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Most Common Questions and Answers about LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

Most Common Questions and Answers about LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

By Katy Reagan

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re probably thinking about what you want your child’s family to look like. No two families are the same. Some are created biologically, and others through adoption. Some have the traditional mom and dad, others have two moms or two dads, and some have a single parent. There is no right way for a family to look. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a local, licensed private adoption agency. We help you create the family you want, no matter what that looks like. 

1. Can Same-Sex or LGBTQ+ Couples Adopt in Missouri?

Yes, LGBTQ+ adoption is completely legal in Missouri. There is no legal difference between a straight or LGBTQ+ couple adopting.

2. What’s the Difference Between Same-Sex Adoption and LGBTQ+ Adoption?

“Same-Sex” and “LGBTQ+” are terms you will see us using interchangeably. Both mean adoptive parents who identify as LGBTQ+. Same-sex adoption is specifically when a child has two moms or two dads. LGBTQ+ adoption is a term that covers everyone who identifies as LGBTQ+. We use both phrases, so when someone searches for information, our agency comes up no matter what phrase they use.

We want to reach everyone we can who is searching for information on their adoption options. That’s why we also include language like “giving child up for adoption” on our website. We prefer the term “placing a child for adoption” rather than “giving up” because you’re not giving up anything. You are making a selfless choice to give your child the best life possible. However, we still use phrases like “how to give a baby up for adoption” because that is a common search. 

3. Does Adoption Choices of Missouri Help with LGBTQ+ Adoptions?

Adoption Choices of Missouri supports you in whatever adoptive family you choose. If an LGBTQ+ adoption is something you want to pursue, we can absolutely help. 

Once you contact our adoption agency, you are set up with an adoption counselor. This is the person who will take you through the entire adoption process. You sit down with them to create an adoption plan outlining every choice you make. One of the most important decisions is who will adopt your child. You and your adoption counselor will discuss any requests you have about the adoptive family. These could be based on your values, religious preference, where they live, etc. Your adoption counselor will then present you with adoptive family profiles based on these preferences. 

If you specifically want an LGBTQ+ couple, you will only see profiles of LGBTQ+ couples. We present you with options for adoptive families that meet any requirements you have.

4. Does Adoption Choices of Missouri Encourage LBGTQ+ Adoption?

Adoption Choices of Missouri does not value any adoptive parents over others. We will not try to influence your choices one way or the other. We simply want to help you with what you think is best for your child. 

Each adoptive parent/family is unique in their own way. Each one is also capable of loving and supporting your child. We perform background checks, training, and home visits to ensure they will provide the best home. We even provide adoptive parents with a home study checklist so they can see what they need. As a Missouri Adoption agency, we want to help you find the best fit. 

5. Do LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents Face Discrimination?

The sad reality is that LGBTQ+ individuals still face discrimination in our country based on sexuality. They will likely continue to face discrimination even as loving, supportive parents. 

6. Will My Child Face Discrimination if They Have LGBTQ+ Parents?

There are people who pass the judgment of parents onto their children. This means it is a possibility your child will face discrimination because of who their parents are. However, because LGBTQ+ parents may also face discrimination, they will know how to guide your child through it. They will teach your child resilience and empathy. 

7. Is the Adoption Process Different for LGBTQ+ Couples in Missouri?

The adoption process can be long and complicated for all adoptive parents. However, adoption agencies do not put any added stress on LGBTQ+ couples. They face the same adoption process as straight couples.

8. What is the Difference Between LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents and Straight Parents?

There is actually very little difference between LGBTQ+ adoptive parents and straight adoptive parents. Both are capable of creating a loving and stable environment for your child. Although LGBTQ+ couples may have two moms or two dads, your child still grows up loved and supported. The only thing that truly separates LGBTQ+ and straight adoptive parents is sexual orientation.

9. Will My Child Be LGBTQ+ if Their Adoptive Parents Are?

There is no research that says any child raised by LGBTQ+ parents will be LGBTQ+. The sexual orientation of parents doesn’t influence or change the sexual orientation of children. Your child is their own person who will grow to like their own things. 

10. What are the Benefits of Choosing an LGBTQ+ Couple to Adopt My Child?

Your child may be more comfortable coming out if they are LGBTQ+ because they grew up in an LGBTQ+ household. An accepting environment does not change their sexual orientation, but it may make them accept who they are. Regardless, your child will grow up to be an open-minded and accepting individual. They will be supportive of others who may face discrimination. 

