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Benefits of Entering into A Single Man Adoption in Missouri

Benefits of Entering into A Single Man Adoption in Missouri

By Alexandra Butcher

Choosing the right family for your baby after an unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult choice for birth parents. You want to make sure you place your child in a loving home, but the adoption process feels daunting and overwhelming. One of the many options for your child is a single-parent adoption, and it may even be one of the better choices depending on your circumstances. Single-parent adoptions are much less common than adoption by a married couple and undergo a much more rigorous evaluation process. They are often much more scrutinized and hold a lot of negative stigma, especially for single men who are wanting to adopt. Despite this stigma, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to support you through this process and encourage your decision to enter into a single-man adoption.

  • Emotional Stability

You can rest safely each night knowing that your child has a father that loves them unconditionally and they won’t be affected by marital issues or instability. In the past years, divorce rates have been rising and trauma can often stem from conflict within the household, mainly between spouses. If you are giving a child up for adoption and want to prioritize their mental health and psychological well being, this is a great route to choose. Growing up in a single parent household will ensure that they don’t suffer the consequences of a messy divorce or break-up.

  • Dedication

Choosing to adopt a child as a single man is no small feat, so you can rest assured that your child’s future adoptive father is a dedicated man who has thought long and hard about the process and is more than willing to provide for your child in whatever means necessary. Not only that, but this adoptive single father has undergone a rigorous process to be eligible to adopt your baby (check out our home study checklist to get details about the diligence and attentiveness of our home studies and the adoption process in general). Just like you, they thought tirelessly about their plans for adoption and know what they are getting themselves into.

  • No Distractions

Your child won’t unconsciously be fighting a battle for attention between themselves and a spouse. The single father will be the primary caregiver and will give their undivided attention to their child. Your baby will grow up as the primary focus of the single man’s life with no distractions. This prospective father has chosen to go into this and acknowledges all the responsibility they must handle, so you can be at peace knowing that this child is going to get unconditional love from their single father!

  • Financial Stability

Money is often the root of many issues in life simply because it is a necessity. Entering into the adoption process is not cheap and requires financial stability. Generally, adoption is an expensive route and is a huge financial decision for future adoptive parents, which is why having a single man with a stable career adopt your baby is an amazing option. They have already established themselves as financially ready for this life-changing decision and have undergone all necessary background and financial checks to ensure that they will provide for this child’s life. 

  • No Conflicting Parenting Styles

Given that the adoptive father will be the only parent, there is no need to worry about conflicting parenting styles or rules. Your child will grow up in a safe environment with uniform rules. There will be less chance of confusion and the child won’t feel emotional trauma from having to pick a side in parenting debates. The household rules, regulations, curfews, etc will all be managed by one parent, leaving no room for conflict between parents over what the other should be doing. In turn, this creates a peaceful environment for your child to grow, learn, and succeed in life.

Why Should You Choose a Single Man to Adopt Your Baby

If you are considering adoption for your baby, don’t be dissuaded from choosing a single man. In fact, this might be one of the best decisions for your child! If you place your child in a single man adoption, you’re paving the way for a future of emotional and financial stability, less spousal conflict, and a dedicated and endless love and support system for your child. Don’t let the stigma surrounding single parent adoption hold you back. Through an adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Missouri, you can ensure that your child ends up in a safe and nurturing home. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or want to find more information about single man adoptions.

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5 Facts about Adoption: What to Know as a Birth Mother in Missouri

5 Facts about Adoption: What to Know as a Birth Mother in Missouri

By Samara Wiley Updated By Jan Douglas

Adoption has significantly changed in the last decade. Adoptions in the past were most likely wholly confidential. The adoption agency did not share any information between the birth mother and the adoptive parents. This method of handling adoption left a stigma around adoption. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, here are some facts to help you better understand the adoption process today.

1. Giving a Child Up For Adoption Is Not “Giving Up”

It is a selfless, loving, and brave choice to place your baby with kind and caring adoptive parents. Doing so means imagining a better life for your unborn baby. A life with the best opportunities, which you may not be in a place to give right now. Choosing adoption means you want what’s best for your child and are doing everything you can to make sure they get that. Adoption can be a beautiful decision for an unplanned pregnancy. Choosing adoption gives your child a chance at a better and brighter future.

2. Various Types of Assistance are Available With Adoption in Missouri

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we take pride in providing all birth mothers with the necessary resources. These include:

  • Financial assistance – such as help with rent, transportation, groceries, and more
  • Safe housing – we can help you find and afford proper housing so you can find rest
  • Medical care access – prenatal care is important; we can help you apply for Medicaid and also make sure you receive proper medical care throughout your pregnancy
  • Counseling and Support – your birth mother specialist is always there for you. You will receive post-placement help following the birth and adoption finalization.

