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Missouri Adoption Process with an Adoption Specialists or Caseworker

When a pregnant woman contacts Adoption Choices of Missouri an adoption specialists or caseworker is often the first person she will make contact with. An adoption social worker is the key team member in the Missouri adoption process. He/she will facilitate all the logistical and medical requirements of the adoption as well as provide counseling and emotional support. She will also provide resources for any additional support you need throughout the unplanned pregnancy, the birth, and the adoption post placement.

What is an Adoption Specialist?

Adoption Choices of Missouri’s adoption specialists are licensed social workers and certified professionals. What does this mean? First, it means they have the education, knowledge, and experience to help birth parents and adoptive families through adoption. And second, it means they are bound to state and federal laws that surround adoption and will ensure the safety – legally, medically, morally and ethically – for the adoption triad.

It takes years of education, training, and certifications to be a licensed social worker for adoption. It typically begins with a 4 year degree in social work followed by graduate studies. They often study child psychology, human behavior, social sciences, and diversity – among other important topics.

Adoption Process with a Missouri Adoption Specialist

Your caseworker will go over all your pregnancy options. He/she will discuss your parenting options, terminating your pregnancy and whether or not this is an option for you, and your adoption options. When you understand your choices and your rights – and you’re ready to choose adoption, your caseworker will walk through the adoption process with you.

You will be required to provide a positive pregnancy test indicating that you are in fact pregnant. You will be required to fill out intake paperwork that provides the agency with more information about you – personally, medically, mentally, your family, history, background, hopes and goals. Your caseworker will help coordinate the services you need. He/she will make sure you are living in a safe, comfortable environment. If you are not, we can support you. If you need transportation to and from appointments or work – your caseworker can support you. They will be with you *literally right next to you!* every step of the way as you create your adoption plan, find an adoptive family, and go through the legal process of placing your baby for adoption.

Why is it Important to have an Adoption Specialist?

Adoption in Missouri is a difficult and often emotional journey for everyone. Along with support services – financial support, housing support, coordinating health and prenatal care, other miscellaneous support – counseling is vital and has been proven to help birth mothers choosing adoption. She is making a brave but scary choice so it’s normal for them to have doubts and/or feel regret – and especially have questions along the adoption journey.

Choosing Missouri Adoption Agencies with Social Workers

When you are looking at adoption professionals and adoption agencies, and deciding who to work with, it’s okay to ask specifically about their adoption social workers. Here are a few questions you might be interested in:

  • Does the agency have adoption specialists dedicated to helping prospective birth mothers?
  • How are the social workers trained? Do they take continuing education?
  • Will I be assigned my own adoption social worker?
  • Will the adoptive family have their own social worker?
  • What is the social worker’s availability? Will I be able to reach them when concerns come up after hours?

Feeling confident with who you are working with through your Missouri adoption process will ensure a positive experience. Adoption can be a rewarding and loving experience for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.