Another benefit of choosing LGBTQ+ adoptive parents is the opportunity you’re giving them. LGBTQ+ couples are less likely to be chosen to adopt simply because of their sexual orientation. When you choose an LGBTQ+ couple, you are making their dream possible despite the obstacles they face. Giving people who are unable to have a child the opportunity to be parents is life-changing. 

Choosing LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, you and your child are our top priority. We work to accommodate every need and wish you have. Choosing LGBTQ+ adoption in Missouri brings together a new family full of love. Adoption is never an easy decision. Our adoption agency hopes to bring you a little peace by placing your child with a family you trust. If you are pregnant and considering adoption or want more information on adoptive families, contact us today.

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Pregnancy Adoption Help in Missouri 

Pregnancy Adoption Help in Missouri 

By Naomi Ruiz 

Are you considering adoption and seeking information on how to create a birth plan? Do you feel unsure of where to start with your adoption plan and birth plan? Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you with everything you need to get started and have your plan set in motion.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is committed to providing birth mothers with a full range of services to ensure safety, support, and care. We provide open adoptions and create personal plans to help you through the adoption process. Here is what we can provide and assist you with to begin your adoption journey.

Ways to Get Through the Adoption Process

We have worked with women in need for many years throughout Missouri. Many of them do not have any support and have come to us to talk about their circumstances and pregnancy. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we provide support counseling to all birth mothers during and after the adoption process. 

You can talk about your feelings about giving up your child for adoption with our support counselors. They can also provide emotional support post-placement to see how you are feeling after the adoption plan has already been completed. It can take a lot of time to heal, no matter what stage you are at during and after adoption.

But a technical way to get through the process is for adoptive families to have a professional home study done. Though we take care of the home study, it is a very important step in your adoption help. Home studies gather information about the prospective adoptive family and educate and prepare the prospective family for adoption.

It also evaluates the capability and suitability of the prospective family to adopt. We offer home study services for both domestic and international adoptions. Our adoption specialist can travel to your home to complete your home study, and we will complete it in four short weeks with all documentation in place.

A home study is particularly stressful for prospective adoptive parents. However, it is an integral part of the adoption process. It helps us ensure that your baby goes to a loving, secure, and stable home. 

There is also financial assistance during pregnancy, which can play a huge factor in the adoption process. It can be stressful to worry about finances during a rollercoaster ride like adoption. However, we will compensate you for anything you may need during the process.

About Our Financial Assistance 

Though you would not be getting paid to give your baby up for adoption, however, if eligible, you might be entitled to receive financial support to cover pregnancy-related expenses you may have. For adoption in Missouri, adoptive parents are able to provide financial assistance during your pregnancy. An adoption counselor can work with you to determine your expenses, which may include the following: 

  • Rent and Utilities
  • Food
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Phone Service
  • Groceries

We understand that you may need help with money during the adoption. It may be difficult for you to work, live in your current environment, or care for your family while you are pregnant. Especially if your family, friends, or community are not supportive of your pregnancy or adoption decision.

Financial assistance for adoption varies by living situation and stage of pregnancy, as your needs may change throughout the pregnancy as well. Your adoption counselor can get a better understanding of your living situation and financial needs during your pregnancy. She will work as quickly as possible to get you financial assistance, and you might also be eligible to receive it six weeks after your delivery.

One of our other services that come hand-in-hand with your financial assistance is safe housing. Not having adequate housing or a safe place to sleep can lead to unnecessary stress and discomfort. It is essential for you to find a place that is free from abuse, violence, and other potential hazards.

We can help you find and afford proper housing so you can rest easy without any additional worry. A safe home can provide the comfort and security necessary to make a well-informed decision about your future and your child’s future. It can also provide you with a solid foundation to begin your journey toward a healthier, fulfilling life for you and your child.

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Self-Care Tips For Birth Mothers in MO During May 

Self-Care Tips For Birth Mothers in MO During May 

By Kyle Gray

Being a birth mother is never easy, and the month of May can make it harder with the lead-up to Mother’s Day. Adoption Choices Of Missouri is aware of this pain and is here to help expectant mothers face this head-on. The adoption process is not always easy for expectant mothers and can make coping with this sensitive decision much more difficult. Whether you are confident or unsure about your decision, practicing self-care should always be a priority. 

