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Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day

By Julian Burgos


If you are a birth father who had to put your baby up for adoption, Father’s Day might be a difficult day for you. It might be a reminder of the difficult decision you had to make for your child. However, at Adoption Choices of Missouri, we believe that this can be a day full of pride and joy for your baby. This is a day that serves as an opportunity to reflect on the new life you provided for your child. It’s also a day to remember the life-changing sacrifice you made for them. It can also be an opportunity to cherish and celebrate your relationship with your child and their adoptive parents.

Adoption Choices of Missouri wishes to recognize every kind of father this coming Father’s Day, especially birth fathers. We would also like to share some thoughtful and wonderful ways that you could spend Father’s Day as a birth parent. If you are not able to celebrate this day with your child, we also offer alternative ways to spend this day.

A Celebration Dinner for Your Child’s Adoption

If your adoption plan consists of a semi-open or open adoption, you may have the benefit of being in regular contact with your child. This Father’s Day can be an opportunity to spend time with your child and their adopted family and have a celebratory dinner. A meal with your loved ones is a great way of bonding and celebrating Father’s Day. If you are fortunate enough to have a great relationship with your child’s adoptive family, consider this option.

Semi-Open or Open Adoption Options: Plan a Day of Your Favorite Activities

Spending Father’s Day doing the things you love can be a great way of enjoying the holiday. Having the benefit of maintaining a relationship with your child and spending the day with them can be beneficial as well. Holidays can offer a chance to catch up and connect with your child if time has passed without face-to-face contact. Whether it be spending time outdoors, going to see a movie or a concert, or attending a sports game, it is your day. You decide how you want to spend that time with the people you love.

Get Back in Touch with Your Child and Reflect on their Adoption

Even if you decide during your adoption process to have an open adoption with your baby, it is still possible to lose touch. Life can get busy for everyone. Perhaps enough time has passed when you haven’t spoken with your child or heard from them. This Father’s Day can be a chance to reach out and catch up. Plan a time during the day to set up a call or video chat. You could also send a letter letting them know you’re thinking of them. An advantage of technology in today’s world is that it’s easier than ever to reconnect with loved ones.

Counseling and Therapy with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Perhaps you’re in a place in life where you don’t feel like celebrating Father’s Day or any holiday for that matter. That is completely fine. You are allowed to feel this way and there are support groups designed to help. Agencies like ours don’t just specialize in private adoption services for an unplanned pregnancy. We offer counseling to all of our birth parents who are in need of someone to guide them through their issues. Whatever you may be going through, whether it be emotional problems or things outside of your control, we can help. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us. This Father’s Day can be an opportunity for you to seek counseling and talk therapy through our agency.

Celebrate Fathers and Birth Fathers with Adoption Choices of Missouri

The focus on fatherhood and parenthood this upcoming Father’s Day can be a good time to think about an adoption in Missouri. Adoption is an admirable decision and simply another type of parenting. Just ask our countless adoptive families who have used our adoption American services to find their perfect baby. Our local adoption agencies in Missouri have combined decades of experience helping birth parents find the right adoptive parents for their children.

The adoption services that come from our private and licensed agency will put the needs of your baby at the top of our list. If you have recently searched for “pregnant help” or “adopt help,” Adoption Choices of Missouri is more than willing to help. Use this Father’s Day as a reminder of the good that adoption can provide to thousands of adoptive families, and schedule a consultation today. A local adoption in Missouri means our adoption professionals can even come to you if you need us to. 

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Choosing a Single Man to Adopt My Baby

Choosing a Single Man to Adopt My Baby

By: Noah Abrams

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and contemplating placing your baby for adoption, you may have reservations. The adoption process can be a stressful and emotional time for the birth mother. You may have feelings of guilt, sadness, and anxiety due to your decision. Choosing adoption for your child takes the birth mother on a journey that can be difficult to navigate, especially alone. Outside of creating an adoption plan, choosing the adoptive parent(s) is an important decision for the birth mother. 

Traditionally, birth mothers place their child with a married couple. Though true, it is not the only option for birth mothers. Following the norm or traditional path through adoption doesn’t have to be your reality. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we believe all qualified potential adoptive parents should get the chance, single fathers included. That said, we will educate you about single-father adoptions and their potential fit for you.

5 Reasons Why a Birth Mother Would Choose a Single Man to Adopt Her Baby

If you are a single man looking to adopt, help is available through our adoption agencies in Missouri. Being a single father doesn’t make you any less qualified or capable of juggling these responsibilities. Five reasons why you should consider choosing a single man are:

  1. Stability. Single parents typically have a more stable situation. Dealing with difficult life situations like divorce won’t be an issue and your child can be fully cared for. 
  2. Being qualified. Any of the potential adoptive parents we work with have been thoroughly vetted. We require an extensive background check and home study of them, ensuring they are qualified. ‘
  3. One household voice. Being in a house with two dominant voices can be confusing, which can happen with married couples. Your child won’t have to balance two different ways of parenting, which can be stressful. Differing parental demands are eliminated when choosing a single man.
  4. More attention to your child. When dealing with a single man, you won’t have to worry about your child competing for his attention. With no significant other, he will be able to focus most of his time and attention on nurturing your child.
  5. Financial freedom and flexibility. Single men are typically well off financially. Marriage comes with financial expenses that can hinder parents from providing the most for a child. A single man won’t have this issue and will be able to provide all that is needed.

