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Support After My Adoption Journey

Support After My Adoption Journey

By Blessing E. Ikhimokpa

You’re looking for support after you’ve placed your birth child up for adoption. But you don’t know where to look. That’s okay. Some birth mothers find themselves lost after they’ve placed their birth child up for adoption. They don’t know what to do next. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we have counselors who can help you find your footing. All you need to do is ask, and you shall receive. 

What Adoption Support is Available to Me in Missouri?

Birth mothers can choose counseling, financial, and medical support. Whenever the birth mother needs counseling throughout the adoption process or after, it’s available to them. Counseling isn’t just for birth mothers. It’s for the birth fathers as well. Some people tend to forget about the birth father during the adoption process. So that’s why the counseling is catered towards both birth parents. 

If the birth mother or birth parents find themselves struggling with money. Depending on how much is allowed to give. Our agency will help them. Not every birth mother’s situation is the same. So we break down what is needed so we can help cater to them. 

Medical care is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. This is why we help birth mothers with their medical bills during pregnancy and birth. Our agency will cover any hospital bills that pop up. Throughout the pregnancy, the birth mother shouldn’t have anything that will cause them stress. 

Our agency is a private adoption service. Any information that is shared with us will not be posted online. For others to see. We’re here to help birth mothers with everyday tasks. They find themselves unable to do. 

Is Counseling Available After My Adoption Placement?

Counseling is available to birth mothers who:

  • Have just decided they want to place their child up for adoption
  • We are currently going through the adoption process
  • Have finalized the adoption papers and are going through the adoption placement

All in all, counseling is available to any birth mother who needs it. It’s available to the birth fathers as well. So if you’re pregnant and considering adoption, you’re eligible to receive counseling, whether it’s for what to do next. Or what your options are going forward.

Why Do I Feel Lost After My Adoption Placement?

Some birth mothers feel lost after their adoption placement because they look at adoption as “giving the child up.” Adoption isn’t “giving the child up.” It’s giving the birth child a better opportunity at life. 

Most of the time, birth mothers place their birth child up for adoption. It’s because it was an unplanned pregnancy. But they decided to keep the baby and place them up for adoption. 

Another factor is why some birth mothers feel lost. Is that their thinking about what the birth child will think of them? So it brings on some conflicting feelings of guilt and shame. Guilt because they think they’ve “given” the birth child up. While shame is surrounded by what they think the birth child will think of them. 

What Can I Do to Get My Mind Off of My Adoption Placement?

Ways to get your mind off the adoption placement are by:

  • Seeking out counseling/therapy
  • Going to support groups 
  • Traveling with friends or family, or by yourself
  • Yoga or meditating 

All ways that will get your mind off the adoption placement. While putting you at peace and ease at the same time. Suppose you’re looking for ways to get your mind off the adoption process. You can search for “adoption agencies near me” and talk to their agents.

What are the Different Kinds of Emotions Birth Mothers Go Through After the Adoption Placement?

With the adoption process and the adoption placement. Some birth mothers tend to feel:

  • Guilt
  • Sadness
  • Shame
  • Regret 

Without having the birth child in front of them. Some birth mothers tend to make up ideas in their heads. Of what the birth child is thinking of them. By not having the birth child with them, they’re thinking of the birth child:

  • Doesn’t think kindly of them
  • Doesn’t want to meet them
  • If given the opportunity, I won’t want to speak to them

Is Adoption the Last Time I’ll See My Birth Child?

When doing Adoption in Missouri, there are three different kinds of adoptions to choose from. In an open adoption, you want to keep in contact with the birth child. Have a relationship with the adoptive parent (s). So, they can inform you about the birth child. You’d like to be able to send them messages to have a relationship with them if this is something you’d like to do. Then you can choose open adoption. 

In an open adoption, birth mothers can share contact information with the adoptive parent (s). To keep in touch and have tabs on the birth child. But that’s not for everyone. Some birth mothers would rather the adoption agency handle any communication with the birth parent (s). If you don’t want to have a relationship with the adoptive parent (s). Or share contact information with them. Then you can choose semi-open adoption. 

You found yourself wanting the adoption agency to handle everything during the adoption process. When asked if you wanted to choose the adoptive parent (s), you said you’d rather the adoption agency choose for you. For example, having a relationship with the birth child after they’ve been adopted. If this is you, then you can choose a closed adoption.

If you’ve gone through the adoption process and are looking for support. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800

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How hard is it to give up a baby for adoption in Missouri?

