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Adoption Isn’t a Bad Word

For years since the existence of adoption, people have judged or looked down upon such a word and the adoption process included. It has caused family members, friends, or more to turn against those they claim to love because they don’t agree with their decision. Many feel a child belongs in the care of their parents, not someone else. Such a matter has been depicted on reality TV shows, documentaries, and fictional movies. Due to the judgment, birth mothers may keep their decision of adoption private or raise the baby. When it comes down to after the baby is born, the people that judged you the most are not present. They are against you during a time when you need support the most because they are not in support of you providing your baby a better life. Afterward, they are not against you, but you follow their advice by keeping the baby after there for you. 

As a licensed private adoption agency in Missouri, Adoption Choices of Missouri we want you to know adoption is beautiful. If you are feeling judged and not supported, not only can you come to use the answer to help with the Missouri adoption process. But, also for support, you can connect to us as a staff and other birth mothers. Judgment is hard, and we understand that maybe not from the perspective of adoption but other notions. Those that are judging you are not raising the child, carrying the child, or understanding the exact importance of adoption.  

What is adoption?

Adoption is a thorough and delicate legal process that is practiced in multiple states. It is when a child is taken into care by another family that has no biological relation to them. Through the help of an adoption agency, like ourselves, the court system is the dominating factor in allowing such to happen. After the child is placed within the adoptive family’s care, that will become their mom and dad. It is not an easy process, but it can be greatly smooth and copasetic if you are serious while following your requirements. 

If you are considering adoption, you should know there are three different types of adoption: close, semi-open, and open. They are vital to know because you are to pick which adoption type you want to follow. 

  • Closed Adoption: A private form of adoption that keeps protected both parties, like yourself and the adoptive family. During such a process, you are provided with parent profiles from us based on the preferences you gave us. You have the right to choose the family that you would like to raise. However, the information will be limited while your identity is completely sealed and unknown to those who are adopting your baby. The details you receive about your potential adoptive family are limited. With only their first names present, but their address, last name, and more are concealed. During the process of adoption, there shall not be any contact between either party with your caseworker handling contact between you all. After the baby is born and in the care of their adoptive parents, you will no longer have any contact. Depending on the adoptive parents, they can do so through your caseworker if they would like to send you letters, pictures, and more. But, contact will still not happen between either party. 
  • Semi-Open Adoption: A form of adoption between both types of adoption plans. You are to pick the adoptive family of your baby. Though you will not meet in person, and information pertaining to the family will be very vague. Communication between yourself and the family will be facilitated with the help of your casework. After your child’s birth, you will sustain communication with the adoptive family through different forms of communication. In some cases, based upon the birth mother’s preferences, you can exchange numbers or emails to have better communication.  
  • Open Adoption: The word open definitely explains this type of adoption. Unlike the other two types of adoption, information is exchanged between both parties. As the birth mother, your identity is prevalent, and so is the potential adoptive family which you pick. Names, addresses, and more are given to you. There shall be more communication between you, even in person. However, your caseworker will be present. When the baby is finally born, communication will still be there, and you can even become part of the family depending upon the relationship you two develop. 

Understanding these three adoption plans means you are not a bad person, and adoption is not a dangerous word or process. 

Where Does the Stigma Surrounding the Adoption Process Come From? 

We are not necessarily sure why there is a stigma surrounding adoption, but we do have an understanding. Due to certain high-profile cases that take place on televisions, including an adoptive family, many people look down upon adoption. They use that certain family that committed neglect acts against their adopted child, which we denounce, believing that family is the poster child of all parents seeking adoptions. 

To add on, at certain times, many people believe that regardless of your predicament, you can be poor and suffering, you should raise your child. They feel as if you are giving up on your child, which Adoption Choices of Missouri doesn’t believe to be true. We know unplanned pregnancy takes place every year, and adoption is not giving up on your baby. Also, we do thorough checks on adoptees and more to make sure your child will be safe and loved. 

There are more reasons why people are against adoption, which include race, sexuality, and more. Those are just unnecessary educated people that aren’t worth paying attention to. 

Adoption is Beautiful, and We Want You to Know That 

We are an adoption agency that wants to support you while those around you don’t. At the same time, we want those that doubt and discourage adoption from knowing it is a beautiful process that helps thousands of children a year. As we always say, our goal is to build families, and we have services for birth mothers and seeking to adopt. We love children, and we believe they deserve to live in a healthy environment. With a 24 hours service that is available seven days a week, you contact us through our portal! Another way is by text or calls where you would get the best help from qualified staff members. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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