3. You Will Have the Opportunity to Select the Adoptive Family

As a birth mom, you can have peace of mind knowing that the adoptive family has gone through a rigorous background check. Additionally, all the families have undergone a home study by one of our adoption specialists. Here is what is involved in a home study checklist. Our adoption agency does not place any limits on age, race, or sexual orientation. We will provide you with several family profiles to review. These profiles contain family photos and a “Dear Birth Mother” letter. The letter details the likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc., of the parents. It gives detailed information about the family. 

4. There are Three Types of Adoption 

When making your adoption plan, you have adoption options. There is no one right way when it comes to present-day adoptions. Adoptions today are flexible, unique, and personalized. The birth mother chooses the type of adoption and will create a plan she feels comfortable with. 

  • Open Adoption – This is the best choice if you want to have a direct relationship with the adoptive family and child. You and the adoptive family will agree to have ongoing communication after placement. This type of adoption can include in-person visits. Often you can be a part of the child’s life as they grow up–being there for birthdays, graduations, and other milestones. After selecting the adoptive family, you may invite them to attend your prenatal doctor appointments and even be present for the delivery. The guidelines can change over time. The birth mother and adoptive parents may wish to change things as the child grows up. Nothing is “set in stone,” and you or the adoptive family can alter the adoption plan.
  • Closed Adoption – A closed adoption involves complete confidentiality. The only information shared between the birth parent and the adoptive family is the birth mother’s medical history. There are many reasons someone would decide on a closed adoption–the mental health of the birth mother or the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, such as rape.
  • Semi-open Adoption – a birth mother who does not want an open relationship with the child may choose this type of adoption. She wants to be informed about the child and to receive pictures and updates as they grow up. The adoption agency often mediates a semi-open adoption. This option may be suitable for a woman who finds it difficult to move on after the adoption.

5. Working with a Local, Licensed, and Private Adoption Agency is Beneficial

Adoption can be challenging. It takes courage and determination. It can be comforting to have your birth mother specialist nearby. A licensed adoption agency understands Missouri adoption requirements. They will know the birth mother benefits you are eligible for in your state. If you are wondering how to give a baby up for adoption, we are a local and licensed adoption agency. We are private and unique, assisting and supporting around 100 women a year with adoption.

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Choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

Choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

By Kyle Gray

When facing adoption in Missouri, there are many choices to make. One of the most important choices is deciding what home your child will go to. Adoption Choices is here to help you make the right decision. Let us introduce you to the many diverse and inclusive LGBTQ+ households you may choose for your child. Many of our clients are same-sex couples and provide everything a child needs to grow and thrive.

Along with that, you have many options with your choice in types of adoption. There are many paths to fit your preference through options ranging from

open, semi-open, to closed adoption. Again, we understand how this might be a lot to take in as you learn how to give a baby up for adoption. Allow us to help you better understand your options and empower you in your choices.

Navigating the Adoption Process

The most important thing to understand when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is your adoption options. As one of the leading adoption agencies in the nation, we have years of experience helping expectant women. 

The first step in the adoption process is contacting your local Adoption Choices agency. In this case, you should contact Adoption Choices Of Missouri by calling or texting 316-391-4904. If you are unable to call or text, always feel free to use our contact form and begin your adoption journey.

 From there, we work with you to schedule a meeting and connect you with a birth parent counselor. Your birth parent counselor is the one who will work directly with you and provide the paperwork needed to start the process. We will also help you prepare for the most crucial part of the adoption process, choosing an adoptive family for your birth child.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

At this stage in the adoption process, you will work most closely with your birth parent counselor. After assessing and choosing which adoption type fits best for you, your counselor will introduce you to possible adoptive families. 

As mentioned before, Adoption Choices has years of experience when it comes to working with thousands of expectant mothers and adoptive parents. We have a very extensive search and screening process for all adoptive parents. As an adoption agency, our number one priority is your and your child’s safety and well-being. 

Therefore, we ensure that you have a safe environment for your child to grow as you decide what adoptive family to choose. It is worth noting that your choice of adoption has the most significant impact on whether you will meet with adoptive families. 

How Your Adoption Choice Affects the Process

Adoption is all about you choosing what is best for you and your child. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different; therefore, we have different adoption types to accommodate you. 

If you wish to place your child for adoption but still have a presence in their life, you should choose open adoption. We suggest semi-closed adoption for those who do not want to be fully involved but still have the option of contact. The final adoption type is closed adoption, where after the adoption process is over, you will not have any contact with your child. 

When choosing which type to go with, we advise you to take your time and not rush with your decision. This choice will forever impact both of your futures; as such, make sure you know what is best as you review your adoption options. 

Choosing an LGBTQ+ Couple to Adopt Your Baby

When choosing an adoptive family for your child, there are many reasons to consider an LGBTQ+ family. In no way should you worry about your child going to an LGBTQ+ household. As with any family looking to adopt, they are committed to providing your child with a safe and stable environment. 

