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What is an Adoption Plan and How do I Create One with Adoption Choices of Missouri?

What is an Adoption Plan and How do I Create One with Adoption Choices of Missouri?

By Samantha Bradley

Adoption is an emotional journey that touches the lives of individuals and families in profound ways. It’s a process filled with hope and the promise of creating loving bonds for the birth mother, child, and adoptive family. In Missouri, ethical adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Missouri play a crucial role in guiding and supporting you, the birth mother, through this journey. Giving a child up for adoption may feel overwhelming at first, and that’s why our agency is here to help you in every step of the process. Perhaps the most important step of this process is creating your personalized adoption plan. 

What is an Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan is a written detailed description of what kind of family and environment you’d like for your unborn baby. For birth mothers, completing the adoption plan is a huge milestone in the adoption process. This document will outline your preferences and values regarding the family you’d like your baby to grow up with. Culture, religion, and education of the adoptive parents are all important qualities to consider for your baby’s adoptive family. You will also decide what level of openness you’d like for your adoption: open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Your counselor, whom you will meet through our agency, will help guide you with your plan. Keep in mind that the adoption plan can change with time, and your counselor can help with any adjustments. 

Why is an Adoption Plan Important?

When considering adoption, birth mothers like you may be concerned about what kind of family your baby will grow up with and if you have any say in the matter. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we are all about giving the birth mother the utmost freedom and control when deciding on her baby’s future. By creating an adoption plan, you clarify your preferences in writing, which helps your counselor understand and ensure a good fit for your child. The plan provides emotional clarity so that you’ll find the perfect family match. 

Steps to Creating an Adoption Plan with Adoption Choices of Missouri

1. Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment 

Your adoption journey begins with a free first consultation with our agency. During this first meeting with a counselor, you will discuss your hopes, concerns, and questions about your plan. Your counselor will go over options for unplanned pregnancy and help identify your needs and values. Once you are clear on how you would like to continue with the adoption process, your counselor will help you write up the document. 

2. Choosing the Type of Adoption

Once you have decided to proceed with adoption and start writing your plan, you will also decide on the level of openness for your adoption. There are three options with our adoption services: open, semi-open, and closed adoption. With open adoption, you and the adoptive family would share contact information and check in via email, phone calls, and in-person visits. If you choose a closed adoption, you would have no contact with the adoptive parents, and you would not know much about each other.

A semi-open adoption is a middle road – you may meet the parents once before birth but not stay in touch after, or you could stay in touch after through a third party. With a semi-open adoption, you would not have direct communication with your child, although you would get to know the adoptive parents beforehand. Remember that you can decide to change the level of openness later in the process.


3. Creating a Vision for the Ideal Adoptive Family

Our agency guides in the process of matching prospective adoptive families with children in need of loving homes. Using a thoughtful approach, our adoption specialists consider factors such as the adoptive family’s preferences, the child’s needs, and the potential for a strong emotional connection. But before considering the adoptive family, our counselors first go over your own vision for your child’s adoptive family. Together, you and your counselor will go over what kind of values, cultural and religious background, and overall environment you would like to see in an adoptive family. Writing down the details will help you when looking through family profiles. 

4. Discussing Communication Preferences and Level of Involvement 

You and your counselor will go over what kind of communication you would like to uphold post-adoption. Some birth mothers like to communicate with the adoptive parents directly through phone calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings. Other mothers prefer the agency to act as a mediator between mother and family. Some mothers find that, after starting out with an open or semi-open adoption, they would like close communication with the family. No matter what you end up deciding, our agency will be there to support you. 

Benefits of Working with Our Adoption Agency

If you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy and you’re seeking pregnancy help, a local adoption agency like ours can help. Our experienced and supportive counselors are here to offer personalized guidance and tailoring of your adoption plan. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, your voice is heard and takes precedence throughout the entire process of constructing the adoption plan. Putting your baby up for adoption may feel overwhelming at first, but know that you have compassionate support from our agency if you decide on adoption in Missouri.

Adoption agencies in Missouri Birth Mother Blog

Navigating the Spectrum of Feelings When Considering Adoption for Your Baby

Navigating the Spectrum of Feelings When Considering Adoption for Your Baby

By Eric Somarriba

Like any life-changing decision, adoption can bring out a wide spectrum of emotions. It’s a deeply emotional process, and everyone has their own unique journey and emotions. From the day you begin considering adoption to even years after it’s said and done, these feelings can often change. Some birth mothers feel intense grief and heartbreak, while others feel excitement, but even positive emotions can become grief. Whether you’re just beginning to consider adoption or you’ve already completed your journey, we’re here to help. Grief and depression can be a common result, but they aren’t the same thing. Overcoming either of them is a different process. Understanding these emotions is key to being able to find peace.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is a local adoption agency dedicated to supporting birth mothers through every part of their adoption. We understand the emotional complexities of this choice and want you to have faith in your decision. Here to explore the different emotions you’re feeling and the differences between grief and depression.