Being a single parent is difficult for anyone, no matter the sex. Taking on the full responsibility of a child alone can be difficult and overwhelming. Balancing the demands of a job and a child can weigh on anyone, even single and married women. 

How to Find a Single Man to Adopt My Baby

There are various factors to consider when choosing potential adoptive parents for your child. You definitely want to find out as much background information as possible. This is the case whether a married couple or a single man is your preference as an adoptive parent. If you do choose a single man, you should ensure he is ready for fatherhood. Some things to look out for in a single man are:

  • Lifestyle. If a single man is looking to adopt a kid, specifically your kid, you should find out as much as you can about him. This includes the kind of personality he has, and his favorite hobbies or interests. You should also learn what he likes to do in his free time. This includes if he prefers being out all of the time or is a homebody. His lifestyle can help you determine his level of maturity, responsibility, and availability for your child.


  • Environment. Finding out if a single man is in an environment that is conducive to raising a child. You should know the kind of neighborhood he lives in and how that could potentially impact your child. You should also inquire about his circle of friends and family and get insight from them as well.


  • Financial Stability. Being able to financially provide for your child is important. Because of this, you should know his financial situation. This includes ensuring he has a stable job that pays well enough to take care of the child. 

All of the insight you find out will aid in the decision you make. You should be sure to do your homework on any potential adoptive parents. This will give you the best chance at choosing the ideal adoptive parents for your child.

Is the Adoption Process Different if a Single Man Adopts My Baby?

Outside of offering beneficial resources to the families we work with, you are considering adoption in Missouri, being reputable, knowledgeable, and inclusive are important characteristics adoption agencies should have. Regarding inclusivity, we aim for this, especially when evaluating potential adoptive parents. We won’t deny potential adoptive families based on things like sex or marital status. Additionally, it is difficult to find the perfect adoptive parent(s). To those points, the adoption process is exactly the same if a single man is looking to adopt a baby. There are no additional unnecessary steps if a single man is chosen to adopt through our adoption service

Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri Today to Learn More About Single Men Adoptions 

Have you recently wondered, “How do I put my baby for adoption?” If you are pregnant, help is available through our private adoptive service. We are a fully licensed adoption agency with many years of experience helping birthmothers and adoptive parents alike. With counselors available 24/7, our goal is to be there for you whenever you need us. We offer multiple resources to make the adoption process a seamless transition for you. 

If you are considering adoption in Missouri or looking to adopt a child in Missouri, contact Adoption Choices of Missouri to get started! 

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Birth Father Adoption Consent Rights in Missouri: Does My Husband or Committed Partner Need to Consent to My Adoption?

Birth Father Adoption Consent Rights in Missouri: Does My Husband or Committed Partner Need to Consent to My Adoption?

By Julian Burgos

Every state in the US has unique laws when it comes to parental consent rights in adoption cases. If you are in a committed relationship with your partner, you will want to know how their parental rights will influence your adoption. This is especially important if you are married because your husband has unique parental rights that will differ from a nonmarried couple. Missouri has specific laws when it comes to parental consent in adoption cases, but they widely vary for every individual’s situation. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed and private adoption agency that can help answer any questions for you concerning adoption. We are here to guide you in your adoption process. Despite this, we would also like to stress that the information in this article does not constitute professional legal advice.

The Legal Requirement of Birth Father or Presumed Father Consent for Adoption

Every adoption case is unique depending on the birth parent’s circumstances and the level of availability of the birth father. Do you need consent from the birth father to proceed with the adoption? In many cases, yes. However, this widely depends on how committed your relationship is to the birth father and how much they are in the picture. Marriage will greatly impact the level of consent for both birth parents, especially if the birth father is available. You will most likely need consent from your husband before you decide to proceed with an adoption. If the birth parents are in a committed relationship but not married, this could also influence the rights of the birth father. Again, every situation is unique. We strongly advise you to seek this specific kind of adoption help from a licensed adoption attorney.

What if My Partner is No Longer Available or Willing to Help with My Unplanned Pregnancy?

If the birth father of your child is no longer willing to help with your unplanned pregnancy, this could greatly affect his parental rights. It all depends on if the birth father is no longer available or willing to express any consent to the adoption. If this is the case, you may be able to proceed with adoption with the help of specific adoption agencies in Missouri. Like every state in the US, an adoption in Missouri has specific procedures that must be followed before going through with it. This is why we highly recommend that you consult with an adoption attorney or professional to discuss your situation. We have adoption professionals who can also guide you through every stage of your private adoption service.