There are a lot of intolerant voices in the world that will try to dissuade you from considering this type of adoption. No matter what others may say, know that LGBTQ+ adoption is an excellent way to give your child a loving home. Along with that, being raised in an LGBTQ+ will help them still clear of being intolerant towards others. 

Also, know that if you choose to give your child to an LGBTQ+ household, you are making their dreams come true. The reality for many same-sex couples is that they can not conceive a child on their own. Without having the adoption of a straightforward birth, they have to pursue other options, such as adoption and surrogacy. For them, the adoption process can lead to years of searching and waiting until they get the chance to have a child. As such, your choice to allow them to adopt your child could give them everything they need to have the life they want. 

Adoption Choices Is Here To Help

As you weigh your options and continue through the adoption process, make sure to review this home study checklist so you may see what the adoptive parents need to get ready. In this checklist, you will find all the information they need to prepare for their next stage and give the adoption baby a loving home. 

Adoption Choices Of Missouri is always here for any adoptive and expectant parents. Our experienced and licensed staff will work with you to determine what is best for you and your child. Call or text our local site whenever you want; we will happily help.

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Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Missouri?

Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Missouri?

By Miranda Frank

Adoption Choices of Missouri is a non-profit agency that provides help and guidance for birth parents in Missouri. We are here to inform you about the adoption process and your real adoption choices during this period. Considering your adoption options can seem overwhelming, so we want to support you through and after your pregnancy. 

If you are pregnant and considering giving your child up for adoption, you may have some questions with regard to who may be eligible to adopt a child in your state. If you are wondering if same-sex couples are able to adopt in Missouri, here are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

Can same-sex couples adopt in Missouri? 

Yes, same-sex couples can legally adopt children in Missouri. Missouri law does not discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals or couples in the adoption process.

Are LGBTQ+ individuals or couples given equal consideration for adoption in Missouri? 

Yes, LGBTQ+ individuals and couples are given the same consideration as heterosexual individuals and couples in the adoption process. An adoption cannot be denied solely based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

What is the process for LGBTQ+ individuals or couples to adopt in Missouri? 

The adoption process for LGBTQ+ individuals or couples in Missouri is similar to that of heterosexual individuals or couples. It entails submitting an application, completing a home study, and satisfying other prerequisites established by the adoption agency.

Can LGBTQ+ individuals or couples adopt through Adoption Choices of Missouri?

Yes, LGBTQ+ individuals or couples can adopt through our organization. The process is the same regardless of any member of the prospective family’s sexual orientation or gender identity. All potential parents undergo the same process and must meet the same criteria and undergo a home study to ensure that they can provide a suitable home environment for a child. 

Are LGBTQ+ individuals or couples subject to any additional requirements or restrictions in the adoption process? 

LGBTQ+ individuals or couples should not be subject to any additional requirements or restrictions solely based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. They are expected to meet the same legal and ethical standards as any other prospective adoptive parents.

What resources are available to LGBTQ+ individuals or couples interested in adoption in Missouri? 

Adoption agencies in Missouri are a great resource for people looking to adopt and for pregnant people who are pregnant and considering adoptionAdoption Choices of Missouri is a great source of information, and we are always open to answering any questions and providing any help necessary. We have a network of professionals in contact with diverse waiting families across the nation who are looking to adopt.

Do I have a say in who the adoptive parents will be?

When you are developing your adoption plan, your assigned Birth Parent Counselor will bring you adoptive family profiles to choose from. Depending on the level of openness, you can meet the adoptive family and maintain communication throughout your pregnancy. Throughout every stage of the adoption process, you will be able to communicate your preferences about what you envision for the family of your child, what you see for your relationship with them, and countless other elements. 

What are the benefits of choosing an LGBTQ+ couple as adoptive parents for my child?

There are a number of potential benefits to choosing an LGBTQ+ couple as adoptive parents for your child. Queer couples often prioritize creating an inclusive and accepting environment for their child, embracing diversity and promoting both understanding and empathy, which can help them to provide a supportive space for a child to. LGBTQ+ couples also may have a support network and community that can provide additional resources and guidance that benefit both you and your child. 

What are the disadvantages of choosing LGBTQ+ couples as adoptive parents for my child?

There are also challenges and factors that could be difficult to address. While society has become more accepting, there is still the possibility of encountering stigma, which may be difficult for both the child and birth mother to encounter. Additionally, a lack of representation of diverse families may also be a challenge and, therefore, another consideration.

What else should I consider if I am choosing an LGBTQ+ couple or individual to adopt my child?

Begin with identifying what qualities of a couple or home you may want to consider. This can start with the question, “What would a loving family for my baby look like?” and from there, you can determine what values and other factors you might prioritize. Seek out couples who demonstrate the kind of loving and accepting nature that might contribute to a healthy home. Will this couple provide a child with acceptance, stability, support, and communication? Also, weighing the unique benefits and disadvantages of choosing a same-sex couple as parents for your child will help you to make an even more informed decision if adoption is right for you. 

