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LGBTQ+ Adoption FAQ for Adoption in Missouri

Top 10 LGBTQ+ Adoption FAQ for Adoption in Missouri

By Katiara Potter

When you are considering putting a child up for adoption please know that the perfect adoptive family doesn’t have one specific look. A loving adoptive family can come in many forms. For example, you might choose an adoptive family of a different race. Or, you might decide that a single parent is a perfect choice to adopt your baby. You could also choose an LGBTQ+ adoptive parent. Whatever your preferences are for a loving adoptive family, Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you make your decision easier. We are here to support you! Believe it or not, in today’s society, LGBTQ+ individuals still face a lot of stigma for wanting to adopt. However, having a family is something that many people want, not just straight couples. LGBTQ+ individuals can make amazing adoptive parents. Therefore, here are the top 10 LGBTQ+ adoption FAQ about MO adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions About LGBTQ+ Adoption in Missouri

As a birth mother, you may have some questions about LGBTQ+ adoption or even want some insight on LGBTQ+ adoption. Some commonly asked questions include:

1. How Are LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents Different from Straight Adoptive Parents? 

Between LGBTQ+ adoptive parents and straight adoptive parents, there’s not much of a difference. Both can provide the same amount of love and support to your baby. Both can also make wonderful adoptive parents. The only factor that separates these two groups is their sexual orientation.

2. Will My Child Identify as LGBTQ+ if Raised by LGBTQ+ Individuals?

Part of the stigma surrounding LGBTQ+ families is the notion that children in these households will turn gay if the parents are gay. There is no evidence that proves this to be true. Furthermore, the sexual orientation of the parent may not determine the sexual orientation of the child. Your child is going to blossom into who they are destined to be. They need love and support to grow and be successful. The sexual orientation of an adoptive parent shouldn’t matter as long as they are providing love and support to your baby. 

3. Could My Child Be Subject to Bullying for Having LGBTQ+ Parents?

Since LGBTQ+ individuals still face criticism for being who they are, there is a possibility that your child might be teased for having LGBTQ+ parents. That being said, children with LGBTQ+ parents learn to stand up for themselves and are usually more resilient. They can also be more empathetic than most people since they grew up in non-traditional families.

4. Can LGBTQ+ Individuals Adopt in Missouri?

Yes, LGBTQ+ individuals can adopt children in Missouri. LGBTQ+ adoption in Missouri is 100% legal. 

5. What Are the Benefits of LGBTQ+ Adoption? 

Along with being more empathetic, your child can grow to be more open-minded. Growing up in a non-traditional family can allow your child to be open to different people and different lifestyles. In addition, your child might look at life more uniquely and empathetically because of their adoptive family.

6. Does Adoption Choices of Missouri Work with LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents?

Adoption Choices of Missouri works with a diverse group of adoptive parents. This can include adoptive parents of different cultural backgrounds, LGBTQ+ adoptive parents, and single parents. 

7. Are LGBTQ+ Individuals Able to Provide a Stable Household?

LGBTQ+ adoptive parents are just like any other adoptive parents.LGBTQ+ adoptive parents can provide just as much love and support as other adoptive parents. However, LGBTQ+ adoptive parents may provide a more stable household than other adoptive parents. This is because LGBTQ+ adoptive parents can sometimes be more educated and financially stable than other adoptive parents.

8. Is Same-Sex Adoption More Difficult in Missouri?

For any adoptive parent, the adoption process in Missouri can be difficult. This doesn’t change for LGBTQ+ parents. However, the process won’t be unusually long or difficult because the family is LGBTQ+. 

9. Won’t My Child Need a Mother and a Father?

Remember, a loving adoptive family may not look one specific way. LGBTQ+ parents can provide the same love and support as straight adoptive parents. Not having a distinct mother and father won’t result in your child being loved and supported any less.

10. Do Adoption Agencies Discriminate Against LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents?

Adoption Choices of Missouri works with many diverse adoptive parents. We would never rob a child of a loving and supportive family. Adoption Choices of Missouri and many adoption agencies in Missouri work with individuals of different backgrounds and sexual orientations. 

We at Adoption Choices of Missouri Celebrate All Types of Adoption

We know the adoption process isn’t easy. It can be hard to find the right adoptive family for your baby. Our local adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help you find the right adoptive family. Based on this FAQ, you might decide that LGBTQ+ adoption is right for your baby. An adoption counselor can meet with you to discuss your options. Remember, we’re here for you. Your preferences for an adoptive family matter. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to help. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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Birth Father Consent: Can I Choose Adoption in Missouri Without the Birth Father’s Permission?

Birth Father Consent: Can I Choose Adoption in Missouri Without the Birth Father’s Permission?