The Importance of Open Communication and Shared Decision-Making with Your Partner

If your birth father wishes to consent to our agency’s adoption service as well, it can make your adoption plan much more efficient. You won’t have to deal with the stress of the birth father disagreeing with the adoption. This period of time can actually be beneficial for the two of you. Open communication with one another can make the adoption process run smoothly and you’ll be able to rely on each other.

Many birth mothers don’t have the benefit of having their child’s birth father be present in this process. If your birth father consents to the adoption and is willing to help you, that is one more person you can lean on. This is important when it comes to making decisions on your baby’s behalf. Shared decision-making with your partner can take a lot of pressure off you. This can help you feel like you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Adoption is a Loving Act that Begins with a Reputable Agency

Many people still believe that adoption is wrong or irresponsible. This is simply not true. Every birth parent has their own unique circumstances. Many birth mothers are put in a situation that forces them to make the selfless decision to put their baby up for adoption. Our agency is here to help change the narrative of adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri and our other agencies in the United States believe that adoption is an act of love. It is a decision made in order to help give your child a better life. For decades we have provided exceptional care to thousands of birth parents and adoptive families. If you have recently searched “adopt help” or “pregnant help,” our agency is just a call away. Please contact us or any of our agencies across the United States for any adoption questions or concerns.


Navigating Adoption When the Father is Unknown

Navigating Adoption When the Father is Unknown

By: Noah Abrams

When experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption in Missouri, you should know that you are not alone. It can be stressful in the midst of a difficult life situation. As the birth mother, you may have various concerns, worries, and emotions toward placing your child for adoption. This is especially true if the father is unknown, unsupportive, or uninterested during this journey. Though each adoption process is complex, reputable adoption agencies in Missouri can support and advocate for you. 

It is common for fathers to be unknown or unsupportive of birth mothers throughout their adoption journey. Because of this, you may feel anxious and second-guess placing your child for adoption. If this is the case, you should know that you can still go through with adoption without the father. It is a choice that is entirely up to you and the birth mother. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you create your adoption plan and navigate this journey.

Definition of a Birth Father in Missouri and Their Legal Rights

If you are seeking private adoption services with an unknown, unsupportive, or uninterested birth father, they still have rights. In Missouri, the birth father is the biological father of a potential or currently adopted child. His role is essential in creating an adoption plan backed by legal protocols. The birth father’s rights and responsibilities depend on different factors. This includes the relationship between him and the birth mother, as well as how involved he is during pregnancy and making decisions. 

Have you thought, “How do I put my baby up for adoption?” If so, it is essential to understand that the birth father has rights. Before beginning the adoption process in Missouri, the birth father must agree to it. The exception to this is if a court has terminated his parental rights. Usually, if the birth father and birth mother are married, his approval is needed. If this is not the case, he would need to establish his paternity to consent to the adoption legally.

In Missouri, birth fathers must be notified when adoption proceeds. This allows the birth father to utilize his parental rights and engage in the adoption process if desired. He will have to take the necessary steps to establish paternity legally if he hasn’t already. This can be done through a legal procedure or by submitting to genetic testing.  

As mentioned, the birth father can be involved in the adoption plan and important decisions required throughout the process. This includes selecting the adoptive parents, the type of adoption, and other important decisions. If needed, birth fathers can seek support and counseling services to navigate their emotions. Understanding the circumstances, it is an emotional scenario for both the birth mother and father. 

Adoption in Missouri with an Unknown or Unsupportive Birth Father

Birth mothers typically can choose adoption without the birth father’s consent if he is unknown. Putative father registries are an option for birth fathers looking to exercise their parental rights. Though true, if you don’t know the birth father, he would not be aware of the adoption. If the birth father doesn’t complete a putative father registry, he does not have to be informed about it. 

It is important to emphasize to your child why you chose adoption for them if you remain connected. This is especially true when the father is unknown. Explaining this to your child can be difficult, as they will likely have questions that you can’t answer. Reinforcing your love for your child and the loving choice of placing them for adoption is essential. 

If the birth father is known but unsupportive, the adoption process can be affected. He can exercise his parental rights if he proves he can provide for the child. The adoption can proceed as desired if he fails to do so. If this is the case, the birth father couldn’t prove financial stability or is considered an unfit parent. A history of abuse or mental ailments are examples of potential factors in deeming him unfit. In this scenario, you would have authority over all significant decisions relating to the adoption plan. You can allow the birth father to have input, but you have the final say in what happens. 

Birth fathers may not understand your decision to choose adoption. It is essential to educate them and explain your decision. He should know whether you are financially unstable or mentally unprepared. Above all else, explain that your decision was made with the highest degree of love and care.

Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri to Connect with a Caseworker

If you are looking for adoption services and are pregnant, help can be given through a reputable adoption center. We serve as one, helping birth mothers regardless of their situation. We will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. With knowledgeable counselors available 24/7, our goal is to ease any stress you may have throughout this journey.

We want you to maximize your adoption plan as you see fit. With all you will go through, it is only fitting that you have the primary authority over decisions. Having additional stress from an unknown or unsupportive father can alter your plans. Because of this, it is essential to acknowledge and understand the rights of the birth father. We will assist you in any way, regardless of the birth father’s presence or lack thereof. Connecting with a caseworker or counselor will be beneficial in understanding what affects your adoption plan and how.

