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Is Adoption Choices of Missouri LGBTQ+ Inclusive in Their Adoption Process?

By Julian Burgos


Birth mothers who are considering their options concerning adoption might be apprehensive about their baby being raised by another family. Feelings like this are a normal part of the adoption process. Adoption can be a difficult experience for birth mothers to fully process and accept. Deciding that your child will have a more fulfilling life with a family that isn’t yours is a brave and commendable decision. Some birth mothers might have questions about the different kinds of families Adoption Choices of Missouri offers adoption services. Many of those couples and families belong to the LGBTQ+ community and are looking to adopt through our agency. Our licensed and private agency is inclusive to all families wishing to use our services, including LGBTQ+ families. Our staff of adoption professionals does not discriminate against anyone based on their race, gender, sexual identity orientation, or religion. 

Common Concerns for Adoption in LGBTQ+ Families

Many birth mothers have questions and concerns about putting their babies up for adoption and LGBTQ+ families. You might have questions about how different of a lifestyle your child will have in regards to these specific kinds of families. LGBTQ+ families can provide just as much of a loving and safe environment as heterosexual couples. According to, “children adopted into lesbian and gay families are as well-adjusted as children adopted by heterosexual parents.” Children adopted into these families also “follow similar patterns of gender development.” We want birth parents to understand that what a child needs above all else is a home that provides safety and love.  


This Pride Month is a great time to think about adopting with LGBTQ+ families who would love to provide a loving home for your baby. Adoption Choices of Missouri can coordinate a meeting between you and any potential families you are interested in. We have local adoption agencies in Missouri where you can use our private adoption service to make all of this happen. Our website is a great place to start where you can view many adoptive families who are waiting to adopt. You can also schedule a meeting with our staff who can even come to you if you’d prefer that.

The Many Benefits of Adoption with LGBTQ+ Couples

Choosing an LGBTQ+ family to adopt your baby can have many benefits for your child’s growth and development. Children raised in LGTBQ+ families can learn to be more tolerant and empathetic towards those who are different from them. LGBTQ+ couples can offer a unique perspective to their children that is different from a traditional nuclear family structure. Empathy and tolerance are valuable lessons for a child to learn as they continue to grow and experience the world.

Adoption Choices of Missouri also requires that an extensive home study be done for every family that wishes to use our services. A home study is when an adoption professional visits a potential adoptive family’s home and inspects their living situation. The adoption professional will ensure that the family’s environment is stable enough for a child. Questions such as “Is the adoptive family financially stable?” may be asked by the specialist. The LGBTQ+ families on our website have gone through this process and demonstrated that they can provide a safe environment for a child. When you consult with one of our adoption professionals, you will have the opportunity to know more about these wonderful families.

Find the Right Match for your Baby with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Adoption Choices of Missouri agency is proud to service the many LGBTQ+ families who use our adoption resources. We believe that every individual should have the right to adopt a child as long as they can provide a loving and supportive home. If you are a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to consult with our staff, please visit our website.

Our experienced adoption professionals would be more than happy to speak with you about adoption help or pregnancy help. They can also show you adoptive families and their different backgrounds. What’s important to understand is that your adoption journey is entirely yours. You have the power to decide what’s best for you and for your baby, including their adoptive family. Please schedule a meeting with our staff through our website today and start an adoption plan that works for you.

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