Grief After Adoption

Many birth mothers feel intense sadness after giving a child for adoption. If you’re feeling this way currently, it’s completely understandable. It could be that you did want to raise your baby, but you know you don’t have the necessary resources. Or you feel that placing your baby for adoption means you aren’t worthy of being a mother in the future. If you’re feeling this intense sadness, it’s likely you’re in the midst of either grief or depression. While similar, they’re ultimately two separate experiences that you must tackle differently.

Grief is a feeling of intense loss and is usually only thought of with the death of a loved one. But for birth mothers, it’s different; your child is still alive but is in some way out of reach. You may feel like you threw your baby away and gave them up, but that isn’t true. Adoption is a selfless choice made purely out of love. Even if you only held your baby for a few moments after birth, you still carried them to term. That still forms a deep bond between mother and child. It’s perfectly normal to feel grief after you put your baby for adoption. 

Even though they’re alive and well, it’s still a form of loss. It’s okay to take time to allow yourself to grieve; sometimes, time is all you need to recover. But if it continues to affect you, then you may want to consider professional help. One of the adoption services that adoption agencies often provide is counseling. It’s available during your pregnancy and often for a time after as well. It can be a great way to get support from a professional who especially understands adoption.

Please speak to your medical practitioner or one of our adoption counselors for more information.

Depression After Adoption

One of the key differences between grief and depression is that depression can result from a wide variety of circumstances. Grief stems from loss, and it can be one of many stepping stones to a serious depression. You may have dealt with depression before in your life, or the stress of your pregnancy helps lead to it. Another difference is that while grief is a prolonged feeling, depression is a clinical condition. You can be officially diagnosed with it, and it can be dangerous. Depression can be different for everyone. Some symptoms include:

  • A lack of enjoyment in your interests.
  • Feelings of guilt besides grief.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Not enough or too much sleep.

If you feel these symptoms for a prolonged period after your adoption, we’d recommend seeing a professional. If you receive a clinical diagnosis, a professional can refer you to a more specific therapist for depression. You may also be able to receive medication specific for depression. Depression is a difficult experience, and an adoption agency like ours can try and help. We can connect you with local support groups made up of birth mothers who have been through similar experiences. One of the ways to overcome depression is to know that you’re not alone. There are people out there ready to listen and help if you need it.

What if I Don’t Feel Sad After My Adoption?

As stated at the beginning of this article, there’s a chance you might not feel sadness after your adoption. This is true for many birth mothers, and feeling this way isn’t any more or less valid than feeling sadness. Maybe you’re relieved that you won’t have to raise a child when you know you aren’t ready yet. You could also feel relief because you had no interest in being a parent, to begin with. There’s also the comfort in knowing a family you chose and trust will raise your baby. Regardless, it’s okay to feel some kind of relief or excitement once your adoption is over. 

Sometimes, however, that feeling of joy or relief can then turn into more complex emotions. Birth mothers who feel joy at first sometimes think they should be sad, and not feeling that way is wrong. That isn’t true. No one can say what you’re supposed to feel. With adoption, you made the choice that was best for you and your baby. If you have faith in that decision and feel relief by the end, then no one can say otherwise. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your child; adoption is a choice made from love. We want you to have faith in yourself and your decisions.

Adoption Aftermath With Adoption Choices of Missouri

We hope this was helpful in better understanding what you may be feeling. One thing we want to stress is that it’s okay not to be okay. We all go through difficult periods. Sometimes, we just need to let it all out first before beginning to heel. 

Our goal is to inform you of what you’re experiencing and how to begin overcoming it once you’re ready. Putting your baby for adoption isn’t an easy choice, but if you feel it’s right no one can say otherwise. Take the time you need to heal, but find support if you need it.

If you want to explore options for unplanned pregnancy or want to adopt, contact us. We’re ready to assist in your adoption in Missouri no matter which side of the adoption process you’re on. You can use our resources for pregnancy help or creating an adoption plan, or to help you apply to adopt. Trust us to help you throughout every step of the way.

Adoption agencies in Missouri Birth Mother Blog

Unwrapping Holiday Joy and Grief (for birth parents)

Unwrapping Holiday Joy and Grief (for birth parents)

By Alexis Watson

Adoption can be a frightening thing to consider, especially with all the negative stereotypes and misinformation surrounding it. Instead, considering adoption should be seen as the powerful choice that it is. Adoption in Missouri is a life-altering and gratifying decision-making process for a lot of birth mothers. Adoption is an empowering choice because it allows you to manifest a secure future for your child. Giving a child up for adoption shouldn’t be a stopping point in your parental or life journey. It’s an experience along the way. Now that the experience is over and the adoption is finalized, what’s next? 

Well, first, our counselors here at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to guide and support you. We are here to provide our birth mothers with unconditional support and guidance for their unplanned pregnancies. Trying to navigate the next steps post-adoption can be scary, but that’s what our counselors are here for. We’re here to help our birth mothers tap into all of their support networks.

I’ve Finalized The Adoption Process And Am Experiencing A Lot Of Emotions.

You’ve finalized your adoption, and you are experiencing a flurry of emotions. You might feel a sense of gratitude now that the adoption process is over. But you might also feel a sense of emptiness. The past year, you’ve been focused on your health, your pregnancy, and creating an adoption plan. Now that the adoption process is done, you may be unsure of what to do next. 