If you have any further questions about how to give a baby up for adoption or any other part of the adoption process, contact Adoption Choices of Missouri via phone, email, text, or through our website so we can connect to assess your needs and circumstances. 


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5 Things People Get Wrong About Birth Fathers in Missouri

5 Things People Get Wrong About Birth Fathers  in Missouri

By Lindsay Parkoo

Birth fathers have a pretty bad reputation in the world of adoption. In the media, birth fathers are depicted with many negative stereotypes. This creates negative expectations for how a birth father deals with adoption. They are seen as unimportant, absent, or unsupportive. While that can be the case for some, birth fathers are so much more than that. They can provide so much for the birth mother during the adoption. So, let’s break down some common misconceptions about birth fathers and let you know the truth.

But first, if you’re looking to place your baby for adoption, look for Adoption Choices of Missouri. With Adoption Choices of Missouri, you’ll work with adoption counselors who’ll provide support for you as a birth father. We make sure you understand the adoption process as well as what the types of adoption for you are. You can rest assured that you’ll be well informed in every decision that needs to be made.

5 Misconceptions about Birth Fathers 

Birth Fathers Don’t Want to be Involved in Missouri Adoption

Every birth father has the choice to be involved in the adoption process. In some cases, unfortunately, they choose not to be. That shouldn’t have an impact on the birth fathers that do make an effort to be involved. They get to decide with the birth mother on their adoption choices. If they opt for open adoption, the birth father has the option to be involved with the child. Adoption in Missouri allows you to have a relationship with your child after placement if all parties agree. 

Birth Fathers aren’t Involved with the Birth Mother in Missouri Adoption

Many believe that once the baby has been placed, the birth mother and father are done with each other. That isn’t always the case, but that decision is up to the birth parents. Many couples may choose adoption and still become parents later. Birth fathers learn to understand that a birth mother’s needs must come before theirs at times. Sometimes going through the adoption process together can lead to a better understanding with their partner too.

Birth Fathers are Unsupportive in Missouri Adoption

When a birth mother is pregnant and considering adoption, there’s a lot for her to think and worry about. She is, after all, making a brave and big decision for her and her child. She likely needs more support now than at any other time in her life. Being the birth father means that your job is to support her needs during and after the process. Whilst there are birth fathers who aren’t supportive during adoption, that doesn’t make up the whole. There are birth fathers who also feel that they’re not ready to be a parent. 

Birth Fathers aren’t Important in Missouri Adoption

This is very false. While the birth mother does take priority, the birth father is often there as her support. If the birth mother isn’t comfortable, there can be complications during her labor. It’s the birth father’s job to make sure she is being cared for. It’s a very important job to undertake. They should be included in all major steps, from making an adoption plan to choosing the adoptive family. That way, the birth mother doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Birth Fathers Don’t Need Counseling During Adoption in Missouri Adoption

Our society often doesn’t let men talk about their feelings or get counseling. However, adoption can be an emotional process for both parents. It’s not easy if you feel like you’re giving a child up for adoption. Birth fathers might feel like their feelings and experiences aren’t worth dealing with. They might also feel judged by others if they seek out counseling. Adoption in Missouri allows both birth mother and birth father to get the emotional support they need during adoption.

Be a Part of the Missouri Adoption Process as a Birth Father

Birth fathers don’t always live up to the negative reputation the media puts on them. There are birth fathers that support the choice of adoption. They need emotional support and want to be involved with the child. We mustn’t leave them behind. There are resources and steps so that the birth parents collaborate during the process. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri can give you those resources. We take you step by step from birth to placement. Adoption Choices of Missouri even has a home study checklist for when they research and review prospective families. There’s a plethora of things your adoption agency teaches you, such as positive adoption language. So, you don’t have to search for how to give a baby up for adoption and feel miserable for it. Contact us early in your partner’s unplanned pregnancy and start your journey. 

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Most Common Questions and Answers about LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

Most Common Questions and Answers about LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

By Katy Reagan

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re probably thinking about what you want your child’s family to look like. No two families are the same. Some are created biologically, and others through adoption. Some have the traditional mom and dad, others have two moms or two dads, and some have a single parent. There is no right way for a family to look. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a local, licensed private adoption agency. We help you create the family you want, no matter what that looks like. 

1. Can Same-Sex or LGBTQ+ Couples Adopt in Missouri?

Yes, LGBTQ+ adoption is completely legal in Missouri. There is no legal difference between a straight or LGBTQ+ couple adopting.