By Alex Reza

It is possible that your unplanned pregnancy has complicated your relationship with the birth father. Rest assured that this is not unusual. You will need the birth father’s consent to put your baby up for adoption as. Generally speaking, a child cannot be put up for adoption without the consent of both parents. The birth father does have rights that must be taken into account when adoption is involved. However, some exceptions may apply. 

 Depending upon the circumstances between you and the birth father, you may be able to move forward without his consent. For example, if the father of your child denies he is the legitimate parent and denies paternity. There may also be an instance where the birth father’s identity is unknown to you, or if known, the court could determine that he is unfit to care for your child or that he abandoned the child. It is imperative in Missouri and most state that your child’s welfare is of primary concern.

That is why Adoption Choices of Missouri is available to help guide you through this complex issue of consent. Each adoption situation is unique, and each state’s adoption laws are different. Our adoption specialists will help you determine the best course of action to proceed with your adoption plan, and they will provide expert legal representation. For further help, please click on this link: adoption agencies near me.

How does the state of Missouri define a birth father?

birth father is the biological father of a child, so your child would share DNA with this individual. If a man is married to you at the time of your child’s birth or is a registered partner, he will be considered the child’s legal father or a presumed father. If you are not married, then legally, he would be considered a putative father. For more information about the different types of both fathers please consult your adoption specialist.

As a putative father, he would need to establish his paternity with the court system no later than fifteen days after your child’s birth, and he must file with the putative father registry. If the birth or putative father consents to the adoption, he will no longer have any future interest in the child, and he terminates his parental rights.

We understand that this may seem like a complicated process. However, adoption agencies in Missouri, along with an assigned adoption attorney, can assist you in navigating the laws governing adoption. Our aim is to make this entire process less stressful for you. In addition, you will have a Birth Parent Counselor to help you understand all the intricacies of adoption and which course of action would be best for you and your child.

Navigating the process of consent with the birth father

Generally, the birth mother has more importance and leverage when it comes to making the decisions about giving a baby up for adoption. If the birth father has abandoned your child for at least six months before you put your baby up for adoption, his consent will not be required. Also, if the birth father denies the paternity of your child, then again, his consent is not necessary.

To help determine the necessity of the birth father’s consent, please contact your local adoption agency. We will help you understand the legal requirements of adoption in Missouri. If the birth father agrees with you to place your child up for adoption, the adoption process will not be complicated. He will just need to give his written consent before a judge or notary public and provide two witnesses to his signature on the document.

As a full-service, licensed adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to guide you through this process. For further help, please click on this link to find adoption agencies near me to provide you with all the resources you will need to protect your adoption rights as a birth mother and obtain the free legal representation necessary to assist in the consent process.

The importance of an adoption plan

Depending on your relationship with the birth father during your pregnancy, it is important to have an adoption plan

This will be very helpful if your relationship with the birth father is complicated, abusive, or contentious. In these cases, it is possible to proceed with the adoption without his consent. Of utmost importance are the safety of you and your child. If the birth father is absent or does not want to acknowledge he is the father, a judge can grant you sole parental rights. This will allow you to proceed with the adoption without the birth father’s involvement.

In addition, an adoption plan will provide you with counseling, legal advice, prenatal care during your pregnancy, financial support, and safe housing if needed. Most importantly, we will provide you with emotional support throughout your adoption journey. We are here for you to help out in any way we can!

If you are a woman considering adoption and seeking information on the process, your local adoption agency can assist you. Click on this link to locate the adoption agencies near me. They are available to help you throughout this important journey.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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Adoption in Missouri when the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive

Adoption in Missouri when the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive

By Jonathan Tick

There are situations where birth mothers are by themselves deciding how to put a child up for adoption. But in other cases, birth mothers have a partner who stands by them when they seek pregnancy help. Most of the time, birth mothers in Missouri have birth fathers who support their decision to seek out local adoption agencies. But this may not be the case for all birth mothers in Missouri in that situation. Below are recommended steps or suggestions to take for adoption in Missouri when the birth father is unknown or unsupportive.

What to do if the Baby’s Birth Father is Unknown

Out of the two possible scenarios here, not knowing who the birth father is the easier of the two situations. However, it does still come with its difficulties and challenges. For the most part, your adoption process can continue without the need for the birth father’s consent. Missouri state law mentions that consent from a birth parent isn’t needed if their identity can’t be found out. So if his identity is unknown by all parties involved, he likely has no legal way to interfere with the adoption process.

But if you have any information regarding who the birth father can be, let your adoption specialist and counselors know. Just like how the adoption plan can differ from woman to woman, so can the situation regarding the birth father and his rights. And if you’re in a similar situation and thinking about adoption, please seek adoption agencies near you as they will be able to guide you through the legal hurdles that can come from seeking adoption.

Adoption When the Baby’s Birth Father is Unsupportive

These situations usually involve the birth father still intending to enact his rights as the child’s biological father. In cases like these, an unsupportive birth father must show that he is capable of supporting the child on his own. And that he has the willingness to provide for the child to be granted custody. Not fulfilling these requirements will make it unlikely for him to be granted custody. And the adoption process can then continue as normal.   

