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Adoption Terms You Must Know When Searching for Adoption in Missouri

By Wendy Swisher 

An unplanned pregnanccauses a lot of emotions to rise up. You are not ready to be a parent and wonder how to put your baby up for adoption. Seeking pregnant adoption help can be overwhelming, especially understanding all the terms. The best thing to do is research adoption agencies near mor Adoption in Missouri and find an agency that will put the needs of you and your child first, like, Adoption Choices of Missouri. Our birth parent counselors will walk you through the adoption procesand help you understand the adoption terms. 

Positive Adoption Language

It is important to use Positive Adoption Language (PAL) during your adoption journey. The reason for this is the words we choose to use can have either a positive or negative effect on us. Words have power. They can make people angry, sad, happy, or frightened. Instead of saying adopt out my baby or giving my baby up for adoption, you can say placing your baby/child for adoption.

For example, using place baby instead of giving up for adoption gives a more positive outlook on the adoption. When negative words are used, they can take away from the meaning and experience of the adoption journey, and that is not acceptable. Using PAL takes power away from any people who choose to promote negativity towards adoption.

We need to start having honest conversations about the adoption experience and why it is such an amazing opportunity for not only the adoptive parents but the birth parents as well. Knowing adoption terms can help with the use of PAL. Below are some of the adoption terms you may hear and what they mean:

Missouri Birth Parent Adoption Terms

  1. Birth mother – the person who gave birth to the child and is placing the baby or adoption
  2. Birth Father – this is the biological father of the baby
  3. Expectant mother – This is someone who is still pregnant and considering adoption

Adoptive Parent Adoption Terms

  1. HAP – is an acronym for Hopeful Adoptive Parents. This is someone who is waiting to be matched or has been matched, but they are waiting for the placement of the child to go through.
  2. Home Study – This is a process that the prospective adoptive parents go through and are informed about adoption and assessed to see if they are suitable to adopt a child
  3. ICPC – Is an acronym for Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, which is a law that enforces uniform administrative and legal procedures that control the adoption of children between states in the United States.

Adoption Terms for Openness

  1. Open adoption – This is where there is ongoing contact between the birth parents and adoptive family. Whether it is a meeting, letter, pictures, or phone call. The birth parents are able to get updates on their baby.
  2. Semi-Open adoption – this is the middle between an open adoption and a closed adoption. Usually, no identifying information is given about either party, and all communication is done between a third party.
  3. Closed adoption – This is where no identifying information is shared between the birth parents or adoptive parents. They never meet and will receive no updates on the welfare of their child.
  4. Identifying information – this is information that can disclose the adoptive parent or birth parents’ identities.

Adoption Placement Terms

  1. Relinquishment – Willingly terminating your parental rights
  2. Revocation – The birth mother has a set time period in which she can revoke the adoption and gain custody of her child back. Now, this varies from state to state, and some states do not even have it. Usually, the birth mother has thirty days for revocation.
  3. Decree of adoption – the finalization of adoption by a legal order

This may seem like an overload of adoption terms and a lot to process, but it will help you when you create your adoption plan. It will make the process a little less overwhelming and maybe make it a little less stressful. You have control of all decisions made for you and your child, down to what family gets the honor of loving your baby.

Adoption with Licensed Adoption Agency in Missouri

The adoption experience is special. You are choosing to give your baby opportunities that you may not have been able to provide.

If you are pregnant and considering adoption but need more information. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800