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Merry Christmas from Adoption Choices of Missouri

Merry Christmas from Adoption Choices of Missouri! However you choose to celebrate the holidays this year, Adoption Choices of Missouri hopes you and your loved ones are happy, healthy, and can celebrate together. If you are going through this holiday season with an unplanned pregnancy or in the middle of an adoption process, please know that adoption agencies in Missouri like  Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to support you in any way we can. 

We understand the hardships that can come with being in the midst of a pregnancy you weren’t prepared for, deciding to put your baby up for adoption, or possibly adopting a baby yourself. These are all things that shouldn’t spark controversy but often can, especially around family and friends. Whether you come from a family that upholds traditional family planning values, does not support adoption, or has put pressure on you and your partner to naturally conceive a child, this can make conversations around these topics difficult to share. 

Putting Your Child Up for Adoption During the Holidays

If you have an unplanned pregnancy, it can be a lot for you as the birth mother to process and even harder for other people to understand. However, it’s important to remember that their opinions and thoughts are merely their own and hold no truth or value over you as a person. Fortunately, if you have friends and family who you know will support you no matter what, it can be easier to share the news with them. Unfortunately, though, this can make the holidays much harder for those of you who have family or friends who will choose judgment over acceptance. You may choose not to attend the holidays altogether as you navigate your pregnancy and this overwhelming time, or if you do choose to go, you can be prepared to answer questions people may have or simply tell them you’d prefer not to talk about it at this occasion. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are around people who can respect your boundaries and make you feel comfortable, as you deserve to enjoy the holidays too!

Suppose you are choosing to either place your baby up for adoption or adopt a baby yourself or with your partner. In that case, this is a significant decision that, again, can spark controversy amongst family or friends. We can only hope for unconditional support. However, if your family does decide to give their input on you choosing what you think is the best future for your baby, or wanting to adopt instead of conceiving, it’s incredibly fair to point out that their opinions aren’t up for discussion, and that it is a decision to be made and talked about for yourself, or between you and your partner. If you feel that you are not getting the respect or support you need during this emotional time, it’s okay to refrain from holiday gatherings and be with people who do support you or even start new traditions! It can be difficult to receive negativity or judgment from loved ones, but when it comes to your body, your future, and your child’s future, no one else’s opinion on what they believe is right or wrong needs to be brought to light. 

Happy Holidays from Adoption Choices of Missouri

Adoption Choices of Missouri’s website offers a variety of support and ways to reach out to professionals who can help you navigate this holiday season, no matter what stage of pregnancy or adoption you are in. We have counselors who can offer guidance, support groups, related articles to topics that may be relevant to what you need, and a phone number/email to contact with other questions or concerns you may have. 

The holidays are meant to be a cheerful and happy time for everyone. Gatherings where we see family, friends, and loved ones can be exciting but also fearful for women who are navigating pregnancy or adoption. The last thing you should feel is judged, isolated, or unworthy. Remember that it is okay to shut down conversations you don’t want to have, speak up about your decision for you and your baby, skip the holiday gatherings altogether this year, or go in with the expectations of respect and see what is given to you. Feeling supported and confident in your choices throughout your journey for you and your baby is the most important thing to us here at AC. Take care of yourself, build your boundaries, and most importantly, surround yourself with people who make the holidays brighter. 

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