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Domestic Violence & Choosing Adoption in Missouri

By Nicholas Rodinos

It’s a sad truth that domestic violence impacts several women, with many survivors suffering in silence. An abusive environment is horrifying enough, but an unplanned pregnancy only complicates an already fragile situation. An abusive situation takes a toll on one’s mental health and can make raising a child difficult. You and your child don’t have to suffer. There are resources to help find safety for both of you. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you find the relief you deserve by providing you with adoption support. We specialize in helping birth mothers in cases of domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Our agency provides resources for housing, medical care, counseling, and the creation of adoption plans and birth plans. We work toward providing birth mothers with security and better futures for themselves and their children.

Adoption Agencies Can Help You 

You can contact our adoption agency, and one of our birth mother coordinators will try to help you. Your coordinator will ask you about what kind of support you need and find ways to help you. Specialized support is part of adoption in Missouri, including housing, legal support, financial assistance, and transportation. Your coordinator will provide you with various adoption options, including the amount of post-adoption contact and the adoptive parents. 

You can contact 9-1-1 if you feel especially unsafe and use coded language if your abuser is present. Many 9-1-1 operators are trained to recognize coded language, especially in cases of domestic violence. There are ways to silently communicate with 9-1-1 operators available on several domestic violence advocacy websites.

Housing During the Adoption Process

If you need shelter, there are resources that can help you. Adoption agencies near you provide clean housing so that you can heal and move forward with your life. Several local adoption agencies have shelters to keep you safe and staff that can support you. This housing is provided free and without judgment so that you can focus on your and your baby’s needs.

Can the Birth Father Influence the Adoption Process?

Sadly, yes, the birth father can legally influence or halt the adoption process if he wants to. The birth father does have control over the adoption process, especially if he’s your husband. He does have the ability to choose the adoptive parents and create an adoption plan if he so chooses. Sadly the Missouri adoption process does give power to birth fathers, however, they can lose their parental rights.


There is hope, as the birth father’s rights can be stripped if there is evidence that he’s abusive. Documents that demonstrate abuse, such as police or medical records may help your case (Carter Dochler, Martinez, and Schramm). Once the father is proven abusive, your legal coordinator can file a motion to remove his rights. Our adoption agency can also file an order of protection against the birth father to ensure your safety.

Adoption Agencies Care About Your Mental and Physical Health

Domestic violence takes an exceptionally heavy toll on both the bodies and minds of its survivors. Your health is important. That’s why we provide specialized care that focuses on both your physical and mental health.

Your physical health matters. That’s why there are doctors who specialize in helping survivors of domestic violence. Adoption agencies in Missouri can provide medical care so that your physical health needs are met. Your doctor will provide you with the medical component of the healing process, so you may heal. Part of adoption in Missouri involves receiving medical care to ensure your safety, health, and happiness.

 Your mental health is important. Several adoption agencies near you can provide you with the necessary care. Our counselors have experience counseling survivors of domestic violence and helping them find ways to cope with their trauma. This counselor will provide you with emotional support and listen to your problems in your time of need. Your counselor can help you cope with trauma and grief, whether they’re from abuse or post-adoption pain.

Adoption Agencies Will Find A Safe Home For Your Baby

We will provide you with all the control you need with your adoption plan, adoptive parents, and birth plan. Our adoption agency will run background checks on our adoption candidates and find ones that match your needs. You can choose the level of contact you want with the adoptive parents ranging from open, semi-open, to closed. You can trust our adoption agency to find adoptive parents who will love your child with all their hearts.

Ways Our Adoption Agency Can Help You 

Domestic violence can create powerlessness, which causes them to resign themselves to the abuse. Survivors of domestic violence may eventually become accustomed to the abuse and feel like there is no escape. It’s important to remember that you deserve a better life, and there are people who can help you. Some agencies can help you escape and plan a better future for yourself and your child.

If you are a survivor of domestic violence and need support, please contact Adoption Choices of Missouri. No survivor should face this problem alone. Let our agency support you through the adoption process. We can provide you with housing, medical care, financial assistance, food support, transportation, adoption-related legal support, and adoption resources. Please contact our agency if you need adoption support, and we will provide you with the help you need.

Si eres una sobreviviente de violencia doméstica y necesitas apoyo por favor contacta Adoption Choices de Missouri. Nuestra agencia le protegerá y luchará en su nombre para garantizar la colocación segura de su bebé. Podemos brindarles a las madres biológicas adopción de bebes alojamiento, atención médica, asesoramiento, transporte y asistencia financiera. Por favor contáctenos y le brindaremos un lugar seguro para ayudarlo a colocar a su bebé en adopción.