In trying to determine the next steps, you might be considering whether children in the future is an option for you. Parenthood ending at adoption is a common misperception. Adoption does not forfeit your opportunity to have children in the future. Birth mothers can and often do have more children in the future.

It’s not uncommon to experience periods of guilt throughout the adoption process even when considering having future children. It’s important that when our birth mothers feel these emotions arise they speak to one of our counselors. Our counselors at Adoption Choice of Missouri are here to provide emotional support via counseling.  

Navigating Life Post Adoption

Finalizing the adoption process can stir up waves of conflicting emotions. That’s completely normal and okay. Acknowledging your emotions and talking them through sets the foundation for the coping and healing process. When coping with a life-changing experience, it’s important to tap into your network of supporters. Your network of supporters might be: 

  • Family. Finding family members who support your decision and will offer unwavering support during your process is critical. It can be your parents, a sibling, an aunt or uncle, a cousin—anyone. It’s important to lean on family members that you trust to help support you through this. 
  • Therapist/Counselor. Once you’ve finalized your adoption with us at Adoption Choice of Missouri, we will continue to support you. We schedule regular counseling sessions with all of our birth mothers who choose to speak with a counselor. We help birth mothers like you navigate difficult decisions and share tips on how best to manage emotions. 
  • Support Groups. A support group is a great way to connect and foster relationships with other birth mothers on their adoption journey. Support groups are known for providing a safe space, words of encouragement, and advice. 
  • Friends. Connect with your friends and let them know what’s going on. Share how you’re feeling, how you’re doing, and how you need them to support you. Don’t be shy about telling them about the ways they can support you. Be open and honest with them about what your needs are. You might be surprised at how they can help. 

As you navigate the final stages of your adoption process, stay connected to those who love and support you. 

How Can My Self-Care Routine Help With My Adoption Process?

Healing and coping through the adoption process will look different for everyone. An unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional journey. The adoption process can be as well. As you go through these emotional journeys, it’s important that you love yourself a little extra. The best way to show yourself extra love is by establishing a self-care routine. 

Some might wonder how and if a self-care routine can help during this process. The simple answer is yes, it does. A self-care routine will allow you to declutter your mind, identify your emotions, and move with intention. It’s an empowering practice that will help you center and align your body, mind, and spirit. Adopting a habitual self-care routine post-adoption will help you navigate your next steps. 

When developing a self-care routine, it is important that you:
  • Choose to do something you like doing. Find that thing that you enjoy and helps you feel centered. It could be something small like taking a bubble bath while listening to music. It could be something more active, like going to the gym and lifting weights. Find the thing that helps revitalize you. Doing something you like to do only solidifies the consistency of the practice. 
  • When choosing the thing you like to do, consider if it’s already a part of your everyday life. If it isn’t, think about ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Can you squeeze your routine in before breakfast, during lunch, or after work? Figure out a way that you can merge your daily routine and self-care routine so the two can coexist. 
  • Create a schedule. A self-care routine is not a routine if you practice it infrequently. Be intentional about showing up for yourself. Put it on your calendar. You can practice it daily or every other day. It’s important that you practice it at least once or twice a week. 
  • As you develop and practice your self-care routine, remain flexible. One day the timing for the routine may work, other days it won’tYou might have too many things on your schedule that day. You might be running behind on time. Whatever the reasoning is, know that it’s okay. 

Figuring out life post-adoption can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important during any stage of the adoption process that you, as a birth mother, stay connected. Stay connected to your networks of support and with your counselors here at Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are here to help guide and support you through counseling and connect you to our pool of adoption resources. 

If you are pregnant and are considering adoption, give us a call today. Our experts are ready to answer any question, provide more information, and share resources.

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All About Missouri Adoption Agencies

All About Missouri Adoption Agencies

By Nicholas Rodinos

 Adoption agencies are an important part of society, caring for children and ensuring that they’re placed in safe homes. Many people have questions about adoption agencies, especially private adoption agencies, regarding what they do and who they help. One important question many adoption agencies get is, “What are the differences between private and public adoption?” Our adoption agency will explain the importance of adoption agencies and the differences between private and public adoption.

Adoption Choices of Missouri can provide answers to your adoption questions and provide solutions for your adoption needs. We provide plans to determine how much contact you want with your child, and plans for birth accommodations. Our adoption agency specializes in caring for birth mothers, especially in cases of unplanned pregnancy and crisis pregnancy. We provide financial support, medical care, housing, transportation, counseling, and adoption planning so you can prioritize your needs.

What Are Private Adoption Agencies?

Private adoption agencies provide a vital service by ensuring the safety of both the birth mothers and their children. A private adoption agency is a group of social workers who help birth mothers place their children for adoption. These agencies can also provide adoption support, such as financial assistance, medical care, housing, transportation, counseling, and adoption planning.

What Do Private Adoption Agencies Do?

They help a birth mother give a child up for adoption by ensuring the adoptive parents are qualified caregivers. Birth mothers contact an adoption agency, about placing their children, and the agency helps them find adoptive parents. Adoption agencies near you allow you to decide what qualities you want and what type of adoption you want.

Who Do Private Adoption Agencies Help?

