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The Best Reasons to Choose Adoption

The Best Reasons to Choose Adoption

By Brendan Finegan

You may feel flooded with an uncontrollable amount of emotion when you find out you have an unplanned pregnancy. The questions roaming through your mind may feel like they’re piling up at an overwhelming rate. How can you get pregnant help? And is there access to an adoption plan that’s right for you and your baby? 

Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to put these fears to rest. We understand that all the worries that you’re having are valid and a natural reaction. Finding out that you’re pregnant and having to trek the adoption process will involve difficult decisions. But know that there are an abundance of resources available to you with a Missouri adoption. At no point will you be left alone during the adoption process, even if you feel that you do not have personal support. There will always be an adoption agency near you that’s ready to help. Take a look at the best reasons why adoption can be the right choice for you, especially if you feel like you’re in an exceptionally difficult circumstance. 

Have Continuous Support Throughout the Entire Adoption Process

The fear of loneliness for birth mothers is legitimate, so know that Adoption Choices of Missouri is with you every step of the way. Not every birth mother is going to have the resources to have a healthy and successful delivery. That is why we offer you personalized and exceptional services the moment you contact us. No matter what your unique need is, we’ll do everything within our power to fulfill your adoption experience with meaning and purpose.

After you’ve contacted us, you’ll have a meeting scheduled with one of our adoption specialists. From there, they will take notes on all your wants and needs, doing everything they can to understand your situation. Your adoption specialist works specifically for you, and they will be there even after your due date to provide additional support. Whatever challenge you may be facing during your unplanned pregnancy, we’ll be able to smoothly and effectively navigate your needs.

You Will Have Financial Assistance With Your Adoption Plan

Financial hardships are stressful under any circumstances. Add a pregnancy, and you may feel like you’re facing an impossible challenge. Adoption Choices of Missouri will do everything within its power to assist with your financial needs. Our goal is to ensure that you have the resources for a healthy delivery. Depending on the adoption plan, eligible birth mothers may have assistance in the following areas:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Clothing
  • Phone services

Receive Housing Assistance When You Choose Adoption

Not every birth mother is going to have the privilege of a safe and secure roof over their head while they’re pregnant. Adoption plans can be unique and challenging, so we want to make sure that you have the proper resources for success. Some birth mothers may not have friends and family who will provide safe housing for them. If you don’t have a home that you’re secure and comfortable with, then that’ll jeopardize the safety of your pregnancy. No matter what your circumstances are, Adoption Choices of Missouri will ensure that you have a home that will provide you with the necessary rest and comfort.

You’ll Get Medical Care With Your Adoption 

There can be numerous medical concerns that birth mothers may have that plague them with fear. Our top priority is to ensure the safe delivery of your baby. The health of you and your unborn child will never be compromised throughout your adoption journey. We will make sure that you have the prenatal care that best suits your adoption plan, even if you didn’t have healthcare coverage before you were pregnant. Regular doctor visits are necessary while you’re pregnant to check on the health of your baby, confirm any personal and family medical history, and determine your due date.

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Adoption & The New Year: A Time For Healing And Growth

Adoption & The New Year: A Time For Healing And Growth 

By Alexis Watson

As the new year arrives, it provides a time for reflection and introspection. It is also a time for planning for the upcoming year and goal setting. Birth mothers reflecting on the next steps for their unplanned pregnancies will be experiencing a mixture of emotions. Some are considering giving their child up for adoption but are frightened by the process. Some are contemplating how they will achieve their goals while pregnant. Adoption in Missouri is a simple process, and our adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Missouri are ready to help.  

Adoption Choices of Missouri is an open adoption agency that provides adoption services to birth mothers across Missouri. We provide support counseling to our birth mothers through every stage of the adoption process.  If eligible, we provide financial support, safe housing, and prenatal care. Our counselors will work closely with each birth mother to craft their unique and individual adoption plan

Adoption For The New Year 

Birth mothers considering adoption in the new year might be filled with questions and conflicting emotions. The new year is traditionally a period of self-reflection. It’s a time for checking the boxes on the goals and dreams you’ve been able to accomplish. It’s also a time for vision boards and new goals to be created. However, an unplanned pregnancy can make this traditional time feel slightly unnerving. Considering adoption while heading into the new year might stir up feelings of confusion, guilt, and uncertainty. However, adoption can be an empowering decision for birth mothers, adoptive families, and the child. 

Adoption can be a positive experience for everyone involved. Birth mothers will have a sense of fulfillment as their child will be with the adoptive family of their choice. The child will have a support system from both their adoptive family and their birth family. The adoptive family will have the opportunity to have and raise a child. Open adoption will allow for an open line of communication between the birth mother and the adoptive family. This form of adoption will foster a strong sense of identity and belonging. Adoption has many benefits for everyone involved.

Healing Journey Post-Placement

Considering adoption can be a frightening experience to think about as the process may be unclear. Trying to locate a local adoption agency might be overwhelming. However, those things should not deter you from beginning the process. Our adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to connect birth mothers to the available resources. Once the adoption is finalized, our counselors encourage each of our birth mothers to create a self-care routine. 