How hard is it to give up a baby for adoption in Missouri?

You may understand that giving up your child for adoption is a tough choice. Some may believe that this decision is selfish. However, this is not the case. Adoption is a selfless act that gives your child a loving family and home. Adopted parents frequently bond with their children and must occasionally give them up on the spur of the moment. Depending on the circumstances of the adoptive family and the child, this may or may not be the best option for the couple.

Although the process is simple, the emotions associated with giving your baby up for adoption can be challenging. Your child who has been placed for adoption should be supported and heard. An adoption specialist will help you with the entire adoption process as well as any associated emotions.

Despite the fact that the adoption procedure is not easy. It is a significant step in both your and your child’s lives. It is crucial that you ask for help before deciding to place your child for adoption. However, it is important to understand that placing a child for adoption is a legal procedure with several considerations to consider.

How Can I Give Up My Child for Adoption?

If you decide that raising a child is not for you or that you are unable to care for them, it is okay to choose adoption. You’ve likely heard about adoption but know very little about it. That’s fine! Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you in learning more about the adoption placement process for children, kinship adoption, adoption kinds, and positive adoption vocabulary.

Just How Easy Is It To Give Up a Baby for Adoption?

Giving up your child for adoption will be a difficult process. You may have heard that thinking about adoption might be hard. However, placing a baby up for adoption is simpler than you would imagine. The practical phases of the adoption process are straightforward when guided by an adoption professional:

  • Step 1: You can establish an adoption plan in agreement with your adoption specialist. Your adoption specialist will make certain that you make decisions that will affect the rest of your adoption journey. This includes selecting the right adoptive family and deciding how many contacts you want with your baby, among other things.
  • Step 2: The second step is to choose the family that will adopt your child. Adoption specialists can offer assistance in narrowing down your choices by providing profiles of families you can choose from.
  • Step 3: It is possible for you to learn more about your child’s adoptive family at this point. The adoption specialist will make sure you have contact with the adoptive parents you choose so that you can assess whether or not they are the best match for your baby.
  • Step 4: At the hospital, sign the paperwork. When it comes time for placement, your adoption professional can help you prepare for this step so that you know your rights and exactly what you are signing.

Even though the adoption is hard, it is also simple. Your adoption specialist will be doing most of the work while you focus on your pregnancy and make decisions. Additionally, you can provide unbiased information about all your Unplanned pregnancy option

Choosing Adoption of Missouri

We are a local adoption agency that is licensed by the state of Missouri. We help birth mothers, children, and adoptive families. We have assisted birth parents, children, and adoptive families throughout Missouri. We strive to provide all parties involved with a personalized experience during the adoption process. We are also here to help with every step of your adoption process. You are not alone. We will help you with your unexpected pregnancy. 

Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or an unexpected pregnancy can turn to Adoption Choices of Missouri, a licensed, local adoption agency. We have assisted women across Missouri and Kansas for many years. Every year, we help over 100 women who have been in unplanned pregnancies. Many of the women we serve don’t have any support, and we are the only ones they are able to talk to about their circumstances and pregnancy. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

AurouraMeet the Author: Auroura Warner is a current student at Southern New Hampshire University. She was born in Orlando, Florida, lived in California, and now resides in Merritt Island. She is aiming for a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a Concentration in Professional Writing. Auroura wants to become a professional writer someday. In Auroura’s pass-time, she enjoys writing and assisting others. Auroura loves to read books, spend a lot of time on the computer, sketch, and draw. She also loves to swim and dance. Overall, Aurora is a fun, loving, sweet person that loves helping and encouraging others to do the best that they can. 

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How to Choose an Adoption Agency in Missouri 

How to Choose an Adoption Agency in Missouri 

Choosing the right type of adoption can be a long and overwhelming process. There’s a huge misconception that when you, as the birth mother, decide to place your child up for adoption, the baby is taken away immediately after birth, and that’s all that happens. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there are many different types of agencies, types of adoptions, and involvement during the process that differs for each individual. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants expecting mothers who are considering adoption to have all the knowledge they need to help make decisions less stressful and more comfortable. Here is how to choose an adoption agency in Missouri.

What are the differences for adoption agencies?