Birth fathers can also be deemed unfit for a myriad of other reasons, including but not limited to varying allegations or disabilities that can deem them, unfit parents. If you have any further questions regarding an unsupportive birth father, please contact your local adoption agency for help. Knowing your rights and the rights of the birth father will help decide the best course of action for your baby. After all, your baby’s future is being decided at the end of the day.

Another option not involving your Missouri adoption agency is to talk it out with the child’s birth father. Try and teach him about the benefits of adoption. Maybe explain to him how and why you’re putting a child up for adoption. And what benefits your child will receive once they’re in the hands of their adoptive family. Doing so can establish a mutual understanding of why adoption is a positive decision in the long run. And can even bring the unsupportive birth father to support the choice for adoption in some cases.  

How can Adoptive Mothers Help Birth Mothers when the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive?

A birth father can be a difficult obstacle during the adoption process. Whether or not they’re unknown or unsupportive of the decision, they will most likely impact your adoption process. When you’re looking at how to put a baby up for adoption, seeking legal help from the sources around you is advised. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to be there to help you through these tough times. Our resources can help provide you with legal help during your pregnancy. And be there to make sure your adoption in Missouri goes as smoothly as possible. So that even though the toughest of times, both you and your child are supported throughout your time with us. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800.

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Types of Adoptive Families in Missouri

Types of Adoptive Families in Missouri

By Blessing E. Ikhimokpa

As you go through your adoption plan, you come across the next step. The step toward finding the right adoptive family. In this step, you’ll have the option to choose the adoptive family for your birth child. At our agency, we have young, older, single, hetero, and same-sex families looking to adopt. So no matter your decision, your birth child will be in expert hands. Adoption Choices of Missouri help birth moms with various resources. Then, when it’s time to choose between the different types of adoptive families, we’ll guide you through the process so that it can be as smooth as possible. 

What is the Missouri adoption process?

The adoption process starts once you’ve contacted a local adoption agency. Contacted them and said you’re planning on placing your child up for adoption. They’ll then ask you if you’d like to have a counselor. If you’d like, this counselor will be there every step of the way. The counselor will help you with :

  • Counseling 
  • Choosing an adoption option
  • Being there during your birth
  • Being there after the child has been adopted.

During the adoption process, we will make an adoption plan. An adoption plan is a plan made when there is an unplanned pregnancy. When the birth mother considers placing their child up for adoption, since this was an unplanned pregnancy, the birth mother isn’t prepared. As a result, they needed an adoption plan. 

At the adoption agency of choice, you’ll have the option to have a counselor who will guide you throughout your adoption process. They’ll go over the adoption plan steps:

  1. Contact a local agency and ask them how to put a child up for adoption
  2. Decide if placing your birth child up for adoption is something you want
  3. Decide on which adoption option you’d like
  4. Plan a birth/hospital plan
  5. Decide if you’d like to seek counseling once the adoption process is complete

The adoption plan goes over all the things needed throughout the pregnancy. If the birth mother needs help financially. The adoption agency of choice will help them with that. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we help birth mothers with finances if needed. When going through an unplanned pregnancy. Financial problems are the last thing you want to think about, so we’re here to take that stress off your shoulders. 

What do I need before I can create an adoption plan?

Before creating an adoption plan, look for adoption agencies near me after you’ve found an adoption agency. You’ll ask them for Pregnant help. This is an unplanned pregnancy, and you’re not prepared. Once you’ve done that, they’ll guide you towards an adoption plan.

Am I able to review the adoptive family before I place my child up for adoption?

When choosing an adoptive family, you can review their profiles, which helps you choose the right family for your birth child. Although, this choice is available. If you’re not interested in choosing the adoptive family or reviewing their profile. Your adoption agency of choice will do it for you. This option is available but not required. 

How do I begin the matching process when looking for the different types of adoptive families in Missouri?

If this is the first time, you’ve gone through the adoption process. In the adoption plan, finding an adoptive family is one step toward placing a child up for adoption. Before you can begin the matching process, you’ll have to choose the type of adoption you’d like. In Missouri, there are three types of adoption options to choose from. First, there’s an open, semi-open, and closed adoption, depending on the adoption plan of choice. This will determine how you start your matching process.

With open adoption, you’ll have the ability to review and contact the adoptive parents of choice. You and the adoptive parents will have a constant stream of contact in this choice. Whenever you want to talk something over with the adoptive parent, you’ll be able to. In addition, both you and the adoptive parents will communicate regarding the birth child’s well-being. 

In a semi-open adoption, you won’t have an open stream of contact with the adoptive parents. This choice is chosen because either the birth mother or the adoptive parent (s) have remained anonymous. So, if you’re not interested in contacting the adoptive parent (s), then this choice is for you. 