The adoption process can be an emotionally taxing experience as different emotions can arise causing conflicting feelings. It is important that birth mothers, like yourself, are especially gentle with themselves as they are healing from the process. A great way to start the healing process is to develop and maintain a self-care routine. A self-care routine provides birth mothers with time to prioritize themselves and their well-being. 

Another way to support the healing process post-adoption is becoming involved in support groups. Meeting with other birth mothers and hearing their adoption journeys can be empowering. Connecting with someone else who has gone through the adoption process can feel less lonely. Advice, tips, and lessons learned are often shared during these safe spaces. These groups encourage birth mothers to accept their decisions without judgment. Support groups create a safe space for birth mothers to share their adoption experience authentically and confidentially. These groups are known for fostering connection, building community, and providing support. 

It’s important that birth mothers feel supported after making such a life-changing decision. Adoption is a rewarding experience not only for birth mothers but for the adoptive family and child. 

Life Passions Post-Adoption

Adoption is a life-altering decision. However, the emotional impact of this decision can leave you feeling a sense of grief and sadness. Your emotions are normal. As you heal and grow from your grief through self-care and support groups, it’s also important to discover new interests. 

Catering to your healing journey is an important step in the healing process post-adoption. Pursuing interests, fulfilling life goals, and discovering new passions are just as important. Accomplishing new passions provides birth mothers with a sense of personal growth and fulfillment. It’s important to continue to pursue your life’s dreams and discover new passions. 

Our Adoption Specialists Are Here To Help

If you’re considering adoption for your unplanned pregnancy, our experts at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to assist you.  Our adoption specialists are trained to provide emotional support through counseling and connection. We provide each of our birth mothers with financial assistance for basic living expenses if eligible. If available, we also provide medical care for birth mothers interested in receiving prenatal care. 

If you need assistance with your unplanned pregnancy, give us a call today. 

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Reflecting on Your Adoption Decision

Reflecting on Your Adoption Decision

By Brendan Finegan

No matter what last year looked like, considering adoption was probably your most difficult decision. Others got to celebrate the end of the year with family gatherings. You, on the other hand, may have been facing financial battles, relationship problems, or family estrangement. And now you have to head into the new year with the daunting challenge of adoption.

First off, know that you have plenty of options available to you with adoption in Missouri. You may be overwhelmed with the decisions of an unplanned pregnancy, but at Adoption Choices of Missouri, you’ll have an adoption plan that’s most beneficial to you and your situation. We’re not sure what your life was before adoption, but we know that the adoption process will empower you with the affirmations that you deserve. Adoption will always be personally difficult, so take a look at the ways that you can celebrate your accomplishments.

Have Assistance With Your Adoption Decision

Nobody should have to navigate an unplanned pregnancy alone. You’re probably feeling a bundle of worries and fear of what to do next. What will your life look like during and after the adoption process? And will you make the best decision for yourself and your baby? These questions may feel overwhelming, but that is where Adoption Choices of Missouri will help.

It’s difficult to determine what to do next by yourself. That is why it is crucial to contact Missouri adoption as soon as you confirm that you’re pregnant. You will then be able to talk with an adoption specialist and go over the adoption plans that are right for you. Any anxieties and self-doubt that you may be facing will be addressed. The goal of adoption is to guide and support you with your decisions. Just contacting Adoption Choices of Missouri takes an enormous amount of personal and mental strength. Once you’ve contacted an adoption agency near you, you’ll be able to receive the compassionate support you’ll need for a successful adoption.

Have Support Throughout the Adoption Process

After you’ve begun the adoption process, you’ll have personalized and professional assistance every step of the way. It’ll be a long journey, but at no point will you feel lost or unclear with your decisions. Whatever path you decide to walk, you’ll have unwavering support from Adoption Choices of Missouri. Know that your decisions are entirely up to you and nobody can force you into a direction that you’re uncomfortable with. Each choice you make will be difficult, such as having to decide on an adoptive family or what level of contact you want with them. No matter what you choose, you’ll have ongoing support, even if you feel like you don’t have your family or partner along the way.

Receive Counseling After Your Due Date

The adoption process does not stop after your delivery date. Just because you’ve selected your adoption plan and your adoptive family does not mean that you’re not going to need emotional support. Depending on your adoption plan, you’ll have post-placement support for as long as you need. That means you’ll be able to receive counseling to sort through the complex emotions you’re having. 

Feelings of grief, guilt, and sadness are all perfectly natural after your adoptive family brings your baby home. What is critical is that you receive the guidance to have a meaningful and productive life after adoption. If you don’t confront your feelings, you’ll be threatened by emotional pains and woes that may last many years. Know that although you may be battling hardships, there is reason to celebrate. You’re choosing the life that’ll best suit you, and that is the most empowering and compassionate thing you can do for yourself.

The Benefits of Choosing Adoption

If you’re considering adoption, that means that you personally feel like you’re not at a stage of your life that’s ready for motherhood. Although the feelings that come with choosing adoption may feel suffocating, know that there are many benefits that come with adoption. You may feel that adoption does not make sense, but with careful consideration and guidance, there are plenty of ways that adoption can improve your life. Take a look at the ways that adoption can help with your life.