1. Know That Adoption Help Is Available

As a birth mother, knowing who is there for you and what resources are available is essential. Without that, carrying a pregnancy to term can become much more hectic and obstacle-filled. The last thing any birth mother needs is more stress, which can harm both the mother and the child.

The first step in self-care during pregnancy is asking, “What adoption agencies are near me? Regarding adoption agencies in Missouri, Adoption Choices is here to help any birth mother. With our top-of-the-line staff and support available 24 hours a day. 

When you are ready to start the adoption process, our specialists will assist in building an adoption plan

2. Journal and Track Your Pregnancy

The journey of carrying a planned or unplanned pregnancy to term is filled with many emotional twists and turns. As hormones fluctuate and send you through the spectrum of emotions, feeling disconnected and out of touch is natural. One of the most efficient ways to build a better understanding of your pregnancy is by journaling. While this may seem like more a chore than a fun activity, it is very much in your best interest.

The easiest way to start journaling is by listing any present or very pressing thoughts. Your journal entries can be about anything and should serve as a means of self-reflection. As you track your emotional and physical progress as a birth mother, some questions may arise, especially regarding adoption. No matter what, always know that help is available from adoption agencies in Missouri.

3. During Your Unplanned Pregnancy, Invest In Yourself and Your Hobbies 

As a birth mother, putting responsibilities and the needs of others, especially your child, before yourself is common. However, if you are not careful, this can quickly lead to a sense of feeling burnt out and tired. That is why it is suggested that birth mothers take time for themselves and focus on what makes them happy.

This method of self-care is built for birth mothers to reconnect with themselves and indulge in their interests and hobbies. There is no wrong way to go about this, and it depends on what suits your desires. Feel free to take a break and catch up on your favorite shows or reading. Get outside and go for a walk, or tend to your plants and garden. Finally, go on that trip you have been thinking about for a while and let yourself have some fun. The main point is that you, as a birth mother, put your happiness first and do whatever brings joy. 

4. Focus On Your Pregnancy And Adoption Journey As A Birth Mother

As women traverse different stages of their pregnancy, it is common to question what is going right and wrong. There is nothing wrong with that; looking inward is an excellent method of self-care. However, it can become problematic if the perspective shifts and fixates on other birth mothers.

One of the most harmful things a birth mother can do is compare themselves to other birth mothers. Comparison is a natural way of thinking but always leads to more issues than solutions. Everyone’s journey is different and unique to them. Focusing on yourself and your baby is one of the best things you can do during the adoption process. 

5. Build A Safe Environment With Adoption Agencies In Missouri

For any birth mother, pregnant or postpartum, it is crucial to provide a safe environment for your child. You and your child’s physical and mental safety should never be questioned. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help if you need assistance to ensure both of you are safe. 

Prioritizing Self-Care For Birth Mothers In Missouri

For Adoption Choices of Missouri, the safety and well-being of a birth mother and her child is our top priority. We understand the struggles of parenthood, and if you feel lost, Adoption Choices is here to help. We will assist in any way to ensure you provide your child with the life you want for them.

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What is the Difference Between an Expectant Mother, a Birth Mother, and an Adoptive Mother?

What is the Difference Between an Expectant Mother, a Birth Mother, and an Adoptive Mother?

By Jordan Smith

Are you a woman who is pregnant and considering adoption? We are providing information about three specific terms used during the adoption process. The three most important terms used here at Adoption Choices of Missouri are expectant mother, birth mother, and adoptive mother. Each of these terms is unique in its own way, just as the term inscribes. 

We find it crucial that you know the differences between these three terms because they each play a different role in adoption. Expectant mothers, birth mothers, and adoptive mothers each play important roles during the adoption process. First, each is greeted and treated with the utmost respect.

What are the Three Terms for Each of the Three Different Mothers?  

Contact us anytime to discuss the What is the difference between an Expectant Mother, a Birth Mother, and an Adoptive Mother.

What is an Expectant Mother?

An expectant mother is a woman who is expecting a baby and is considering adoption. It also means that this mother has not begun the adoption process yet but is considering and looking into it. When experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and thinking about adopting makes the decision hard and difficult to do. It is completely understandable for the expectant mother to take some time before making the final choice to adopt. The expectant mother is seeking out all her options. When the time comes, she can make the best decision she sees fit for her and her baby.