Private adoption agencies help birth mothers who choose to place their children for adoption and adoptive parents. Our agency helps birth mothers seeking adoption in Missouri and provides them with various adoption resources. Private Missouri adoption agencies help adoptive parents find children to raise and care for. These agencies help birth mothers ensure their children’s safety and provide children with great adoptive parents.

The Differences Between Private Adoption and Public Adoption

There are many differences between private and public adoptions, private adoption gives birth mothers more options than public adoption. Public adoption usually happens after birth mothers are found too irresponsible to raise children. Both adoption types are important, private adoption provides birth mothers with more options and control over the adoption process. Public adoption takes children from unfit homes, whilst giving the parents a chance to improve their conditions.

Private Adoption

Voluntary Placing a Child for Adoption

Private adoption involves you choosing to place your child for adoption, and adoption agencies helping you find adoptive parents. You’re in control of who adopts your child, and you can determine what qualities you want in adoptive parents. As part of the adoption process, we allow you to meet and interview the potential adoptive parents. With private adoption, you are intentionally creating a loving family for your child, and ensuring their needs are met.

More Resources

Private adoption provides birth mothers with more options in terms of support. With private adoption, you may receive financial assistance, medical care, housing, and transportation. Your Missouri adoption agency will see if you qualify and try to match you with whatever resources you need. These resources are provided so that you have fewer things to stress about during your pregnancy.

The Ability to Create an Adoption Plan

Private adoption allows you to create adoption plans, so you can know more about your child’s wellbeing. These plans allow you to determine the amount of contact you have with the adoptive families. Adoption plans consist of open, semi-open, and closed, with open providing the most contact, and closed providing no contact.

Public Adoption

Less Adoption Control

Public adoption often involves children being taken from their birth parents, because they were found unfit to raise children. Birth mothers usually don’t have control over the public adoption process, as their parental rights have been stripped. They can regain their parental rights; however, they must establish that they can care for their child. Public adoption provides you with fewer choices than private Missouri adoption agencies near you.

Fostering To Adopt

Adoptive parents who use public adoption usually foster the child first and later file to adopt them. While adoptive parents can foster to adopt, the birth family is usually the first choice to adopt the child. Foster parents are usually chosen when the birth family can’t provide a home.

Fewer Adoption Resources

Public adoption doesn’t provide as many resources to birth mothers as private adoption agencies do. Private adoption agencies in Missouri can provide more resources than traditional public adoption does. The public adoption process doesn’t provide financial assistance, adoption planning, medical care, counseling, transportation, or housing.

The Importance of Adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies provide birth mothers with the ability to plan out every aspect of the adoption process. These agencies provide vital resources to help birth mothers cope during and after their pregnancies. Adoption agencies are just as important as public adoption services, both prioritize the health and safety of the children.

If you’re a birth mother seeking adoption support, Adoption Choices of Missouri can provide you with the necessary resources. Our agency makes giving a child up for adoption, a simpler process while caring for your mental health needs. We focus on your psychological and emotional needs, and let you decide what your adoption needs are. Contact our agency, and our adoption staff can help you through the stages of the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Missouri proporciona información sobre adopción, recursos y atención especializada para madres biológicas en crisis. Esta agencia de adopción puede explicarle y ayudarle a explorar las diferencias entre la adopción pública y privada. Nuestra agencia puede ayudarle con la adopción de bebés, la planificación de la adopción, y la planificación del parto. Las agencias de adopción brindan control sobre el proceso de adopción y múltiples formas de apoyo a la adopción.

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Frequently asked questions about adoption

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

By Miranda Frank

Giving a child up for adoption involves a lot of decisions, which can be intimidating. In order to make all of these choices, you want to be fully informed, so you probably have questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions about adoption that birth mothers might have, along with some answers. If you have any more questions, we at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to help. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed adoption agency in Missouri that provides support to pregnant women dealing with unplanned pregnancy. If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Missouri, we want to make sure that you feel supported in your adoption journey. Adoption Choices can be a wonderful resource and source of information.

What Adoption Resources Are Available to Me?

Pregnancy and adoption can be a financial strain. Through Adoption Choices of Missouri, financial assistance is available. This assistance can include medical care, funds for safe housing, and free counseling or mental health care. This assistance can be provided during your pregnancy and through your recovery period.

How does the adoption process impact my rights as a birth mother?

Understanding your rights as a birth mother after adoption can seem complicated and confusing. It is important to understand how your rights might be affected as you make your decision. Throughout the adoption, you will be in control of the decision-making process. You will be able to determine how much contact you would like in the future. Depending on the level of contact, you will then be able to develop relationships with the child and family. To better understand your own situation and concerns about how your rights might be affected, you might need more specific advice or information. We encourage you to reach out to us and consult with an adoption professional.

What rights do birth fathers have in the adoption process?

Every birth parent’s situation is unique. You may be on good terms with the birth father and want them involved, or you might not. In Missouri, the birth father’s rights are dependent on the circumstance. There are some situations where the birth mother does not need the consent of the father. This includes if the father is unknown or out of the picture, for example. In other instances, when the birth father does need to consent, there is the possibility of dispute. If this is the case, you will want to contact an adoption professional about contested adoption.