  • Have financial freedom and security in your life.
  • You can advance your career more freely.
  • Go back to school and further your education with a schedule that’s right for you.
  • You can still have a child when you’re ready to start a family.

Celebrate Your Adoption Decisions

Whatever trials you may be facing, know that Adoption Choices of Missouri is here for you. The adoption process will never be easy, and it’ll come with its fears and sadness. But that does not mean that you cannot have the support for an empowered life. There can be happiness and hope after adoption. Missouri adoption is here to celebrate your brave and exceptionally difficult decisions. We’d like to shift the mindset of you giving your child up for adoption to giving yourself and your child the most fulfilling life possible. There are many ways that adoption can lift you up, and with that comes even more reasons to celebrate. Find an adoption agency near you so that you can develop an adoption plan that’ll bring you celebration and happiness.

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Help! I’m Facing Hardships While Pregnant

Help! I’m Facing Hardships While Pregnant

By Alexis Watson

Adoption may not be an easy choice, but sometimes it’s a necessary choice. Birth mothers who are experiencing homelessness, battling addiction, or suffering from abuse considering adoption may be their  only choice. An unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional revelation for any woman. Navigating hardships like homelessness, addiction, or abuse during pregnancy can intensify stress levels. Adoption can be an empowering choice. You will be able to secure a permanent, safe, and loving home for your child. As the birth mother, you will be guided and supported every step of the journey.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is an open adoption agency in Missouri. We provide financial aid and emotional support to our birth mothers. Every birth mother is paired with an adoption expert who will explain every step of the adoption process. Our experts help create the adoption plan and ensure birth mothers are connected to the right resources.   

The Adoption Process

Giving your child up for adoption is an empowering and positive choice. Guaranteeing a safe, healthy, and loving environment for your child is a rewarding decision. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we walk our birth mothers through each stage of the adoption process.

The steps for adoption in Missouri: 

  1. Contact one of our experts at Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are a welcoming and safe space for our birth mothers.
  2. Meeting with one of our adoption specialists. Our specialists are always eager to meet new birth mothers. We are able to do in-person or virtual meetups. You let us know what your comfort  levels are. 
  3. Create your adoption plan. Every pregnancy is like a snowflake; no two are the same. The same goes for when we create your adoption plan. Each adoption plan is catered to the specific needs of our birth mothers. You’ll include pertinent information such as your delivery option, your financial budget, and approved medications. 
  4. Choosing the adoptive family. Your level of involvement in choosing the adoptive family is up to you. You have the option of working closely with our experts in reviewing and choosing the adoptive family.
  5. The baby arrives. Your adoption plan will also outline your delivery plan. This will include everything from the aesthetic of the room to what medications to administer. Don’t worry;our specialist will be present for this special day. 
  6. Post-Adoption Support. Our experts will provide emotional support via counseling. Healing and coping with a life-changing decision takes time and support. We also provide financial support for pregnancy-related expenses. 

Adoption in Missouri is a simple process that provides every birth mother with a choice. Our adoption counselors at Adoption Choices of Missouri are there to walk birth mothers through every part of the adoption process. 

What Adoption Resources Are Available?

As a birth mother considering adoption, it can be difficult to know what resources are available to you. It can be just as difficult to know how to access those resources. Our staff at Adoption Choices of Missouri are trained to connect you with the right resources. We will also provide support and counseling to all of our birth mothers. It is important to us that our birth mothers feel comforted and supported from beginning to end. 

As a birth mother, we provide a ton of available resources to you. We provide financial assistance with pregnancy-related expenses during pregnancy.  Financial assistance can cover every living expense, like food, transportation, and maternity clothes. We also provide assistance for rent, utilities, and phone bills. Your eligibility for financial assistance is dependent on your current living situation. We try to meet our birth mothers where they are and provide the most support we can. 

As a birth mother, medical expenses are a given, as medical care is a must. We are strong advocates for the health of both our birth mothers and their children. In ensuring that advocacy, we help with prenatal care. Safety for our birth mothers and their children is also a top priority of ours. Stable housing is a safe haven that can help alleviate stress by providing consistent security. A good night’s rest provides everyone with the mental clarity and space needed to make informed decisions. For any of our birth mothers experiencing homelessness or facing any hardships, we are here to help. We will provide safe housing, as it is an essential space for birth mothers. 

Can I Maintain A Relationship With The Adoptive Family? 

Adoption does not automatically terminate communication with your child. Open adoption is one of the options that fosters a relationship between the adoptive family and the birth mother. As an open adoption agency, we support and encourage birth mothers to explore their options. 

Open adoption allows for an open line of communication between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Semi-open adoption only allows for important life developments to be shared. Finally, closed adoption is just that – closed. No information is shared between the birth mother and the adoptive family. 

Let Our Adoption Experts Help

Facing challenging hardships during pregnancy is difficult for any birth mother to navigate through. Adoption might be your only option, and that is okay. You are not alone, nor do you have to do this alone. Adoption is an empowering and courageous choice. Our experts here at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here, ready to help. If you are pregnant and need adoption assistance, give us a call. We are here to help. 

