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Know What Adoption Types Are Available to You During the Holidays

By Brendan Finegan

Considering adoption can be a stressful and lonely experience for birth mothers. Sometimes you may not have the support to navigate the hardships of the adoption process. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, you may feel that now isn’t the appropriate time to consider adoption. Aren’t the holidays about family gatherings and creating lasting memories with your loved ones? How can you have a Missouri adoption when everyone else is focused on their own families?

Adoption Choices of Missouri will provide you with the answers to your unplanned pregnancy. Even when considering adoption during the holidays, you will be able to find an effective adoption plan that’s the right fit for you and your baby. Your worries about finding an adoption during this time of year are completely valid but know that adoption is a process that is designed to empower your life. With the right plan, you will be able to ease your anxieties and gain compassionate support. If choosing adoption cannot wait, take a look at the adoption types that are available to you.

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, you will be able to maintain ongoing communication with the adoptive family after your due date. Throughout the entire adoption process, you will have contact with the adoptive family that you choose. If you want to have close ties with your adoptive family during and after the adoption process, then open adoption may be your best option. Depending on the adoption plan that you select with your adoption specialist, you’ll be able to have a connection with your baby after adoption. 

Open adoption is perfect for birth mothers who want to have a relationship with their child but are not in the right place to raise a baby. If you’re not ready for motherhood, that is okay. Open adoption is designed to give you the relationship with your child that’s right for you. And even during the holiday season, there’s an adoptive family that wants nothing more than to build the family that’s right for them. 

You’ll be able to decide upon details of what contact will look like after the adoptive family brings your child home. With open adoption, you’ll be able to exchange emails, letters, and schedule in-person visits with your adoptive family. We understand that you may be going through the struggles of adoption this holiday season. Know that you can set yourself up for long-term happiness by being able to have communication and visits with your child for future holidays.

Semi-Open Adoption

With a semi-open adoption plan, you’ll have limited or occasional contact with your adoptive family. Leading up to your due date, you’ll have the option of pre-birth, face-to-face meetings, but you won’t have direct communication with your child after adoption. You will have to decide what level of communication is going to be most appropriate for you after the adoption process. If you want some contact with your adoptive family but don’t want to regularly see your child after adoption, then semi-open adoption may be best for you. Remember, adoption is about setting yourself up for long-term success and comfort. Semi-open adoption may be a great choice if you only want to receive letters or photos of your child during future holiday seasons.

Closed Adoption

If you choose closed adoption, you’ll have no contact with the adoptive family during and after adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri will select from adoption agencies near you to find an adoptive family. You will not have any say in which adoptive family will be bringing your child home. Birth mothers may feel guilt or grief for wanting no contact with their child or adoptive family. But remember, whichever adoption plan you choose, it is designed to bring you peace of mind. You should be able to have the contact that you’re most comfortable with because you still need to live your most ideal life after adoption. Adoption is built for you to have the family life that you want for many years to come. If you want to have a child when you’re ready for future holidays, then closed adoption may be best for you.

Adoption is Here to Empower You

Regardless of what adoption type you may feel is best for you, there’s no need to justify your reasoning. You need to find the adoption plan that is going to establish a foundation of peace, prosperity, and joy for future holidays. And remember that you’re not giving your child up for adoption, but instead giving them the most opportune life. This holiday season may be a time of emotional battles and woes while choosing adoption. But whichever adoption plan you choose with adoption in Missouri, you’ll have the support that you need. Adoption will allow you to have the family life that you want during the holiday season.