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Placing a child for adoption is one of the hardest decisions that a birth mother can make. It is a selfless decision and the birth mother only wants what is best for them and for their child.

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Birth Mother Stories

Adoption Choices of Missouri has helped many women in similar circumstances as you. Knowing you are not alone can help ease your anxiety!

They made everything super easy and comfortable! They truly care about the moms just as much as the child. They make everything as stress free as possible and try to help you any way they can. They put you as a priority and are quick to answer any questions. I honestly don’t know what I would of done without them. They made the entire process as easy as possible and put your health and the health of the baby first! They are truly AWEMAZING!! –


A close friend told me about Adoptions Choices. She had gone through the adoption experience and said so many wonderful things, she shared her story with me when I got pregnant and didn’t want to be a parent and so I contacted them. They were so open and friendly, made everything simple to understand, and truly deeply cared. They were there for me whenever and listened to everything. No one ever made me feel ashamed of my decision. They made me feel good about it and supported everything that I wanted through the process. –


If you are considering adoption, trust me, you have come to the right place! I was so lucky to be able to find Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri. They were so comforting and they did not pressure me in any way to make this decision. I can honestly say that because of working with this office and the support system they have set up for birth mothers, I was able to completely transform and change my life. I am neither ashamed or embarrassed about my decision thanks to the great team, and family who adopted my baby.


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Birth Mother Stories