Adoption agencies differ in how involved the birth mother will be in the adoption process, what input the birth mother gets, and how a child is placed into an adoptive family. Private adoption also referred to as domestic adoption, is when you are willingly working with a local adoption agency to place your child with an adoptive family. There are smaller details through private adoption, such as open or closed adoption, which changes how involved you will be with the process. The second option is public adoption. This is also commonly known as foster care. Public adoption is when the birth mother is not seen as fit to be a caretaker for a child, and the government will take the child and place them into an adoption setting regardless of the birth mother’s desires. This is commonly due to the birth mother not being stable financially, environmentally, legally, mentally, or physically. There are legalities that follow this option, but most importantly, this is a result of wanting to make sure the baby is in a safe environment and is being properly cared for. The third option is international adoption. This is when the baby is placed for adoption in another country. Often, the adoption process works faster when the baby is placed internationally as opposed to waiting longer to find their family in the states. 

What are the different types of adoption?

As stated above, when you choose to go with the private adoption route, as the birth mother, you are able to decide how involved you would like to be in the process through what is called open adoption or closed adoption. In an open adoption scenario, you are able to help decide which family your child is placed with, have contact with the adoptive family, and remain in contact with the child throughout their life. This is a great option if you still wish to be a part of the child’s life and establish a relationship with them but feel you aren’t ready to be a mother. In a closed adoption scenario, you have no contact with the adoptive family, they have no information about you, and you are involved as little as possible. This option is great for women who don’t feel comfortable knowing the adoptive family or having contact with the child for personal reasons. 

How can I get adoption support?

The most important thing to know is that support is always available, and you should never feel alone throughout your adoption journey. Adoption Choices of Missouri’s website offers representatives that you can get in contact with at any time to discuss your options. There are counseling, support groups, informative articles, blogs, and testimonial stories accessible to help you feel comfortable and confident in your decisions. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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2021 Adoption Tax Credit

2021 Adoption Tax Credit

The 2021 tax filing season is upon us! The Internal Revenue Service recommends taxpayers take time to determine if they are eligible for important tax credits. Many of our adoptive families will be applying for the Adoption Tax Credit. With that in mind, we have compiled some basic information about the 2021 adoption tax credit.

Adoption Tax Credit 101 – for 2021 adoptions (claimed in early 2022)

If you have done any research into adoption financing, you’ve probably heard about the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. But what exactly is this credit, and how does it work?

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit that helps families offset the costs of qualifying adoption expenses. Families who paid qualifying adoption expenses in 2021, and owe taxes, may be eligible to benefit from this credit. For adoptions finalized in 2021, there is a federal adoption tax credit of up to $14,440 per child. The 2021 adoption tax credit is NOT refundable, which means taxpayers can only use the credit if they have federal income tax liability.

Parents who are adopting from the U.S. and claiming qualified adoption expenses can claim the credit the year of finalization or the year after they spent the funds. Parents who adopt a child with special needs and are not basing their request on expenses should claim the credit the year of finalization. Parents who adopt internationally cannot claim the credit until the year of finalization.

The credit applies one time for each adopted child and should be claimed when taxpayers file taxes for 2021.

To be eligible for the credit, parents must:

  • Have adopted a child other than a stepchild — A child must be either under 18 or be physically or mentally unable to take care of him or herself.
  • Be within the income limits — Income affects how much of the credit parents can claim. The credit begins to phase out for taxpayers with modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) in excess of $223,410, and it’s completely phased out at $263,410 or more.

According to the IRS, “qualified adoption expenses” can include items like:

  • Reasonable and necessary adoption fees
  • Court costs and attorney fees
  • Traveling expenses related to adoption
  • Other expenses that are directly related to and for the principal purpose of the legal adoption of an eligible child

If you’re not sure whether you are eligible to use the adoption tax credit or if you paid qualifying adoption expenses in 2021, a tax professional will be able to provide more information.

How Much is the 2021 Adoption Tax Credit?

The amount families are eligible to receive from the Federal Adoption Tax Credit depends on a number of factors and will vary based on their unique situation. Families who finalize the adoption of a child with special needs in 2021 and fulfill the eligibility requirements above, can claim the full credit of $14,4400 whether or not they had any expenses.

Other adopters can claim a credit based on their qualified adoption expenses, which are the reasonable and necessary expenses paid to complete the adoption that have not been reimbursed by anyone else. If the expenses are less than $14,4400, the adopters claim only the amount of those expenses. However, if the expenses exceed $14,4400, the adopters can claim up to, but no more than, $14,4400, per child.

