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Choosing a Multiracial Adoption in Missouri

Choosing a Multiracial Adoption in Missouri

By Meryem Emma Mulac 

You’re a birth parent considering placing your child up for adoption in Missouri. You’re worried about one thing, though- the element of a multicultural or multiracial adoptive family. Although you might feel you are alone in this specific situation, we’re here to tell you that you aren’t! There are countless birth parents just like yourself who wonder if their child might be put into a difficult situation when adopted. This is actually a common misconception! So, set aside your fears and let’s look at the wondrous benefits of choosing a multicultural adoptive family!

Sharing Core Values With Your Child’s Adoptive Family in Missouri

There is a common misconception that just because people come from different backgrounds, their core values and principles will differ significantly. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Human beings are pretty much the same regardless of their race, culture, ethnicity, or background. We all want our children to grow up to become good and decent human beings with ingrained feelings of self-love, respect, loyalty, honesty, and goodness! This doesn’t change amongst cultures. As Missouri is a multicultural state itself, it will be no problem for you as a birth parent to find a family that shares your core values as well as your parenting philosophies.

Luckily, if you have searched for something like “pregnant help” or “adoption agencies near me”, you don’t have to look any further than Adoption Choices of Missouri. You’re sure to find the help you’re looking for if you’re going through an unplanned pregnancy. This help includes but is not limited to assistance during the adoption process and the creation of an adoption plan

Exposure to Diversity Within the Missouri Adoption System

Adoption Choices of Missouri will help you easily find the perfect multicultural or multiracial family, and it will be one you will be proud to have your child be a part of! There is another aspect to diverse families that many people don’t consider, and that is the exposure to diversity that your child will receive growing up in a multicultural family. If you decide to place your child with a multicultural or multiracial adoptive family in Missouri, what you are doing is offering your child exposure to various beautiful traditions, cultures, and perspectives from a very early age! How will this be beneficial to your child? Well, right off the bat, your child will be growing up in an environment where they will learn the essential qualities in today’s world: open-mindedness and a deep respect and acceptance for others and their customs. The food will probably be amazing, too! 

A Supportive Environment in Your Child’s Adoptive Family

Last but certainly not least is the element of a supportive environment within a multicultural or multiracial family. You might be thinking that placing your child up for adoption in Missouri with a family of your own background might be the better option; however, multicultural and multiracial families actually tend to prioritize inclusivity and understanding. That being said, this means that your child will grow up in a supportive and nurturing environment; one where they will be surrounded by a family who will make sure they feel a sense of belonging and connection. This will greatly reduce their chances of feeling isolated as they grow and navigate through their search for identity.

Your child will be surrounded by people who will provide them with guidance and emotional support through each phase of their life! We at Adoption Choices of Missouri will work closely with you to ensure a seamless and successful transition for you and your child!

Potential Challenges and the Adoption Resources We Provide to Support You and Your Child

Although everything we mentioned above has been positive, we must be realistic and honest with our birth parents. There are certain potential challenges your child may face when adopted into a multicultural family. The two most common ones are:

  • Cultural Isolation 

It can sometimes occur that even though your child has been adopted into a multicultural family as an infant, they may face a feeling of disconnect or isolation from peers in school who share their birth culture. 

  • Societal Biases

Although your child’s adoptive family will most likely be a warm and inclusive place, they may face discrimination and prejudice in the outside environment. As we all know, both children and adults can sometimes be careless in pointing out differences between themselves and others. There is a possibility that your child might be singled out because they look different from the other members of their adoptive family. 

That being said, we have not given you this information to frighten you but rather to make sure that you are making an informed decision and that you have all of the facts in front of you. Both cultural isolation and societal biases can be dealt with smoothly and successfully by open communication with your child from their adoptive parents as well as discussing topics such as diversity and inclusion. Adoptive parents can also participate in support groups and encourage your child to explore their own heritage! 

How Can Adoption Choices of Missouri Help with My Multiracial Adoption?

If you would like to ensure that your child receives these and other such opportunities, we at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to provide you with resources for support and guidance so that you, as a birth parent, are able to make an excellent and informed decision!

If you are a birth parent who is still a bit unsure about placing your child for adoption with a multicultural or multiracial family, remember that doing so will fill your child’s life with wonderful opportunities they may not receive otherwise. We hope that after considering the above benefits, you will reach out to us at Adoption Choices of Missouri as soon as you are ready. We are available for a talk 24/7, and we will set you up with a counselor, help you select a family that best fits your preferences and work with you on your hospital and birth plan. 

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Why Do We Say “Give Up Baby” for Adoption?

Why Do We Say “Give Up Baby” for Adoption? 

By Eric Somarriba

It’s likely that when someone is talking about adoption, they’ll say something like: “she gave up her baby for adoption.” This is some of the default language used when talking about the adoption process, but it’s something that can change. The phrase “giving up” has a negative effect on the perception of adoption. What is a deeply personal decision made from love can suddenly sound callous and uncaring with only a few words. We’re here to challenge those words and instead encourage the use of positive adoption language, or PAL.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is an adoption agency that will always advocate for the adoption process. We understand the amount of courage it takes to make the choice to place a baby for adoption. It isn’t an easy decision to come to, and we want to empower that choice with positive language.