Finally, with the closed adoption. You’ll be able to choose and review the adoptive parent (s). But since it’s closed, there won’t be a contact line. Most of the time, with this option. The birth mother has let the adoption agency handle everything regarding the adoption process. 

Looking for an adoptive family could be stressful. But with help, you’ll find it doesn’t have to be. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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Single Woman Adoption in Missouri

Single Woman Adoption in Missouri

By Jonathan Tick

When choosing your child’s adoptive parents at your local adoption agency, birth mothers may think couples are the best option. After all, when thinking about how to put a child up for adoption, you want your child to end up somewhere safe you are even considering a single woman adoption. And with two parents by your child’s side, naturally, you think that that’ll be a better home.

However, that’s not always the case. And there are legitimate reasons for picking women who wish to be single mothers for your child. So if you’re still unsure and want to be pregnant and seeking help, contact Adoption Choices of Missouri. And our local adoption agencies will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.  

1. Potential Fractured Marriages

As divorce rates have increased over the past few years, the potential for splits in adoptive parents has become possible. Divorce, no matter when it happens, can impact a child negatively. They could change their relationship with their adoptive parents for the worse.  

By comparison, single parents avoid this pitfall altogether. And can provide more for the child on account of the family consisting of only them and their adoptive child. Thus giving the child their undivided attention without any possible drama that can come about from an unsatisfied partner.  

2. Full Stability

A single mother who’s seeking to adopt at a local adoption agency is usually one who can fully support herself. All potential adoptive parents are carefully considered and approved by our staff at Adoption Choices of Missouri. And will not be considered as potential parents if they do not meet certain criteria like being able to support your child.  

Because of this, we can assure you only safe options to pick from when you’re looking at how to put a child up for adoption. Likewise, we want to reassure you that you get only the best parent options from Missouri when you’re pregnant and considering adoption.

3. Privacy

If you’re picking out your child’s adoptive parents, your adoption plan is leaning towards openness for your child’s adoption. You will contact your child’s future adoptive mother directly if you opt for single-parent adoption. Once you’ve received your pregnant help, you will become a biological mother and will have some contact with your child and their adoptive parent.

In the case of single-parent adoption, this contact becomes much easier to set up. There is no extra partner or other hoops to jump through when deciding to see your child for a visit. It’ll just be a decision between you and another person for a much easier time and agreement.  

4. Full Attention and Care

A single woman who decides to be a single mother understands what it means to raise a child by herself. The amount of attention and care a child needs and the various additional expenses that come from raising a child. They are women who are fully devoted to caring for the child they will adopt. Promise a brighter future for your child if they are the lucky woman to get the chance.  

This can further establish a stronger bond between your child and their adoptive mother. The time and attention put towards their development can foster a close connection of trust unique to single parents. And since it’s only them and their adoptive parent, your child will become more responsible. After all, washing the dishes after dinner or helping out during laundry are nice gestures.

Single Woman Adoption in Missouri

Finally, single mothers are likely to have a strong group of friends or family willing to help them in times of need. Temporary babysitters like close siblings, parents, or friends can expand an adopted child’s social circle. Giving them the chance to interact with more people and explore with the people outside their homes. This can help cull shyness at an early age. Giving them the chance to be more social and bolder when making friends at school.

While the stigma against single parents is prevalent, this should not deter you from choosing single mothers. Choosing single parents as parents for adoption in Missouri provides your child with a uniquely nurturing environment. One that fosters a great deal of care and attention towards your child’s development. Ensuring that they become strong, capable individuals who didn’t grow up despite the experience. But because of it instead. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800


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Dealing with Adoption Loss as a Birth Mother

Dealing with Adoption Loss as a Birth Mother

By Kelly Paczkowski

You have considered all of the options for you and your baby and finally have chosen to create an adoption plan. However, while you are confident in your decision to give your child a great future, you are also aware of how difficult and emotional it could be. Dealing with loss as a birth mother is part of the process.

Many birth mothers are not prepared for the feelings of loss and grief that they may feel after the adoption is finalized. While you are excited to see your child with their new adoptive family and know that they will be well cared for and loved, it is still a loss. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, our local adoption agency is here to help you deal with grief and loss and benefit your child and you.

Grieving After Your Adoption Journey

Grief can show up in many different ways. It can show up as anger, denial, sadness, or anxiety, just to name a few. All these emotions can seem overwhelming, but you can learn how to come to terms with your feelings with the proper support and coping skills.  

Your emotions can seem scary, and they can show up at any time. Just know that you are not alone, and it is okay to express your feelings. It is healthy for you to express your emotions. However, suppressing them can build up and cause unhealthy consequences. What does that look like? You may need to speak with an adoption specialist, counselor, or professional therapist. Or you may even need some space to heal right after placement.  

If you are not in a place where you feel comfortable speaking with a professional, then try speaking with supportive family or friends. The encouragement that those who love and support you will make you feel better.  