The Adoption Tax Credit limit is based on modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) and is recalculated each year based on current cost of living. Income affects how much of the credit parents can claim. For the 2021 Adoption Tax Credit, families with a MAGI below $216,660 can claim full credit. The credit begins to phase out for taxpayers with modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) in excess of $216,660, and it’s completely phased out at $256,660 or more.

Adoption and taxes can be complicated, and you will likely have questions about the tax benefits available in your specific situation. While we hope you find the information in this post helpful, keep in mind that Adoption Choices does not offer tax advice. Talk to a tax professional for more specific information about how the Adoption Tax Credit can benefit your family.

2022 Adoption Tax Credit – If you adopt a child in 2022, the credit maximum amount will be $14,890 with an AGI phaseout threshold of $223,410 to $263,410.

2020 Adoption Tax Credit – for the past tax year 2020, the maximum adoption credit was $14,300 per child with a phaseout range of $214,520 – $254,520.

Interaction with the Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit changed in 2018. The amount is now $2,000 per child, but only $1,400 of it can become the refundable additional child tax credit (dependent on the family’s earned income), with the remaining $600 a non-refundable Child Tax Credit.  This credit will supersede the adoption tax credit when reducing the tax liability.

To determine the amount of the Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit a family uses, a family must complete the Child Tax Credit Worksheet in IRS Publication 972.  Software and tax preparers will automatically calculate these amounts.

Taxpayers who can answer “Yes” on the last line of the Child Tax Credit Worksheet may be eligible for the Additional Child Tax Credit, which is a refundable credit (meaning they can claim the credit regardless of their tax liability). To claim the Additional Child Tax Credit, parents must complete IRS Schedule 8812.

How Much Taxpayers Will Benefit

How much, if any, of the adoption tax credit a parent will receive depends on their federal income tax liability in 2020 (and the next five years). In one year, taxpayers can use as much of the credit as the full amount of their federal income tax liability, which is the amount on line 11 of the Form 1040 less certain other credits (see Child Tax Credit above). Even those who normally get a refund may still have tax liability and could get a larger refund with the adoption tax credit. Taxpayers have six years (the year they first claimed the credit plus five additional years) to use the credit.

People who do not have federal income tax liability will not benefit this year. We encourage them to claim the credit and carry it forward to future years since the credit may become refundable again in the future.

Claiming the Adoption Tax Credit

To claim the credit, taxpayers will complete a 2021 version of IRS Form 8839 (available at in early 2022) and submit it with their Form 1040 when they file their 2021 taxes. Most tax software will create this form for you. Before filing, taxpayers should review 2021 Form 8839 instructions (will also be available at very carefully to be sure that they apply for the credit correctly and to see if anything has changed. The instructions are needed to calculate how much of the credit will be used.

When claiming the adoption tax credit, you’ll want to be ready with documents such as:

  • The final adoption decree
  • A placement agreement from an authorized agency
  • Court documents
  • A state’s determination for special-needs children, if applicable

This is a lot of information, and you probably have more questions about the tax credit for adopting a child in your specific situation. Adoption Choices does not offer tax advice and recommends that you talk to your tax professional for specific information on how the Adoption Tax Credit can benefit your family.

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Can I Change my Mind if I Give my Baby up for Adoption in Missouri?

Can I Change my Mind if I Give my Baby up for Adoption in Missouri?

One of the top questions we receive from pregnant women and birth mothers is “Can I change my mind if I give my baby up for adoption?” Through the adoption process a woman 100% has the right to change her mind. Once she signs the consent to adoption, which relinquishes parental rights, she can no longer change her mind. Adoption Choices of Missouri prides ourselves on providing birth mothers across the state with the resources and information you need to have a successful adoption. Facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering options can be confusing and overwhelming. We are here to help! 

Why would a Birth Mother Change Her Mind about Adoption?

There are many reasons why a birth mother might reconsider going forward with putting her baby up for adoption in MO. Some women find themselves growing too attached to their unborn baby in the womb or in the period of time between the birth of their child and the finalization of the adoption process. For others, the circumstances that led them to adoption in the first place might be changing for the better. Maybe she has found herself in a better financial situation or a safer environment. Perhaps the birth father or family support system is now onboard with helping raise the baby. No matter the reason, a woman who considers and pursues adoption is not locked in until it is finalized.