2. What’s the Difference Between Same-Sex Adoption and LGBTQ+ Adoption?

“Same-Sex” and “LGBTQ+” are terms you will see us using interchangeably. Both mean adoptive parents who identify as LGBTQ+. Same-sex adoption is specifically when a child has two moms or two dads. LGBTQ+ adoption is a term that covers everyone who identifies as LGBTQ+. We use both phrases, so when someone searches for information, our agency comes up no matter what phrase they use.

We want to reach everyone we can who is searching for information on their adoption options. That’s why we also include language like “giving child up for adoption” on our website. We prefer the term “placing a child for adoption” rather than “giving up” because you’re not giving up anything. You are making a selfless choice to give your child the best life possible. However, we still use phrases like “how to give a baby up for adoption” because that is a common search. 

3. Does Adoption Choices of Missouri Help with LGBTQ+ Adoptions?

Adoption Choices of Missouri supports you in whatever adoptive family you choose. If an LGBTQ+ adoption is something you want to pursue, we can absolutely help. 

Once you contact our adoption agency, you are set up with an adoption counselor. This is the person who will take you through the entire adoption process. You sit down with them to create an adoption plan outlining every choice you make. One of the most important decisions is who will adopt your child. You and your adoption counselor will discuss any requests you have about the adoptive family. These could be based on your values, religious preference, where they live, etc. Your adoption counselor will then present you with adoptive family profiles based on these preferences. 

If you specifically want an LGBTQ+ couple, you will only see profiles of LGBTQ+ couples. We present you with options for adoptive families that meet any requirements you have.

4. Does Adoption Choices of Missouri Encourage LBGTQ+ Adoption?

Adoption Choices of Missouri does not value any adoptive parents over others. We will not try to influence your choices one way or the other. We simply want to help you with what you think is best for your child. 

Each adoptive parent/family is unique in their own way. Each one is also capable of loving and supporting your child. We perform background checks, training, and home visits to ensure they will provide the best home. We even provide adoptive parents with a home study checklist so they can see what they need. As a Missouri Adoption agency, we want to help you find the best fit. 

5. Do LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents Face Discrimination?

The sad reality is that LGBTQ+ individuals still face discrimination in our country based on sexuality. They will likely continue to face discrimination even as loving, supportive parents. 

6. Will My Child Face Discrimination if They Have LGBTQ+ Parents?

There are people who pass the judgment of parents onto their children. This means it is a possibility your child will face discrimination because of who their parents are. However, because LGBTQ+ parents may also face discrimination, they will know how to guide your child through it. They will teach your child resilience and empathy. 

7. Is the Adoption Process Different for LGBTQ+ Couples in Missouri?

The adoption process can be long and complicated for all adoptive parents. However, adoption agencies do not put any added stress on LGBTQ+ couples. They face the same adoption process as straight couples.

8. What is the Difference Between LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents and Straight Parents?

There is actually very little difference between LGBTQ+ adoptive parents and straight adoptive parents. Both are capable of creating a loving and stable environment for your child. Although LGBTQ+ couples may have two moms or two dads, your child still grows up loved and supported. The only thing that truly separates LGBTQ+ and straight adoptive parents is sexual orientation.

9. Will My Child Be LGBTQ+ if Their Adoptive Parents Are?

There is no research that says any child raised by LGBTQ+ parents will be LGBTQ+. The sexual orientation of parents doesn’t influence or change the sexual orientation of children. Your child is their own person who will grow to like their own things. 

10. What are the Benefits of Choosing an LGBTQ+ Couple to Adopt My Child?

Your child may be more comfortable coming out if they are LGBTQ+ because they grew up in an LGBTQ+ household. An accepting environment does not change their sexual orientation, but it may make them accept who they are. Regardless, your child will grow up to be an open-minded and accepting individual. They will be supportive of others who may face discrimination. 

Another benefit of choosing LGBTQ+ adoptive parents is the opportunity you’re giving them. LGBTQ+ couples are less likely to be chosen to adopt simply because of their sexual orientation. When you choose an LGBTQ+ couple, you are making their dream possible despite the obstacles they face. Giving people who are unable to have a child the opportunity to be parents is life-changing. 

Choosing LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, you and your child are our top priority. We work to accommodate every need and wish you have. Choosing LGBTQ+ adoption in Missouri brings together a new family full of love. Adoption is never an easy decision. Our adoption agency hopes to bring you a little peace by placing your child with a family you trust. If you are pregnant and considering adoption or want more information on adoptive families, contact us today.

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Birth Father FAQ With Adoption Agency in Missouri

Birth Father FAQ With Adoption Agency in Missouri

By Janae Pabon

When discussing how adoption in Missouri works, you mostly hear talk about the birth mother. The birth mother works with the adoption counselor to create the adoption plan; she chooses the adoptive family, etc. You may be wondering, what role does the birth father play in all this? Do adoption agencies near me require the birth father to be involved in a Missouri adoption? 