Why is “Giving Up” Negative Adoption Language?

Using the phrase “giving up” or anything similar misrepresents adoption in Missouri.  Adoption overall is a more positive process. Saying a birth mother gave up their baby for adoption makes it sound as if they simply abandoned their baby. This isn’t truly representative of the adoption process. A birth mother chooses adoption due to the love they have for their child. More often than not, they know that they don’t have the means to support a family. They choose adoption to give their child the opportunity to have a better life. It’s an emotional sacrifice for many, not simply handing off a baby and not caring what happens to it. While every birth mother has their own unique circumstances, a unifying element is that they do love their children. Even with an unplanned pregnancy, a mother still has a deep love for their baby.

There’s long been a level of stigma towards the adoption process due to a variety of reasons. Some see birth mothers as uncaring; they worry adoptees will suffer or are just generally uninformed. The use of negative adoption language, even if not done purposefully maliciously, continues this stigma even today. Giving up is only one of many phrases that negatively affect the perception of adoption. The good thing about language, however, is that it is always evolving, and often for the better.

Positive Adoption Language to Use and Negative Language to Avoid

Different words can have different meanings from person to person. There isn’t always one perfect set of words to use in every situation. When talking about adoption, we encourage acknowledging the unique circumstances one might be in, and changing your language accordingly. There are certain words and phrases we try to avoid, and positive adoption language we substitute it with.

Instead of saying that a birth mother gave up their child, we say that they placed their child for adoption. It seems like an insignificant change of only a few words, but now it carries a different meaning. Hearing that someone gave up their baby might make you think of abandonment or that a birth mother failed their child. Saying that they placed their baby for adoption carries, at the very least, a more neutral tone. 

A term we don’t use when referring to the action of performing an adoption is facilitation. This is because, in the context of adoption, it’s linked to adoption facilitators. These are unlicensed adoption professionals who often don’t have the best interests of each party in mind. There are many ethical concerns involved with them, so much so that many states outlaw them entirely. To avoid any kind of association with them, we try to exclude the word from our adoption vocabulary.

These are ultimately just a few examples out of many. When discussing adoption, keep in mind who you are talking to, and what kind of connotation your words may have.

Positive Adoption Language with Adoption Choices of Missouri

We hope you’re now informed on positive and negative adoption language and that you’ll keep it in mind. Words have immense power, and just changing a few will have a big impact on those you discuss adoption with. Together we can continue to shift the frame on adoption and change its perception for the better. Birth mothers don’t simply give up their children and move on. They go through the long process of creating an adoption plan, all for the sake of their child. We want to create a positive environment for every member of the adoption process. Proactively changing our language for the better will go a long way in supporting future adoption in Missouri.

If you need pregnancy help or are looking to adopt, contact us right away. You can search “adoption agencies near me” and connect with our adoption agencies in Missouri. Our goal is to help birth mothers in need and to connect them with a loving adoptive family. We’ll work together to create a happy life for everyone involved.

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Transracial Adoption: Does Race Matter?

Transracial Adoption: Does Race Matter?

By Alexis Watson

The adoption process is a complex and sensitive process. The process can become more sensitive when you consider a multicultural or multiracial adoptive family. Race impacts the adoption process. While it might sound trendy to not see color, it’s important that color blindness is erased throughout this process. Here, we will explore the challenges and biases surrounding transracial adoption. In doing so, we hope it creates space for open and honest conversations about race and identity within adoptive families. 

Finally, we will be sharing all of the resources available to you by Adoption Choice of Missouri. Our adoption experts work with all potential adoptive families and birth parents. Our adoption agency accepts and encourages potential families to come as they are. We are aware of the potential issues that may come with transracial adoption. We understand the challenges of making a home multicultural. Our experts are here to help guide you through those issues and challenges. We want our adoptive families, birth families and child(ren) to feel safe, seen and heard. 

Transracial Adoption and Why Race Matters

When considering adoption in Missouri or anywhere, it’s important to discuss transracial adoptions. If you’re interested in moving forward with a transracial adoption, it’s important that you include it in your adoption plan. There are many nuisances to consider when placing your child with a family that doesn’t share the same racial background. As the birth mother, you may feel doubtful of your decision. This feeling is normal. Most adoption agencies are aware of the potential issues that transracial adoptions bring. We, at Adoption Choices of Missouri, work with our families to manage these nuances. 

There are many benefits offered to a child being raised in a same race home. The same race adoptive family will be better equipped to meet the cultural needs of the child. They will also be able to help the child build a strong identity culturally and racially. However, being adopted into a multicultural or multiracial family has its benefits as well. 

