How to Celebrate Adoption Month in Missouri

By Staren Henry

Adoption is a daunting and important decision for many birth mothers and may not come easy for some. It is a step that should be celebrated for the courage, selflessness, and planning required to undertake it. Birth mothers who consider or go through adopting out their baby are not giving up on their child. But instead providing them with the additional resources needed to have a better shot at life. That’s something worth celebrating!

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you can be confident in Adoption Choices of Missouri to assist you. We are a responsive and trusting agency to work with that puts birth mothers first. 

What is Adoption?

Adoption is the process of placing your baby with an adoptive family. The birth mother will sign off all parental rights to their child and can decide upon the level of openness that she will retain with the child and the adoptive family throughout the adoption. 

You are not giving up your baby for adoption. Deciding to adopt out your baby is not something to be ashamed of. Adoption Choices of Missouri helps the birth mother with various resources, so you can be confident in the well-being of you and your child.

How Adoption Works

Birth mothers start by making an adoption plan, which would cover all the resources you may need to help you put your baby up for adoption. This may include medical care, financial compensation, counseling, and/or safe housing.  

The birth mother would then choose between open, closed, and semi-open adoption types for her baby. The adoption type describes the amount of interaction the birth mother will have with the baby and their adoptive family once placed in a home. Open adoption refers to adoption that allows the birth mother and adoptive family to stay in contact throughout pregnancy, birth, and post-placement. In comparison, closed adoptions have the adoptive family and birth mother never meet or share personal information. Semi-open adoptions fall somewhere in between the two, with a minimal exchange of personal information.

During the matching process, the birth mother will choose the adoptive family she wishes to place her baby. Profiles of potential adoptive families will be provided for you to choose from. Additional resources may be provided, and, depending on the level of openness you decide on for your baby, you may also meet with the adoptive family. 

Why is Adoption and Adoption Awareness Important?

Let’s think of it in a more roundabout way. If you are seeking pregnant adoption help because you can’t take care of your baby, then you’ll probably understand why it’s so important that birth mothers and birth parents know that there is another option out there for their child! Adoption reintroduces control of the birth mother’s life and gives her the peace of mind that she is doing what is best for her child. Adoption also provides adoptive families the opportunity to experience parenthood.

Adoption awareness also helps debunk several myths surrounding adoption. Plus, when adoption is discussed more within the community, more pregnant women will be aware that it is an option.

Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month:

  1. Donate to adoption agencies near you – even the smallest amount can assist local agencies in helping birth mothers put their babies up for adoption
  2. Educate yourself about adoption – there are many misconceptions and myths that have become widespread about adoption and the adoption process. You can do your part to help debunk these myths by educating yourself and others
  3. Spread awareness in your communities – adoption, while it is more widespread now, is still not a topic that is widely talked about within most communities. You may feel the urge to spread awareness about Adoption in Missouri.
  4. Participate in local adoption month events – See if there are any local events taking place that you can participate in or contribute to
  5. Reach out to adoptive families to learn their stories – adoption looks and feels different for every birth mother, child, and adoptive family out there. Reaching out to birth parents and adoptive families may shed some light on the ways adoption can be a positive and transformative experience

Adoption Choices of Missouri Support and Assistance

Adoption is a valid option for birth mothers experiencing an unwanted pregnancy. It is an option that should have more widespread positive awareness. National Adoption month is a wonderful time for birth mothers and adoptive parents.

If you are a birth mother or birth parent considering placing their child up for adoption, do not hesitate to call Adoption Choices of Missouri toll-free at 877-903-4488. We provide guidance, especially regarding questions or concerns about the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, and we treat birth mothers with respect and dignity. Please call us or text us to learn more!

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