Who is the Birth Mother?

A birth mother is a woman who is already working on her adoption process and has already decided on adoption. This could mean that this mother is giving her child up for adoption or is working on her adoption planAdoption Choices of Missouri works closely with birth mothers to establish positive adoption experiences and to provide them with helpful resources. Birth mothers are assigned an adoption counselor who will assist with developing a unique adoption plan and any resources that may be needed. 

What Role Does an Adoptive Mother Play in the Process?

An adoptive mother is a woman who is working to adopt a child, and at Adoption Choices of Missouri, there are a lot of women seeking to adopt. This mother would have been working with the private adoption agency for a while to achieve the goal of adopting a child. These mothers would be working hard and taking the proper steps to establish a good relationship with Adoption Choices of Missouri and make for a positive adoption placement. 

Why is it Important to Use These Adoption Terms Separately?  

The terminology that is used here at Adoption Choices of Missouri is to have respectful terms for important individuals in the adoption process. Terms such as expectant mother, birth mother, and adoptive mother are all important in their own individual role in adoption. We find it important to use these terms so their obvious roles are respectfully noticed during the adoption process.

Any mother who works with Adoption Choices of Missouri will be supported and treated with the same amount of respect as every other mother. We have a no coercion and no pressure policy. Our professionals support each of the individuals involved in the adoption process’s decisions and any choices they may make. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri’s Terminology are Helpful    

Here at Adoption Choices of Missouri, it is crucial for everyone involved in the adoption process to know the terms in which they may encounter. Using such terms can make the adoption process run smoothly, allowing our staff to know the proper role each individual has. Expectant mothers who are new to adoption and are looking into adoption will find these terms helpful. Birth mothers who are either at the beginning of the adoption plan or post-placement would benefit from using these terms. Adoptive mothers who work with Adoption Choices of Missouri would also benefit from using the terms. To distinguish every party involved in the adoption process in a respectful way. 

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Overcoming Birth Mother Grief and Loss

Overcoming Birth Mother Grief and Loss

By Ryan Yau

Adoption is not an easy process. You may be already looking at nearby adoption agencies but are hesitant due to feelings of unease. Some mothers placing their children up for adoption experience feelings of birth mother grief. This is a type of grief caused by separation from your child rather than losing a loved one. Though birth mother grief may be intimidating, it’s important to recognize it as a natural reaction that can be overcome.

What is Birth Mother Grief?

Birth mother grief is a unique type of sadness that occurs when a parent is placing a child for adoption. It is distinct from other types of grief, such as loss, since your child will still be physically around. Separating after the pregnancy process can lead to this feeling of grief. As a mother, you become attached to your child during pregnancy. Therefore it is natural to feel grief due to separation, even if there is no loss in the typical sense.

You may recognize that adoption is the best course of action for you and your child. Even with this in mind, it is still possible to experience birth mother grief. Of course, there is nothing wrong with experiencing these feelings, as they are a natural reaction to separation. But placing your child for adoption can be an intimidating and even scary prospect. However, you don’t need to worry, as the feeling of birth mother grief can ultimately be overcome.

Keeping in Touch With Your Child

One good option for overcoming birth mother grief is to keep in touch with your child. To do this, you may consider choosing an open adoption plan. In an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family are able to contact one another. Information is shared between the two parties, so it becomes possible to visit your child after being placed for adoption. This also gives you more control over what family your child will be placed with.

With less uncertainty about your child’s adoptive family, you would feel more reassured about the process. This can help mitigate feelings of birth mother grief, even if you are still physically separated. Having certainty about your child’s life and being able to be around can help relieve some of this stress.

If you are able, visiting your child and keeping in touch with the adoptive family may help with separation fears. The feeling of separation is one of the main causes of birth mother grief. Therefore, staying connected with your child and being part of their life would ease your grief.

If this sounds like a good option for you, adoption agencies in Missouri can help you plan an open adoption. Open adoption can be majorly beneficial to prevent grief, as it provides reassurance about your adoption process.

Strong Support System Even After Adoption

Having a strong support system is pivotal to overcoming birth mother grief. Birth mother grief is common among women who place their children for adoption. You can find and join support groups for birth mothers in Missouri who can provide a sense of community. The feeling is something many women place their children for adoption experience, so it’s best to fight it together. Birth mother grief should not be a burden faced alone.