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How to Maintain Your Health During the Adoption Process

How to Maintain Your Health During the Adoption Process

By Brendan Finegan

When you’re having an unplanned pregnancy, there are probably more thoughts swirling through your brain than you can count. What’s going to happen to you? And what about your baby? Even when you’re considering adoption, you’re still going to want to ensure that you and your baby have the best possible options. Always know that there will be an adoption plan that’s the right fit for you.

After you’ve chosen adoption, though, you’re going to want to maintain your health through the adoption process. Your health may be the largest stress that you endure while pregnant. However, through the proper resources, effective assistance, and compassionate guidance, you’ll be alright. Having the best access to the best quality prenatal care can be a reality for you with Adoption Choices of Missouri. If you’re still feeling worried about your health while being pregnant, look at the best ways to take care of yourself.

Ways to Form Healthy Habits While Choosing Adoption

1. Schedule Visits With Your Doctor

As soon as you know that you’re pregnant, it is crucial that you see a health professional. Your pregnancy will need to consist of multiple medical visits to see how you and your baby are doing. Any health complications can be best detected and prevented through regular doctor visits. Your pregnancy is a sensitive and complicated process, so know that prenatal care is designed to help you with a safe and timely delivery.

If accessing medical visits is a problem for you, Adoption Choices of Missouri will be able to assist with gaining prenatal care. Through your adoption plan, you’ll have an adoption specialist who’ll be able to sort through the details of your medical needs. It is critical that you get the medical attention that you need, so don’t worry about gaining health check-ups for yourself when you choose Missouri adoption. With adoption in Missouri, you’ll be able to discuss important topics with your doctor, such as family health history, personal health problems, and healthy weight gain. Our top priority is to make sure that you have a safe and healthy delivery of your baby.

2. Form a Healthy Diet

What you consume is going to be an ongoing factor while you’re pregnant. Not only is what you eat going to be important to your health but also to your baby’s. For starters, all smoking and alcohol consumption must stop immediately after you’ve confirmed that you’re pregnant. If you feel that you may struggle in these areas, that is where your adoption plan with Adoption Choices of Missouri can help. And changing what you eat will be critical to you and your baby. Increasing your intake of folic acid will help you create new healthy cells that can prevent major birth defects of your baby’s brain and spine. You should also avoid eating spicy food while pregnant.

3. Stay Physically Active

Whatever you do physically will help you and your baby through the adoption process. Maintaining regular exercise routines will be able to help you manage changes to your weight while pregnant. You can still have impactful exercises even if you feel like you’re someone who never had rigorous workout sessions before becoming pregnant. Make sure you warm up and cool down before exercising and having daily workouts will be good for consistency. Even something as simple as going for a walk will be beneficial. Just make sure to avoid exercising in hot weather and do not participate in activities where you might fall or get hit. If you feel like you’re overly straining yourself or have any questions on what exercises are most appropriate, consult your doctor. 

4. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep will be crucial to ensure that you have enough energy and mental awareness to have a healthy pregnancy. The recommended amount of sleep that you should be getting every night is 8-10 hours. With the appropriate amount of sleep, you’ll help your immune system, which is likely to be weakened when you’re pregnant. You’ll also be restoring your blood sugar levels from all the extra flow in your body. If you feel like getting that much sleep is going to be difficult for you, try to rest for eight hours every night. What is most important is that you have a sleep routine that is consistent and effective for you. You can take a daytime nap, but make sure not to sleep for more than an hour. Avoid drinking too many liquids before bed so you don’t disrupt your sleep and need to use the bathroom.

5. Finding Emotional Support

One of the largest and most unspoken areas of the adoption process is your mental health. Your physical health is important, but your mental state needs to have the necessary attention. Adoption Choices of Missouri will be able to provide you with the emotional counseling that comes with your adoption plan. Whatever assortment of thoughts and worries you’re having is perfectly natural. Make sure you sort through these fears with your adoption specialist. With an effective adoption plan built for you, you’ll have a calm and confident demeanor throughout the adoption process. You won’t have to worry about any uncertainty about what will happen to you and your baby when choosing adoption in Missouri.

We Are Here for You Throughout Your Entire Adoption Journey

The fear of choosing adoption is going to be a part of the adoption process. However, you do not have to have these worries consume you. If you’re worried about what your health might look like while pregnant, make sure to contact Adoption Choices of Missouri for assistance. Just because you have an unplanned pregnancy does not mean that you shouldn’t receive the resources for a healthy adoption process. The health of you and your baby will always be the most important part of your adoption plan. Even if you feel like you’re giving your child up for adoption, know that you’re going to provide you and your baby with the healthiest and most successful life possible.

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Unwrapping Holiday Joy and Grief (for birth parents)

Unwrapping Holiday Joy and Grief (for birth parents)

By Alexis Watson

Adoption can be a frightening thing to consider, especially with all the negative stereotypes and misinformation surrounding it. Instead, considering adoption should be seen as the powerful choice that it is. Adoption in Missouri is a life-altering and gratifying decision-making process for a lot of birth mothers. Adoption is an empowering choice because it allows you to manifest a secure future for your child. Giving a child up for adoption shouldn’t be a stopping point in your parental or life journey. It’s an experience along the way. Now that the experience is over and the adoption is finalized, what’s next? 

