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What if I Don’t Need any Counseling After the Adoption Process?

By Jonathan Tick

A birth mother’s choice for choosing adoption in Missouri should be hers and hers alone. Some women may view the adoption process as a positive experience worth sharing or treasuring. While others may see it as a part of their lives that they’d rather not talk about. Both ways of thinking are valid, and Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you to feel comfortable with your decisions.

So how does the adoption process change if a birth mother just wants to give a child up for adoption? Below are a few ways your adoption process may or may not change if you opt out of additional support and a few things to consider if you are choosing to abstain from some of our adoption agencies’ resources.

What Changes in the Adoption Plan?

For the most part, the adoption plan doesn’t really change. You are in charge from the moment you step into one of our local adoption agencies. So naturally, any support you want from our adoption agencies in Missouri is open to you. How much or how little support you want is also completely up to you as well. However, your adoption specialist may or may not suggest some options for you to take while you work with us. That being said, those are just suggestions.  

As for what gets affected, any kind of support can be altered by this. Therapy, financial support, and other forms of pregnancy care can be provided as much or as little as you want. The adoption plan is something that can only be crafted or adjusted by you.

Can I Still Work with My Local Adoption Agency Regardless?

Of course! Even if you’re opting out of pregnancy care, there are still a lot of ways we can help you.  

Adoption in Missouri is usually a more involved process than most people realize. For instance, if you’re thinking about going through with open adoption or not. Birth mothers who want to keep a connection with their child after birth are becoming more common as of late. And facilitating that future lifelong connection requires a lot of help and assistance from your local adoption agency.  

Our adoption agencies in Missouri have a huge list of available families just waiting to take a baby home. And a resource like that wouldn’t be possible if you weren’t partnering up with Adoption Choices of Missouri. Our screening process lets all kinds of different families and guardian pairs become future parents. So from the rainbow of options available, we hope you’ll be able to find one that you like. If not, we’ll get you more so that you can pinpoint the perfect family for your baby.  

After the birth, any privacy or line of communication will also be something that we handle on our end. These options exist because many birth mothers want different things with their Missouri adoption. Rest assured, your identity will remain a mystery to your baby’s adoptive family if you choose to keep it hidden. And your right to know how your baby is doing will be secured if you want a connection after birth.  

Are There Other Things to Consider?

For all intents and purposes, it’s within the mother’s right to reject all forms of support if she wants to. That being said, there’s one thing that we highly recommend you seek help on regardless: legal help.  

Due to the legal complexities of adoption, getting legal help if you’re pregnant and considering adoption is highly recommended. Knowing your rights as a birth mother in regards to your baby can be very useful. Especially if you ever feel uncomfortable or if something feels off during your adoption process.  

Legal counsel can especially be helpful in the case of an unsupportive birth father. Who may or may not be fighting to secure his rights of parenthood in the face of you adopting out your baby. This kind of situation can create a kind of ‘legal hell’ that some birth mothers just aren’t equipped to deal with. So taking advantage of our legal resources in spite of not wanting support may be useful in the long run. And even if you don’t see a point, at least you know your legal boundaries as a birth mother. So that’s nice to know about.  ]

Choosing Not to Pursue Counseling After the Adoption Process

At the end of the day, your right to be supported either financially or through counseling is entirely up to you. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you to feel comfortable with the decisions you make. So if that means that you want us to lessen the amount of support provided, we’ll do just that. However, it’s strongly recommended to consider even just a few of the options offered by your adoption specialist. As you never know what kind of situation may arise during your adoption process. And when it comes to the safety of you and your baby, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

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