Disrupted Adoption in Missouri

When a woman terminates an adoption after being matched with an adoptive family, it is often referred to as a ‘disrupted adoption’. Disrupted adoptions can be painful for the adoptive family and the birth mother. Adoptive parents and birth mothers place a great deal of trust in each other when deciding on adoption. The adoptive family will feel a great sense of loss while the birth mother will likely feel a great sense of guilt. We have to consider what is best for that child; wounds heal.

Working with a Licensed Adoption Agency in Missouri

When disruptions do occur, it is most often the result of a lack of counseling and conversation with pregnant women. Working with a licensed adoption agency in Arizona can help prevent adoption disruptions. Our counselors work with birth mothers and help them navigate the realities of parenting. We aren’t here to convince her what to do or sway her decision one way or another. We do however provide information and resources to make the best decision for herself and her situation.

During pregnancy, there are a range of emotions a woman may be experiencing, all of which make it difficult to make the right decision. Becoming a parent, no matter how much someone wants to, may or may not be the right choice. The best thing to do is to be prepared with as much information as possible, seek support for the decision, and understand that this is a tough decision to make. Even on the right path, there will be moments of doubt.

We offer our counseling services and support 24/7, and each birth mother is assigned a licensed adoption specialist who is on her case from beginning to end. Our social workers truly understand the concerns, the needs, and the hopes of each woman we work with. This support leads to better treatment of birth mothers, more successful adoptions, and fewer adoption disruptions. We are ready to provide the unplanned pregnancy help that you deserve! 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800


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Newborn Adoption vs. Infant Adoption in Missouri

Newborn Adoption vs. Infant Adoption

If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy or you have recently had a baby but you feel parenting is not the right choice for you, you may be considering adoption in MO and whether it is the right decision for you and your baby. If you are wondering what newborn adoption vs. infant adoption is, we can help! It is important to note that not all adoptions are newborns, but sometimes, older children too (infants and toddlers). Regardless of the age, if you feel that parenting is not an option, adoption in Missouri is a great choice for your baby, YOU, and the adoptive family who wants to start or expand their family.   

If you are thinking about making an adoption plan for your unborn, newborn, or infant/toddler, our Missouri adoption center, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help as you consider all of your options!

Newborn Adoption in MO

Newborn adoption usually happens after the birth of your baby at the hospital where he or she is born. If you are thinking about newborn adoption as a good choice for you and your baby, you can create an adoption plan and agreement while you are still pregnant or soon after birth. Birth mothers who choose to place their baby for newborn adoption may feel at ease as they typically have finalized their decision and adoption plan before giving birth. This allows birth mothers to not worry about the future of their child, especially if it is an unplanned pregnancy. More time can be focused on being healthy and having a safe delivery. A birth mother may or may not have communication with the adoptive family before or after birth, depending on the level of openness agreed upon in the adoption plan. 

If you are an adoptive family interested and planning on newborn adoption, you will need to complete a few essential steps that Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you with. From an application, to a home study and placement, these are all part of the adoption journey. Newborn adoption will likely happen at the hospital and the baby will likely be under a month old once he or she is officially placed with you. 

Infant Adoption in MO

Infant adoption is when a birth mother places her baby for adoption who is between birth and twelve months old. A birth mother’s decision to place her baby for infant adoption is completely valid for any reason, personal, and the choice she makes is for the best for her baby and herself. Sometimes, a birth mother may lose the emotional and financial support she had when her baby was born and can no longer provide for her baby. Maybe a birth mother and her partner or spouse are no longer together, making it difficult to raise their baby alone. It is important to remember that a birth mother’s commitment to placing her baby for adoption is a responsible one. Additionally, a birth mother who knows she can’t be there for her baby in all ways, and realizes adoption is a great choice for the future of her baby and herself, is a selfless decision that takes a lot of trust and courage. 

If you are a birth mother and have taken the first step in deciding to place your baby for adoption, you can contact our adoption center to begin establishing an adoption plan. It is completely normal to have questions all throughout the adoption process, and we want to work with you to make sure that placing your baby for adoption is a good experience for everyone involved. 

As a birth mother, you will get to meet a birth parent counselor to discuss your options, including if you want to choose the parents who will adopt your baby. Also, you can decide whether you want it to be an open adoption, semi-open adoption or closed adoption agreement. You can do what you are comfortable with when it comes to the level of openness in the adoption plan. The transition you will go through after placing your baby for adoption will take time and we are here to provide you with support as you comprehend the choice you made. 

