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Celebrating Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day!

By Isabella Chichioco

Many women who face an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy wonder whether they should place their newborn for adoption. Although adoption is a lot more common, the process can be overwhelming trying to do it on your own. At the Adoption Choices of Missouriwe are dedicated to helping you find the resources you need to have a successful adoption journey. Whether you adopt or give birth to a child, you become a mother once you start taking care of your baby. So let’s start by celebrating Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day!

Being a mother is no easy feat. We hope you all realize how appreciated you are by your family and child. Whether your child is related to you biologically, all mothers deserve a special day. It is a day to be recognized and rewarded for all their love and dedication to their child. Moreover, mothers who give their baby up for adoption should also be recognized, which society has not done until recently. 

Appreciating all kinds of Mothers

With Mother’s Day coming right around the corner, it is important to reflect and be grateful to all mothers. Although most people usually just think of mothers who have biological kids at first, there are also different kinds of mothers. There are three main types: expectant mothers, birth mothers, and adoptive mothers. These mothers are of equal importance, and not one is more “mother-like” or better than the other. 

As the name suggests, expectant mothers refer to women who are currently pregnant and expecting a baby. Birth mothers are women who have given birth to a child that another family has adopted. Lastly, adoptive mothers are women who have an adopted child and are not related biologically.

Celebrating Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day, with Different Kinds of Mothers

There are two Mother’s Days to celebrate the different kinds of mothers. Mother’s Day on May 8th is a celebration to honor all kinds of mothers. National Birth Mother’s Day occurs the Saturday before the previously mentioned holiday. Specifically to honor the mothers who have given birth to an adopted child. Established by birth mothers in Seattle as a way to cope, recognize, and bring awareness to this topic. 

National Birth Mother’s Day allows the adoptive child and family to honor birth mothers. Creating a special and unique day that has not been provided until recently. Some simple way you can honor National Birth Mother’s Day is by treating it as equally important as Mother’s Day on May 9th. Sending flowers, spending time over lunch, or simply just making a phone call can mean a lot to birth mothers, especially when they do not see their adoptive kids all the time.

The Adoption Process with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Overall, National Birth Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day are coming up on May 8th and 9th. To prepare for this annual occasion, honor all kinds of Mothers a little bit more than usual! Simply reaching out to your mother can make a huge difference since it can be very easy for a mother to feel unnoticed or unappreciated.

To learn more about what mothers do and adoption in general, it is important to find a community that can help support you throughout this tough but extremely rewarding process. At the Adoption Choices of Missouri, we hope to lessen your worries over adoption by giving you any resources you might find yourself needing.

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