What does making an adoption plan involve?

When you connect with your birth parent counselor, both of you will work on your adoption plan. This is a document that details your wants and needs for the adoption process. Your adoption plan could include preferences about the adoption family, the type of adoption, a birth plan for the hospital, and more. The plan will be laid out early on, but that does not mean that the first version is final. You might change your mind about some of your choices, and that is perfectly alright. As these changes come up, you can communicate with your counselor to adjust the adoption plan however necessary.

Will I have a say in who the adoptive parents will be?

Yes, adoptive parent profiles will be available for review, with information about the parents and families. There is also the opportunity to get in contact with prospective parents and see if it seems like a good fit. Make your wishes and desires for what the adoptive family will look like known to your birth parent counselor. Those preferences can be noted in your adoption plan and taken into account in the pairing process.

Can I have contact with my child after the adoption is finalized?

You do have the option of keeping in contact with the adoptive family and child after the adoption is finalized. One of the decisions you will make will be the type of contact between you and the family. This contact will be determined by the type of adoption you choose, each of which has a different degree of communication. The relationship with the child and the adoptive parents might be a priority for you. If this is true, consider what type of adoption might be the best fit.

What types of adoption are available?

There are three options, which include open, semi-open, and closed adoption. The benefits of open adoption include the opportunity for you to maintain a high level of communication with the adopting parents and developing a relationship with your child. The other alternatives involve less or no communication with the adoptive family. Each of these options involves different levels of communication and involvement between a birth parent and the parents raising their child.

How do I navigate the legal process of adoption, including paperwork and consent requirements?

Your birth parent counselor will be your guide through most of the adoption process. After deciding you wish to adopt, you will be paired with a counselor to assist in making your plans and decisions. Adoption can be a complicated process, and your counselor will be with you along the way to help simplify the journey. 

How can I handle the grief and emotions that may arise after placing my child for adoption?

One resource available to birth mothers through Adoption Choices of Missouri is counseling and mental health care. Pregnancy and adoption can be challenging emotionally, and seeking additional support can be quite helpful in difficult circumstances. 

How do I handle questions or conversations about adoption with my friends, family, and others?

If you are considering adoption for your baby, you may be facing some worry about how to discuss that decision with others. Putting a child up for adoption can draw a lot of questions and even judgment or criticism from people around you. Focus on your own decisions and motivations when you have these conversations. If you feel secure in the decisions you are making, these interactions will feel more comfortable. 

Navigating the world of adoption can be overwhelming, and it’s natural to have questions along the way. Here we’ve addressed several frequently asked questions that birth mothers commonly have about adoption. We hope that by providing answers and guidance, we can support you in making informed decisions for yourself. If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are here to provide the guidance, support, and information you need to feel confident and empowered throughout your adoption journey. You are not alone, and we are proud to be part of your adoption process.

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Fears Birth Mothers Have Through the Adoption Process

Fears Birth Mothers Have Through the Adoption Process

By Miranda Frank

Choosing adoption can be difficult, and it’s completely normal for birth mothers to have fears and worries along the way. If you are starting your adoption journey, you might not know what to expect, and that uncertainty can create very real fear. Even considering adoption for your baby can be intimidating. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to provide some insights, support, and reassurance. Your fears and concerns are valid, and we understand that putting a child up for adoption involves very complicated decisions. Our team is committed to supporting birth mothers through adoption, providing whatever support and resources you need.

I am afraid of loneliness and judgment

One common fear among birth mothers is that they will be judged by others for their decision to place their child for adoption. You may fear facing criticism or being labeled as “unfit” or “selfish” by those who don’t fully understand your circumstances. Some people still believe that putting a child up for adoption is something to be ashamed of, but that is completely untrue. If this is a concern of yours, it is important to focus on your own motivations and desires. Take the time to understand your decision and feel comfortable with it. This will allow you to separate that choice from those outside voices. 

If you are looking for outside support, Adoption Choices of Missouri can help as well. Members of our team will be there for you throughout your adoption journey to listen and support you. You will be paired with a birth parent counselor who will be there with you through the process. The adoption process can feel like an isolating experience, but you can always find a listening ear with us. 

I am afraid of the financial burden of pregnancy and adoption

All the costs of pregnancy, medical care, transportation, and even housing might seem overwhelming. Adoption Choices of Missouri offers financial support for some pregnancy-related expenses based on your needs. This is another aspect of adoption you will discuss with your adoption counselor. Consider your needs during this time, and maintain clear communication with your counselor to see how you can be supported. 

I am afraid of regretting my decision

Birth mothers may experience fear of regretting their decision to place their child for adoption in the future. They may worry about the emotional impact it may have on them and the grief and loss associated with adoption. It is important that you take time to heal and rest after birth and the adoption. Acknowledge the stress of the process, and own what has been difficult. By accepting and acknowledging any pain or emotional difficulty, you can move through whatever grieving process you need to heal. If you give your decision careful thought and own the loss you experience, you can feel more assurance in your choice. Regret is natural, but if you are confident in your decision, it may only be temporary.