Adoption with a Licensed Missouri Adoption Agency

Facing an unplanned pregnancy or struggling to support your baby for any reason is nothing to be ashamed of. Many birth mothers may not know that adoption is an option that can provide the best possible life for your baby. Whether you are pregnant or are raising your baby, newborn and infant adoption can be a blessing and a positive experience. It also is important to know that your adoption plan can be unique to you and your baby. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri will never pressure you to make a decision in your adoption plan that you do not feel comfortable making. We can offer you a supportive group of individuals to talk with you about your adoption plan without any of the surrounding stigma of adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800

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Can You Give a 1-Year-Old Up for Adoption in Missouri?

Can You Give a 1-Year-Old Up for Adoption in Missouri?

Yes, you can place a 1 year old up for adoption in Missouri and we are local, private adoption agencies that can provide the support you need. It is never too late to choose to place your baby for adoption in Missouri. You deserve the same adoption services, support, and counseling as any other birth mother . And remember, you are giving up! You are choosing to create a Missouri adoption plan for your child – a brave and selfless choice!

Placing a 1 Year Old Up for Adoption

Putting a 1-year-old up for adoption is similar to a newborn or infant adoption. There are a few difference considering at this point, your child has documents that will need transferred such as birth certificates and medical records. But don’t worry! Adoption Choices of Missouri has the experience to help! Many of our professionals have placed a child for adoption or adopted a child. We offer a unique, first-hand level of support and compassion to ensure that your adoption experience is safe and not only are you confident with your decision but it gives you hope for a better future.

How do I Put My 1 Year Old Child Up for Adoption?

If you know that parenting is no longer an option, the Missouri adoption process is possible. While most of Adoption Choices of Missouri adoptions are newborn adoption and we support pregnant women considering adoption, HOWEVER, we can still help if you want to place your toddler for adoption and we have loving, waiting adoptive families. It is never too late to choose adoption. During the adoption process, you will have the same rights and the same control as any mother who is placing her child for adoption. You also deserve the same respect and support! With Adoption Choices of Missouri you will:
  • Create a Missouri adoption plan
  • Choose the adoptive family that you think is best for your child
  • Choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption
  • Receive financial assistance
  • Receive professional counseling and support
  • Have resources and adoption experts on your side to help every step of the way!
When placing a 1 year old for adoption, there are a few extra steps to the Texas adoption process. You will work with one of our adoption specialists to:
  • Obtain a copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • See who is listed as the father on your child’s birth certificate
  • Provide information about (any) father who has provided child support
  • Obtain medical records for your child
  • Provide documentation of where the child has lived from birth to present
  • Assess who has had custody or care of the child from birth to present
  • Determine who has provided financial and emotional support for this child from birth to present
With the right adoption agencies in Missouri on your side, the extra steps to give up your child for adoption are not so tiresome and will result in giving your child the best chance at the life she deserves – the life that you want for her!

Choosing Adoption Choices of Missouri to Place Your 1 Year Old for Adoption

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800  
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Unplanned Pregnancy Help; Adoption Agencies Near Me in Missouri

Unplanned Pregnancy Help; Adoption Agencies Near Me in Missouri

If you are pregnant and you do not want to parent a child or if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and you do not want a baby, we are an adoption agency near you who can help now. A pregnant woman who finds herself in this situation, knowing she doesn’t want to be a mother may be considering adoption. We have adoption professionals ready to help now. We can provide free information about your pregnancy and adoption options in Missouri, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here for birth mothers.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Missouri

When you’re facing an unexpected, unwanted, or unplanned pregnancy in Missouri, or somewhere else in the United States, you have three choices that you can make:

  • Parenting your child
  • Adoption and relinquishing parental rights to a chosen adoptive family
  • Abortion or terminating your pregnancy

Adoption Choices of Missouri specializes in private newborn adoption and working with pregnant women and pregnant teens in Missouri who choose adoption. However, we are not here to judge you, coerce you, nor force you into choosing adoption. We will discuss ALL your pregnancy options and go over in detail why adoption might be (or might not be) the best choice for you. We always want you to do what is best for your life and the future of your child.

By calling or texting 816-527-9800, you can receive free information about private adoption and learn about your unplanned pregnancy options in Missouri. Gaining as much information as possible will help you to make the best possible decision for yourself. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with adoption professionals – Amy or Kate or Heather – who have their own personal experiences with adoption and can directly relate to the emotions, fear, or overwhelm you are experiencing.