Well, first, our counselors here at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to guide and support you. We are here to provide our birth mothers with unconditional support and guidance for their unplanned pregnancies. Trying to navigate the next steps post-adoption can be scary, but that’s what our counselors are here for. We’re here to help our birth mothers tap into all of their support networks.

I’ve Finalized The Adoption Process And Am Experiencing A Lot Of Emotions.

You’ve finalized your adoption, and you are experiencing a flurry of emotions. You might feel a sense of gratitude now that the adoption process is over. But you might also feel a sense of emptiness. The past year, you’ve been focused on your health, your pregnancy, and creating an adoption plan. Now that the adoption process is done, you may be unsure of what to do next. 

In trying to determine the next steps, you might be considering whether children in the future is an option for you. Parenthood ending at adoption is a common misperception. Adoption does not forfeit your opportunity to have children in the future. Birth mothers can and often do have more children in the future.

It’s not uncommon to experience periods of guilt throughout the adoption process even when considering having future children. It’s important that when our birth mothers feel these emotions arise they speak to one of our counselors. Our counselors at Adoption Choice of Missouri are here to provide emotional support via counseling.  

Navigating Life Post Adoption

Finalizing the adoption process can stir up waves of conflicting emotions. That’s completely normal and okay. Acknowledging your emotions and talking them through sets the foundation for the coping and healing process. When coping with a life-changing experience, it’s important to tap into your network of supporters. Your network of supporters might be: 

  • Family. Finding family members who support your decision and will offer unwavering support during your process is critical. It can be your parents, a sibling, an aunt or uncle, a cousin—anyone. It’s important to lean on family members that you trust to help support you through this. 
  • Therapist/Counselor. Once you’ve finalized your adoption with us at Adoption Choice of Missouri, we will continue to support you. We schedule regular counseling sessions with all of our birth mothers who choose to speak with a counselor. We help birth mothers like you navigate difficult decisions and share tips on how best to manage emotions. 
  • Support Groups. A support group is a great way to connect and foster relationships with other birth mothers on their adoption journey. Support groups are known for providing a safe space, words of encouragement, and advice. 
  • Friends. Connect with your friends and let them know what’s going on. Share how you’re feeling, how you’re doing, and how you need them to support you. Don’t be shy about telling them about the ways they can support you. Be open and honest with them about what your needs are. You might be surprised at how they can help. 

As you navigate the final stages of your adoption process, stay connected to those who love and support you. 

How Can My Self-Care Routine Help With My Adoption Process?

Healing and coping through the adoption process will look different for everyone. An unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional journey. The adoption process can be as well. As you go through these emotional journeys, it’s important that you love yourself a little extra. The best way to show yourself extra love is by establishing a self-care routine. 

Some might wonder how and if a self-care routine can help during this process. The simple answer is yes, it does. A self-care routine will allow you to declutter your mind, identify your emotions, and move with intention. It’s an empowering practice that will help you center and align your body, mind, and spirit. Adopting a habitual self-care routine post-adoption will help you navigate your next steps. 

When developing a self-care routine, it is important that you:
  • Choose to do something you like doing. Find that thing that you enjoy and helps you feel centered. It could be something small like taking a bubble bath while listening to music. It could be something more active, like going to the gym and lifting weights. Find the thing that helps revitalize you. Doing something you like to do only solidifies the consistency of the practice. 
  • When choosing the thing you like to do, consider if it’s already a part of your everyday life. If it isn’t, think about ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Can you squeeze your routine in before breakfast, during lunch, or after work? Figure out a way that you can merge your daily routine and self-care routine so the two can coexist. 
  • Create a schedule. A self-care routine is not a routine if you practice it infrequently. Be intentional about showing up for yourself. Put it on your calendar. You can practice it daily or every other day. It’s important that you practice it at least once or twice a week. 
  • As you develop and practice your self-care routine, remain flexible. One day the timing for the routine may work, other days it won’tYou might have too many things on your schedule that day. You might be running behind on time. Whatever the reasoning is, know that it’s okay. 

Figuring out life post-adoption can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important during any stage of the adoption process that you, as a birth mother, stay connected. Stay connected to your networks of support and with your counselors here at Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are here to help guide and support you through counseling and connect you to our pool of adoption resources. 

If you are pregnant and are considering adoption, give us a call today. Our experts are ready to answer any question, provide more information, and share resources.

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Adoption support through the holidays

Get Missouri Adoption Support During the Holidays

By Brendan Finegan

Even during the holiday season, many birth mothers will need access to expedient and impactful adoption services. Adoption Choices of Missouri will be with you every step of the adoption process to provide you with guidance and support. We understand that the holidays already have stressful expectations of family festivities. But that doesn’t need to stop you from creating the family that you want for yourself. If you’re considering adoption, Missouri adoption is here to support you during the holiday season.