Your child being raised in a multicultural or multiracial family comes with many positives. It’s important that the adoptive family actively teach the child about their birth family’s cultural background. Their teachings will help the child embrace their cultural background. This will create a strong sense of identity and pride in their heritage. It will also help the child form and maintain healthy relationships with friends and family who share the same background. Growing up in a multicultural or multiracial home will expose the child to people from different cultures and/or races. The home will be centered on diversity. It’s crucial that the adoptive family commit to having open and honest conversations with the child about their cultural background. This commitment will help the child develop strong coping skills, a sense of self, and have a supportive community. 

Challenges and Biases Surrounding Transracial Adoption

As there are various benefits to transracial adoption, those benefits don’t come without challenges and biases. There are many stereotypical biases that plague adoption, but more so when we consider adoption for multicultural and multiracial families. 

When placing a child for adoption, there’s a chance the adoptive family may come from a multicultural or multiracial background. Historically, Caucasian families most often adopt outside their race. (Campbell). Just because a minority baby is raised by a white adoptive family does not mean that that child’s race will be erased. Nor does it mean that the child will have white privilege. It’s crucial that we address the racial differences. As mentioned earlier, being color-blind will cause more harm than good. It’s beneficial for adoptive parents to have conversations about race and the way it impacts them. 

Growing up in a multicultural or multiracial family may expose your child to racial prejudice, racism and discrimination. At the very least, your child will be flooded with race-related questions from peers about their parents and siblings. Some of these questions may be innocent, as their peers will want to know why the parents look different from the child. For those questions, it’s important for the adoptive family to educate the child on their culture and racial background. The earlier the conversations, the better. The child will feel less offended by the questions and more confident in responding. However, dealing with racial prejudice, racism, and discrimination is vastly different. 

While it’s fairly easy to expose racial prejudices, racism and discrimination, it’s not as easy to spot microaggressions. Everyone involved in the transracial adoption process might experience a few microaggressions along the way. A microaggression is a statement or action committed against a marginalized group. Microaggression can come from anyone: family and even friends. 

Transracial Adoption Resources

If you are considering adoption in Missouri and are searching for ‘adoption agencies near me,’ look no further. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to guide, advise, and advocate for our birth mothers. Our adoption specialists are here to help with the hurdles of transracial adoptions and provide supportive counseling along the way. We provide medical care and adoption plan assistance. For those eligible or in need, we provide financial assistance for basic living expenses and safe housing. Our experts are here serving and helping pregnant birth mothers. 

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and need our help, give us a call today. We are excited to hear from you. 


  • Campbell, Leah. “Things to Consider When Adopting Transracially.” Verywell Family, 28 July 2021, Accessed 26 January 2024.
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The Birth Father’s Role in The Adoption Process

The Birth Father’s Role in The Adoption Process

By Alexis Watson

Considering adoption in Missouri can be a very traumatic experience for birth families. Considering adoption for an unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional whirlwind to navigate. Birth mothers’ pregnancy journeys are individually unique. Birth fathers’ support throughout the pregnancy can offer a great sense of relief. Their support can be really meaningful throughout the adoption process as well. Though most agencies focus on the priorities and needs of the birth mother, the birth father is important. It’s important that you, as the birth mother, know your rights and the birth father’s rights. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri is an open adoption agency educating birth mothers on the adoption process. Our adoption counselors are here to advise birth mothers of their rights and the rights of the birth father. We provide adoption services and resources like medical care and support counseling. 

Coping With The Emotional Impact Of An Unplanned Pregnancy

Navigating an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult. There aren’t any life guidelines or protocols that tell anyone how best to handle the pregnancy. Each family and birth mother has to make the best decision for themselves. However, making that decision can be hard for a number of reasons. The main reason is understanding how you and the birth father feel about the pregnancy. 

As the birth mother, you will experience a whirlwind of emotions. You might experience shock, joy, anxiety, gratitude, worry, or sadness. You might feel each feeling independently, or you might feel them all at once. These emotions might intensify as you search for adoption agencies near me. Either way, whatever you feel is completely normal.

It’s also important that the birth father understands how he’s feeling about the pregnancy and fatherhood. It’s important that he communicates his feelings so he feels heard. It’s also important to understand where he stands. The birth father expressing his emotions will help with determining the next steps. As the birth mother, you should know how he’s feeling and his interest in being involved. 

Being faced with an unplanned pregnancy can be an initially shocking discovery. It’s critical that you and the birth father move past the shock and communicate your emotions about the pregnancy. This communication will help in determining the next steps for the pregnancy and each person’s interest levels of involvement. Having the birth father help during your pregnancy can make the process less stressful.  

The Birth Father’s Role During The Adoption Process

Being informed about the birth fathers’ rights for adoption in Missouri is crucial information for the birth mother. As the rights of the birth father can vary, it’s important to discuss their rights with your adoption counselor. Your adoption may be dependent upon it. 

There are many determining factors to consider when placing a child for adoption. Especially the birth father role. If the birth father is present, it’s important to know his view on moving forward with the adoption process. 

