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Adoption Guilt: Will I feel guilty for placing my baby for adoption?

By Carl Roth

Creating an adoption plan is a path to a harmonious resolution for an unplanned pregnancy. Your local adoption agency can provide you with a holistic view of the adoption process, but complicated questions remain. No matter the circumstances, giving a child up for adoption represents a taxing personal struggle and presents itself in adoption guilt. Knowing where and how these conflicting feelings can be addressed could be the deciding factor for your adoption decision. Adoption Choices of Missouri treats adoption as a blessing while acknowledging the emotional stress it places on birth mothers.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, our services are available to field your deepest concerns. Unplanned pregnancy often brings fear and confusion. Therefore, we’ll see to your care all the way through and after adoption. 

Allow Adoption Choices of Missouri to guide you along your journey for care applying to both you and your baby. Navigating the intricacies of Adoption in Missouri is our area of expertise, and our support specialists are waiting to assist. Understanding feelings of guilt and finding solace in your adoption decision is a task we’ll undertake alongside you. 

Adoption in Missouri is never without good cause

We realize that adoption was not part of the plan. Aspiring mothers everywhere have different visions for how and when they will embark on their child-rearing journey. On the flip side, more women nowadays choose not to have children per their personal life philosophy. Regardless of your original route for the future, unplanned pregnancy is an unexpected turn for all. Considering adoption does not happen without reason, and those reasons may align closely with those of other birth mothers. 

An unexpected pregnancy at the wrong time can throw everything out of balance. School, career, and family ambitions all appear suddenly fragile with the prospect of a baby in the mix. You may decide that giving up your child is necessary for building a better home for your family in the future. This is a challenging outlook to accept, but there are hosts of loving families waiting for a child like yours. Going through with adoption in MO may better allow you to be the homemaker your child deserves down the road. If motherhood is your eventual desire, you’ll likely want to be the most capable provider for your child possible.

Adoption allows you to bless a suitable and loving family with a baby while continuing to prepare a better way. The optimal development of your child is largely tied to your present capacity for resources and care. Birth mothers often recognize that their child would miss out on much-needed nurturing given their unprepared state. Assessment of one’s own potential for childcare is deeply challenging, but it’s necessary for landing an informed adoption decision. 

Adoption guilt reveals your capacity for love

How could a birth mother not feel immense guilt when giving up her child? Even for a cause as pure as adoption, there is no method for completely avoiding the weight involved. On a scientific level, your maternal instincts dictate that you must raise your child to adulthood, and deviation triggers impulsive distress. However, that explanation is not satisfactory for understanding the real human emotions that placing your baby for adoption creates. Disappointment, fear, regret, and longing are just a few pieces of the inevitable inner turmoil that comes with adoption. Our own emotions have a way of deceiving us, as guilt does not always mean you’ve done something wrong. It is what makes every one of us human and capable of love, compassion, and selflessness. 

You may feel as though the decision to place your baby in the hands of others is a character indictment. Love manifests in a variety of ways, and adoption may be the avenue that best demonstrates yours. Choosing to let go of your instinctual desire to rear your child is a selfless act of love for them. The strength required to accept adoptive care is immeasurable, especially knowing the flood of emotions that accompany such a choice. There will be days when you question your adoption decision, wondering if it came from a place of love. This doubt can rest with the knowledge that your child receives continual love from their adoptive parents because of your strength. An adoption is an act of perpetual care from birth mothers, enabling their children to experience the ideal upbringing they deserve. 

How can Adoption Choices of Missouri aid in your struggle?

Even the strongest of wills could benefit from helping hands in dealing with the emotional fallout of unplanned pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Missouri recognizes the importance of assisting birth mothers’ financial, medical, and mental needs during their toughest days. Whether it’s a safer place to stay during pregnancy or getting proper nutrition, we’ll ensure you’re taken care of. Your child’s health is tied directly to yours. Therefore, supporting you is paramount to the adoptive family and us. Financial care can only help so much during an emotionally trying period of your life.

Receiving adequate mental assistance is also necessary for a smooth adoption transition. Battles rage in the head of every birth mother, and our support counseling seeks to provide clarity and calm the storm. Our birth parent counselors are experienced specialists who appreciate the delicacy and uniqueness of your situation. During pregnancy, their invaluable comfort has a hand in easing much of the burden you carry during your unplanned pregnancy

Remember that our helping hand is not retracted once the adoption is complete. Post-placement support can be a crucial step to healing after experiencing overwhelming grief. Our counselors are committed to your care, and seeing to your recovery is their primary motivation. 

Click here to learn more about the free emotional support that our team is eager to offer you. 

Finding the right Missouri adoption

Adoption guilt is evidence of lasting love for your child, and Adoption Choices of Missouri wishes your burden to be shared. Not only are there loving families waiting to be blessed by your baby, but also compassionate professionals to address every concern. The well-being of you and your child is of primary importance to us, and your adoption plan will reflect that. 

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