You’ll Receive Counseling During the Adoption Process

With every adoption plan, birth mothers are eligible for counseling sessions to help battle the emotional woes they’re facing. You’ll never have to worry about navigating the journey of adoption alone. If you’re worried about having the proper family support during the holidays, you’ll have an adoption specialist to lean on for guidance and assurance. No birth mother should have to walk the path of adoption alone during the holidays, so Adoption Choices of Missouri will be with you every step of the way.

The support that you’ll receive from adoption in Missouri will continue after your due date. We want to make sure that you find meaning and fulfillment in your adoption plan. There can be many emotions swirling in your mind after adoption, so you’ll have access to counseling and emotional support post-placement. We want to not only affirm you for your difficult decisions during adoption but also assist you after your delivery date. Know that you can still choose to have a family of your own someday for many holiday seasons to come.

You’ll Have 24/7 Access to an Adoption Agency

No matter what time of day or year it is, you’ll have consistent and open access to Adoption Choices of Missouri. We provide 24/7 contact for you. You can utilize whatever form of contact that is most convenient for you. We’ll be able to provide 24/7 services through phone calls, texts, emails, or direct messages sent to an adoption agency near you. When you contact us, you’ll be able to specify what services you’ll need, such as speaking with an adoption specialist or creating an adoption. Whether you have an adoption plan or already have a baby, you’ll be able to have access to adoption services during the holidays.

You’ll Still Have Access to Birth Plans

Adoption Choices of Missouri has three different adoption plans for when you choose adoption in Missouri. Each plan is designed to fit your needs and standards of your adoption plan. Once you’ve gotten in touch with an adoption agency in Missouri, you’ll meet with an adoption specialist to discuss the details of what you need in an adoption. You’ll go over the adoption types that best align with what you want from an adoptive family. Take a look at the different adoption types outlined below to see what you’d be most comfortable with in an adoption plan

  • Open adoption: You’ll be able to choose and meet your birth parents during the adoption process. Depending on the level of contact you both agree with, you’ll have contact with the birth parents and your child after your due date. Post-placement communication typically involves emails, letters, phone calls, and in-person visits.
  • Semi-open adoption: During the adoption process, you’ll communicate with your birth parents through a third party; sometimes, face-to-face meetings occur with your adoption specialist present. After your due date, there typically aren’t any in-person visits with your child.
  • Closed adoption: You will have no choice of your adoptive family and will not have contact with them; Adoption Choices of Missouri will select the adoptive family for your baby. After your delivery date, you’ll have no communication with your child.

Carefully review the adoption choices that’ll come with your adoption plan. All these options are available during the holiday season. You’ll be able to contact adoption agencies in Missouri and create an adoption plan that’s right for you. And there are plenty of adoptive parents who’ll want to collaborate with you during the holiday season. The holidays are not a time for you to sit and swell over what you should do with an unplanned pregnancy. Instead, you’ll be able to find an adoptive family with the adoptive type that you approve of.

Have Financial Assistance With Your Adoption Plan

The holiday season can be a financially tight time for people. The last worry you need is having to figure out the finances of your pregnancy and adoption plan. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, you’ll receive the financial assistance needed for a safe delivery. Depending on your adoption plan, your adoptive family can help with your finances during your pregnancy. And you’ll receive assistance with your finances after your due date. If you’re still worried about certain expenses you’ll be facing during an unplanned pregnancy, look at the financial areas that adoption agencies in Missouri can help you with.

  • Rent and utilities.
  • Food and groceries.
  • Transportation to doctor appointments.
  • Maternity clothes.
  • Medical services, such as prenatal care and hospital expenses.
  • Counseling sessions, even after the placement of your baby.

You’ll Always Have Support With Adoption During the Holidays

The holiday season is already filled with family and financial stresses. You don’t need an unplanned pregnancy to add to the woes that you may be feeling. Just because you are considering adoption during the holidays does not mean that you cannot have the family life that you want. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to empower you with the choices needed for a successful adoption. And there are plenty of adoptive families that are willing to travel to help with your adoption. You’re not giving your child up for adoption, but instead giving them and yourself the most opportune life for many holidays to come.

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Unplanned pregnancy and choosing adoption during the holiday season

Unplanned Pregnancy and Choosing Adoption During the Holiday Season

By Alexis Watson

Holidays are a time for laughter, cheer, and joy. It’s the season of giving and being surrounded by loved ones. However, you are staring back at a positive pregnancy test. You become acutely aware that you are not able or ready to raise a child. As you are engulfed in the holiday spirit, you feel everything but happiness. Now, being faced with unplanned pregnancies, you are battling mixed emotions. An unplanned pregnancy can cause feelings of fear and confusion.

You are conflicted as you are considering adoption. You’re wondering how the child’s father and our family might react as you contemplate giving a child up for adoption. Adoption has since been riddled with negative stereotypes, and misinformation has been shared. Panic might set in as questions about adoption, the adoption process, and which steps to take race through your mind. But, not to worry. Our expert team at Adoption Choices of Missouri will guide you through all of the resources available to you. We will answer all of your questions, hear your concerns, and talk through your fears. We want you, as the birth mother, to feel secure and informed when making a life-changing decision. You aren’t abandoning your child. You are giving them a future. 