If you are considering adoption in Missouri, please get in touch with us today! We also work with potential adoptive families. If you want to adopt a kid, we can also work with you. Whether you are placing your child for adoption or looking to adopt, help is available. Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri today to get any questions answered and use our private adoption services.

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Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Birth Parent

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Birth Parent

By Julian Burgos

If you’re a birth parent that has recently completed the process of adoption, you’ll want to know your basic parental rights and responsibilities. The adoption process can become complicated and contain many different variables. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to guide you on this journey and provide you excellent adoption care. Our adoption specialists can help you navigate your adoption journey but we encourage you to consult with a lawyer as well. 

An adoption lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of adoption law and ensure that you know exactly what your rights are. In most adoption cases, the birth parents relinquish their parental rights to the adoptive family. It’s incredibly important to understand this relinquishing of parental rights before agreeing to any parental agreement. 

The Rights Termination of an Adoption Agreement

When you enter an adoption agreement, you’re terminating your parental rights and granting an adoptive family custody of your child. There are of course different conditions in every agreement, such as the level of contact you’ll have with your baby. 

However, it’s important to understand that your child is legally not yours anymore after both parties reach an agreement. This doesn’t mean that they are biologically not yours anymore. You and your child will always share a special connection no matter what your circumstances are. However, in the language of adoption law, custody now belongs to the adoptive family. 

Once you terminate your parental rights, the law will view your baby as the son or daughter of their adoptive parents. This can be difficult to accept but it is the reality of an adoption agreement and what it entails. 

Open Adoption and Semi-open Adoption Agreements 

Despite you relinquishing custody of your child to an adoptive family, you can still form other arrangements in the adoption agreement. You won’t have custody of your child anymore, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have any contact with them. Birth parents and adoptive parents can reach an agreement on the level of contact you will have with your baby. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri can provide you with a private adoption service and help you find the perfect adoptive parents for your child. We have adoptive parents who are willing to have an open adoption agreement with birth parents, as well as semi-open agreements. You will have the freedom of deciding how much contact you’ll have with your baby as they continues to grow in their new family. Whether it be through photos, videos, letters, or occasional face-to-face meetings, we can help you with these arrangements. 

The Importance of Consulting with an Adoption Expert

Every state in the US has unique laws relating to adoption. For the state of Missouri, a child must be at least 48 hours old before a birth parent can consent to an adoption. 

There also needs to be a home study done for the adoptive parents by a licensed social worker. This home study ensures that your baby will be in a home that is suitable for their specific needs. It’s because of these reasons that we strongly recommend that you speak with an adoption professional or lawyer. An experienced professional can help you navigate through this entire process and thoroughly explain everything. We don’t advise you to go through with any kind of agreement before consulting with a licensed expert of adoption law. If you’ve been searching for a “home study for adoption near me,” our agency can connect you with a licensed social worker.

The adoption process can be an extensive but rewarding experience for birth parents. Once you have accepted that you want an adoption for your child, our agency will guide you through all the necessary steps. After your pregnancy and your consent to the adoption is finalized, your adoption is complete. 

However, we still offer our services to birth parents even after the adoption is finalized. We know that adoption can be a difficult process for birth mothers, so our counseling services are available post-adoption. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri for More Adoption Information

Adoption is a rewarding and life changing journey, but we know it can be complicated. We hope that you are more informed on the specific rights that you have as a birth parent when you enter your adoption journey. Researching the right adoption information is important and will prepare you for all the specific variables that come with adoption. Before you proceed with any adoption agreement, you’ll want to know where your parental rights end and how semi-open agreements influence those rights. 

If you are considering adoption for your baby, please contact any of our agencies in the Missouri area. We have offices across the state with specialists that can help you finalize an adoption in Missouri and form your adoption plan. Adoption Choices of Missouri will help you with your planned or unplanned pregnancy and find a home for your baby.

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Is Choosing Adoption Selfish?

Is Choosing Adoption Selfish?

By Noah Abrams

Some may feel that adoption is a selfish decision on behalf of the parent or parents involved. This is a very common misconception people have. When considering adoption and placing your child, you are making the best choice for the both of you. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is difficult, along with the many other challenges life presents. You may feel guilty initially due to the negative stigma attached to adoption, but know you’ve done nothing wrong. It is completely understandable and commendable to consider and make such a difficult decision. 