Finding an Outlet to Help You with Post-Placement Emotions

You can do many things to relieve the stress you feel. First, make sure you get plenty of sleep and live a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body healthy will also help your emotional and mental health. When we feel good on the inside, it can make us feel good on the outside.  

Birth mothers will try many things that they find helps them with the grieving process. Many can find healthy strategies to cope. Below find a few examples that may help:

  • Try Yoga
  • Take up running or walking
  • Make time for supportive family and friends
  • Hang out with loved ones
  • Try drawing or painting
  • Take up writing
  • Let your emotions out, have a good cry

These things can be the perfect outlet for your feelings of loss and help you obtain balance.  

Give Yourself Time To Grieve After an Adoption

It may sound cliche, but time can heal. Give yourself time to accept. Just like the adoption, grieving is a process. You will need time to come to terms with your adoption journey and be aware that these feelings will not come and go easily. Everyone has a different reaction to grief and loss, so the healing process will be different also. Some may require more time to heal than others, and there is no timeframe for healing. 

Be Kind to Yourself During the Adoption Process

Always remember to be kind to yourself. No one needs to hear this more than a recent birth mother. You have just done the most courageous thing in your life by placing a child for adoption. You deserve a lot of kindness and, most of all, self-forgiveness. Many women can also experience feelings of guilt, but being able to forgive and love yourself will help you heal.  

There will be times when you may not feel grief and loss, and sometimes it may hit you when you least expect it. Either way, just know that you are not alone and that it is okay to have those feelings.   

Just make sure you can reach out for help, should you need it. There is always someone to help you find the support that you need. Only then will you be able to find peace and acceptance of your grief.  

Our Adoption Specialist will Help You When Dealing with Loss as a Birth Mother

Our adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Missouri can come to meet you. We treat birth mothers with dignity and respect. Our adoption representatives are willing to answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation, just answers.   

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and are thinking about placing your newborn for adoption, please call/text at  (816) 527-9800 or email us. We are willing to work with any birth mother.

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What Birth Mothers Want You to Know About Missouri Adoption

What Birth Mothers Want You to Know About Missouri Adoption

By Jacob LaBau

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we understand what it takes to navigate through the adoption process. It can be difficult to put your baby up for adoption. But with a proper adoption plan in place, we can help you make this process go smoothly. You will be in full control of choosing your child’s adoptive family. As a birth mother, you get the final say in every decision! So, contact an adoption specialist at your local adoption agency and get started today! Let’s look at your options and what birth mothers want you to know about the adoption process.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption, it is not too late to consider adoption. There are several resources Adoption Choices of Missouri can offer to reduce the stress of adoption. Adoptive families are waiting at our adoption agency for you to handpick them. Once you have created your adoption plan, your birth parent counselor or adoption specialist will bring you family profiles. After that, it will be up to you how you will decide if there are any prospective families capable of raising your child. Let’s look at your options and what birth mothers want you to know about the adoption process.

First Steps Toward a Successful Adoption

Starting an adoption plan is always the most challenging part for a birth mother. It is a lot of hard work that will keep you busy for months. Well, that hard work falls on us at Adoption Choices of Missouri. The only thing we need you to do is locate adoption agencies near me and contact an adoption specialist. The adoption specialist will walk you through each adoption process step at the initial meeting. The first talk will seem overwhelming, so do not be afraid to address any concerns and ask questions. This is also the person that will assist you in creating your adoption plan. Communicate your financial needs, what kind of adoptive families you would like to look at, the level of openness with the family and child, and a post-placement communication plan.

What Birth Mothers Want You to Know about Financial Assistance

Put together a financial budget with your birth parent counselor. Coordinate how much financial help you can receive based on your current living expenses. Living expenses can include rent and utilities, food, transportation, groceries, and more. The amount of financial assistance will vary depending on the birth mother’s situation. For instance, a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy while living on her own in Missouri is eligible to receive a lot of financial support. Your adoption specialist will work with you towards meeting your financial needs the best way we can. Financial assistance is granted to birth mothers for up to six weeks after delivery, so we at Adoption Choices of Missouri have an eye on your future too!

Adoptive Family Selection Process

Selecting the right adoptive family is an important decision for the birth mother. If giving a baby up for adoption, there are many things to consider when choosing the right family. Let your adoption specialist help you narrow that list down to meet some of the prospective families waiting for you!

Read some of their stories at Adoption Choices of Missouri, or let your adoption specialist bring you the profiles of the families. The adoption specialist will schedule face-to-face meetings with the adoptive families whenever you may be available! We understand how difficult pregnancy is and can even have the families come to the comfort of your own home. Discuss your requirements for anything you need from an adoptive family, such as location, religious beliefs, and generosity to your adoption specialist. This is your decision. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here for you to make the adoption process easier!