It’s important to note that all mothers experience birth mother grief differently and to different extents. If your case of birth mother’s grief is particularly severe, you may want to consider seeking a therapist or counselor. A support system is incredibly beneficial, but in such instances, professional counsel can most help in overcoming birth mother grief.

Accepting Birth Mother Grief

Birth mother grief is a natural reaction, and though you can overcome it is a natural response of empathy. You should not feel ashamed for experiencing grief or guilt for placing your child for adoption. If you have decided that adoption is your best course of action, grief is a natural, if irrational, emotional response.

Some parts of birth mother grief can be mitigated, and some cannot. The feeling of birth mother grief should not be expected to disappear instantly. Focusing on the parts you can control is vital to a healthy relationship with grief. Opting for open adoption is an excellent way to remain aware of your child’s well-being. Finding a support group is another way to make sure you are being encouraged at a trying time. These things are in your control and should be taken advantage of.

If you are a woman considering open adoption, Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 316-391-4904

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Choosing A Single Woman in Missouri to Adopt Your Baby

Choosing A Single Woman in Missouri to Adopt Your Baby

By Ryan Yau

If you are a woman in Missouri considering adoption, finding the right home for your baby may seem daunting. Luckily, Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you in your search. You may want to place your child for adoption with a single woman, which can be achieved with nearby adoption agencies.

Though single mothers are sometimes stigmatized, children can find great families no matter the size of the home. There are many great reasons to choose a single woman in Missouri to take care of your child.

Single Mothers Can Provide Just as Much Care as a Two-Parent Household

Studies find that children living in single-parent homes fare as well as those living in two-parent households. Children raised by single parents turn out as well as children raised in larger households. This is because single-parent households generally have less conflict, whereas children being exposed to arguing between parents is a real problem.

Additionally, many think that single parents are less available to raise children and, therefore, will not be around as much. However, while single parents may be more busy, that can be made up for by involving others in the parenting process. Adoption agencies in Missouri can help you with deciding whether to place your baby for adoption with a single parent.

Being a Single Mother Does Not Mean Having No Support System

Just because a single woman takes care of your child does not mean they will be your child’s sole caretaker. Your child will have other important adults in their life, including relatives, neighbors, and even teachers.

Therefore, you should not worry that a single parent would restrict your child’s circle of support. Your child could be brought up around as many role models as with a family unit. In fact, they may even be raised around a greater diversity of voices. Single parents rarely raise their kids alone and typically refer to a more robust support system than a family provides.

Closer Bonds Between the Adoptive Parent and Baby

By the nature of a single-parent relationship, your child may develop a closer bond with their single parent. There will be no conflict between different parenting styles in a household, which ultimately helps strengthen the parent-child bond.

Having a single voice of reason can facilitate a deep connection between parent and child. You may think adoption makes it a bit harder for parents to bond with children. However, single women with no prior children would also be more likely to form a strong bond with your baby. Compared to placing your child for adoption with a family, having a single parent would create a more special relationship.

Choosing a Suitable Parent for Your Baby

Finding the right parent for your child is a very important task. However, it doesn’t have to be a scary decision. There are many prospective parents looking to adopt, and we believe that single women can be just as good candidates to take care of your baby.

We are here to help you with every stage of the adoption process. If you are a pregnant woman looking for your child’s future home, Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 316-391-4904.

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Will I Feel Guilty if I Place My Baby For Adoption?

Will I Feel Guilty if I Place My Baby For Adoption?

By Janae Pabon

Placing your baby for adoption can be really hard to cope with the wide array of emotions that may arise while making the decision, during the adoption process, and post-adoption. Private adoption agencies like us are here to support you throughout this process and to reassure you that what you’re experiencing is normal. Whatever feelings of guilt that you encounter now will eventually subside, and it will become easier to accept these feelings.

Why Do I Feel Guilty For Placing My Baby For Adoption?

It is normal to experience many emotions during the adoption process. One of the most common negative emotions birth mothers feel is guilt. Guilt arises from the fact that you may feel like you are “giving your baby up” or that you are a bad mother. You may also feel like a bad person if you feel conflicted about what to do yet still choose adoption. 

We want you to know that you are not a bad mother, and you have nothing to feel guilty about. An expected pregnancy puts any woman in a difficult situation, and you cannot control the circumstances that make you unable to parent. By choosing adoption, you are making the best decision for your baby. You know that since you cannot parent, adoption will allow them a better life. Because of this, you are putting your baby first like a good mother. 