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we can support you through this decision. We are one of the most knowledgeable and reputable adoption agencies in Missouri. We have a dedicated staff available 24/7 to meet your needs throughout your adoption journey. We understand the nature of choosing adoption and the emotional toll it takes. Because of this, we do our best to alleviate and eliminate any potential stress in your adoption process

Negative Stigmas Surrounding Adoption

Unfortunately, there are still negative stigmas surrounding adoption even with the progress that has been made. Because of this, we must continue to shed light on the truth and destigmatize adoption. Some of the common misconceptions and stigmas surrounding adoption include:

  • Believing birth mothers don’t love their child. This is a very common misconception regarding birth mothers who place their children for adoption. This isn’t true at all, as deciding to place your child is a decision made with love. Birth mothers understand that their living, mental, or financial situation may not be ideal for their child. Knowing this, choosing adoption in Missouri is the best option through Adoption Choices of Missouri
  • Believing birth mothers don’t contact their child when the adoption is finalized. Some still believe that birth mothers place their children and abandon them. Though closed adoptions were more prevalent in the past, semi-open and open adoptions have become more popular. We encourage semi-open and open adoptions. This is because they allow the birth mother to remain connected and in contact with their child. 
  • Believing birth mothers are quitting and taking the easier path. This isn’t true either, as the adoption process is a very difficult journey for all birth mothers. Though each case is different, all can relate to the emotional and mental battle being fought daily. So much is demanded, from legal procedures, to creating a birth and adoption plan, and navigating mixed emotions.

These are just a few of the common negative stigmas surrounding birth mothers choosing adoption. There are others out there as well. The most important thing to note is that birth mothers are not quitting on their children. Instead, they are making selfless decisions to give their child the best life possible.

Why Adoption is a Selfless Decision

Choosing adoption is one of the most selfless decisions a parent can make. The bond between a mother and a child is like no other. Carrying a child for nine months in and of itself creates an emotional attachment. Knowing this, we should praise birth mothers and parents who place their children for adoption. 

Additionally, this decision indicates that the parent(s) are putting their child’s needs first. There are many reasons why placing your child for adoption could be the best option. For example, being unprepared, emotionally or financially unstable, or living in a bad environment.  It takes honesty and self-reflection to realize that you may not be ready to parent a child. This shows how much you care for your child and want the best for them. 

With your love and wanting the best for your child, you will provide them with a loving and stable home. We work with many birth mothers and potential adoptive families. The end goal is to provide the child with a loving environment.

Birth Mothers Who Have Had Positive Adoption Experiences with Adoption Choices of Missouri

We don’t want to just tell you about our private adoption service and how it’s beneficial to birth mothers. We want you to hear from birth mothers who have worked with us. In doing so, you will get the perspective of birth mothers who have been in the same scenario. Some of the testimonials are below:

  • KMK stated, “They made everything super easy and comfortable! They truly care about the moms just as much as the child. They make everything as stress-free as possible and help you in any way they can. They put you as a priority and are quick to answer any questions. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. They made the entire process as easy as possible and put your health and the health of the baby first! They are truly AMAZING!!”
  • Kelly stated, “They were so open and friendly, made everything simple to understand, and truly deeply cared. They were there for me whenever and listened to everything. No one ever made me feel ashamed of my decision. They made me feel good about it and supported everything that I wanted through the process.”
  • Des stated, “They were so comforting and they did not pressure me in any way to make this decision. I can honestly say that because of working with this office and the support system they have set up for birth mothers, I was able to completely change my life.”

These testimonials show that though the adoption process can be difficult, having support from Adoption Choices of Missouri can help. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri Today if You Are Considering Adoption

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and placing your child for adoption can be scary and difficult to navigate. Though true, you don’t have to do it alone. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we offer private adoption services and are fully licensed. Helping birth mothers daily, we have specialists available 24/7 to assist you in any way. Please contact us if you are in this situation and know that you are not giving up! You are making a decision with your child’s health and safety as the priority.

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What Are Some Adoption Terms and What Do They Mean?

What Are Some Adoption Terms and What Do They Mean? 

By Shaina Santagata

Embarking on the adoption journey as a birth mother involves navigating a challenging time that can be overwhelming. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we understand the importance of clear communication and respectful language throughout this experience.

Learning adoption terminology opens doors to making informed and confident decisions for you and your baby. Together, we can dive into the essential adoption terms that every birth mother should know. Whether you are considering adoption, currently in the process, or exploring post-placement options, this glossary will be a valuable resource.

Understanding adoption terms will empower you to communicate effectively with adoption professionals and navigate the adoption process with confidence as you go through this life-changing journey. Let’s explore the language of adoption together, ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to make the best choices for yourself and your child.

Birth Mother and Birth Father:

A birth mother is the biological mother of the child who is placing the child for adoption. The birth father is the biological father of the child. Both birth parents can play key roles in the adoption process. Their rights and involvement are based on individual circumstances and state laws.

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC): 

ICPC is a legal agreement among all fifty states (including the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia) regulating children’s placements across state lines in foster care and adoption. This ensures that placements comply with the laws of both the sending and receiving states.


Relinquishment is the voluntary termination of parental rights by the birth parents, allowing the child to be legally adopted by another family. This process typically involves legal procedures and varies by state.

Adoption Etiquette:

Adoption Etiquette refers to having respectful and sensitive behavior and communication practices when discussing adoption-related topics or interacting with adoptive families, birth parents, and adopted children.

