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How Adoption Can Be a Part of the Holidays

By Brendan Finegan

When people think of the holidays, they are often bombarded with images of seasonal festivities, family dinners, and gift-giving. Considering adoption is typically not the first-holiday association that comes to mind, but that does not mean that choosing adoption is not an important decision this time of year. Many birth mothers will need an adoption plan during the holiday season. Just because you have an unplanned pregnancy does not mean that you cannot find an adoption in Missouri that’s right for you. 

You may be plagued with feelings of guilt, anxiety, and sorrow from considering adoption during the holiday season. Shouldn’t the holidays be about family gatherings? How can you have a Missouri adoption when you should be focused on being with your family? Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to show you that adoption is about creating ideal families. Through adoption, you will be empowered to have the family that you want during the holiday season. If adoption still doesn’t feel like it makes sense, take a look at the reasons how adoption is important during the holidays. 

6 Ways Adoption Can Be Included During the Holidays

1. Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri

The first step of starting the adoption process is to find adoption agencies near you. Adoption Choices of Missouri is open year-round, and you’ll be able to schedule an appointment with an adoption specialist regardless of the time of year. We want you to be able to have access to the family life that you want to choose. The adoption process will be challenging, but you will have peace and relief that comes from choosing the life you want.

2. Connect With Your Adoptive Family

Once you’ve decided upon your adoptive family with your adoption specialist, you will be able to meet them. Your adoption specialist will continue to be with you every step of the way throughout the adoption process. Throughout your pregnancy, you will be able to maintain contact with your adoptive family. This will allow you to reassure yourself with your adoptive family. Your adoptive family wants nothing more than to coordinate with you at any point during the holiday season. Whether you’re still in the early stages of your pregnancy or near your due date, your adoptive family will want to support you during a time about family and love. 

3. Get Counseling Sessions

With each adoption plan, Adoption Choices of Missouri guarantees each birth mother counseling to help them battle the complex emotions they’re feeling. Adoption is not an easy or simple process, so we know your mental health is a critical part of the adoption process. Especially when it’s a time of family gatherings, you may have more emotional and personal struggles when choosing adoption. Just remember that adoption is about building families. You’re not giving your child up for adoption; instead, you’re giving them the best opportunity for a family. And in return, you’ll have the family life that you want during the holiday season.

4. Reach Out to Friends and Family

The adoption process is going to come with its trials, so make sure you lean on your support groups extra during the holiday season. It is completely natural to be feeling guilt and sadness when choosing adoption. But know that you are considering adoption to build the life that you want. And your baby will have the proper support and homelife from their adoptive family. If you feel like you don’t have the people in your life to guide you during the holidays, you’ll always have your adoption specialist. 

5. Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions

Receiving counseling is a great benefit, but you’ll need to allow yourself to acknowledge the emotions that you’re feeling. Suppressing the grief or fear that you may be feeling during the adoption process will only make your emotions worse. You may be feeling loss or regret, but remember the reason you’re choosing adoption: to have the best family life for yourself and your child. Once you’ve made the tough decision of choosing adoption, you’ll be able to feel relief and joy from your choices. You can have the assurance that you’re going to have many more holiday seasons with the family life that you want.

6. Make Your Adoptive Family a Part of the Holidays

Life does not stop after the adoption process, so you should be mindful of how you want your communication to be with your adoptive family. Depending upon the level of interaction in your adoption plan, you can exchange phone calls, letters, and emails with your adoptive family after your due date. In-person visits and your extended family being involved are also possibilities. If you’re worried about how you may feel for future holidays, coordinate face-to-face visits with your adoptive family so that you can see your child. Or you can have your adoptive family send you pictures of your child. Whatever the level of communication you’re comfortable with, you can have the outreach that you want during the holidays.

The Holidays Are a Time For Celebration, Not Regret

Have the peace of mind that comes with choosing an ideal adoption plan during the holidays. Or even if you’re already along the adoption process, know that you’re making the decisions that’ll benefit both you and your baby’s lives. The holidays are meant to celebrate the time that you have with your family. Adoption Choices of Missouri allows you to create the family life and hope that you want.