothers place their children for adoption so both birth mothers and children can be happy. We are one of the leading private adoption agencies in Missouri, specializing in emotionally supporting our birth mothers.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is when biological parents give their child to a credible agency that finds parents to raise the child. The agencies will help you choose the adoptive parents according to your requirements for parents. These adoption agencies check the adoptive parents to make sure they can raise and afford to raise your child. Adoption agencies will help you put your child up for adoption and find adoptive parents to care for them.

National Adoption Month

Before celebrating National Adoption Month, we should learn the history of this wondrous holiday. In 1976, the then-governor of Massachusetts, Mike Dukkakis, made the first week of November National Adoption Week. This holiday was created to give birth parents, adoption professionals, and adoption agencies the admiration they deserve. In 1995, former President Bill Clinton extended the week into National Adoption Month, demonstrating the significance of adoption. 

The Importance of The Adoption Process

The adoption process grants children loving homes and lets birth mothers move forward. Giving a child up for adoption is not ‘giving up’; instead, it provides them with a new beginning. The adoption process checks adoptive parents’ backgrounds and allows birth mothers to select the ones that match their requirements. You can decide what qualities you want in the adoptive parents and how much contact you have with them.

Reasons Why Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

Many birth mothers place children for adoption for safety, financial, or personal reasons. Each birth mother chooses adoption for a different reason. However, there are many common reasons why some choose adoption.

  • They can’t afford to raise their child.
  • They’re living in an unstable environment that wouldn’t support a child.
  • They aren’t ready to raise a child.
  • Some birth mothers are surprised by an unplanned pregnancy.
  • They feel someone else can better care for their children.

Whatever your reason for choosing, adoption agencies are here to support you and your baby’s needs.

7 Benefits of Adoption

There are many benefits to placing a child for adoption: benefits for the child, birth mother, and adoptive parents. Don’t think about it as giving a child up for adoption. Instead, you’re giving your child a home and a family their child. Whatever you choose, adoption agencies will be there to support you.

1. Adoption Lets You Choose Your Future

If you don’t feel ready for children, adoption can help you choose your life path. You may be in college, trying to earn a degree, and you’re worried about jeopardizing your academic future. Maybe you’re at a great point in your career, and you don’t feel you’re ready for a baby. Whatever your reason, our Missouri adoption agencies give you the power to make your own decisions about your future.

2. Adoption Agencies Ensure the Safety of Your Child

Adoption provides children with safe homes and loving adoptive parents to make them appreciate life. Part of adoption in Missouri is checking that the adoptive parents can raise your child. Adoption agencies vet candidates to ensure they’ll be good adoptive parents and provide a safe environment for your child.

3. Adoption Agencies Provide Generous People A Family

You are nobly giving a couple a chance to raise a child and have a family of their own. Some adoptive parents can’t have kids of their own, and adoption agencies provide a chance to create a family. Your decision can create a beautiful family that loves, protects, and cherishes each other.

4. Ways To Celebrate National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month is a time to celebrate, and you can celebrate it any way you want. There are many ways to celebrate this momentous time, whether it’s promoting adoption or just celebrating by yourself. How you celebrate is important, but what’s more important is that you’re caring for your mental health.

5. Discussing Your Adoption Experience

If you feel comfortable, you can discuss your experience with Missouri adoption agencies and the resources they provide. You can tell your friends and loved ones about the importance of the adoption process and adoption professionals. This can be an opportunity to educate people and clear up misconceptions about adoption.

6. Celebrating Adoption By Talking With The Adoptive Parents

If you’re ready and your adoption plan allows, you can talk with the adoptive parents about your child’s well-being. You can talk with the adoptive parents about your child’s health, hobbies, interests, school life, and how they’re adjusting. It can be cathartic for birth mothers to know that their children are thriving in their new lives.

7. Celebrating Adoption By Taking Time For Yourself

If you feel like you need time for yourself, that’s fine. It’s important to care for yourself. You may want time to yourself so that you can relax or process any thoughts or emotions. If you feel it’s necessary, some counselors can talk with you about any post-adoption grief. 

Time To Celebrate Birth Parents, Adoption, and Adoption Agencies

National Adoption Month is a time to respect yourself for having the courage to place a child for adoption. This month is to celebrate everyone involved in the adoption process for their dedication to the children’s futures. There are many ways you can celebrate National Adoption Month, from talking about adoption to spending time with family. How you celebrate is up to you, as long as you are prioritizing your health and happiness.

Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you celebrate National Adoption Month and express adoption’s importance as a resource. We are a private adoption agency that provides birth mothers with the tools they need for their adoption journey. Our adoption agency can give you the support you may need during these difficult, emotionally complicated times. Contact us if you have any questions regarding adoption, including adoption planning, birth planning, or adoption resources.