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Everything a Birth Mother Needs to Know About Choosing LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents in Missouri

Are you a birth mother open to the idea of placing your baby with an LGBTQ+ adoptive family? Or maybe it was an option you had not considered, but you are fine with it as long as your baby is placed in a safe and loving home? Well, look no further! You have come to the right place. Adoption Choices of Missouri encourages diversity and welcomes people from all walks of life. Our adoption specialists are here to help you every step of the way through your adoption journey. This means that we will gladly answer all of your questions about what it means to choose LGBTQ+ adoptive parents.

Top 5 Reasons Why Birth Mothers in Missouri Should Consider Placing Your Baby with a Same-sex Adoptive Family

 When considering adoption, keep in mind that you, as the birth mother, have the opportunity to pick out the adoptive family you would like to place your child with. Do you need help figuring out how to choose an adoptive family in Missouri? Think carefully, and consider which adoption family criteria are important to you.

Are you open to a single-parent adoptive home, or do you prefer a two-parent home? What if those two parents were a same-sex couple? Or what if they were a different race than your child in a transracial adoption? Do any of those things bother you, or do you just want to make sure that your baby will be well-cared for? While you consider all of these different factors, let’s explore some of the many benefits of having same-sex couples or LGBTQ+ individuals as adoptive parents.

  1. The law is on your side; there are currently no adoption laws prohibiting same-sex couples or individuals from adopting in Missouri. In the eyes of the law in the great state of Missouri, the adoption process for same-sex couples or individuals is just about the same as it is for heterosexual parents. There are still basic criteria that must be met, like undergoing an at-home evaluation, but for the most part, the adoption process is just as easy as it would be for straight adoptive parents. There is no reason to worry about the law preventing or hindering your adoption process with LGBTQ+ adoptive parents.
  2. LGBTQ+ adoptive families are opening their homes and hearts to adoption by choosing to be parents. Sadly, many same-sex couples want children but get overlooked for adoption because of who they love. They have so much love in their hearts that they feel moved to open their homes to provide a child with a better chance in life than they had. Many same-sex couples find themselves with two incomes but no children to provide for or dote on. LGBTQ+ people can be some of the most devoted parents because they have so much love in their hearts that they are choosing to open their homes and be parents.
  3. Your baby will be placed for adoption into a loving and nurturing home, no matter what adoptive family criteria you decide on. We understand the importance of placing your child with an adoptive family you can trust. That is why we perform home studies in which we observe prospective adoptive families. We would never place your baby in a home that was not well-suited for them. We are a full-service, licensed adoption agency, so all of our adoptive families in our family portfolios are pre-screened and pre-qualified. Your baby deserves a home that is safe and nurturing. That is why we are determined to ensure that they are given a home that provides them with the love and opportunities they deserve in life.
  4. Same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ adoptive parents will instill positive values like being inclusive of others, having pride and self-respect, and celebrating diversity. When you are an LGBTQ+ person, you have to really know who you are and have a good sense of self-worth. There are so many people out in the world trying to tell you who you should love or how you should be. You have to be able to hold your head high and proudly say, “This is who I am.” You don’t just learn to love who you want outside of who society tells you to love. You learn to love yourself most of all. You learn to be more tolerant and accepting of others thanks to the people who did not tolerate or accept you. These wonderful values of inclusivity, self-respect, and acceptance will be passed on and taught to your child.
  5. LGBTQ+ adoptive parents are more progressive and receptive to smashing stereotypes and breaking the mold of the nuclear family. Have you ever heard the old adage, it takes a village to raise a child? It’s true! Let’s face it: the traditional nuclear family is a relic of the past. It’s time to make your family what you want it to be: a group of people who love and respect each other and who want what’s best for your child. Thanks to different types of adoption, like open and semi-open adoptions, you can stay involved in your child’s life and know the person that he or she grows up to be. It is up to you and the adoptive family to agree on your level of involvement beforehand when making your adoption plan, but it is possible that you can be one big, happy family. Just please be realistic and manage your expectations. Personal schedules don’t always allow for in-person visits as frequently as everyone would like. But having same-sex couple parents will help your child to navigate the new modern family that is the way of the future.

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