Birth fathers have the right to:

  • Be made aware of the adoption if identity and whereabouts are known.
  • Legally consent to adoption.
  • Contest the birth mother’s decision of adoption.
  • Support the birth mother during the adoption process.

The rights of the birth father are complex and unique to each adoption. If the birth father consents to adoption, then the adoption process can move forward. If he consents and chooses not to be involved in the adoption process, legal documentation should be signed. However, if he disagrees with adoption, then the next steps will need to be discussed with your adoption expert. If he disagrees with the adoption process, there is a possibility that the adoption won’t move forward. However, based on certain circumstances, adoption might still be possible. 

Normally, both parents must consent to adoption for the adoption process to move forward in Missouri. However, depending on the circumstances and the situation, the adoption process can proceed without the birth father’s consent. It’s important to talk to an adoption expert to learn the role of the birth father in your adoption journey. 

As each adoption journey is different, our experts at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to help. Our counselors will meet with you, learn about your circumstances and inform you of the birth fathers’ rights. 

Adoption Resources

As the birth mother, it is important to know the rights of the birth father. Knowing their rights can help them move the adoption process smoothly. If you are unsure of what your rights are, contact one of our adoption experts at Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are an agency that educates, demystifies adoption stereotypes, and is considerate of your concerns. We provide our birth mothers with financial support, support counseling and medical care. Our counselors will help develop an adoption plan and, if eligible, connect you to additional resources. 

If you are pregnant and need assistance, give us a call today. Our experts are excited to work with you. 

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Should You Choose a Transracial Family For Your Adoption?

Should You Choose a Transracial Family For Your Adoption?

By Brendan Finegan

There’ll always be a bundle of worries that come with choosing adoption. Your baby having the best life possible is the first thought that comes to mind. What kind of home life is your child going to have? Is your adoptive family going to have the expectations and lifestyle that you want for your child? For some birth mothers, they’re worried about their child going to a transracial home.

Adoption Choices of Missouri understands every fear and woe that you have. You’re going to want your baby to have the adoptive life that you envision when you’re choosing your adoption plan. Some birth mothers may be more concerned with what kind of cultural and ethnic background her child will be going to. If you’re considering transracial adoption, know that the adoption process is designed to give your child the quality of life that you want.

What is Transracial Adoption?

Transracial adoption is when a child of one race or ethnicity is placed with adoptive parents of a different race or ethnic background. A transracial adoption comes with multiple fears for some birth mothers. Many birth mothers may want their child to have a similar cultural and ethnic exposure as her own. However, there are plenty of reasons to choose a transracial adoption for your child. 

You Get To Set Expectations for a Transracial Adoption

Some birth mothers may feel that they have to choose an adoption that aligns with their own race. This expectation may come from their family, community, or from themselves. There can be an unspoken and invisible cultural standard that a child must have the same race as their biological parents. With adoption in Missouri, though, this does not have to be the case. You’re free to choose the adoption that is the best fit for yourself and your child’s needs. The only person that gets to choose the most ideal adoptive family is you. And sometimes, that may involve a transracial family. 

Your Child Can Still Have Their Own Racial Identity With Adoption

Keeping the cultural practice of your own racial background can still be done with your child. When choosing an adoptive family, you’ll get to decide on the details and lifestyle that you value the most. Even with transracial adoption, you’ll get to pick an adoptive family that may have the most important values that you hold. There are plenty of adoptive families that are of different ethnic backgrounds and still want to maintain the values of your child’s culture. You won’t have to proceed with any family that you feel uncertain or uncomfortable with in a Missouri adoption.

You Can Use the Resources That Come With a Missouri Adoption

Whatever concern you have with a transracial adoption can be worked out with your adoption specialist. When you choose adoption with Adoption Choices of Missouri, you’ll receive the pregnant help that comes with your adoption plan. Your adoption specialist is designated to give you exceptional adoption assistance when you choose adoption in Missouri. Any need or concern you have will be addressed and solved with your adoption specialist. If maintaining your cultural and ethnic background is important for your child, your adoption specialist will help you find the right adoptive family. Even if it means finding a transracial family, your adoptive family will be one that matches your criteria.

Being Open-Minded Throughout the Adoption Process

Just because an adoptive family does not have the same ethnic background as you does not mean that they won’t be the right fit. You can view a variety of adoptive family profiles before you make your selection. And your adoption specialist will be with you every step of the way. If you feel that the choices that you’re presented with aren’t right for you, your adoption specialist will give you more options. You will be able to choose whichever adoptive family that’s right for you. You’re free to choose a family that is of your own ethnicity, but you should still at least consider transracial families. When you choose from as many families as possible, you’re more likely to find a family that’ll align with your needs.

