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Gave My Baby Up for Adoption, What Now?

By David Seamonson

You have done an amazing thing by giving your baby up for adoption. We know that every birth mother comes from a different place and whether you did not know if you could support your baby or if you came to us because of an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to help you. You have entered into the adoption process, and there are many ways things that you have gone through to get to where you are now. We also know that you might not ever be back to what you used to be after you gave your baby up for adoption. But we offer our private adoption service so that when you feel like you are ready to try and move on, it is a possibility.

Deal with your emotions during your adoption journey

Knowing in your mind why you have chosen adoption is a lot different than understanding why you feel the way you do. There is a multitude of emotions that you might be feeling due to your decision to give your baby up for adoption. By coming to an adoption agency, you are able to use any of the resources that they have while you are in the adoption process or even after your adoption plan has been completed. The best way to understand yourself is to talk to other people, which is why we offer you counselors 24/7. Your mental health is a top priority, and you have done something that is very emotionally taxing.

Set goals for how you want your adoption to look like

Before the adoption process began, you were probably planning on doing a lot of things that now seem pretty 

far-fetched. Write them down because they are not out of reach anymore. Since you are going through the adoption process, you are opening up your future to many different options. Set goals for things that mean a lot to you. List them by importance to you and how much you want to experience them. Getting from day to day can be difficult, and that is why setting long-term goals that you want to achieve as well as smaller goals. The smaller goals lead to rewards for making it from one day to the next, while your larger goals give you something to look forward to in the future.

Explore your dreams after your adoption

Moving on comes with the knowledge that what you did in your past with your unplanned pregnancy will not affect how your future plays out. When it comes to adoption, it is about your future, and it is about understanding what makes you who you are. Your life is still yours, and you need to look to the future to see what will make you happy. Whether this is furthering your career or if it is rebuilding a family on your own time, the future is all yours.

Know you did all you could for your baby

The way that the adoption process is done is so that you take part in every step. This is so that when you are going through it, you make every decision yourself. The adoption specialists are available to help you find the best fit for you, and you are able to see all of the resources they do for those families. You chose the type of adoption that you feel will benefit both you and your baby, and you decided the best way for you to return to normal life.

Where you came from before the adoption process is something that you should reflect on so you can realize how it will benefit you in the future. You will not have to worry about your baby. Another family that you choose will be taking care of them, supporting them financially, and loving them unconditionally.

Gave My Baby Up for Adoption How Can Adoption Choices of Missouri Help?

What we do at Adoption Choices of Missouri is provide you with a way to feel confident with your decision to adopt. Adoption is a very difficult decision to come to, and so when your adoption plan is completed, we still offer a majority of our services. Your health is a primary concern, and it might affect you at very different times, which is why it is open 24/7. You took part in each part of the adoption process so that you can look back at it and say that your decisions placed both you and your baby in a better place. We want to encourage you to chase your dreams, set your goals, and see that what you did for you and your baby placed both of you in great places.

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