Open Adoption:

With open adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents have ongoing contact and share varying degrees of identifying information. Openness can include letters, pictures, visits, and more, depending on the preferences of those involved.

Semi-Open Adoption:

Semi-open adoption involves some communication and interaction between the birth parents and the adoptive family. Contact is facilitated through a mediator such as the adoption agency. This type of adoption allows for updates and information sharing while still maintaining some privacy and boundaries.

Closed Adoption:

A closed adoption occurs when the birth mother decides to have no communication with her child once the adoption process is finalized. Any identifying information is typically sealed.


Post-placement refers to the period after a child is placed with the adoptive family but before the adoption is finalized. During this time, social workers may conduct follow-up visits and provide support to ensure the well-being of all involved.

Adoption Agency:

An adoption agency is a licensed and specialized organization that enables adoptions, providing counseling, home studies, matching (between birth parents and adoptive families), and legal support for all involved.

Adoption Process:

The adoption process involves steps such as home studies, legal procedures, matching, and finalization. Agencies like Adoption Choices of Missouri help guide families through these steps with care and expertise.

Adoption Plan:

An adoption plan is a personalized outline created by the birth mother outlining her preferences for the adoption. This includes the type of adoptive family, level of openness, and post-placement communication.

Adoption Support Services:

Adoption support services include counseling, support groups, and resources. These are offered to birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptive individuals to address emotional, financial, and practical needs related to adoption.

Termination of Parental Rights (TPR):

Termination of parental rights (TPR) consists of a legal process that will permanently end the legal parent-child relationship. This step is necessary for the child to be legally adopted by another family.

Adoption Profile:

An adoption profile is a document or presentation created by prospective adoptive parents to introduce themselves to birth parents. It typically includes photos, written descriptions, and information about their lifestyle, values, and parenting approaches.

Home Study:

A home study is an assessment completed by a licensed social worker. The social worker evaluates the prospective adoptive family’s suitability and readiness to adopt. This is when interviews are conducted, background checks are completed and verified, and home visits are conducted.

Unplanned Pregnancy:

An unplanned pregnancy refers to a pregnancy that occurs when it is not intended or expected. Adoption is one of the options available to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Local Adoption Agency:

A local adoption agency operates within a specific area and provides adoption services to families and birth parents within that region.

Adoptive family:

An adoptive family has welcomed a child into their home through the process of adoption. This family is legally the child’s new family and is there to provide love, care, and support just like the biological parents would. These families are made of individuals who have chosen a child to create a lifelong bond beyond biology.

Birth Plan:

A birth plan is a document that a birth mother creates to outline her preferences and wishes regarding her labor, delivery, and postpartum care during childbirth. Birth plans communicate the information to healthcare providers and adoption agencies in Missouri (if she is considering adoption for her baby), and they ensure that the birthing experience aligns with the birth mother’s desires and values as much as possible.

Adoption Disruption:

Adoption disruption refers to interrupting or halting the adoption process before it is legally finalized. This can occur for various reasons, such as changes in circumstances for either the birth parents or the adoptive family or challenges that arise during the post-placement period. This can be emotionally difficult for all parties involved and may require additional support and guidance from adoption agencies and their adoption professionals.

Addressing the Adoption Process with Adoption Choices of Missouri

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we believe in empowering birth mothers with knowledge and support throughout the adoption journey. If you are considering adoption and seeking guidance, contact us today! We have helped hundreds of birth mother’s just like you. Let us help you create a personalized adoption plan that meets your needs and honors your choices. Our compassionate team is here to support you every step of the way!

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Taking Care of Yourself and Your Baby “Even Though” Placing a Baby for Adoption

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Baby “Even Though” Placing a Baby for Adoption

By Noah Abrams

Considering and ultimately choosing adoption is one of the toughest decisions one could make. Specifically for birth mothers, it comes with a whirlwind of emotions that can be hard to navigate. Because of the emotional toll the adoption process can have on you, it is important to prioritize yourself. With the help of your loved ones, you should address and maintain your well-being throughout this journey. 

Additionally, there are external resources available to you that can assist as well, including reputable adoption agencies in Missouri.

If you are considering adoption in Missouri, let Adoption Choices of Missouri lend a helping hand in your adoption journey. With all of the direct and indirect stresses caused by this emotional time, you will need all of the support you need. We have adoption specialists who are available 24/7 for any questions you need to be answered or concerns you need to be addressed. Additionally, we are here to emotionally and mentally be there for you. Continue reading to learn methods of self-care throughout your adoption journey.

Why Self-Care is Important Throughout Your Adoption Journey

Each birth mother will have a specific, nuanced experience. Though each experience will look different, a key similarity is the need for an army of support. Throughout the adoption process, you will be responsible for making various decisions and going through different standard protocols. In doing all of this, it is normal for mental and emotional fatigue to set in. Also, you may get lost in what is required of you while dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Whether creating your adoption plan, choosing the adoptive family, or creating your birth plan, it can be very overwhelming.