The Ultimate Goal of Adoption is to Give Your Child the Best Family

The well-being and secure home life of your child is your first priority. Regardless if your child is going to a transracial family or not, you need to make sure that they’re going to have a high-quality life. If a transracial family is going to give your child that opportunity, you should consider them. Once you’ve contacted an adoption agency near you, you’ll be able to collaborate with your adoption specialist about what you want for a successful adoption. Although there can be pressure to choose an adoptive family of your own ethnicity, always look through the transracial options available to you. You may be pleasantly surprised with what a transracial adoption can offer you and your child.

Your Child Will Find the Right Adoptive Home

Your fears of finding the right adoptive home for your child are completely valid. An unplanned pregnancy already comes with its own challenges, and having to consider adoption is another layer of stress. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to help you through the adoption process. Choosing the best adoptive family will be difficult, but a transracial adoption can come with its own array of possibilities. Considering a transracial family will never hurt your chances of giving your child a quality home. At the end of the day, you’ll get to choose the adoptive family, whether they’re transracial or not.

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Can I Choose The Adoptive Family For My Child?

Can I Choose The Adoptive Family For My Child?

By Alexis Watson


An unplanned pregnancy can be an emotionally overwhelming discovery. Having to place a child up for adoption can also be an emotionally traumatic experience. However, birth mothers should feel some comfort in knowing they have the right to choose their adoptive family. Birth mothers can choose an adoptive family that aligns with their personal beliefs and morals. They can choose an adoptive family that will raise their child with similar values. They also have the right to choose the level of communication they want with their adoptive family. It’s important that birth mothers find the right adoption agency that will guide them through the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is a local adoption agency in Missouri helping birth mothers with their unplanned pregnancies. We provide services such as safety assistance, medical aid, and emotional support. If eligible, we also help with basic living expenses and other financial needs. 

What Is The Best Type Of Adoption For Me? 

Deciding whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption is important. Your choice of adoption type matters and is included in your adoption plan. You will either meet the adoptive family or let the adoption counselor handle the entire process. The choice is yours. No matter what, you as the birth mother have the right to choose your adoptive family. Choosing the type of adoption you want will decide the relationship you have with the adoptive family and child.


  1. Open Adoption: Not only are birth mothers front and center when choosing the adoptive family, but they maintain a relationship post-adoption. Birth mothers and the adoptive family communicate regularly and as often as they like. Birth mothers are also in close contact with the child as they grow. 
  2. Semi-Open Adoption: This type of adoption is on a ‘need-to-know basis’ in regard to the development of the child. The birth mother will only get important life updates of the child. The communication with the adoptive family is based on important happenings in the child’s life. 
  3. Closed Adoption: The birth mother’s records are sealed and there is no communication whatsoever with this type of adoption. The birth mother doesn’t know the adoptive family and the adoptive family doesn’t know the birth mother. 


Whether you choose open, semi-open, or closed adoption, you have a choice. You have the right to choose the adoptive family for your child. The process of adoption in Missouri is complex, but as the birth mother it’s important to know your rights. Your adoption counselors at Adoption Choices of Missouri will help you guide you through the entire adoption process.

What Are Things To Consider When Choosing The Adoptive Family?

When choosing your adoptive family it is important to know what are some of your beliefs and morals. Understanding this will help in choosing the adoptive family. Ensuring that your child is raised by a family that holds the same values and beliefs can help emotionally.  Some things and questions to decide on and consider are: 


  1. Lifestyle: What is your ideal family structure? One parent; two? Are you open to the idea of a same-sex parent household? Do you want your child raised in the country, in a city, or in the suburbs? Consider some of the hobbies you want your adoptive family to have. Think about what you want their interests to be.
  2. Values: Is religion a deciding factor for you? If so, do you want the adoptive family to practice the same religion as you? Is cultural heritage important to you? Do you want the adoptive family to be a part of your culture and hold their heritage close? Consider what parenting philosophies you want the adoptive family to have. Think about what you want their parenting style to be when handling sensitive topics such as education, sex, and politics.
  3. Communication and openness: How do you want the adoptive family to communicate with you? Do you prefer video calls for major decisions? Are daily phone calls too much? Would you like to be considered when medical decisions need to be made? Consider how you want the adoptive family to communicate with your child as well. Think about how you want the adoptive family to hear and communicate with your child.


It’s important that you self-reflect on these questions and determine their level of importance to you. This is your chance to craft and pick the perfect family to raise your child. Be as selective as you’d like. 

Adoption Resources For Me

Adoption in Missouri can be a very easy process with the right agency. Researching adoption agencies near me will flood your device with hundreds of options However, you want to be as selective with choosing your adoption agency as you are with choosing the adoptive family. 

If you are pregnant and need help contact us, Adoption Choices of Missouri. Our adoption experts are trained counselors waiting to help guide you through the adoption process. Our counselors will ensure that you feel supported every step of the way. They will connect you to our team of resources and adoption network. They will also determine your eligibility to receive additional financial assistance. Give us a call today. We are here to help. 


