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Common Misconceptions About Missouri Birth Mothers

By Julian Burgos


Birth mothers who choose to opt for an adoption in Missouri often face misconceptions from others about their decision. The reality is that adoption is a life-changing and deeply personal decision for birth mothers. Nobody truly knows the circumstances that others are going through and what led to them opting for adoption in the first place. Adoption Choices of Missouri believes that every birth mother deserves to choose if adoption is right for them regardless of what others think.

Our agency provides a specialized private adoption service to any birth parent in need of our assistance. Throughout the many years we have been in service, we’ve heard all the myths. We know the many misconceptions that birth mothers have had to endure for making this difficult decision. In order to dispel these myths, we need to continue to spread positive and factual adoption language and support our birth parents. Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about birth mothers who make this difficult choice. 

“You Are A Bad Mother If You Choose Adoption”

We want to make it clear that you are not a bad mother if you choose adoption for your baby. Adoption is actually the opposite of this. You’ve probably heard the phrase “putting my baby up for adoption.” This is one of the most selfless things that a parent can do. It takes tremendous courage to allow another family to raise your child. Whatever the circumstances were that led you to make this difficult decision, just know that choosing this path doesn’t make you a bad parent. 

“Choosing Adoption Is Giving Up”

Deciding that adoption is the best choice for you and your baby does not mean that you are giving up as a parent. You are not abandoning your child. In fact, you are seeking out agencies like ours to do the opposite of abandoning your baby. With the help of agencies that perform adoption services for birth parents, you’re ensuring that your baby finds a loving family. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t feel well-equipped and prepared for parenthood. It’s a huge commitment and sacrifice that will take up much of your time for the rest of your life. By finding agencies like Adoption Choices of Missouri, you are ensuring that your baby finds the right home for them.

“Birth Mothers Are All Teens”

This is a common misconception and one that keeps circling back amongst discussions surrounding adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri and our neighboring agencies in other states help birth mothers of all ages. Many of those birth mothers are in their mid-twenties, thirties, and forties facing difficult circumstances. We of course help teens who have encountered an unplanned pregnancy. However, to say that all the birth mothers we help are in their teens is simply not true. 

“Birth Mothers Are All Poor”

Another common myth in the culture of adoption is that every birth mother who chooses adoption must be poor. Our agency has helped birth mothers from all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds in Missouri receive adoption help. Even if you are a birth mother who is financially stable, adoption is still an option for you. Again, parenthood is a serious commitment that some individuals are not ready for. Some birth parents instead want to focus on their careers and wait until they are mentally prepared for parenthood or just not want children. We help birth mothers who are struggling financially, but not every birth mother who uses our services is struggling financially. If you’ve searched for “pregnant help,” you’ve visited a credible agency that can help you with your pregnancy. 

“All Birth Mothers Don’t Want Children Or Want Any Kind Of Relationship After The Adoption Is Complete”

There’s a misconception that birth mothers who choose adoption don’t want anything to do with their children or even want children at all. Many of the birth mothers we help would love to be parents and raise their children. The situations that they are in don’t allow them to be parents, so they seek our services. Some of the birth mothers we help choose not to stay in contact with their babies for personal reasons. However, there are many that choose open adoptions with their child’s adoptive families. This means they have frequent contact with their child and receive regular updates from them. 

Help Us Break Down the Myths and Spread Positive Adoption Language

Adoption Choices of Missouri hopes that more people become informed on this topic and spread positivity towards adoption. Birth mothers should be supported and encouraged to seek help when they need it. Negative adoption language, myths, and misconceptions can turn many of these brave women away from seeking the help they need. Help us dismantle these myths and spread positivity concerning adoption and birth mothers. 

Visit our website today to speak to an adoption professional and discuss forming an adoption plan that works for you. The adoption process begins with accepting that adoption can be a positive step for you and your baby. Our adoption agencies in Missouri are waiting for you and eager to help in any way we can.