If you’re nervous about involving the birth father in the adoption process, these are all important questions to ask. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to make sure you understand the birth father’s role in the adoption process. 

Birth Father Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer the questions you may have about the birth father’s involvement in the adoption process, we have created a list of frequently asked questions.

Does the birth father have to be part of my adoption plan?

If the birth father is your husband, he does have the right to be part of the adoption plan. The process may be a little more complicated if the birth father is your husband and you do not want him to be involved. You may be wondering how to give a baby up for adoption without the birth father. Know that the adoption can happen without him if he doesn’t fight for custody. Also, if the birth father is unknown or he denies paternity, the process can continue without him.

What happens if the birth father is unknown?

Adoption Choices of Missouri can try to locate the birth father and let him know his rights if you want him to be involved. If we cannot find him, the adoption will continue as planned. An unknown birth father will not stop the adoption process from proceeding.

What if the birth father doesn’t want the adoption to proceed? 

The baby’s birth father may not understand the benefits of adoption and may not agree with you that it is the right choice. If this is the case, he can fight for complete custody in court. However, if he cannot prove that he can support a child on his own, the adoption can continue without him. To better understand the benefits of adoption, he can get an adoption counselor or reach out to us at Adoption Choices of Missouri for more information about adoption.

What if the birth father approves but just doesn’t want to be involved in the adoption?

If the birth father does not fight the adoption but doesn’t want to be involved at all, the adoption can proceed. He can choose to sign away his parental rights, and then the birth mother can place the baby for adoption without intervention. 

Will the birth father be required to support the baby after the adoption?

After both birth parents sign away custody, neither you, the birth mother, nor the birth father will be required to pay the child’s support. The adoptive family will now be responsible for the expenses of the child.

How can the birth father help with the adoption itself?

If you have a healthy relationship with the birth father and decide that you would like him to be involved, this can be of great benefit to you. As the expectant mother, you do not have to make decisions about the adoption alone. The birth father can work with you to create the adoption plan, which outlines everything about this adoption. He can help you assess your adoption options and decide whether you want a closed, semi-open, or open adoption. The birth father can also help you search through all possible adoptive families who have completed the home study checklist. You do not have to choose the perfect adoptive family for your baby alone!

How can the birth father support the birth mother through the process?

The birth father may want to help you through the adoption process but simply not know how. Emotional support is extremely important during this difficult process. The birth father is the father of your child and, therefore, can partially understand how you feel. He can be there for you while you go through the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions. Adoption Choices of Missouri offers counseling services to you, and he can even attend these with you for extra support.

Can the birth father have a relationship with the child after the adoption? 

If the birth father is involved in the adoption planning, and you both pursue an open adoption, then the birth father can see the baby. The birth father can either visit your child with you during scheduled meetings, or you can go separately. Of course, the adoptive family’s wishes must also be considered when it comes to visits. You can discuss what they are comfortable with and figure out what will fulfill both your wishes and the adoptive family’s.

Can the birth father be included in the birth of your baby?

The birth plan exists for you. Whatever you put it in is there to guarantee that your needs for the birth are met. Our adoption counselors and the birth father can help you make some decisions regarding the birth plan, but ultimately it is up to you. If you would like the birth father to be present at the birth, and he agrees, then he can be there to support you. 

Are there resources for the birth father?

The adoption process can be emotionally taxing for the birth father, too. He may need extra support, and Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to offer him that. He can attend a support group where he can talk to other birth fathers who understand the emotions that come with adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help birth fathers get connected with these support groups. An adoption counselor can also help figure out what other resources are available for birth fathers.

We Can Help You With Your Missouri Adoption

Birth fathers matter when it comes to adoption. They have certain rights and can be an extremely beneficial part of helping your adoption process. However, Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you to know that no matter your relationship with the birth father, you can still place your baby for adoption. 

If you are thinking of giving your child up for adoption but don’t know where to start, you can contact us at Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are here to help you no matter where you are in the adoption process.

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LGBTQ+ Adoptions in Missouri: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Choosing the Right Adoptive Parents

LGBTQ+ Adoptions in Missouri: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Choosing the Right Adoptive Parents

By Katy Reagan

An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling like you’ve lost control. This isn’t how you planned for your own life to go. Now you’re not sure how to plan for your child’s new life. Adoption Choices of Missouri is focused on giving you back control and creating the best life possible for your child. We are a local, licensed private Missouri adoption agency. We make sure your child is raised in a safe and loving environment with people you trust. 

Choosing An Adoptive Family

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, as soon as you contact us, we partner you with an adoption specialist. They will walk you through all of your adoption options. You tell them your situation and any needs/wants you to have to create an adoption plan. This document outlines exactly what you want your pregnancy, adoption, and life after to look like.

One of the most important decisions you will make is who your adoptive family is. Our adoption agencies have a wide range of adoptive families from all walks of life. For example, if you prefer a specific religion or geographical location, we can pair you with a fitting family. We can also accommodate birth parents who want a traditional household or an LGBTQ+ adoptive family.

