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Adoption Services in Missouri 

By Isabella Chichioco

Many women who face unplanned pregnancies often find themselves lost on what options they have. They can either terminate their pregnancy, decide to keep their baby, or place their baby up for adoption. Choosing what to do is not easy for anyone, and it is tough to make this decision on your own. We at the Adoption Choices of Missouri want to let you know that you are by no means alone at any part of this process. If you have any questions regarding how to adopt or how the adoption process works. We have many resources and specialists available to help you!

What does it Mean to Place my Baby up for Adoption?

When considering adoption, there are many outdated adoption terminologies that are used. Many people often say “giving up your baby for adoption” instead of “placing your baby up for adoption.” While these two sayings mean the same thing figuratively, we at the Adoption Choices of Missouri try to refrain from using the former terminology. Placing your baby up for adoption in no way means that you are giving up your child. If you are still unsure about the difference, we have more articles available on our website.

Financial Resources Available for Adoption in Missouri

We often get asked if women get paid for placing their baby up for adoption. While you do not get paid, we at the Adoption Choices of Missouri have financial resources to assist you with any pregnancy-related expenses. 

Although every state is different, adoptive parents can provide you with any financial assistance you may need during your pregnancy. Your adoptive counselor will also work with you to determine which living and pregnancy expenses will be covered. Although the amount of financial assistance mostly depends on your specific situation and circumstance, we will try our best to accommodate any needs you may have.

Counseling Support for Choosing Adoption in Missouri

Figuring out what steps to take during pregnancy is physically and mentally exhausting. It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed when facing an unplanned pregnancy, which is why we at the Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to help you in any way we can. At our agency, we offer free birth mother counseling sessions to talk about any worries or concerns you may have. Everything said during these sessions is entirely confidential to completely respect your privacy. If you decide on adoption, your birth parent counselor will do their best to find the best fit caseworker to help you with the adoption process.

Need More Advice? Hear from Birth Mothers Firsthand?

Adoption is always hard to discuss. Especially when not many people around you have gone through this process or even know what adoption is. However, we at the Adoption Choices of Missouri understand how important it is to be able to talk to people who understand what you are going through, which is why we try our best to give you any information or resources that will help you throughout your pregnancy. For instance, we have many birth mother blogs and birth mother FAQs to remind you that you are never alone. 

The Adoption Process with Adoption Choices of Missouri

It is essential to find a community to help support you throughout this challenging but extremely rewarding process when considering adoption. At the Adoption Choices of Missouri, we hope to lessen your worries over adoption by giving you any resources you might find yourself needing. To learn more about our agency and what we do,  Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond.

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