Facts About Adoption in Missouri

Maybe you are considering adoption as an option for your unplanned pregnancy in Missouri, but you have some concerns about the Missouri adoption process. These questions and concerns are normal, and they are a sign that you truly want to make the best possible choice for yourself and your baby. Here are some common fears about adoption in Missouri for unplanned pregnancy, and the facts behind those fears:

  • If you’re worried about the cost of adoption, please know that adoption is always free for birth parents, you may also qualify for living expenses and financial support.
  • If you’re worried about placing your baby with strangers, be confident in knowing that you can choose the adoptive family, meet them, and even get to know them. And with the semi open or open adoption, you can maintain contact with them and your child post-placement.
  • If you’re worried about feeling confused through the adoption process, you should know that you will have legal representation, access to medical care, and professional counseling before and after the adoption is provided to you for free. You will also be assigned an adoption specialist to work with you throughout the process and provide any other Missouri adoption services you need.
  • If you’re worried you will feel guilty or regret choosing adoption, you should understand that adoption will be filled with many highs and many lows. It’s not uncommon for a woman to feel guilt or regret but she can also experience relief and joy. You may have heard adoption horror stories from the past but modern adoptions are much more accepted and women share positive, loving experiences.

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Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy in Missouri

Regardless of what you choose to do in response to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy in Missouri – parent, adoption, or terminate – you deserve to be supported. This is a hard choice and one that we know, you will not make lightly. Educate yourself about parenting, abortion, and adoption in Missouri. Only you know what’s right for you regarding your pregnancy options in Missouri.

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How Do I Choose a Missouri Adoption Plan?

How Do I Choose a Missouri Adoption Plan?

Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Are you searching for adoption agencies and need help? During a time where you feel like you don’t have much control, you will always make the decisions when it comes to your Missouri adoption plan. If you are exploring Missouri adoption, you have likely come across these terms “adoption plan”. But what does that mean? What is an adoption plan and how do you get to be in control of it? Adoption Choices of Missouri is a full-service adoption center serving women just like you – pregnant and considering adoption – providing you options and support through the Missouri adoption process!

If you need help now, Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

What is an Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan is your step by step game plan that outlines all of your preferences for the adoption journey. Your Missouri adoption specialist will sit down with you to help you create it! With you in the driver’s seat, our adoption agency will guide you through all the details of your adoption plan. We ensure that you feel comfortable with every decision and every step of the adoption process. Your voice will be heard above all others when it comes to your adoption plan.

What are the Steps to Create an Adoption Plan?

When creating an adoption plan, there are various aspects you get to consider. For example: What type of adoption do you want? Open, semi-open, or a closed adoption? How involved do you want to be with your child and the adoptive parents after the adoption has been finalized? What kind of life do you envision for your child? How do you envision the birth and hospital plan going? Do you want to name the baby, do you want to hold the baby? What about financial assistance? Do you need a safe place to stay? Do you need transportation for medical appointments? All this and more will go into your adoption plan.

Here are some of the steps of the Missouri adoption process you’ll encounter and want to include in your adoption plan:

  • Choosing the Adoptive Family

You get to choose and know the adoptive family for your child. Your adoption specialist will provide adoptive parent profiles for you to review and choose from. The adoptive families presented will reflect any requirements and preferences you want for your child. Remember, you have the ability to choose who you think will provide the best life for your child, and who you think would align with you the most.

  • Deciding What Future Contact with Your Child and the Adoptive Family will Look Like

After you’ve chosen your child’s adoptive parents, you will get to discuss what kind of contact you will maintain with them and your child after the adoption has been finalized. In a semi-open adoption, this could be occasional updates, pictures and letters through the secure, confidential online portal called ChildConnect. Both you and the adoptive parents will set up an account and exchange information at the agreed-upon frequency, allowing you to know that your child is safe, happy and healthy without having direct involvement.

In an open adoption, post-placement contact can look differently. For instance, you could talk with the adoptive parents about in-person visits, phone calls, and any special holidays you’d like to celebrate together. There is no right or wrong way to go about this. It’s whatever you and the adoptive parents agree works the best.

  • Designing Your own Hospital and Birth Adoption Plan

This may be your first time having a baby, or it may not be. Either way, it can be a scary experience to deliver a child or feel alone doing so. But, even when you are putting together the hospital plan portion of your adoption plan, you don’t have to be alone. Your adoption specialist will be there with you, and our adoption professionals are always available to give you advice every step of the way. You will be able to prepare for not only the birth of your child, but also where you would like to deliver your baby. Any preferences for medical care for you and your baby can be included in this portion of your adoption plan as well.