The Adoption Process in Missouri

Step 1: Adoption Agencies

The first step when deciding on adoption in Missouri is finding an adoption agency. We have many adoption agencies in Missouri that will be more than willing to help. You can give us a visit or call anytime. Our experts are readily available to help pregnant women and birth parents create a unique adoption plan. We understand how emotionally taxing the adoption process can be, so we provide emotional support through counseling. We also strongly encourage all of our birth mothers and families to develop and practice a good self-care regime. Emotional health is just as important as physical and mental health. 

Step 2: Adoption Plan

Now you’ve met with an expert at one of our local adoption agencies in Missouri, let’s draft your adoption plan. An adoption plan allows you to voice and implement your wants and desires for you and your child. The decision is yours. Our specialists at Adoption Choices of Missouri will cater to your adoptive needs. You have your adoption plan outlined, given birth, and you’ve chosen the family, so what’s next? 

Step 3: Adoption Resources 

The adoption process and adoption plan have stirred up a concoction of conflicting emotions. It is important that as you go through these emotions, you identify each one. The emotional impact on those considering adoption is unique to each person. Our specialists at Adoption Choices of Missouri understand and are aware of this. Our experts will connect you with our trained counselors to help you get through those conflicting emotions. They will help you identify those emotions, understand them, and cope with them. Being and maintaining your emotional health is crucial throughout the adoption process

Can I Receive Financial Assistance During The Adoption Process?

Adoption in Missouri for you and other birth mothers is free. There is no cost to you. But what about assistance? You are struggling with housing, and/or you are having a hard time covering your pregnancy medical costs. No worries. We offer financial support to those eligible. 

Once you meet with our experts, draft your adoption plan, and your needs are accessed, we will make a determination on your eligibility. If you are eligible for assistance, we at Adoption Choices of Missouri will be able to provide you with assistance based on your needs. We will be able to assist by covering some living expenses and medical bills related to the pregnancy. Our experts will make a determination of how much assistance is needed once they develop your adoption plan. Considering adoption is already worrisome, we don’t want you or our birth mothers to undergo any additional stress. The baby’s health as well as yours is vital. 

Choosing Adoption in Missouri

Considering adoption for your unplanned pregnancy is a difficult decision to make. You are now tasked with making the best decision based on you and your child’s needs. Sometimes those needs can conflict with one another causing an emotional stir. It is important that you know you are not alone. 

Our agencies and staff are trained and ready to help guide and support you through this process. We offer emotional support, counseling, and financial assistance based on eligibility. We will listen to your fears, concerns and answer any questions. One of our goals is to be a strong advocate for birth mothers like you. We will help you make the best decision for your child’s future. 

If you are ready and in need of support and guidance, call Adoption Choices of Missouri. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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A Guide For Life After Adoption

A Guide For Life After Adoption 

By Alexis Watson

You’ve been considering adoption for your child and have decided to move forward with the adoption process. You met with our counselors at Adoption Choices of Missouri after researching adoption in Missouri.  You told us about your unplanned pregnancy and your interest in adoption. We’ve guided you through the adoption process, helped you create an adoption plan and we finalized the adoption. Now what? You may be feeling a flux of emotions. You might be feeling a sense of happiness as you’ve secured the future for your child. You might also be feeling a sense of guilt as you might second guess if you’ve made the right decision. Both of those feelings, and everything in between, are normal. You are trying to navigate your life and emotions post-adoption. Our adoption experts at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to help you manage life after adoption

You Finalized Your Adoption, But Aren’t Sure How You Feel

It is important that our birth mothers feel empowered after going through the life-altering adoption process. It is normal to be unable to clearly articulate your emotions once the adoption papers are signed and everything is finalized. You’ve decided you are giving child up for adoption, and now the process is done. You might be feeling a sense of emptiness. For the last several months, your mind has been wrapped around your unplanned pregnancy and the adoption process.  You might feel lost you don’t know what to do now that everything is done. You might be having a hard time deciding if you should go back to work or take some time off. You don’t want to act as if you didn’t just go through an emotional process. You also don’t want to rush your healing process. So you’re at an emotional standstill. All of this is normal.

Our birth mother often asks us, “What’s next?”. The first step is getting an understanding of how you feel. It is important to understand what you’re feeling and its impact. Our counselors at Adoption Choices of Missouri create a safe space for our birth mothers to communicate their feelings. We provide continued emotional support through counseling. Adoption in Missouri and beyond is a difficult process. Locating the right adoption agency is stressful. Considering adoption and finalizing adoption are both emotionally taxing processes. From beginning to end, we encourage our birth mothers like yourself to create and practice a self-care routine. We encourage this with the hopes that your self-care routine will become habitual. It is important that you are gentle on yourself throughout the adoption process, especially post-adoption

Coping Post-Adoption

Identifying your emotions, speaking with our counselors, and practicing a self-care routine are great coping mechanisms post-adoption.  It is important to discover healthy ways to cope with your decision. You shouldn’t feel shame or guilt for deciding to secure a future for your child. You should feel empowered, encouraged, and brave. Adoption is truly a difficult decision to make and you made it. You learned that you are able to handle and make difficult decisions. You should continue to learn new things about yourself. Learn new things such as life skills like gardening or farming. Try new interests such as crocheting, and mountain biking. Explore new ventures like starting the business you’ve been interested in or going to, or back to, school. Your life doesn’t have to stop at adoption

