How to Choose LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents when Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri

There are many different factors to consider when picking your baby’s adoptive family. Are you open to the idea of a same-sex couple or LGBTQ+ individual adopting your child? Are you already aware of the benefits of choosing an LGBTQ+ adoptive family, or are you here because you want to learn more and explore every adoption option?

Then Adoption Choices of Missouri might be the right adoption agency for you. We welcome all walks of life and actively encourage nondiscriminatory practices. We encourage birth mothers to open your heart and select the adoptive family that best suits your needs, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

5 Major Criteria for Birth Mothers to Consider when Choosing LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents

There are also many other criteria to consider when choosing LGBTQ+ adoptive parents. Picture the adoptive family you would like to place your baby with. Think about which aspects of an adoptive family are important to you and which are unimportant. Let’s explore some of the prominent features of an adoptive family that you may not have considered yet.

  1. Think of any other adoptive family criteria that may be important to you. Is it important to you that the adoptive parents look similar to your baby, or are you open to a transracial adoption? Would you like it if your baby has siblings, perhaps an older brother or sister? Is it important to you that certain values or religious beliefs are passed on to your baby? What about geographic location? Living very far away from each other could make open adoption visits a little difficult. These are all different aspects to consider when selecting your baby’s adoptive family.
  2. Would you prefer a single LGBTQ+ individual or a same-sex couple as your baby’s adoptive family? Are you open to the idea of a single parent raising your child, or does a two-parent home make you feel more comfortable? There are actually three types of LGBTQ+ couples who adopt children: same-sex couples, a single LGBTQ+ person, or a second-parent adoption in which one partner is adopting the other partner’s child. 
  3. Decide what type of adoption you would like for your adoptive family. When making your adoption plan, you get to choose between an open, closed, and semi-open adoption. You get to choose what type of adoption you would like and your level of involvement in your baby’s life post-placement. If you decide to choose an open adoption, you can even maintain contact via phone calls and in-person visits. We strongly encourage open adoption because we believe it is the type of adoption that is the most beneficial to everyone. Make sure that you go over the details of what level of involvement you would like with your adoption caseworker so that you and the adoptive family can reach an agreement beforehand.
  4. Check into any financial assistance available for birth mothers from the adoptive family. Remember, placing your baby for adoption is never at any cost to you. Depending on the outcome of any home studies or evaluations, some financial assistance for adoption may be available to you. Sometimes this assistance can come in the form of government programs as well as direct contributions from the adoptive family. Our adoption agency also provides access to other services like medical aid, transportation, legal representation, and emotional support counseling. Check with your assigned adoption specialist to go over what programs are open to you and to see what levels of financial assistance you may qualify for.
  5. Full-service, licensed adoption agencies like us provide pre-screened and pre-qualified adoptive family portfolios. Our adoption agency is a full-service, licensed adoption agency. This means that we perform in-depth at-home studies when selecting candidates for adoptive parents. This means that all of the families in our adoptive family portfolios have undergone a rigorous and thorough investigation to ensure that they fit our quality of standards. We do this to ensure that your baby is going to a safe and loving home that can provide the best opportunities in life for them, no matter which adoptive family you select from our portfolios.

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