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Top 10 LGBTQ+ Adoption FAQ for Adoption in Missouri

By Katiara Potter

When you are considering putting a child up for adoption please know that the perfect adoptive family doesn’t have one specific look. A loving adoptive family can come in many forms. For example, you might choose an adoptive family of a different race. Or, you might decide that a single parent is a perfect choice to adopt your baby. You could also choose an LGBTQ+ adoptive parent. Whatever your preferences are for a loving adoptive family, Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you make your decision easier. We are here to support you! Believe it or not, in today’s society, LGBTQ+ individuals still face a lot of stigma for wanting to adopt. However, having a family is something that many people want, not just straight couples. LGBTQ+ individuals can make amazing adoptive parents. Therefore, here are the top 10 LGBTQ+ adoption FAQ about MO adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions About LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

As a birth mother, you may have some questions about LGBTQ+ adoption or even want some insight on LGBTQ+ adoption. Some commonly asked questions include:

1. How Are LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents Different from Straight Adoptive Parents? 

Between LGBTQ+ adoptive parents and straight adoptive parents, there’s not much of a difference. Both can provide the same amount of love and support to your baby. Both can also make wonderful adoptive parents. The only factor that separates these two groups is their sexual orientation.

2. Will My Child Identify as LGBTQ+ if Raised by LGBTQ+ Individuals?

Part of the stigma surrounding LGBTQ+ families is the notion that children in these households will turn gay if the parents are gay. There is no evidence that proves this to be true. Furthermore, the sexual orientation of the parent may not determine the sexual orientation of the child. Your child is going to blossom into who they are destined to be. They need love and support to grow and be successful. The sexual orientation of an adoptive parent shouldn’t matter as long as they are providing love and support to your baby. 

3. Could My Child Be Subject to Bullying for Having LGBTQ+ Parents?

Since LGBTQ+ individuals still face criticism for being who they are, there is a possibility that your child might be teased for having LGBTQ+ parents. That being said, children with LGBTQ+ parents learn to stand up for themselves and are usually more resilient. They can also be more empathetic than most people since they grew up in non-traditional families.

4. Can LGBTQ+ Individuals Adopt in Missouri?

Yes, LGBTQ+ individuals can adopt children in Missouri. LGBTQ+ adoption in Missouri is 100% legal. 

5. What Are the Benefits of LGBTQ+ Adoption? 

Along with being more empathetic, your child can grow to be more open-minded. Growing up in a non-traditional family can allow your child to be open to different people and different lifestyles. In addition, your child might look at life more uniquely and empathetically because of their adoptive family.

6. Does Adoption Choices of Missouri Work with LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents?

Adoption Choices of Missouri works with a diverse group of adoptive parents. This can include adoptive parents of different cultural backgrounds, LGBTQ+ adoptive parents, and single parents. 

7. Are LGBTQ+ Individuals Able to Provide a Stable Household?

LGBTQ+ adoptive parents are just like any other adoptive parents.LGBTQ+ adoptive parents can provide just as much love and support as other adoptive parents. However, LGBTQ+ adoptive parents may provide a more stable household than other adoptive parents. This is because LGBTQ+ adoptive parents can sometimes be more educated and financially stable than other adoptive parents.

8. Is Same-Sex Adoption More Difficult in Missouri?

For any adoptive parent, the adoption process in Missouri can be difficult. This doesn’t change for LGBTQ+ parents. However, the process won’t be unusually long or difficult because the family is LGBTQ+. 

9. Won’t My Child Need a Mother and a Father?

Remember, a loving adoptive family may not look one specific way. LGBTQ+ parents can provide the same love and support as straight adoptive parents. Not having a distinct mother and father won’t result in your child being loved and supported any less.

10. Do Adoption Agencies Discriminate Against LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents?

Adoption Choices of Missouri works with many diverse adoptive parents. We would never rob a child of a loving and supportive family. Adoption Choices of Missouri and many adoption agencies in Missouri work with individuals of different backgrounds and sexual orientations. 

We at Adoption Choices of Missouri Celebrate All Types of Adoption

We know the adoption process isn’t easy. It can be hard to find the right adoptive family for your baby. Our local adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help you find the right adoptive family. Based on this FAQ, you might decide that LGBTQ+ adoption is right for your baby. An adoption counselor can meet with you to discuss your options. Remember, we’re here for you. Your preferences for an adoptive family matter. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to help. 

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