I am afraid of having no control over the adoption process

There may be a fear of losing control over the child’s life and well-being. You may worry about whether the adoptive family will provide the love, care, and opportunities you desire for your child. There may even be fear that you will no longer have a say in your child’s upbringing and future. When you decide to place your baby for adoption, your adoption plan becomes the guideline for that process. When developing this plan, make sure you communicate these fears and what you want for your child. Your desires will be carefully taken into account in this plan.

This will become a guide for the type of home your child will have. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about prospective adoptive parents to ensure that they meet your criteria. Adoption Choices of Missouri can work with you to make sure that your child will be raised in a home you approve of. While giving a child up for adoption might feel like losing some control, know that your desires will be respected.   

If you are considering adoption in Missouri, Adoption Choices of Missouri has been providing support to pregnant women in Missouri for many years. Reach out to us by call, text, or through our site, and tell us all about your concerns. No matter what your situation is, we are here to understand and to help.


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Addressing Fears About Open Adoption

Addressing Fears About Open Adoption

By Lily Spertus

If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption for your baby, you may be curious about open adoption. Open adoption is an increasingly popular choice for birth mothers considering adoption in Missouri. In an open adoption, birth mothers and adoptive parents create a relationship with one another and maintain ongoing communication. Within open adoption, levels of contact and involvement of the birth mother with the adoptive family can vary. As with all forms of adoption, the decision to have an open adoption is difficult. It is important to understand that birth mothers considering an open adoption might have fears or concerns. Adoption agencies in Missouri can support you through this decision and your adoption journey. In this article, we will address some common fears around open adoption in Missouri

“My child will hate me and won’t want to meet me.”

It is understandable to worry about how your child will feel about you in an open adoption. However, it is important to note that having an open adoption can help create a healthy, supportive relationship between you as a birth mother and your child. As your child gets older, they will be able to understand your love and sacrifice that enabled them to grow up in a stable environment. Communication between you and your child after open adoption also adds to their sense of identity and means that you can be there to answer questions they might have. Lastly, if your baby begins their life with their adoptive parents and birth parents maintaining a relationship, this will be the only family dynamic they know. If you are involved from the beginning, it is unlikely they will feel hatred towards you.

“My role in my child’s life will be replaced by their adoptive parents.”

In an open adoption, you will play an irreplaceable role in your child’s life as their birth mother—no one can replace that. Adoptive parents can provide a loving and supportive home for your child to thrive in. Despite this, only you can give your child the unique sense of identity that comes with being close to one’s origins. Adoptive parents agreeing to an open adoption will understand the value your perspective brings to the development of the child, and they will involve you as much as you would like. Open adoption is essentially a collaboration—birth mothers and adoptive parents will work together to best meet their child’s needs. 

“I will not have a say in the life of my child.”

Open adoption is a great option if you are looking to maintain some level of involvement with your child. During the adoption process in Missouri, you and the adoptive parents will work to create an agreed-upon plan that establishes your involvement in your child’s life. This could include having input on some decisions regarding your child’s upbringing. Additionally, if you are giving a child up for adoption, you will work with adoption agencies to select adoptive parents that match your values. The level of involvement you have with your child post-adoption will be tailored to your unique circumstances and comfort levels. You deserve to feel respected during the adoption process and within your child’s adoptive family. 

“I will feel constant guilt and regret if I maintain involvement with my child.”

Adoption is a hard decision for anyone, and it is natural for you to feel a wide array of emotions. For some, open adoption can actually help make you feel more comfortable and even lessen feelings of guilt or regret. Keeping in contact with your child means that you will get to see them thrive as they grow up. You will see their happiness and their support in their adoptive family and feel as though you can be a positive influence in their life. This can give you peace of mind and satisfaction with your choice of adoption. By choosing open adoption, you should be proud of your selflessness and investment in your child’s future. 

“I won’t be able to move forward and find a path to healing.”

Choosing adoption is deeply personal. It is completely understandable that post-adoption, you will want to move forward with your own life and heal. Open adoption can allow for a sense of closure as you will be able to see how your child flourishes in their healthy environment. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you on your journey to healing during and after the adoption by providing counseling or helping you find a support group. You deserve to feel good about your decision and achieve your own personal goals in life. Open adoption can be a stepping stone in finding your way.

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What Happens at the Hospital if I’m Giving My Baby Up for Adoption?

What Happens at the Hospital if I’m Giving My Baby Up for Adoption?

By Miranda Frank

If you’re facing the complicated decision of giving a child up for adoption, understanding what to expect during your time at the hospital is crucial. What happens before, during, and after delivery might seem like a mystery. The hospital experience can be overwhelming, so learning about the process is one way to feel more grounded and secure during this time. We aim to provide you with valuable insights and information to help you navigate this sensitive period with confidence and peace of mind. So, let’s delve into the details and explore the hospital arrangements and support available to you as you embark on your adoption journey. 

If you are considering adoption in MissouriAdoption Choices of Missouri is an agency that will provide assistance to you every step of the way. We are always here to answer questions and consult with you about your personal adoption process. We believe that you should be empowered to make whatever decisions you feel are best, and our agency aims to support you in that. 

How will I Prepare for My Delivery at the Hospital?