What Other Emotions Are Normal to Feel During the Adoption Process?

Some other emotions you may be experiencing are sadness, fear, regret, and denial. These are completely normal emotions, as this situation would cause emotional turmoil for any woman. 

You may feel sadness because you are choosing a life without your baby. You may also feel sadness after giving birth to the baby and connecting with them, knowing you are not going to bring them home. Even when you have made the right decision in choosing adoption, it is normal to feel like this.

The feeling of regret may also arise after finalizing the adoption or after first seeing your baby. As we mentioned above, this connection with your baby is natural. Therefore, being worried that you made the wrong decision is common. Adoption is a very complicated and difficult choice, so you may feel unsure about your decision.

Denial may also come as a psychological side effect of the process because you carried the baby to term, yet you aren’t bringing them home. Emotions such as these and more come naturally when making an irreversible decision, so know that you’re not alone. Over time, it will get easier. This is why we offer counseling to you – to help you process these completely normal emotions in as healthy a way as possible.

How to Cope With Adoption Guilt

All adoption agencies in Missouri are equipped to help you cope with emotions like these. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we offer counseling to all birth mothers who are struggling emotionally when placing their baby for adoption. These services are offered during the adoption process and after the birth. You don’t have to go through your Missouri adoption alone, and talking to someone can help you process these emotions.

There are many ways to cope with difficult feelings. Everyone works through their emotions in different ways, but there is a tactic out there for everyone. One way to begin to shift your perception of the adoption is by using positive adoption language. When you feel guilt, you tend to look at your adoption in a negative way. You may say you feel like you’re “giving up” your baby. A better way to talk about your baby’s adoption is by using terms like “placing my baby for adoption” instead. Changing your language can help your brain subconsciously work to see the adoption process in a healthier way.

You can also talk to other birth mothers who are in the same situation or who were in the past. There are support groups out there that we can help you connect with. This way, you can talk to women who also face an unplanned pregnancy. They also googled “adoption agencies near me” and eventually got to the same place you are now. It helps to talk to those who understand what this emotional rollercoaster feels like.

Moving Forward After the Adoption

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we want to make sure you feel supported during and after your pregnancy. If you’re in the midst of emotional distress and want to connect with a counselor or simply just ask us some questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, what you’re experiencing is normal.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 316-391-4904

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Post-Placement: What Happens During Adoption Finalization

Post-Placement: What Happens During Adoption Finalization

It can take a lot to make the decision to place your baby for adoption in Missouri. You may be wondering what finalization looks like in the adoption process and if there is room to change your mind after the adoption has been finalized. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we are here to answer all your questions.

Before Adoption Finalization 

When working with one of our local adoption agencies in Missouri near you, reaching the birth plan and finalization process means you have already chosen an adoptive family for your baby. You choose an adoptive family by searching through the possible family options and matching with one based on your guidelines. 

These guidelines can include the members of the family, their morals, the faith of the family, etc. For example, if you are Christian and would like your baby to be placed in a family that is also Christian, this is a guideline you would look for. Adoption Choices of Missouri is not affiliated with any specifically Christian adoption agencies, as we serve all types of people and do not discriminate. However, we can make sure your baby is placed in a family with specific beliefs if that is what you desire. 

These are some examples of a few guidelines, but there are many other guidelines that you could possibly want the adoptive family to fulfill; this is not a limited list. Once you choose a family to match with, you move on to the last steps of the process. 

Creating the Birth Plan

If you previously had an appointment with one of our adoption specialists who helped you form an adoption plan, they will help you create a birth plan as well! A birth plan is similar to an adoption plan, as it requires answering certain questions ahead of time. This ensures that you are prepared for the process and don’t have to make any decisions last minute when you are under pressure. 

First, you will be able to plan who will be present at the birth and who will contribute to naming the baby in any way. The type of adoption you have chosen will also determine how involved the adoptive family will be with your birth and how much contact you will have with the baby post-birth. For example, if you would like to hold the baby first after giving birth or visit the baby before you leave the hospital. Finally, if you would like any mementos or would like to capture any pictures of the birth, you can decide beforehand as well.

There are other guidelines that you may want to outline for your birth – these are just a few important examples. 

