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Help! I’m Facing Hardships While Pregnant

By Alexis Watson

Adoption may not be an easy choice, but sometimes it’s a necessary choice. Birth mothers who are experiencing homelessness, battling addiction, or suffering from abuse considering adoption may be their  only choice. An unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional revelation for any woman. Navigating hardships like homelessness, addiction, or abuse during pregnancy can intensify stress levels. Adoption can be an empowering choice. You will be able to secure a permanent, safe, and loving home for your child. As the birth mother, you will be guided and supported every step of the journey.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is an open adoption agency in Missouri. We provide financial aid and emotional support to our birth mothers. Every birth mother is paired with an adoption expert who will explain every step of the adoption process. Our experts help create the adoption plan and ensure birth mothers are connected to the right resources.   

The Adoption Process

Giving your child up for adoption is an empowering and positive choice. Guaranteeing a safe, healthy, and loving environment for your child is a rewarding decision. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we walk our birth mothers through each stage of the adoption process.

The steps for adoption in Missouri: 

  1. Contact one of our experts at Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are a welcoming and safe space for our birth mothers.
  2. Meeting with one of our adoption specialists. Our specialists are always eager to meet new birth mothers. We are able to do in-person or virtual meetups. You let us know what your comfort  levels are. 
  3. Create your adoption plan. Every pregnancy is like a snowflake; no two are the same. The same goes for when we create your adoption plan. Each adoption plan is catered to the specific needs of our birth mothers. You’ll include pertinent information such as your delivery option, your financial budget, and approved medications. 
  4. Choosing the adoptive family. Your level of involvement in choosing the adoptive family is up to you. You have the option of working closely with our experts in reviewing and choosing the adoptive family.
  5. The baby arrives. Your adoption plan will also outline your delivery plan. This will include everything from the aesthetic of the room to what medications to administer. Don’t worry;our specialist will be present for this special day. 
  6. Post-Adoption Support. Our experts will provide emotional support via counseling. Healing and coping with a life-changing decision takes time and support. We also provide financial support for pregnancy-related expenses. 

Adoption in Missouri is a simple process that provides every birth mother with a choice. Our adoption counselors at Adoption Choices of Missouri are there to walk birth mothers through every part of the adoption process. 

What Adoption Resources Are Available?

As a birth mother considering adoption, it can be difficult to know what resources are available to you. It can be just as difficult to know how to access those resources. Our staff at Adoption Choices of Missouri are trained to connect you with the right resources. We will also provide support and counseling to all of our birth mothers. It is important to us that our birth mothers feel comforted and supported from beginning to end. 

As a birth mother, we provide a ton of available resources to you. We provide financial assistance with pregnancy-related expenses during pregnancy.  Financial assistance can cover every living expense, like food, transportation, and maternity clothes. We also provide assistance for rent, utilities, and phone bills. Your eligibility for financial assistance is dependent on your current living situation. We try to meet our birth mothers where they are and provide the most support we can. 

As a birth mother, medical expenses are a given, as medical care is a must. We are strong advocates for the health of both our birth mothers and their children. In ensuring that advocacy, we help with prenatal care. Safety for our birth mothers and their children is also a top priority of ours. Stable housing is a safe haven that can help alleviate stress by providing consistent security. A good night’s rest provides everyone with the mental clarity and space needed to make informed decisions. For any of our birth mothers experiencing homelessness or facing any hardships, we are here to help. We will provide safe housing, as it is an essential space for birth mothers. 

Can I Maintain A Relationship With The Adoptive Family? 

Adoption does not automatically terminate communication with your child. Open adoption is one of the options that fosters a relationship between the adoptive family and the birth mother. As an open adoption agency, we support and encourage birth mothers to explore their options. 

Open adoption allows for an open line of communication between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Semi-open adoption only allows for important life developments to be shared. Finally, closed adoption is just that – closed. No information is shared between the birth mother and the adoptive family. 

Let Our Adoption Experts Help

Facing challenging hardships during pregnancy is difficult for any birth mother to navigate through. Adoption might be your only option, and that is okay. You are not alone, nor do you have to do this alone. Adoption is an empowering and courageous choice. Our experts here at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here, ready to help. If you are pregnant and need adoption assistance, give us a call. We are here to help.