Why do I Need an Adoption Plan?

Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to give you the most comfortable and safe experience during the adoption process. An adoption plan is incredibly useful to have as a birth mother seeking adoption support. Maybe this pregnancy wasn’t planned for or expected, but what can be planned for is your adoption journey. You may be uncomfortable about your pregnancy, and feel as if you are in a transition phase with an unknown outcome. However, it doesn’t have to be this way with the right help and resources. An adoption plan will not only be useful for your mental health and well-being, and put your mind at ease, but will also ensure that your child is placed with a loving, caring adoptive family.

If you searching for adoption agencies near me or adoption agencies in Missouri, we encourage you to reach out to us to help create your Missouri adoption plan and/or speak with our adoption professionals. While having an adoption plan is not a requirement, it can be incredibly beneficial and promote a more successful and empowering adoption experience.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800


Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri if I Already Have Kids?

Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri if I Already Have Kids?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy when you aren’t ready for a baby can be overwhelming and can bring your life to a halt. These feelings of distress can be exacerbated if you already have children and you discover you are pregnant with another baby you may not be able to support. Know that choosing to place your baby for adoption is a selfless choice no matter your circumstances. Not only can choosing adoption in Missouri be the best option for you and the baby you carry, but it can also be the best choice for the rest of your family. That’s why Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to help you get started on your adoption journey by providing this overview of the adoption process when you already have children. 

Why Would I Consider Adoption in Missouri When I Have Children?

There are many reasons why you might consider adoption if you already have children. Perhaps you are a single mother, and taking care of your children is difficult enough. Maybe you are going through economic hardship, and having another child would add even more strain to your family. In any case, choosing adoption is a completely valid way to make sure all your children get the care and support they need to set them up for a brighter future. 

What Should I Expect During the Missouri Adoption Process?

If you already have children, the Missouri adoption process is no different for you than it is for any other woman pursuing adoption. When you initially reach out to Adoption Choices of Missouri, we will discuss all your pregnancy options with you in-depth so you make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your family. We will also provide you with emotional counseling to help you work through your feelings so you can find clarity and make the best decision for you and your family. All of our services are free of charge so that you have full access to the help you need.

If you choose adoption, we will help you put together your adoption plan. As part of your adoption plan, you will decide what type of family you want to adopt your baby, how much contact you want with the baby after placement, and what details you want to include in your hospital birth plan. We will then provide you with a variety of adoptive parent profiles from you to choose from. Once you find a family that looks like a good match, you will have an opportunity to get to know them and decide whether they will be your baby’s adoptive family. 

How Will I Support My Family During My Adoption Pregnancy? 

As your pregnancy progresses, you want to keep your stress to a minimum. The last thing you need is worrying about putting food on the table or keeping a roof over your head. That’s why Adoption Choices of Missouri will work closely with you to help you cover your basic living expenses during your pregnancy. We can assist you in applying for public support programs such as WIC and food stamps. We can also help you determine if you are eligible for Medicaid, so you can cover your medical expenses. We will also help you in finding and paying for safe and affordable housing if necessary. If you need reliable transportation, laundry services, maternity clothes, or food, we can help you obtain those as well. 

What Will Life Be Like After Giving My Baby Up for Adoption?

Even if you are confident in your decision to place your baby for adoption when you already have children, it’s important to be mentally prepared for life after placement. If you carefully weighed all the pros and cons of adoption before making a final decision, then you will likely be at peace with your decision. That doesn’t mean that things will always be easy. You may wonder what life would have been like had you kept the baby. Your other children might feel sad that you won’t bring another baby home. You may worry that the child you placed for adoption will feel unloved since they were adopted and not their other biological siblings. 

All of these concerns and feelings are completely natural, but they don’t mean that you made the wrong choice. If you find yourself struggling with these or any other complex feelings after you placed your baby for adoption, Adoption Choices of Missouri is more than happy to offer you and your family with counseling services to find closure. 

Is Adoption the Best Choice for You and Your Family?

As a mother, you demonstrate your selflessness by putting your family’s best interests first. When you choose adoption for your baby, be assured that you are not leaving him or her behind. You are the best mother you can by giving all your children the best shot at life you can offer. If you want to get the most out of your adoption experience, reach out to Adoption Choices of Missouri today to secure a bright future for all your children. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800

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