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Giving Baby up For Adoption Post Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, our world has changed a lot. Perhaps there have been changes in your job, heavier reliance on zoom and virtual meetings, and disruptions to your seasonal plans? All throughout these months, the thing that hasn’t changed is the birth of children. The need to accommodate them in a comfortable home will always be there, and so will the love parents have for their children. Some parents choose to place their baby for adoption to give their child a better chance at life. If you are among these parents, no doubt you are concerned about how the pandemic will affect your adoption plans. Pandemic restrictions have been lifted in many places, but we must remain concerned about safety, especially that of children. The pandemic may have put a damper on your life, but adoption is still possible in Missouri.

Meeting Your Child’s Adoptive Parents

Whether you are pregnant or already or had your baby, choosing your child’s adoptive parents remains part of the process. In-person meetings were the norm of the past, but many meetings have been through video calls or text for social distancing measures. As pandemic restrictions lift, in-person meetings may resume according to the needs of birth and adoptive parents. Laws, differing views on vaccination, and other pandemic measures may influence choices when interacting with potential parents. Missouri does not have statewide travel restrictions, but restrictions may differ if your child’s prospective adoptive family is in another state. Hospitals themselves might impose restrictions on visitors and who can be present during the birth. This can delay when the adoptive parents get to see their child. What’s most important is finding what works for everyone. Remember to check in with your adoption agency for their policies, as things may have changed.

If you’ve already delivered your baby during the pandemic, it is possible that stress is making you feel antsy for options. Indeed, options to streamline adoptions have appeared since there have been various delays, especially international adoptions. It might be tempting to hop on that next exciting opportunity, but rushing will not do your child justice. The increased use of social media to find adoptive parents is on the rise, but it is not without consequences. 

The internet comes with many benefits, but there are people out there who will exploit it. Prospective adoptive parents have turned to social media to find birth mothers willing to place their babies for adoption in MO. Such people are not ill-intentioned by default, but there are a handful of scams. In worst-case scenarios, there is a possibility of human trafficking. Those offering services online may not give the proper disclosure on the process. 

The internet’s advantages do not replace the good of old school methods. Using an adoption agency is better for a number of reasons, but social media can supplement what your adoption agency provides. Legal help, financial assistance, and counseling are among the services Adoption Choices of Missouri provides, but it doesn’t hurt to reach out to online support groups, especially if there are none in your area. Another advantage is that an adoption agency will perform background checks and screenings, so you can be sure your child is in good hands. Some parents decide to connect with their child’s future adoptive parents over social media to help get to know them more, especially with the reduction of in-person meetings during this pandemic.

Pandemic Adoption Process

The adoption process has the same procedures as prior to the pandemic. As of now, you are probably considering the type of adoption that will suit you. Traditionally, adoptions were closed, and children did not have interaction with their biological parents. Today, open adoptions, which allow birth parents and children to stay in touch, are more common. Suppose you choose open adoption and your child is already born. In that case, it is possible that pandemic safety measures may affect how you interact with your baby after the adoption, especially if the prospective family is in another state. Make sure you and they are on the same page in how you will continue communication. Remember that the pandemic will not last forever, so things will go back to in-person interactions eventually. 

Your adoption specialist will be ready to answer any questions you have on how to navigate this pandemic. Whether it’s financing, social distancing measures, or anything else, they will be there to support. Adoption Choices of Missouri is still operating this pandemic and strives to keep all parties safe. Don’t be shy to give me a call when you are ready.

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