Post-Placement Communication Plan

Once you have found the right family for your child, there are ways to control the communication between you and the adoptive family. Your adoption specialist will inform you of the various ways to keep in touch with your child as he/she grows up. But, again, this decision is entirely up to the birth mother. So, take control of your adoption plan and contact Adoption Choices of Missouri today!

There are three types of post-placement communication plans to choose from. The first is open adoption, where the birth mother has access to identifying information such as names and phone numbers. In addition, the family will contact the birth mother to share photos, letters, or even phone calls. The second kind of adoption is a semi-open adoption. Finally, information about the child is shared through a shared party such as Adoption Choices of Missouri.

Although there are semi-open adoption options where the family will have some pre-birth face-to-face meetings before the baby is born, it all depends on the agreement between you and the adoptive family. The last option is a closed adoption, where the birth mother and family may never meet. Closed adoptions are not commonly practiced, but the option is still available depending on your wants and needs throughout the adoption process. All this information is a lot to take in, and the adoption process is complicated. Stay calm, remember why you decided to pursue adoption, and realize that you have control! Find adoption agencies near me to determine if adoption in Missouri is possible for you!

Create the Perfect Delivery Environment

Surround yourself with people who care about you when delivering the baby. The birth of a child is a magnificent moment for everyone involved. Choose a +doctor that is proactive about your requests and maintain a good relationship with them. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, get on top of this.

Pregnancy is a strenuous experience that comes with a lot of physical pain. We understand how physically and emotionally demanding pregnancy can be. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you apply for Medicaid to soothe your financial worries. Appropriate medical care and attention will be given to you throughout your pregnancy. Adoption specialists will be there to provide any other assistance on medical expenses.

If there are still costs to be paid, the adoptive family can step in to provide additional financial support. You will also get to choose the name of the baby. There are no boundaries regarding visitations between you and your child while in the hospital. Once you feel ready to return home, the adoption specialist will ask you for your final say on giving your baby up for adoption. The child will then be sent home with the adoptive family. Hopefully, this information encourages you to pursue an adoption plan and alleviates any fear about pregnancy.

What Birth Mothers Want You to Know About Adoption

Adoption agencies in Missouri have well-equipped adoptive families that can raise your child. Adoption Choices of Missouri will help the birth mother with various resources, including financial support, medical expenses, and post-placement communication plans. Let Adoption Choices of Missouri handle the adoption responsibilities while you try to relax. You can look back on this decision at the end of everything and know that it was the right one for your child. If you consider adoption and would like to learn more about adoption agencies in Missouri, check out Adoption Choices of Missouri Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800

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Adoption Guilt: Will I Feel Guilty Placing My Newborn for Adoption?

Adoption Guilt: Will I Feel Guilty Placing My Newborn for Adoption?

By Kelly Paczkowski

Adoption has grown in popularity as a great way to grow a family. This entails a birthmother, for whatever her reasons, needing to come up with an adoption plan. You may not be in a place in your life to raise a child, and that is okay. Even if you have already decided to place your newborn up for adoption or have decided that it is not right for you, adoption representatives will be glad to answer your questions. They can guide you through the process and even help you find services that you might need.  While we cannot answer the above question for everyone, the answer, for the majority, is yes. There may be feelings of guilt when placing a baby for adoption. You may feel guilty for having fun with your friends or buying yourself something you deserve. You may ask yourself, “Why should I be having fun when I choose to place my baby for adoption?” At  Adoption Choices of Missouri, we help you understand that because you chose adoption does not mean you don’t deserve to feel happy or feel adoption guilt.

Coming Up With An Adoption Plan

Your act was the most courageous thing to do. Placing your baby’s needs over your own is brave. While that should be the case, many birthmothers cannot help but feel this way. Even though placing a baby up for adoption is one of the most selfless things you can do, there are still a lot of negative thoughts surrounding birth mothers giving their baby up for adoption. However, it is not so much about giving up as it gives them a chance at life. 

Find Adoption and Birth Mother Support

Make sure you can surround yourself with those who love you. There are many feelings associated when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Many women feel overwhelmed, scared, lonely, and even guilty. They may try to deny the feelings of loss or grief they may have. Many birthmothers might not contemplate what happens after the adoption is final and most likely do not understand how they feel. You may still be in need of finding housing or support services.

Of course, every situation is different, and every person is different. Your adoption plan may not be the same as other people’s. That is where adoption agencies near you are a great place to start asking questions. They can even connect you to other birthmothers and support groups.  

Practice Kindness During Your Adoption Journey

The most important thing is to remember to be kind to yourself. Adoption, by far, is not the easy option or the easy way out, as many people believe. It is a complicated process, and you must allow yourself to heal. By healing, we mean not just physically but emotionally. You will have feelings that will last for a long time. But with time comes healing and the ability to feel better about the process every day. Some birthmothers experience some relief once they have chosen an adoptive family for placement of their child. Knowing that their child will be well taken care of and brought up in a family with love.  