Before you go into labor or visit the hospital, you will consult with the adoption agency to develop a birth plan. This can also be called a hospital plan and is an important step. This will be part of the process whether you are consulting with Adoption Choices of Missouri or another adoption agency in Missouri. You will develop this plan to lay out how you want the hospital visit and delivery to proceed. There are a number of decisions to make about that window of time that you will consult with the agency about. The birth plan can act as a set of guidelines for you, the agency, the hospital staff, and the adoptive family. 

What is included in the Hospital Adoption Plan?

The hospital plan contains whatever you want to prioritize, but here are a few examples of possible decisions to consider:

  • Who will be in the delivery room? You can decide if you would prefer to be alone or if you would like to include others there. This might include the birth father, the adoptive family, or anyone else you might want to support you through delivery. If you wish to have the adoptive family there but not in the room, the hospital might provide another space for them to stay during the birth.
  • Who will cut the cord? Some people consider the cutting of the umbilical cord to be an important moment. You might want to do it yourself or give that responsibility to an adoptive parent.
  • Where should the baby stay after birth? After giving birth, you may want to keep the baby nearby, or you might choose to have the baby stay with the adoptive family. You can also choose who you want to be the first to hold the baby and if you wish to breastfeed or not.
  • How should the baby be named? Consider if you want to name the baby yourself, leave that decision to the adoptive family, or work together to choose a name.

In an Adoption, What Happens Before and During Delivery?

Before delivery, you will want to review your birth plan to make sure you are still confident in your decisions. If you are working with Adoption Choices of Missouri, we will continue to check in with you up until delivery to answer any questions or provide support. If you need to make any changes to your hospital plan, let your adoption specialist know, and it will be revised. There will also be paperwork to fill out and sign after the birth, so make sure you have all the information you need and are aware of what those documents entail.

What Happens in an Adoption Post-Delivery

After delivering a baby, a hospital will typically keep you for at least 48 hours. This is true if you underwent surgery such as a C-section or if it was a vaginal birth. You may also request to leave before that rest period is over if that is what you want. Based on what decisions you have already made in your adoption plan, you may have no further contact with the child and adoptive family. If you have chosen to pursue an open adoption in Missouri, you will continue to keep in touch with the family and build those relationships. 

Pregnancy is a personal experience and can be a complicated journey. We want to help make that process as stress-free and comfortable as possible. If you have questions about any specifics of adoption and are considering adoption for your baby, contact Adoption Choices of Missouri. To get in touch with us, you can contact us through our site or via call or text.

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Choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

Choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

By Kyle Gray

When facing adoption in Missouri, there are many choices to make. One of the most important choices is deciding what home your child will go to. Adoption Choices is here to help you make the right decision. Let us introduce you to the many diverse and inclusive LGBTQ+ households you may choose for your child. Many of our clients are same-sex couples and provide everything a child needs to grow and thrive.

Along with that, you have many options with your choice in types of adoption. There are many paths to fit your preference through options ranging from

open, semi-open, to closed adoption. Again, we understand how this might be a lot to take in as you learn how to give a baby up for adoption. Allow us to help you better understand your options and empower you in your choices.

Navigating the Adoption Process

The most important thing to understand when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is your adoption options. As one of the leading adoption agencies in the nation, we have years of experience helping expectant women. 

The first step in the adoption process is contacting your local Adoption Choices agency. In this case, you should contact Adoption Choices Of Missouri by calling or texting 316-391-4904. If you are unable to call or text, always feel free to use our contact form and begin your adoption journey.

 From there, we work with you to schedule a meeting and connect you with a birth parent counselor. Your birth parent counselor is the one who will work directly with you and provide the paperwork needed to start the process. We will also help you prepare for the most crucial part of the adoption process, choosing an adoptive family for your birth child.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

At this stage in the adoption process, you will work most closely with your birth parent counselor. After assessing and choosing which adoption type fits best for you, your counselor will introduce you to possible adoptive families. 

As mentioned before, Adoption Choices has years of experience when it comes to working with thousands of expectant mothers and adoptive parents. We have a very extensive search and screening process for all adoptive parents. As an adoption agency, our number one priority is your and your child’s safety and well-being. 

Therefore, we ensure that you have a safe environment for your child to grow as you decide what adoptive family to choose. It is worth noting that your choice of adoption has the most significant impact on whether you will meet with adoptive families. 

How Your Adoption Choice Affects the Process

Adoption is all about you choosing what is best for you and your child. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different; therefore, we have different adoption types to accommodate you. 

If you wish to place your child for adoption but still have a presence in their life, you should choose open adoption. We suggest semi-closed adoption for those who do not want to be fully involved but still have the option of contact. The final adoption type is closed adoption, where after the adoption process is over, you will not have any contact with your child. 

When choosing which type to go with, we advise you to take your time and not rush with your decision. This choice will forever impact both of your futures; as such, make sure you know what is best as you review your adoption options. 

Choosing an LGBTQ+ Couple to Adopt Your Baby

When choosing an adoptive family for your child, there are many reasons to consider an LGBTQ+ family. In no way should you worry about your child going to an LGBTQ+ household. As with any family looking to adopt, they are committed to providing your child with a safe and stable environment. 