Parenthood Post Adoption

You might think that you shouldn’t be allowed to have a family post-adoption. You might be questioning your capabilities of loving your future children especially since you’ve placed your child up for adoption. You might feel guilty now that you are considering raising a family. These feelings, thoughts, and questions are very normal. Our birth mothers often contemplate all of the above. As they share their hopes and dreams for the future, our counselors are there listening, guiding and providing support. We encourage our birth mothers to act in their best interests. So if they choose to have a family in the future, we will support their decision. Here at Adoption Choices of Missouri, we are a judgment-free space for both pregnant women and birth mothers. We do not condone or tolerate hate or discrimination in any form.

Just because you have finalized your adoption process does not mean your parental journey is over. Parenthood is just that, a journey and adoption is one of the stops for many. 

Adoption does not mean:

  • You terminated your ability or choice of wanting to have children in the future. 
  • Adoption does not mean you have to stop living your life. 

Adoption does mean:

  • You have the option to make a decision in the best interest of your child. 
  • You are able to promise your child a future in which you’ve secured. 

Adoption is your choice and you should feel confident in making that choice. 

If you have an unplanned pregnancy, contemplated adoption, or need additional support during your adoption process, contact us today. Our adoption counselors at Adoption Choices of Missouri are waiting to hear from you. 

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Know What Adoption Types Are Available to You During the Holidays

Know What Adoption Types Are Available to You During the Holidays

By Brendan Finegan

Considering adoption can be a stressful and lonely experience for birth mothers. Sometimes you may not have the support to navigate the hardships of the adoption process. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, you may feel that now isn’t the appropriate time to consider adoption. Aren’t the holidays about family gatherings and creating lasting memories with your loved ones? How can you have a Missouri adoption when everyone else is focused on their own families?

Adoption Choices of Missouri will provide you with the answers to your unplanned pregnancy. Even when considering adoption during the holidays, you will be able to find an effective adoption plan that’s the right fit for you and your baby. Your worries about finding an adoption during this time of year are completely valid but know that adoption is a process that is designed to empower your life. With the right plan, you will be able to ease your anxieties and gain compassionate support. If choosing adoption cannot wait, take a look at the adoption types that are available to you.

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, you will be able to maintain ongoing communication with the adoptive family after your due date. Throughout the entire adoption process, you will have contact with the adoptive family that you choose. If you want to have close ties with your adoptive family during and after the adoption process, then open adoption may be your best option. Depending on the adoption plan that you select with your adoption specialist, you’ll be able to have a connection with your baby after adoption. 

Open adoption is perfect for birth mothers who want to have a relationship with their child but are not in the right place to raise a baby. If you’re not ready for motherhood, that is okay. Open adoption is designed to give you the relationship with your child that’s right for you. And even during the holiday season, there’s an adoptive family that wants nothing more than to build the family that’s right for them. 

You’ll be able to decide upon details of what contact will look like after the adoptive family brings your child home. With open adoption, you’ll be able to exchange emails, letters, and schedule in-person visits with your adoptive family. We understand that you may be going through the struggles of adoption this holiday season. Know that you can set yourself up for long-term happiness by being able to have communication and visits with your child for future holidays.

Semi-Open Adoption

With a semi-open adoption plan, you’ll have limited or occasional contact with your adoptive family. Leading up to your due date, you’ll have the option of pre-birth, face-to-face meetings, but you won’t have direct communication with your child after adoption. You will have to decide what level of communication is going to be most appropriate for you after the adoption process. If you want some contact with your adoptive family but don’t want to regularly see your child after adoption, then semi-open adoption may be best for you. Remember, adoption is about setting yourself up for long-term success and comfort. Semi-open adoption may be a great choice if you only want to receive letters or photos of your child during future holiday seasons.

Closed Adoption

If you choose closed adoption, you’ll have no contact with the adoptive family during and after adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri will select from adoption agencies near you to find an adoptive family. You will not have any say in which adoptive family will be bringing your child home. Birth mothers may feel guilt or grief for wanting no contact with their child or adoptive family. But remember, whichever adoption plan you choose, it is designed to bring you peace of mind. You should be able to have the contact that you’re most comfortable with because you still need to live your most ideal life after adoption. Adoption is built for you to have the family life that you want for many years to come. If you want to have a child when you’re ready for future holidays, then closed adoption may be best for you.

Adoption is Here to Empower You

Regardless of what adoption type you may feel is best for you, there’s no need to justify your reasoning. You need to find the adoption plan that is going to establish a foundation of peace, prosperity, and joy for future holidays. And remember that you’re not giving your child up for adoption, but instead giving them the most opportune life. This holiday season may be a time of emotional battles and woes while choosing adoption. But whichever adoption plan you choose with adoption in Missouri, you’ll have the support that you need. Adoption will allow you to have the family life that you want during the holiday season.