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Know Your Adoption Rights Under the Indian Child Welfare Act

Know Your Adoption Rights Under the Indian Child Welfare Act

By Brendan Finegan

When you choose adoption, there are an abundance of rules you’ll have to navigate. For Native Americans, did you know that you have adoption rights that are protected under the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)? This law was established to empower you with adoption choices after you’ve received pregnant help. Staying informed with all the legal details and purposes can be a lot, though.

With a little bit of assistance, Adoption Choices of Missouri will be able to set you on the path to  a successful adoption process. You deserve to know how you can have an adoption plan that will give you the best adoption experience. Understanding your Missouri adoption rights under ICWA is a critical part of adoption in Missouri. Take a look at why the ICWA is important and your adoption rights as a Native American.

Why the ICWA is Crucial to Adoption

The ICWA was created to assist with the fair removal and placement of Native American and Alaskan Native children. Before the ICWA was enacted in 1978, there was a large number of Native American and Alaskan Native being separated from their communities. Even when there were willing and adequate relatives for these children, they were placed away from their extended family. The ICWA was designed to set minimum requirements for the adoptive placement of Native American children. This way, Native American and Alaskan Native children will have a better chance of staying within their tribal communities.

How Does the ICWA Affect Your Adoption 

If ICWA applies to you, there will be custody proceedings to decide what adoptive home your child will go to. ICWA allows your extended family to be involved, giving you more power to determine what home your child goes to. Caseworkers are required to involve you and the tribe of your child. ICWA is designed to work for you and your child’s best interests during your Missouri adoption.

What Qualifies You For ICWA During Your Adoption

ICWA was created to give you and your child the greatest chance of success during the adoption process. If there are circumstances that you feel will prevent you from giving your child the best life possible, you may qualify for ICWA. ICWA will be able to set your child up with proper housing and nutritional needs while also keeping you involved in where they go. Its goal is to fulfill your needs while giving your child to a family that’s right for them.

What Are Your Adoption Rights Under ICWA

You will have the right to an attorney throughout the custody hearings— if you can’t afford one, the court will appoint an attorney for you. You will not have to navigate the custody hearings on your own during the adoption process. For the custody hearings, you can request that they be transferred to a tribal court. Once it’s determined that ICWA applies to you, you can request an additional 20 days to prepare for the custody hearings.

Can You Challenge an Adoption Under ICWA

If you are unsatisfied with the placement of your child, you’re allowed to challenge where they go. It is your right to feel comfortable with where your child is going. Under ICWA, you’re able to have more say on where your child can’t go. You can invalidate the placement of your child by petitioning any court that can hear your challenge. It is your right to challenge the adoptive placement of your child.

Can You Still Maintain Parental Rights With Adoption

ICWA protects your ability to have contact with your child even after the adoption process. Your child will be able to maintain relations with you, their extended family, and the tribal community. Your parental rights do not have to be fully terminated under ICWA, which allows your child to keep their tribal culture and tradition. Your child can still keep the culture of your tribe in their life.

Keep Your Adoption Rights Strong

The power of knowledge will allow you to proceed with adoption agencies near you confidently. Adoption Choices of Missouri understands the battles that come with adoption in Missouri. We want you to have a clear grasp of what your rights are under ICWA. Without it, you’d have no say in where your child would be placed and would be unable to challenge their placement. Go forward with the ability to have an impactful and powerful adoption process.

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Adoption Options For Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoption Options For Your Unplanned Pregnancy

By Alexis Watson

Being pregnant unexpectedly can be an emotionally overwhelming experience. You might feel shock, fear, joy, and confusion all at once. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, it’s important to know all of your options and the resources available. First, let’s define what an unplanned pregnancy is, look at the surrounding circumstances, and learn about the resources. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri is an adoption agency assisting birth mothers with their unplanned pregnancies. Adoption in Missouri is a complex and sensitive process, and our adoption experts understand it. Our adoption counselors are experts in connecting our birth mothers to medical care, financial assistance, and support counseling. We work closely with each of our birth mothers in drafting their individualized adoption plans

What Is Considered An Unplanned Pregnancy?

An unplanned pregnancy is a pregnancy that is unplanned or not desired. According to the Office on Women’s Health, an unplanned pregnancy is really common. 1 in 2 pregnancies in America are unplanned. Unplanned pregnancies are a result of many things. Lack of access to and knowledge of contraception is the main reason for unplanned pregnancies. Some other reasons are contraceptive failures. Unfortunately, some unplanned pregnancies are the result of sexual violence and force.

Types of Unplanned Pregnancies

There are three main types of unplanned pregnancies.

  1. Unwanted pregnancy: An unwanted pregnancy is a pregnancy that is not desired at any time. 
  2. Unexpected pregnancy: A pregnancy that is earlier than the desired time for a planned pregnancy.
  3. Crisis pregnancy: A pregnancy that occurs in difficult circumstances. This type of pregnancy causes a high level of emotional, financial, and social stress. 

Determining the type of unplanned pregnancy will be easier when figuring out the next steps. 