There are a lot of intolerant voices in the world that will try to dissuade you from considering this type of adoption. No matter what others may say, know that LGBTQ+ adoption is an excellent way to give your child a loving home. Along with that, being raised in an LGBTQ+ will help them still clear of being intolerant towards others. 

Also, know that if you choose to give your child to an LGBTQ+ household, you are making their dreams come true. The reality for many same-sex couples is that they can not conceive a child on their own. Without having the adoption of a straightforward birth, they have to pursue other options, such as adoption and surrogacy. For them, the adoption process can lead to years of searching and waiting until they get the chance to have a child. As such, your choice to allow them to adopt your child could give them everything they need to have the life they want. 

Adoption Choices Is Here To Help

As you weigh your options and continue through the adoption process, make sure to review this home study checklist so you may see what the adoptive parents need to get ready. In this checklist, you will find all the information they need to prepare for their next stage and give the adoption baby a loving home. 

Adoption Choices Of Missouri is always here for any adoptive and expectant parents. Our experienced and licensed staff will work with you to determine what is best for you and your child. Call or text our local site whenever you want; we will happily help.

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Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Missouri?

Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Missouri?

By Miranda Frank

Adoption Choices of Missouri is a non-profit agency that provides help and guidance for birth parents in Missouri. We are here to inform you about the adoption process and your real adoption choices during this period. Considering your adoption options can seem overwhelming, so we want to support you through and after your pregnancy. 

If you are pregnant and considering giving your child up for adoption, you may have some questions with regard to who may be eligible to adopt a child in your state. If you are wondering if same-sex couples are able to adopt in Missouri, here are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

Can same-sex couples adopt in Missouri? 

Yes, same-sex couples can legally adopt children in Missouri. Missouri law does not discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals or couples in the adoption process.

Are LGBTQ+ individuals or couples given equal consideration for adoption in Missouri? 

Yes, LGBTQ+ individuals and couples are given the same consideration as heterosexual individuals and couples in the adoption process. An adoption cannot be denied solely based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

What is the process for LGBTQ+ individuals or couples to adopt in Missouri? 

The adoption process for LGBTQ+ individuals or couples in Missouri is similar to that of heterosexual individuals or couples. It entails submitting an application, completing a home study, and satisfying other prerequisites established by the adoption agency.

Can LGBTQ+ individuals or couples adopt through Adoption Choices of Missouri?

Yes, LGBTQ+ individuals or couples can adopt through our organization. The process is the same regardless of any member of the prospective family’s sexual orientation or gender identity. All potential parents undergo the same process and must meet the same criteria and undergo a home study to ensure that they can provide a suitable home environment for a child. 

Are LGBTQ+ individuals or couples subject to any additional requirements or restrictions in the adoption process? 

LGBTQ+ individuals or couples should not be subject to any additional requirements or restrictions solely based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. They are expected to meet the same legal and ethical standards as any other prospective adoptive parents.

What resources are available to LGBTQ+ individuals or couples interested in adoption in Missouri? 

Adoption agencies in Missouri are a great resource for people looking to adopt and for pregnant people who are pregnant and considering adoptionAdoption Choices of Missouri is a great source of information, and we are always open to answering any questions and providing any help necessary. We have a network of professionals in contact with diverse waiting families across the nation who are looking to adopt.

Do I have a say in who the adoptive parents will be?

When you are developing your adoption plan, your assigned Birth Parent Counselor will bring you adoptive family profiles to choose from. Depending on the level of openness, you can meet the adoptive family and maintain communication throughout your pregnancy. Throughout every stage of the adoption process, you will be able to communicate your preferences about what you envision for the family of your child, what you see for your relationship with them, and countless other elements. 

What are the benefits of choosing an LGBTQ+ couple as adoptive parents for my child?

There are a number of potential benefits to choosing an LGBTQ+ couple as adoptive parents for your child. Queer couples often prioritize creating an inclusive and accepting environment for their child, embracing diversity and promoting both understanding and empathy, which can help them to provide a supportive space for a child to. LGBTQ+ couples also may have a support network and community that can provide additional resources and guidance that benefit both you and your child. 

What are the disadvantages of choosing LGBTQ+ couples as adoptive parents for my child?

There are also challenges and factors that could be difficult to address. While society has become more accepting, there is still the possibility of encountering stigma, which may be difficult for both the child and birth mother to encounter. Additionally, a lack of representation of diverse families may also be a challenge and, therefore, another consideration.

What else should I consider if I am choosing an LGBTQ+ couple or individual to adopt my child?

Begin with identifying what qualities of a couple or home you may want to consider. This can start with the question, “What would a loving family for my baby look like?” and from there, you can determine what values and other factors you might prioritize. Seek out couples who demonstrate the kind of loving and accepting nature that might contribute to a healthy home. Will this couple provide a child with acceptance, stability, support, and communication? Also, weighing the unique benefits and disadvantages of choosing a same-sex couple as parents for your child will help you to make an even more informed decision if adoption is right for you. 

If you have any further questions about how to give a baby up for adoption or any other part of the adoption process, contact Adoption Choices of Missouri via phone, email, text, or through our website so we can connect to assess your needs and circumstances.