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Adoption Grief vs. Depression: Understanding the Difference and When to Seek Help in Missouri 

By Nicole Cunningham

Placing your child up for adoption in Missouri and going through your adoption plan, there are many emotions that follow you. Common emotions that come up with this are grief and depression. It is common for you to feel a wide range of different emotions, especially if adoption comes from an unplanned pregnancy. They are hard to understand sometimes. When you know you are doing your best for your child, these emotions can come as a surprise to some birth mothers.

We at Adoption Choices of Missouri want to help you navigate these emotions. We want you to understand why you are feeling this way and help you get support. Support from counseling could be needed from feeling powerful emotions like grief and depression.

Feelings of Grief After Your Adoption Journey

There is a difference between grief and depression. Everyone handles these emotions differently. It can be hard to tell the difference between the two. Grief can come in short moments and in longer moments, depending on the situation that triggers it. Grief is an emotion that is usually triggered by an event, like placing your child for adoption. Small things could trigger it. For example, seeing something that reminds you of what you have gone through or reminds you of your child. With support and time, these triggers can be reduced.

Wondering about what could have been can also lead to grief. It can decrease over time, but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying your life. It won’t always be easy for you to deal with. Having the right support system and help, you could have fewer episodes and be less likely to feel sadness.

Feelings of Depression After Your Adoption Journey

Grief is something that can come out of nowhere and be recurring. Depression is a little more different than that. Depression can be a more serious mental health issue, and it affects all of the different parts of your life. It can make everything seem like too much and become extremely overwhelming. It can make even doing the things you love seem like a burden or a chore. Symptoms of depression can include weight loss, insomnia, prolonged emptiness, and hopelessness. This can affect everyone differently and can present in everyone differently.

Trying to get rid of depression and wait it out does not always work. It can become more destructive than helpful. When depression sinks in, receiving professional help is most important. Adoption Choices of Missouri has professionals that birth mothers like you can reach out to and speak with. Counseling can always be beneficial. Your mental health is important to us, and we would love to help you get the support you may need.

Understanding Your Emotions Post-Adoption

Your mental health is a top priority for Adoption Choices of Missouri . We know that these dark emotions can be hard to talk about. It can be hard to admit that there is something wrong. We don’t want you to be afraid to talk about these emotions. We can get you the counseling that you need. Placing a child for adoption or adopcion de bebes is a difficult situation, and everyone handles it differently.

All birth mothers are able to receive counseling, whether it is one-on-one with a counselor or through a birth mother support group. It is good to talk to others about how you are feeling. A birth mother support group is a great way to talk about your feelings. These women have been through something similar to you. They know how you are feeling and understand those emotions.

If you are unsure about any of these, feel free to reach out to us. We can get you connected with a counselor who can address all of your concerns. Also, we can get you connected with a support group nearby. We can look for adoption agencies near me

When to Consider Receiving Help from a Professional During Your Adoption Process

Adoption Choices of Missouri understands the difficult situation you are going through. These emotions can accrue anytime during the adoption process, and they can become overwhelming. It is great to try to talk to someone in your support system if you can. If you need more support or professional help, our door is always open. Always feel like you can reach out to us with any concerns that you have and any and all feelings. It doesn’t just have to be feelings of depression and grief. We can assist you with the next steps to help you have better mental health.