Factors To Consider With An Unplanned Pregnancy

There are many factors that birth mothers must consider when learning about their unplanned pregnancy. Some birth mothers experience financial hardship, so caring for another is difficult. Some birth mothers are medically incapable of caring for a child. This means their medical conditions make it hard to provide a consistent level of care. It’s hard to care for and provide for a child independently without some level of support from family and/or friends. Some of our birth mothers don’t have that circle of support.

The Emotional Impact of an Unplanned Pregnancy

Being surrounded by support has a direct effect on the birth mother’s emotions. Discovering you’re pregnant unexpectedly can be an emotional process for any birth mother. Some experience joy and happiness for reasons personal to them. Others experience fear and anxiety for personal reasons. Birth mothers often experience a range of emotions throughout the pregnancy. The emotions experienced are completely normal. It’s important that birth mothers seek emotional support via counseling to help identify and manage their budding emotions. 

What Are The Options For My Unplanned Pregnancy?

Being pregnant unexpectedly means the birth mother will need help and support. There are three main options when considering the next steps for a pregnancy. 

  1. Parenting the child: Giving birth, raising, and providing a stable and secure environment for your child. 
  2. Terminating the pregnancy: As abortion is illegal in Missouri, consider talking with one of our experts at Adoption Choices of Missouri for guidance. 
  3. Adoption: It’s easy to research ‘adoption agencies near me’ when considering adoption. However,  Adoption Choices of Missouri is the best adoption agency in Missouri. Our experts will walk you through the process of adoption in Missouri

There are options to consider when you are planning the next steps for your unplanned pregnancy. Adoption is a life-changing experience that can be beneficial for the birth mother, the child, and the adoptive family. The adoption process is a complex one, but our experts at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to help. 

Adoption Resources For My Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoption Choices of Missouri is an adoption agency providing nationwide care to birth mothers. Our experts are trained to provide expert advice to all of our birth mothers seeking guidance for their pregnancies. Our experts work closely with each of our birth mothers to create their individualized adoption plans. If eligible, we also provide financial assistance for basic living costs, including providing secured housing. Prenatal care is also offered to our birth mothers who are interested. Lastly, we provide support counseling to all our birth mothers. Adoption can be a traumatic experience for any birth mother. We want to ensure that our birth mothers are taken care of emotionally through counseling. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are deciding what your next steps are, give our experts a call. Our counselors at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here, waiting to hear from you. 


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Celebrate Your Adoption Accomplishments This Year

Celebrate Your Adoption Accomplishments This Year

By  Brendan Finegan

Adoption may come with its hardships, especially after you’ve completed the adoption process. Multiple worries and fears may be swirling in your mind. Did I make the right decision? What kind of life am I able to live after choosing adoption? Know that these thoughts are perfectly natural for any birth mother after they’ve completed their adoption plan. The truth is that adoption does stop after the placement of your baby. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri understands that you may still be feeling the pain and stress after your unplanned pregnancy. We want to make sure that you get the help after your due date. If you feel like you’ve been struggling with life post-placement, you’re not alone. We’re here to give you the assurance and affirmation you need for success. Take a look at how you can celebrate your adoption accomplishments this year while also maintaining your mental and physical health.

1. Stay Physically Active After Your Adoption

Prioritizing your physical well-being is a great way to ensure that you’re set up for a healthy lifestyle in the long term. Starting health-friendly habits after your delivery date will increase the likelihood that you maintain a strong lifestyle. And having regular exercise is beneficial to your mental health. Exercising can help reduce or prevent postnatal depression. After you’ve given birth, you’ll want to start with light exercises, such as walking, stretches, or gentle tummy exercises. It is a good idea to wait until after your 6-week postnatal check before starting anything too rigorous, like running or aerobics. Always be mindful of what you’re physically capable of after your due date and be sure to talk to your medical practitioner for more information.

2. Eat Healthy After Your Pregnancy

Having a healthy diet is important no matter what but eating right can help battle any mental health problems you may have. Just like with exercising, developing early habits of good health will make it more likely that you maintain them. It’s recommended that you eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. You can always sneak in some healthy snacks throughout the day or have them as a side dish with your meals. When you eat vegetables, you want to eat organic ones as opposed to any that are processed. 

3. Get Emotional Help After Your Pregnancy

Depending on your adoption plan at Adoption Choices of Missouri, you’ll be eligible for counseling sessions to help you sort through the complex emotions you may be feeling. Adoption may have lingering effects on birth mothers, so we want you to have the support you need when you choose adoption in Missouri. Maintaining your emotional health after your Missouri adoption is crucial for long-term success. Your adoption specialist who’s assigned to you will be able to help you trek the complicated emotions you may be feeling post-placement. Just like how you reached out to get pregnant help, don’t neglect to get the mental help that you may also need.