Finalization Process

Finalizing the adoption is the last step of the adoption process. It occurs after you create both the adoption and birth plans and choose an adoptive family. The process of officially finalizing the adoption requires legally transferring custody of the baby to the adoptive family in court. Every adoption is protected by certain laws to make sure it is fair and safe. This is the last step in the process, where you give your final consent, and it is legally binding, meaning it cannot be reversed. 

Can I Change My Mind After Finalizing the Adoption?

After the family is matched with you and the adoption is finalized, you cannot take your baby back. The reason why we meet with you, share all the details of the process, and create plans is so you understand what you are committing to. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we want you to have all your questions answered so you have a full understanding when deciding to finalize the adoption.

Remember – placing a baby for adoption is NOT giving up a child for adoption. You are placing them in a home with caring parents who have been waiting to welcome a child into their family. It is a thoughtful, selfless decision. Working with Adoption Choices of Missouri to undergo a private adoption in Missouri allows you to choose the right family to love your baby and raise it as their own.

If you are in the process of adoption and are searching for what it means to finalize the adoption, you can receive the answers to all your questions from us at Adoption Choices of Missouri. Thank you for trusting us and working with us to find the perfect home for your baby!

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 316-391-4904.

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Last-Minute Adoptions: Pros, Cons, and How They Work  

Last-Minute Adoptions: Pros, Cons, and How They Work  

By Cepeda Cheeks

Deciding to give up a child for adoption can be harder when it happens suddenly and at the last moment. However, last-minute adoptions can be a lifesaving option for both birth mothers and their babies. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we help birth mothers with compassion and guidance when considering adoption. As one of the leading adoption agencies in Missouri, we provide detailed info on last-minute adoptions. This info includes the benefits, processes, and initial steps. We’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of this option and provide information on how last-minute adoptions are typically carried out. 

Last-Minute Adoption Help: Counseling, Support, and Guidance at Adoption Choices of Missouri 

Last-minute adoptions occur when a birth mother chooses adoption late in pregnancy or after delivery. In such cases, the adoption agency will quickly find a potential adoptive family who matches the birth mother’s preferences. 

If you’re considering a last-minute adoption, it’s important to contact reputable adoption agencies near you, like Adoption Choices of Missouri. They offer counseling and support and help you create a birth plan while connecting you with compatible adoptive families. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri understands that the decision to place your child for adoption can be challenging. We understand that a last-minute adoption can be even more challenging, and we’re here to offer you the best support and guidance throughout the process. Their specialists work closely with you to meet your preferences and have a network of approved adoptive families ready to provide a safe home. 

Pros and Cons of Last-Minute Adoptions: What Birth Mothers Should Consider and How Adoption Agencies Can Help 


  • Gives birth mothers more time to consider their options and make an informed decision. 
  • Protects the birth mother from the pressure and judgment of family and friends. 
  • It may make it easier to relinquish the child since there is less time to bond. 
  • It can be a lifesaving option for women facing unforeseen circumstances like homelessness, addiction, or domestic violence. 
  • Provides birth mothers with a sense of closure and peace of mind, knowing their child is going to a loving and stable home. 


  • This may cause birth mothers to feel rushed or pressured without prior planning. 
  • Without prior planning, birth mothers may not have time to prepare emotionally or financially for the adoption process
  • Birth mothers may feel like they missed an opportunity to choose the adoptive family or be involved in the adoption process
  • Adoptive families may not have had time to prepare for the child’s arrival, such as setting up a nursery or making other necessary arrangements. 
  • Birth mothers may have less time to establish a relationship with the adoptive family before the child is placed with them. 

It’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons and seek the guidance of reputable adoption agencies near youAdoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Missouri, can provide support and guidance throughout the adoption process

Step-by-Step Guide to Last-Minute Adoption with Adoption Choices of Missouri  

The first step is to reach out to a reputable adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Missouri. Our experienced and caring adoption specialists will guide you through the process and provide you with the support you need. Here are the steps involved in a last-minute adoption: 

  1. Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri to schedule a consultation and learn more about the adoption process
  2. Work with the agency to create a birth plan that outlines your preferences for the birth and the adoption process, including the type of adoptive family you are looking for. 
  3. Choose a prospective adoptive family that meets your preferences and criteria from the agency’s network of screened and approved adoptive families. 
  4. Work with the agency to complete the legal paperwork necessary for the adoption and prepare for the adoption. 
  5. Give birth and sign the legal paperwork that relinquishes your parental rights. 
  6. Begin the healing process and work with the agency to receive post-placement support and counseling to help you adjust to the adoption. 

