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LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri and the Frequently Asked Questions To Ask as a Birth Mother

As a birth mother, choosing an LGBTQ+ couple or individual as parents for your birth child is a great option, as LGBTQ+ adoptive parents are such caring people who have so much love to give. In the state of Missouri, our local adoption agencies are open to having same-sex couples become parents to your child. We believe they will make great parents. No matter what anyone says, your choice of adoptive parents is totally up to you, and your openness to LGBTQ+ parents will show that love is all that matters. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri have listed the five frequently asked questions you may have as a birthmother to your potential LGBTQ+ adoptive parents during the adoption process.

  • Why is Your Home the Perfect Fit for my Child?

A same-sex couple’s household will be with kindness, openness, and communication. Understanding the dynamics of the same-sex household will let you feel more prepared about how your child be raised and feel more relieved about choosing parents. Having a home where your birth child feels like they can express themselves in any way they want might make your child feel happy and loved. As a birth mother, knowing your child is in a safe environment with caring parents might make you feel a sense of relief.

  •  What Qualities Will you Teach my Child?

As LGBTQ+ parents teaching certain qualities, like confidence, could be an important value to learn. As your child grows up, they may experience times when confidence is needed, like being involved in certain school activities or standing up for themselves. Learning to be confident will help your child learn to embrace who they are and understand it’s perfectly okay to express oneself any way they can. As a birth mother, finding adoptive parents that will teach your child all the great lessons in their life may make you feel proud.  You have chosen such open and transparent parents to raise your child.

  • How will you Celebrate and Teach my Child About Pride?

As LGBTQ+ parents celebrating pride month is an important holiday to celebrate as LGBTQ+ parents and the progress people like you have made. To celebrate this holiday, you might want to celebrate this important month with your child; by reading books, creating pride crafts, watching child-friendly movies about different kinds of families, and explaining to your child what this holiday means to embrace the differences in others. Embracing this personal holiday with your birth child and their adoptive parents will let them know how important they are to you.

  •  How will you Address Challenges in Your Child’s Life?

 As a child growing up in an LGBTQ+ home, there may come a time where your child will be challenged physically or mentally. Your child’s LGBTQ+ adoptive parents will have open communication with your child that will allow you to understand what your child might be going through as you might have gone through as an LGBTQ+ person. Using your personal experiences to help your child grow will shape them as a person.

  • How Will You Help Shape my Child’s Worldview?

As LGBTQ+ adoptive parents might have gone through you, they might teach your child how to understand the world they live in and help them understand how people interact with different people. This includes people from their LGBTQ adoptive parent community. As your child grows into the adult they will be someday, they will have experiences with all types of people who might positively or negatively affect their life. No matter what path they walk, learning this life lesson will help your child have a more positive outlook on life and understand their community.

Advice to Birth Mothers Choosing An LGBTQ+ Adoption

As a birth mother, choosing LGBTQ+ parents is a great option. LGBTQ+ parents choose love as the main reason to decide to become parents, and they have so much love to give to a child. Having LGBTQ+ parents will benefit your child by having open conversations and teaching your child to embrace all themselves as they are. As a birth mother, considering LGBTQ+ adoptive parents, know that they may share in the life lessons and parent in a way that might make you happy. As parents, they will spend the time communicating, listening to the child’s wants and needs, and trying to give your child the opportunities and life you have envisioned for your child.  At our agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri we will be happy to help you find the right LGBTQ+ parents for you and your child.

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