That is where the support of your family, friends, and other intimate support groups you may have to lean on. An adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Missouri can provide the same support. In conjunction with emotional and mental support, we provide adoption-specific information, and we are advocates for you. 

Knowing this, it is important not to push your feelings to the back burner. Addressing all negative emotions that may be evoked is key, as neglecting them can cause a negative domino effect. Everything may not be resolved through the support you receive, but it will definitely make your journey more seamless.

What Self-Care Could Look Like in Your Adoption Journey

Now that you know the importance of self-care, we will dive into techniques to stay mentally and emotionally sharp. Some of those techniques include:

  • Counseling: This may be required, as a mix of emotions may be felt throughout your experience. Seeking counseling or therapy can be extremely beneficial for birth mothers who need emotional relief. This allows you to verbally release the thoughts and feelings you have, improving your mental and emotional state. We also offer private counseling through our private adoption service.
  • Support Groups: This is another method similar to counseling or therapy. The main difference is that you will be able to interact with mothers who are dealing with similar experiences. If you feel alone or like the only one in your position, this can be very helpful. 
  • Personal Time: Though the support of others is important for you at this time, you also need time to yourself. Spending alone time doing your personal favorite hobbies. You may also want to pick up new hobbies. In any case, taking personal time can enhance your experience.
  • Maintaining Your Health: Maintaining your health is very important for you during this time. This experience can be mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. Because of this, you should prioritize things like proper rest and eating healthy. 
  • Don’t Smoke or Drink: This goes without saying, but not smoking or drinking throughout your adoption journey matters. This can negatively impact your health and that of your child. 

These are just a few examples of things you can do to keep you and your child safe throughout your adoption journey. There may be things not listed that you find helpful in your personal self care. Please do whatever works for you and the things that are essential to maintain your health in all ways.

Self-Care Education Through Adoption Choices of Missouri 

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, having a village of support can be very beneficial. This can look different depending on the situation. Some birth mothers may need more than others, and others may not need much. In any case, it’s important to utilize all resources around you that are available to you. This includes a trusted adoption agency that can educate you on the process, as well as advocate for you.

In saying that, Adoption Choices of Missouri is one of the most reputable adoption agencies in Missouri. We offer private adoption services and help birth mothers daily throughout their adoption process. We want all women that we work with to deal with a minimum level of stress. Additionally, we prioritize the safety and well-being of you and your child. You have the support of our licensed counselors, who are available for you at any time. Contact us today if you don’t know where to start with self-care and finding support throughout your adoption journey.

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Choosing a Missouri Local Adoption Agency Near You

Choosing a Missouri Local Adoption Agency Near You  

By Julian Burgos 

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, you might be wondering what kind of options you might have. Adoption is a difficult but brave decision that can have many positive outcomes for your child. If you’re considering adoption for your baby, look no further. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed private adoption agency with multiple locations in the state of Missouri. Our agency has the resources and professionals to help you on your adoption journey. 

What Does It Mean to Be a Licensed, Local and Private Adoption Agency?

A licensed, local, and private adoption agency has the benefit of not only far more resources at its disposal, but also experience. Licensed agencies like Adoption Choices of Missouri have years of experience in the adoption field and can handle any kind of adoption situation. This means that we know how to navigate adoption laws in the state of Missouri as well as international law. We also offer benefits that a public adoption agency might not be able to offer such as staying in contact with your baby. You decide the level of openness and contact you want with your baby and their adoptive parents. A private agency like ours specializes in infant adoptions, whereas you will find older children in the public foster care system.     

Resources at Adoption Choices of Missouri as a Licensed Private Adoption Agency 

There are many advantages that come with licensed, local, and private adoption agencies like ours. Adoption Choices of Missouri offers a variety of resources to help birth mothers before, during, and even after their pregnancies: 

  • Quality medical care for you and your baby- we cover medical treatment specific to your bodily needs. Our specialists will ensure that you get the best treatment throughout each stage of your pregnancy with the help of the best medical staff available to us.  
  • Counseling services for all our birth parents- our private adoption agencies in Missouri offer counseling for every stage of your adoption. We know that adoption is a difficult decision that can take a toll on a birth mother. Our counselors will offer a helping hand and a listening ear to all birth mothers seeking talk therapy. 
  • Safe housing for you and your baby- our agencies have the advantage of being able to provide safe housing for you during every stage of your pregnancy. This means that wherever you are in Missouri, the nearest adoption agency can provide you with room and board.  

By choosing one of our local licensed agencies, you will already have a significant advantage in your adoption journey. We will ensure that you receive the help and care you need and that your baby finds the perfect loving family. 

Local Adoption Agencies Near You to Accommodate Your Travel Costs 

Wherever you may be, our adoption agencies in Missouri can help you with your adoption needs. Whether you live in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Independence, or any city not listed here, that is not an issue for our agency. We can accommodate your specific needs regardless of your location as we have agencies across the entire state. That is an advantage that a licensed and private adoption agency like ours has in contrast with an unlicensed agency. The resources we have been able to obtain grant us the ability to help potential birth mothers like you despite whatever travel costs you might have. 