When you describe the adoptive family you want, your adoption specialist presents you with adoptive family profiles. You learn about these families and have the choice to get to know them. Then you can decide who you want to adopt your child. Giving a child up for adoption is never an easy decision. But knowing who is raising your child can ease your mind.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Same-Sex Couple to Adopt Your Child

Pro: LGBTQ+ couples have lower chances of being able to adopt, even though more and more are seeking adoption.

You could help change this. LGBTQ+ couples are able to provide and care for children just as well as traditional couples. Even so, they face discrimination based on sexuality that prevents many from adopting. Choosing a same-sex couple gives them a chance at parenthood that they may not have had otherwise.

Con: Because LGBTQ+ parents face discrimination, their children can as well. 

Others can judge children based on their parents’ lifestyle. Your child may face judgment from others and feel excluded. Since the adoptive parents have likely faced the same, however, they should be able to help your child navigate this.

Pro: LGBTQ+ parents know what it is like to feel different. They can teach your child to be loving and inclusive of others. 

It’s important for children to grow up in a home where everyone is accepted. Your child will get to experience this and become a loving and accepting adult. 

Con: Your child may feel left out if they do not know any other children with LGBTQ+ parents. 

Many children relate to others based on their family lives. If they do not have friends with LGBTQ+ parents, your child may feel like they can’t relate to others. They will face very specific challenges, and their friends may not be able to understand. Although, this is something they may not face because same-sex parents are much more accepted and common these days. 

Pro: ALL adoptive families must pass a background check and home study. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri makes sure to get to know our adoptive families. Our adoption specialists make home study visits to the homes of prospective adoptive parents. Here we make sure they are providing a suitable living environment physically, emotionally, and financially. We provide a home study checklist and training so parents learn how to best take care of their adoptive children. This way, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. 

Con: Your child may not have the benefits of a traditional mother and father figure. 

Mothers and fathers both offer unique life experiences and perspectives. With parents of the same-sex, it’s possible your child will lack one of these perspectives. There will be other people who can teach your child, though. This could also be an opportunity for you to serve as an influential person in your child’s life if you want. 

Challenges LGBTQ+ Adoptions Face in Missouri

Figuring out how to give a baby up for adoption is difficult in any case. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to make the adoption process as smooth as possible. But we recognize that there are particular challenges that come with LGBTQ+ adoptions. There is a stigma attached to same-sex couples. Many people think same-sex couples cannot be good parents. Research proves this to be false. Same-sex couples can be just as great of parents as straight couples. They raise kids just as smart, kind, and successful. 

We know sexuality has nothing to do with how well someone will raise a child. We know the importance of equality in adoption in Missouri. That’s why we provide support for all of our birth and adoptive families. We want you to heal and your child to transition into their new family well. We provide counseling, training, and support groups for those that are struggling.  An LGBTQ+ adoptive family will do the same.

If you are pregnant, considering adoption, and looking into LGBTQ+ adoptive parents, we can help you find the perfect fit.

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Pregnancy Adoption Help in Missouri 

Pregnancy Adoption Help in Missouri 

By Naomi Ruiz 

Are you considering adoption and seeking information on how to create a birth plan? Do you feel unsure of where to start with your adoption plan and birth plan? Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you with everything you need to get started and have your plan set in motion.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is committed to providing birth mothers with a full range of services to ensure safety, support, and care. We provide open adoptions and create personal plans to help you through the adoption process. Here is what we can provide and assist you with to begin your adoption journey.

Ways to Get Through the Adoption Process

We have worked with women in need for many years throughout Missouri. Many of them do not have any support and have come to us to talk about their circumstances and pregnancy. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we provide support counseling to all birth mothers during and after the adoption process. 

You can talk about your feelings about giving up your child for adoption with our support counselors. They can also provide emotional support post-placement to see how you are feeling after the adoption plan has already been completed. It can take a lot of time to heal, no matter what stage you are at during and after adoption.

But a technical way to get through the process is for adoptive families to have a professional home study done. Though we take care of the home study, it is a very important step in your adoption help. Home studies gather information about the prospective adoptive family and educate and prepare the prospective family for adoption.

It also evaluates the capability and suitability of the prospective family to adopt. We offer home study services for both domestic and international adoptions. Our adoption specialist can travel to your home to complete your home study, and we will complete it in four short weeks with all documentation in place.

A home study is particularly stressful for prospective adoptive parents. However, it is an integral part of the adoption process. It helps us ensure that your baby goes to a loving, secure, and stable home. 

There is also financial assistance during pregnancy, which can play a huge factor in the adoption process. It can be stressful to worry about finances during a rollercoaster ride like adoption. However, we will compensate you for anything you may need during the process.

