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Benefits of Choosing an Adoptive Family through a Missouri Adoption Agency

By Katy Reagan

You have just found out you’re pregnant. This was never the plan, and now you have no idea what to do. You’re scared and overwhelmed and want your baby to grow up in a loving home. That’s where Adoption Choices of Missouri comes in. We are a local, licensed, and private adoption agency in Missouri. Your adoption specialist will be with you your entire pregnancy and after. We will help you find the adoptive family of your dreams. An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to derail your life. But through adoption, you can change the lives of a couple who is unable to get pregnant.

What is the adoption matching process?

If you are considering adoption, you may be searching phrases like “Adoption Springfield MO” or “Adoption agencies near me.” All of the information that pops up can just prove to confuse you more. All you know is that you want your baby in a safe and loving home. Adoption Choices of Missouri can provide that. As a private adoption agency in Missouri, we make sure you have control over where your child is placed. You get to make all of the decisions, and we just inform and help you in whatever way we can. 

The adoption matching process is when you choose the adoptive family for your child to be placed with from adoptive family profiles. These profiles have information about who they are that help you make your decision. Once you decide and the adoptive family agrees, you have been matched.

How do we match birth mothers with adoptive families?

You are the only person who knows what’s best for your baby. Here at Adoption Choices of Missouri, we respect that. You tell us what you’re looking for in an adoptive family, and we provide you with choices. You will have an adoption specialist, your Birth Parent Counselor, who listens to your wants and needs. They will get to know you and your case personally to provide you with the best guidance.

Whatever is important to you is how we choose possible adoptive families. You may have been raised in a certain religion and want your child to be as well. You might want your child to live in an area close to you or have parents of similar ethnicity to teach them their culture. These are all things we can look for in adoptive families. Adoption agencies in Missouri have very diverse adoptive families. We will provide you with adoptive family profiles so that you can find the family you believe fits best. If you choose to, you can meet with the family to get to know them. 

Our adoptive families have been thoroughly evaluated to make sure they can provide the safe and loving home you want. We conduct a home study to make sure all the information they provide is correct. We also educate and prepare the family to become adoptive parents. Your child will be well-taken care of.

What does the adoption process look like for me?

Finding out you’re pregnant can make you feel like you’ve lost control over your life. With Adoption Choices of Missouri, it doesn’t have to be like that. You have complete control over the adoption process. When you first meet with your Birth Parent Counselor, you will create an adoption plan. This paperwork outlines exactly how you want the process to look. If you need financial assistance or medical care, that will be stated. Your needs and wants will be addressed.

An important aspect of the adoption process is the level of communication. You can choose from an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or a closed adoption. An open adoption has full communication between you, the adoptive family, and your child. You will be able to be involved in your child’s life after they’ve been placed. Even if you don’t want to be directly involved, you will still be able to receive information about them. A semi-open adoption is a way of doing this where you only have indirect communication. You can communicate through our confidential line, ChildConnect. No identifying information is given. A closed adoption is when there is zero communication and no identifying information. 

Whatever your choice, we will support you. A hospital plan will be in place for when you give birth. This will state who can be there, who can hold the child and anything else you want. When you give your final consent, your baby will leave with the adoptive family. 

Benefits of working with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Adoption Choices of Missouri will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, we will be advocating for you. Your Birth Parent Counselor will be your biggest supporter, making sure all of your wants and needs are met. Not only do we provide guidance, but we can also help with financial and legal assistance. 

We make a promise to you that you will never be alone during this process. An important part of that is helping you after you’ve left the hospital. The emotional and physical effects of pregnancy stay with you, so we do too. That’s why we offer free, unlimited counseling sessions. We will put as much energy into making sure you’re okay as we do your baby. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption and want to know more about adoptive families, we can help. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800.