By working with Adoption Choices of Missouri, you can feel confident that you will receive the care and support you need throughout the last-minute adoption process

Last-minute adoptions come with their own set of challenges and benefits. But with the help of a reputable adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Missouri, birth mothers can make an informed decision and find peace of mind in knowing that their child will be placed with a loving and supportive adoptive family.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 316-391-4904

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Pregnant but Can’t Parent? Adoption Is an Option

Pregnant but Can’t Parent? Adoption Is an Option!

By Syd Sukalski

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary. You have big, life-changing choices ahead of you, and it can be hard to decide what to do. Right now, you have three options. You can try to parent your child, terminate your pregnancy, or choose adoption. If you don’t want to terminate your pregnancy and you can’t parent your child, adoption can be a great choice and has many benefits. If you want to learn more about the adoption process and how it can benefit everyone involved, keep reading! We can’t wait to fill you in. 

But first, let us introduce ourselves.

Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to help you with your adoption plan. Our kind and courteous adoption professionals will give you all the information you need to make the best choices for you and your baby. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, call us today or search for adoption agencies near you to get started. 

Now let’s talk about the adoption process in Missouri and some of its benefits. 

Do I Contact Adoption Agencies in Missouri to Begin the Adoption Process?

To begin your adoption process in Missouri, contact Adoption Choices of Missouri. We will set you up with an adoption professional to help you create your personalized adoption plan. And don’t worry; it doesn’t matter when you start! Beginning the adoption process early in your pregnancy can be nice, but it isn’t necessary. Many parents aren’t sure whether adoption is right for them and want to try parenting their child first, and they take their child home from the hospital after they’re born. Starting the adoption process a couple of years into your little one’s life is okay if you realize a little late that raising a child isn’t a viable option for you.

How Does Missouri Adoption Work?

After you contact an adoption agency near you and we set you up with an adoption professional, you will start creating your adoption plan. Your adoption professional will guide you through the process, explaining all your options while you determine which paths are best for you. Depending on which type of adoption you choose, you may also make additional choices, like selecting an adoptive family for your birth child. You will also set plans in place for when you have your baby. After your baby is born, you must wait 48 hours before signing the final adoption papers. Then, your birth child’s adoptive parents will take them home.

Now that we’ve given you a quick overview of the adoption process let’s discuss some of its benefits.

Adoption in Missouri Can Ease Your Mind

Unplanned pregnancies can be incredibly stressful, especially if you aren’t in a situation where you can raise a child. Well, adoption can ease your mind. It relieves you of the stress that accompanies not knowing what to do with a baby you can’t support. And, if you’re feeling out of control, choosing adoption also gives you a plan. Private adoption gives you total control over your situation, and it empowers you to make decisions and reclaim command over your life.

You Can Choose an Open Adoption Plan to Stay In Contact with Your Birth Child

When you create an adoption plan, you will decide which type of adoption you want to complete. Each type of adoption has varied levels of openness with your birth child and their adoptive family. An open adoption allows you to remain in contact with your birth child after the adoption finalizes. You will choose the family that adopts your birth child and work with them to work out boundaries and set up visits!

Adoption in Missouri Can Give You a Fresh Start

If you don’t want to remain in contact with your birth child, that’s okay too. In a closed adoption, you won’t know who the adoptive family is, and they won’t know who you are. You will have total anonymity. If you are looking for a fresh start, any type of adoption is a great choice, but you should choose which one you think is right for you and your circumstances.

Missouri Adoption Will Benefit Your Child

Not only can adoption help you keep in contact with your birth child or give you a fresh start, but it can also benefit your baby. We prescreen all of the potential adoptive families on our website. They offer your child a financially stable home, a good living environment, and new opportunities. We also complete background checks of all family members to ensure the safety of your birth child. 

By Placing Your Child for Adoption in Missouri, You Help Create a Family

Every potential adoptive family on our website wants another child to make their family whole. By choosing the adoption process, you help create a loving family and place your child with people excited to love them. 

Remember: adoption is an act of love. You are not “giving your child up for adoption.” That implies that there is some failure on your part. Creating an adoption plan is kind and generous and shows how much you care about your child.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 316-391-4904.