4. Join an Adoption Support Group

There are plenty of birth mothers who have chosen adoption in Missouri that can help you. Although they may not be feeling the exact emotions that you are having, they’ve had similar experiences of loss, hopelessness, and regret. These feelings are common for birth mothers post-placement, but it’s critical that you surround yourself with the support group that’ll help you most. You deserve words of affirmation and wisdom after your due date. These feelings of sadness and guilt may be persistent, but with the right support, you’ll be able to celebrate your accomplishments heading into the new year.

5. Try Meditation or Yoga After Your Adoption

There are plenty of activities that are calming and peaceful. While life can be stressful with expectations of work and personal finances, you can still find peace. Your life is going to continue after your pregnancy, so why not include activities that are good for the mind? Meditation and yoga can help you focus on healthy and effective breathing, which can reduce stress. Even immersing yourself in a nature walk can shift you to a better mindset and towards tranquility. Whatever you’re feeling after your adoption, there are always options that can set you on the path of peace and self-compassion.

6. Define Who the New You Will Be This New Year

With a new year comes many options to reset yourself for a better life. Even after adoption, you’ll be able to define who the new you will be this year. Try writing down a list of traits that you want to see more of within yourself. And consistent journaling is a good way to reflect on what you want to do with your life. Maybe there’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up or a loved one that you want to maintain better contact with. All this is possible after your adoption. Your priority is to take care of yourself post-placement and craft the life that you want. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to give you an adoption plan that’ll set you up for the life that you want to live, even during the darkest days.

There Will Be Hope This Year After Choosing Adoption

Whatever you may be feeling, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to affirm and support your decisions during the adoption process. And that includes after you’ve given birth because, for a lot of birth mothers, the adoption journey doesn’t end there. Finding out that you’re choosing adoption during an unplanned pregnancy is difficult enough. Then you have to make the brave decision to find an adoption agency near you that’ll help. After saying goodbye to your child, the support you’ll need can’t be neglected. This year, move forward with the positive momentum and thinking that’ll celebrate the difficult decisions that you’ve made.


  • Keeping fit and healthy with a baby:,such%20as%20aerobics%20or%20running.

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The Best Reasons to Choose Adoption

The Best Reasons to Choose Adoption

By Brendan Finegan

You may feel flooded with an uncontrollable amount of emotion when you find out you have an unplanned pregnancy. The questions roaming through your mind may feel like they’re piling up at an overwhelming rate. How can you get pregnant help? And is there access to an adoption plan that’s right for you and your baby? 

Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to put these fears to rest. We understand that all the worries that you’re having are valid and a natural reaction. Finding out that you’re pregnant and having to trek the adoption process will involve difficult decisions. But know that there are an abundance of resources available to you with a Missouri adoption. At no point will you be left alone during the adoption process, even if you feel that you do not have personal support. There will always be an adoption agency near you that’s ready to help. Take a look at the best reasons why adoption can be the right choice for you, especially if you feel like you’re in an exceptionally difficult circumstance. 

Have Continuous Support Throughout the Entire Adoption Process

The fear of loneliness for birth mothers is legitimate, so know that Adoption Choices of Missouri is with you every step of the way. Not every birth mother is going to have the resources to have a healthy and successful delivery. That is why we offer you personalized and exceptional services the moment you contact us. No matter what your unique need is, we’ll do everything within our power to fulfill your adoption experience with meaning and purpose.

After you’ve contacted us, you’ll have a meeting scheduled with one of our adoption specialists. From there, they will take notes on all your wants and needs, doing everything they can to understand your situation. Your adoption specialist works specifically for you, and they will be there even after your due date to provide additional support. Whatever challenge you may be facing during your unplanned pregnancy, we’ll be able to smoothly and effectively navigate your needs.

You Will Have Financial Assistance With Your Adoption Plan

Financial hardships are stressful under any circumstances. Add a pregnancy, and you may feel like you’re facing an impossible challenge. Adoption Choices of Missouri will do everything within its power to assist with your financial needs. Our goal is to ensure that you have the resources for a healthy delivery. Depending on the adoption plan, eligible birth mothers may have assistance in the following areas:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Clothing
  • Phone services

Receive Housing Assistance When You Choose Adoption

Not every birth mother is going to have the privilege of a safe and secure roof over their head while they’re pregnant. Adoption plans can be unique and challenging, so we want to make sure that you have the proper resources for success. Some birth mothers may not have friends and family who will provide safe housing for them. If you don’t have a home that you’re secure and comfortable with, then that’ll jeopardize the safety of your pregnancy. No matter what your circumstances are, Adoption Choices of Missouri will ensure that you have a home that will provide you with the necessary rest and comfort.

You’ll Get Medical Care With Your Adoption 

There can be numerous medical concerns that birth mothers may have that plague them with fear. Our top priority is to ensure the safe delivery of your baby. The health of you and your unborn child will never be compromised throughout your adoption journey. We will make sure that you have the prenatal care that best suits your adoption plan, even if you didn’t have healthcare coverage before you were pregnant. Regular doctor visits are necessary while you’re pregnant to check on the health of your baby, confirm any personal and family medical history, and determine your due date.