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Can I Choose An Open Adoption at My Local Adoption Agency in MO?

By Allie Nowak

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, know that you have options. It’s essential to know that open adoption has increasingly become one of the most common choices in Missouri. Adoption Choices of Missouri has representatives who are more than happy to walk you through choosing open adoption and what it will entail if you feel it is the best choice for you. 

What is open adoption?

Open adoption is when you can still have contact and establish a relationship with your child after the adoption process. Adoptive families and the birth mother will exchange information and stay in touch after the child is born. This looks different for every individual, as some women have very open relationships with the child and adoptive family. As the birth mother, it will be essential for you to decide how much communication you want with your child. Therefore it is essential to express this with the adoptive parents and your local adoption agency to create boundaries everyone agrees on.

Some birth mothers write letters, set up times for phone calls, video chat, or plan visits with their child. The important thing is that you can remain present in your child’s life if you wish to and have the opportunity to establish a healthy and happy relationship with them. 

How much control do I have in an adoption?

The most important thing to remember is that you are in control. If you feel that adoption is the best choice for you, and you want to be still able to remain a part of your child’s life, representatives from adoption agencies will work with you to find an adoptive family that suits your needs and desires best. First, you determine how much you want to be able to see your child. Then, the right adoptive family will happily involve you in the child’s life and ensure that you feel comfortable with your choices regarding your adoption. 

What does the adoption process look like in Missouri?

For the open adoption process in Missouri, it is crucial that you speak with adoption agency representatives right away. Our website offers contact information to get in touch with professionals who can walk you through the entire process and support you through every decision you make. Remember, you are in control of your pregnancy and your adoption in Missouri. Together, you and a representative will work on finding an adoptive family that fits what you want out of your open adoption. From there, you will be able to meet and discuss with the family what your expectations are, how involved you would like to be in the child’s life, and when/how you will be able to contact them.

After a family is chosen and contact information is shared, Adoption Choices of Missouri offers support through counseling, financial assistance, setting up doctor appointments, and ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable pregnancy. 

Choosing to stay connected with your child after they are adopted can be beautiful. Do not feel that you can’t be in your child’s life because you are unable to parent. Open adoption is becoming more common because people see the positivity in birth mothers establishing relationships with their child. Go to our website to find out more information and contact representatives to find out more information on open adoption. 

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