Forming an Adoption Plan with Adoption Choices of Missouri 

One of the biggest assets that Adoption Choices of Missouri has is our adoption specialists. With the help of our licensed staff, we can help you plan your entire pregnancy and adoption process

An adoption process consists of all the steps necessary for you to put your child up for adoption. Everything from the private adoption service we provide to the kind of family you’d like your child to be with is part of that process. You will have a one-on-one consultation with one of our licensed professionals who will help you devise an adoption plan. Your adoption plan will give you the option of how involved you wish to be in your baby’s life after the adoption is complete. It also determines what kind of prenatal care will be provided for you and all your financial needs. 

Once you have determined these factors, everything will be set in place for your delivery date. After you deliver your baby, they will have a loving home ready for them and the adoption process will be near its conclusion.  

Find a Local Adoption Agency in Missouri with our Representatives and Resources 

If you are ready to begin the process of your adoption journey, please visit the Adoption Choices of Missouri website and explore all our resources. You can also call any one of our agencies where you will receive help from one of our representatives. No matter where you are, you are sure to find help for an adoption in Missouri from one of our local agencies. 

Knowing the differences between public and private adoption agencies is essential before making a decision on adoption. Many of these differences relate to the age of your child. Our agency is better equipped to handle infant adoptions. 

Compassion is one of our core strengths. We understand the emotions you are going through and the anxiety that comes with a decision such as this. Our specialists are trained to handle any situation with the care and compassion you deserve. Whether it be group counseling or one-on-one consultations, you are sure to find what you’re looking for with Adoption Choices of Missouri

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Choosing a Single Missouri Woman to Adopt Your Baby

Choosing a Single Missouri Woman to Adopt Your Baby

By Hannah Bayly

Adoption Choices of Missouri works with women who are facing unplanned pregnancies to create a custom adoption plan. Part of this adoption plan includes choosing the right adoptive parent(s) for your baby. You may already have an image in your head of the best family for your baby. Or, you may be unsure of who would be best to raise your child. Regardless, you can trust that Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you to make the best choice for your baby’s future.

As you may know, working with a private adoption service allows you agency and choice. This includes choosing an adoptive family that you connect with and feel would best care for your baby. As you are going through this part of the adoption process, you will learn about many unique families. You may even encounter single women who are looking to adopt. If you are considering a single woman to adopt your child, this can be a wonderful choice. You may be unsure, but there are many reasons that single women make fantastic parents. Continue reading to learn why a single woman might be the right choice for your baby.

Choosing a Role Model for Your Child

If you are considering adoption, you may be presented with a single woman as a potential adoptive parent for your baby. Adoption in Missouri is not limited to couples. Choosing a single woman to adopt your baby means providing them with a role model. A role model is someone for a child to look up to based on their characteristics and behaviors. Many children who grow up with a single woman as their parent state that they look up to their mother. This is because single mothers demonstrate many admirable characteristics, such as independence and strength. This allows your baby to grow up in a home where their mother demonstrates these characteristics around them daily. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, choosing a single mother to adopt your child may be a great option. A single mother would provide your child with another strong female role model in their lives.

Choosing a Parent You Connect With

Every birth mother’s journey is different. Depending on your situation, you may be single, and that may even play into your decision to choose adoption. If this is the case, choosing a single woman to adopt your baby may be appealing. You may feel a sense of connection with a single woman looking to adopt.

On the contrary, you may not be single. In this case, you may not feel a connection to a single woman looking to adopt a baby. However, you likely have more in common than you think. Think back to a time in your life when you were single. Did you handle difficult situations or tasks during this time? Did you perhaps live on your own? Thinking back to what you were able to accomplish as a single woman may put things into perspective. You may begin to find that you have a connection to a woman who is living her life bravely and independently.

Addressing Your Concerns

You still may have some concerns about choosing a single woman to adopt your baby. There can be negative narratives about single mothers that are perpetuated. We are here to dispel those untrue narratives! 

One thing you may hear about single mothers is that they are too busy to care for their children. On the contrary, many single mothers are great at balancing their time! They may have busy schedules, but that doesn’t mean their children don’t come first. In fact, many single mothers take extra care to ensure their children are their top priority throughout the day. They put their children first, just like any mother!

You may be concerned that your child won’t have a stable life. Just because a woman is parenting on her own doesn’t mean they cannot provide a stable environment! Many single mothers find communities of other mothers they can rely on. In addition, their family and friends act as a wonderful support system for both them and their adoptive baby. Your baby will find a secure, comfortable life with a single adoptive mother.

Making this Decision with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Choosing the right adoptive parent for your baby can be an overwhelming choice. You may have concerns about the adoptive parents you are reviewing. You may wonder if they will give your child the wonderful life they deserve. With Adoption Choices of Missouri, you do not have to worry. Many of our waiting parents find us by searching “home study for adoption near me.” This means they are taking the steps to responsibly go through a thorough screening process with us! Unlike a public adoption center, we present you with the ability to choose. With us, you remain in charge of choosing the right adoptive parents for your baby.