About Our Financial Assistance 

Though you would not be getting paid to give your baby up for adoption, however, if eligible, you might be entitled to receive financial support to cover pregnancy-related expenses you may have. For adoption in Missouri, adoptive parents are able to provide financial assistance during your pregnancy. An adoption counselor can work with you to determine your expenses, which may include the following: 

  • Rent and Utilities
  • Food
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Phone Service
  • Groceries

We understand that you may need help with money during the adoption. It may be difficult for you to work, live in your current environment, or care for your family while you are pregnant. Especially if your family, friends, or community are not supportive of your pregnancy or adoption decision.

Financial assistance for adoption varies by living situation and stage of pregnancy, as your needs may change throughout the pregnancy as well. Your adoption counselor can get a better understanding of your living situation and financial needs during your pregnancy. She will work as quickly as possible to get you financial assistance, and you might also be eligible to receive it six weeks after your delivery.

One of our other services that come hand-in-hand with your financial assistance is safe housing. Not having adequate housing or a safe place to sleep can lead to unnecessary stress and discomfort. It is essential for you to find a place that is free from abuse, violence, and other potential hazards.

We can help you find and afford proper housing so you can rest easy without any additional worry. A safe home can provide the comfort and security necessary to make a well-informed decision about your future and your child’s future. It can also provide you with a solid foundation to begin your journey toward a healthier, fulfilling life for you and your child.


All About More Choices’ Infertility Journal

All About More Choices’ Infertility Journal

By Naomi Ruiz

Infertility is a common thing for women to go through, whether they are mothers or non-mothers. Whether you may want to expand your family, have a child, or have no children, infertility can play a huge role in that.

For women who are infertile, they are unable to get pregnant after about a year of unprotected sex. If you are trying to figure out how to mentally cope with infertility, Marketing Choices has an all-new Infertility Journal for women.

Adoption Choices of Missouri highly recommends this journal to all women who are on journeys with infertility. We advocate for the importance of self-care and healing our mental health, hence why we recommend this journal.

The Infertility Journal and the Benefits of Journaling

If you are yearning to be a mother, it can be difficult to get through the lows of not being able to conceive. That is why Marketing Choices has an Infertility Journal to help guide you through your journey of healing.

This journal contains guided prompts of love and healing designed for those who struggle with infertility, and it goes through each stage of infertility. Whether that be newly discovering your journey, going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, surrogacy, adoption, or acceptance of being child-free.

It includes self-inputted appointment, cycle, and IVF tracking pages, emotional check-in pages, and inspirational quotes and phrases. It also has informational pages regarding topics such as fertility treatment, acupuncture, and inducing lactation.

Writing in the Infertility Journal can help you find yourself, with or without children of your own, as well as sort through possible relationship fears. You can also consider all your options for parenthood, build your self-worth, and feel empowered through your support system.

Journaling can be therapeutic for anyone going through hardships and needing an outlet to write down their feelings without judgment. It can help you acknowledge, understand, and organize your thoughts and feelings that you may be suppressing.

Maybe you have been through trauma that makes it hard for you to understand your feelings about not being able to conceive. You can also use journaling to heal from traumas.

As therapeutic journaling can be a great way to self-care, you don’t have to just write about your infertility journey. You can journal about anything you want, from anything negative to positive, and you can take your time to write.

Healing from traumas has no time limit, as it involves a lot of self-care and self-love. Regardless of what you journal about, what you write on paper can go a long way.

The Benefits of Journaling

Multiple studies have shown the immense physical and emotional benefits of journaling. Not only is it therapeutic for your emotional well-being but for your physical well-being too. It can reduce stress, boost your mood, and improve your memory function. 

Many people that go through IVF do not tell anyone they are going through it. Even fewer people talk about their feelings to their support system as well as their partners. Journaling your feelings is a great way to release your emotions in a safe way and to give yourself time to relax.

Infertility creates an array of emotions, such as fear, sadness, hope, anxiety, frustration, guilt, shame, and disappointment. Free writing can help you work through those emotions, help you work through what is triggering them, and how to cope with them. It can also help you view your emotions more rationally, recognize your thought patterns, and reframe them into helpful thoughts.

Studies have also shown that journaling can reduce overall levels of depression and anxiety. Both can bring up a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. Maybe you are not comfortable telling anyone exactly how you feel.

It could be out of worry that you might upset them. Maybe they might not understand what you are feeling, or maybe they offer advice that is more hurtful than helpful. Or you can verbally express your feelings to get them out of the way.

Try recording your progress so you can keep track of it over time. You can use your journal to see where you may need improvement from the beginning of journaling, regardless of how you go about journaling, as long as you see what works for you during your journey of healing.

At Marketing Choices of Missouri, we want you to do well with your mental health no matter what you might be going through. If you are struggling with infertility, this guided journal by Marketing Choices is a useful tool to help process your emotions. Available now on Amazon!