Our Counselors Can Help You Cope With Your Adoption Guilt

Along with all the joy in the adoption process, there can also be a lot of pain. Expressing your feelings can help you finally release some of the grief, guilt, and doubt you may have felt during the journey. Your mental well-being plays a big part in that. Doing things that you enjoy doing can help you to be able to get past the hurt.

  • Writing in a journal is a great way to express those bottled up emotions
  • Try drawing or painting 
  • Confiding in a person you trust
  • Talking with your Adoption Counselor

Of course, we know that you will continue to experience emotions throughout your life, but that does not mean you will never accept your choice. You can be assured you made the best possible decision for you and your child. Your child will grow up with love and support from a family that you were able to pick. You will eventually be able to come to terms and find peace. That is where Adoption Choices of Missouri can help. Our experienced adoption specialists can be with you every step through the adoption process. From beginning to end, we are there for whatever you may need. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800

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5 Self-Care Tips for Missouri Birth Mothers Navigating Adoption during May

5 Self-Care Tips for Missouri Birth Mothers Navigating Adoption during May

By Jacob LaBau

May is a special month for us at Adoption Choices of Missouri, where mothers are celebrated in honor of Mother’s Day. Birth mothers who are navigating adoption should celebrate themselves for all the challenges they have overcome. The adoption process can carry a heavy burden for birth mothers placing their newborn up for adoption. However, there are ways to manage stress, and it starts with taking care of yourself! We will explore the different ways for birth mothers to reduce stress with five self-care tips to make the pain go away. Check out adoption agencies near you in Missouri to get started on your adoption plan!

Self-Care Tips for Missouri Birth Mothers

Birth mothers need their time to destress. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri know the best ways for birth mothers to focus on themselves for a little bit. These will all be affordable ways aimed at introverted birth mothers struggling through adoption. Adoption can take a toll on you, and we get that. So, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, sit back, relax and enjoy these self-care tips.

1. Relieve the Stress of Pregnancy with a Spa Day at Home

A bath is an underrated and easy way for pregnant birth mothers to destress after a long day or week. The warm water surrounds your body while your mind happily wanders into relaxation. You can make the bath more inviting with bath bombs to spice things up. You can smell the sweet aroma and treat your vision to some eye candy. Freshen up that skin with a nice face mask to make it feel like you are really at the spa.

Get creative with your ideas! Whatever makes you feel the most relaxed could be a great addition to your spa day. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, a bath is a perfect way to lead your mind into positive thoughts to get started on your adoption plan!

2. Watching a Movie can Help Distract You from the Unwanted Stress of an Adoption

A movie can be the perfect way to forget everything adoption-related while slowly sinking into your couch. There are hundreds if not thousands of quality movies to choose from with the help of streaming services. Select a movie and get lost in the story. Get the popcorn cracking, choose a familiar drink, light some candles, and grab a blanket to treat yourself.

There is nobody in this world more deserving of movie time than a birth mother. It does not matter what stage you are in the adoption process. We understand how much discomfort each step can cause, so these self-care tips will play a key role in helping you cope throughout the adoption process.

3. Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Starting a journal isn’t the most exciting way of treating yourself, but it will yield more results than the other tips listed. Journaling is a great way of organizing your thoughts. At the beginning of journaling, it can be difficult to come up with things to write down. Start by writing down anything that happened today. This can be many things, such as how your day went, who treated you nicely, and why things happened the way they did.

You can even shift that same focus into an adoption mindset and journal about the hardships of the adoption process. There can be many negative things to write down, which is okay but remember to keep the journaling positive. Keeping a positive journal will make you feel better about your life and the adoption challenges. If your journal leads you to think about giving your baby up for adoption, maybe also start thinking about the adoption agencies near me to get started today!

4. Talk to Your Medical Practitioner about Pregnant Yoga

Meditation and yoga are two entirely different things with much different practices. But the overall goal of meditation and yoga are similar. They are both used to reduce anxiety. There is no better way to reduce anxiety than to hone all your focus and relax your adoption thoughts. Meditation and yoga can be done in the comfort of your own home! Adoption Choices of Missouri understands how hard it is to get out of your house during pregnancy. So pull up a yoga video on YouTube or play soothing music for meditation and relaxation!

5. Dive into a Good Book

Nowadays, books can be delivered straight to your own home. There is no need for a pregnant birth mother to be exploring the library. Instead, take some time to unwind with a great book right in your living room. There are tons of books out there to choose from. Once you have your book ready, start the fireplace and get cozy.

Let your imagination run wild as the words take you to another world. You could even choose to read a book about adoption! You will not feel as stressed out about placing your child for adoption. There are six adoption agencies in Missouri to choose from. Go to the bottom of the page and see which adoption agency is closest to you today!

