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Finding Birth Mother Support as a Pregnant Woman Through the Holidays in Missouri

An unplanned pregnancy at any time of the year is complicated, but it can be even more complicated and anxiety-inducing during the holidays. The holidays are already rife with making plans and figuring out the right gift to get, and while the world seems to carry on with holiday spirits, you may feel as though you have been left behind to deal with your unplanned pregnancy alone. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we want to extend a helping hand to women like you because we understand how difficult pregnancy can be, especially during a chaotic time period such as the holidays. We offer birth mother support in the form of safe housing, financial aid, and supportive counseling. These resources are available to any birth mother who is looking to give their baby up for adoption, and these resources are available even during the holidays. 

Finding Financial Assistance During The Adoption Process

One of the biggest concerns for mothers who are facing an unplanned pregnancy is how they are going to afford the medical costs and the costs of raising a child. Some medical costs you will have to consider during your pregnancy are prenatal care and the cost of having a baby at the hospital. These costs can build, making it feel as though you are swimming in debt. 

On top of medical costs, you have to consider the cost of taking care of a baby. The annual cost of raising a child is also very high, and if you are already in a dire financial situation may find it impossible to take care of your baby properly. As such, you may feel inclined to terminate your pregnancy because pregnancy and child care is so expensive. However, you should consider adoption as an option. 

An adoption is always an option you can consider, even if you are homeless or are facing financial difficulties. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we can proudly say that we offer plenty of financial assistance for women like you. Our staff will work closely with you to better understand your situation so they can help you get all the financial assistance you need. If you have questions about your financial situation, you can always contact one of our adoption agencies in Missouri to speak with an adoption specialist with no obligation. 

Safe Housing for Your Unplanned Pregnancy During the Holidays 

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, finding proper housing is vital, especially for an expecting mother. However, we understand that safe housing is not easy to come by, especially if you are already facing financial hardships. As such, Adoption Choices of Missouri offers free housing for expecting mothers who wish to pursue an adoption. 

Free housing is essential, but it can be hard to maintain because, late in your pregnancy, you may have to stop working. However, your safety is a priority if you are pregnant, so safe housing becomes a necessity. As a part of our financial assistance, we can also help cover pregnancy-related costs, such as rent. We can help find safe housing for you during your pregnancy, or we can help you maintain a safe place to stay during the duration of your pregnancy. Even during the holidays, our staff will work to make sure that your pregnancy is as stress-free as possible. 

Supportive Adoption Counseling

With the holidays approaching, we are constantly reminded to be appreciative of our family and loved ones. However, family and loved ones can be harsh, especially for birth mothers who have chosen to put their child up for adoption—as a result, having someone to talk to and confide in can be difficult to find.

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we offer free counseling for birth mothers who have chosen adoption because we understand it is difficult to make. It is an even more difficult decision to pursue when you don’t have a support network, so we want to provide you with resources to help you cope with the emotions and changes happening in your life. Beyond the supportive counseling we offer, our adoption agency can also connect you to local resources, such as local birth mother support groups. We want to provide a huge array of resources so that you can choose the ones that best fit your needs. 

Birth Mother Support During the Holidays 

As the holiday season comes, it may seem as though many things close for the holidays, such as restaurants and banks. However, at Adoption Choices of Missouri, our staff is available 24/7. We will work with you throughout the holidays, so you get all the birth mother support you need. 

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