Pregnancy and Adoption Requires a Lot of Effort

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we know you need some time to yourself during this stressful period. Take some time to choose any self-care tips and try them out. The decision is completely up to you. You can even take this time to think about your adoption plan or if adoption is right for you. Hopefully, you are more informed on treating yourself while navigating adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800

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Birth Mother Rights After an Adoption in Missouri

Birth Mother Rights After an Adoption in Missouri

By Jacob LaBau

As a birth mother in Missouri, understanding your rights after adoption can be daunting and confusing. In addition, the birth of a child and pregnancy struggles can be stressful. Here at Adoption Choices of Missouri, our job is to make the adoption process as smooth as possible. Whether connecting an adoptive family to the birth mother or informing the birth mother about her rights after adoption, we are here for you 24/7!

Understanding your rights as a birth mother after an adoption is vital and healthy towards seeing your child grow. It is a step in the right direction for you and your child’s future. Navigate your way through adoption agencies in Missouri for more information about adoption and what adoption agency you would like to pursue. The birth mother’s rights after adoption can be vague. Throughout this article, there will be some clarification on visitation, financial help, legal assistance, and medical help. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, try not let your anxiety get you. Check out adoption agencies near me to better understand the resources around you and how we can help you create an adoption plan.

Birth Mothers’ Rights

It can be tough to give a baby up for adoption as a mother. But you are in control the entire time. You oversee the adoption process every step of the way. As a birth mother, you will always have the final say. This means choosing the adoptive family, how much or how little contact you want with them, and what hospital you would like to stay at. If you are pregnant and are considering adoption, check out adoption agencies near me for more information.

Choosing an adoptive family to become the parents of your child usually happens months before the child’s arrival. When a child is born, paperwork needs to be done before the adoptive family becomes the child’s legal guardians. As a birth mother, you can change your mind throughout the process up until you have signed your legal consent. Birth mothers change their minds, and that is okay. This is a big decision that requires a lot of mental fortitude throughout a stressful situation! If you are inspired to put your baby up for adoption, head on to your local adoption agency and see for yourself!

Missouri Adoption Services

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we can support you in several ways during the adoption process. We can help you financially, legally, and medically and provide counseling. Once the baby is given to the adoptive family, the help does not stop. We will do our best to accommodate anything that is asked of us!

If eligible, Adoption Choices of Missouri can cover your living expenses during the adoption plan when it comes to financial assistance. These include rent and utilities, food and groceries, phone service, maternity clothes, etc. The living expenses that we cover are not terminated after you leave the hospital either; we are not evil! However, we understand that it will take some time to get back into your pre-pregnancy routine and be with you every step of the way!

Adoption services come at no cost for the birth parents, including legal support. An Adoption Choices of Missouri in-house legal counsel will be with you every step. They will ensure that your adoption’s legal processes, paperwork, and finalization are all in the works. Throughout this process, they will relay all the important information to you. Seek further advice from a legal professional.

Medical help will be given to you during and after your pregnancy. We will help you find prenatal care, take you to appointments, and help you stay comfortable throughout and after your pregnancy. This also includes free counseling sessions. If you feel stressed out or just need someone to talk to, we can arrange counseling sessions for you as soon as possible. We understand that this is a lot to take in. If you have any questions, contact your adoption specialist. You can also call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or call or text us at 816-527-9800.

Post-Placement Communication

As a birth mother, you may be wondering how much you will get to see or communicate with the child. It is important to understand what post-placement communication plans are available before agreeing to one with the adoptive family. You can choose from three options: open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Each one of the options has its strengths and weaknesses depending on what you are looking for post-placement. If you are scared as a birth mother that an adoptive family may want to seek a closed adoption, stop worrying! Many adoptive families prefer some level of openness. Here are some details about the different adoption types:

Open adoption

Open adoption means that the birth parents and adoptive parents share their first and last names, medical history, and personal contact information. This option allows for steadier communication. Even though you will not get to raise the child, you are still right there with them on the journey! You and the adoptive family can specify the exact number of times you get to visit the child. The adoptive family can also opt to send pictures to you, depending on the agreement set forth.

Semi-open adoption

A semi-open adoption is a great plan for a birth mother who wants contact with the child but has little contact with the family. In this plan, you and the adoptive parent share non-identifying information such as first names and where they live. The information will be held by your local adoption agency, where we act as an intermediary between you and the adoptive family. This plan is perfect for a birth mother looking to maintain contact with the child but not with the adoptive family.

Closed adoption

A closed adoption means that you and the adoptive parents do not share any information. The adoptee can open their adoption records to find out about their birth parents after they turn 18. Closed adoptions are increasingly rare, but they could be the right fit for you, depending on your wants and needs. 

Get in Touch with Us Today

Hopefully, you now understand your rights and services after the adoption has been finalized. Feel free to navigate through our website at Adoption Choices of Missouri for any further questions. We are here for you 24/7 to make the journey through adoption feel as comfortable as possible! 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800