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Adoption Choices Of Missouri Celebrates National Adoption Month 

Adoption is a beautiful process that we at Adoption Choices of Missouri celebrate and participate in every day. We see birth mothers, adoptive parents, and children’s lives change for the better due to such. That is why we are asking you to celebrate National Adoption Month with every adoptee and us in the world beginning on November 1st!  

If you don’t know what adoption is, it is the process of a child being put in custody of a family legally. By going through the courts, a couple or single will become the sole providers of that child and become their parents. Though there might be no relation between that child and family, the child will be loved and taken care of as if they were. Adoption if shown on TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more if you would like to witness it visually. It is beautiful, and we would like you to know that and celebrate it. 

Why Is National Adoption Month Important? 

If you are a birth mother reading this, we would definitely like you to celebrate National Adoption Month! You are a selfless person that decided to give your child a better life than you knew you couldn’t provide them with. Tell people your story of adoption and why you did such. Make them know that you are a great mother that decided to do such because of your predicament. 

This month is important because it brings awareness to adoption and the importance of giving children, who are the future, a better chance at life. Not to mention it attracts attention to our foster care system that has dozens of children that need a family. Birth mothers shouldn’t just celebrate National Adoption Month, but adoptees and adoptive parents should also celebrate such a month. Even society should celebrate it as well to show appreciation and even more induce recognition to adoption. 

What Are Ways To End The Stigma Surrounding Adoption? 

The first way to end the stigma around adoption is to talk to people even when they are defensive. Due to cases that are sometimes covered on major news outlets surrounding adoptive parents and adoptees that involve abuse or more, it damages the image of adoption in MO. As an adoption agency, we understand that, but we also want people to understand that it is not always every adoption case. During the process of adoption, we take it very seriously to keep children safe. The best is to show those people positive adoption cases and even tell them about our adoption agency, including the adoption process. We have positive stories from birth mothers’ perspectives about their adoption experience while dealing with an unplanned pregnancy on our websites. 

You can spread the word of adoption while sending people different resources to understand it before judging it. To add on, you can even donate to an adoption agency where many support birth mothers who we financially assist. Though these actions might not end the stigma surrounding adoption, it is a beginning.  

How To Support Birth Mothers That Have Put Their Baby Up For Adoption? 

Birth mothers are often judged and have negative connotations about themselves due to putting their baby up for adoption. They are sometimes not supported by the father of their child, their parents, friends, or more which mentally affects them. One of the many ways you can support a birth mother is by not judging them. Also, tell them that they are not giving up on their baby because even in society, citizens use those terms against birth mothers. Talk to them to understand their situation and reasons as to why they are choosing adoption. You would be surprised after talking to someone who is actually having to make such a tough decision. 

The main way to show support is by listening and not judging. Those are the two that will help build a birth mothers’ esteem. 

How Can I Explain To My Child That Is A Different Race Than Me That They Are Adopted? 

Love does not discriminate at all, and the child you adopt does not have to be of the same race as you. Such adoption scenarios are depicted in movies and TV shows. Often you see celebrities adopt children that are not of the same race. It is beautiful regardless of the skin differences between yourself and your child. 

There is never an age where a child should find out they are adopted because when they are young, they might not understand. Though as they grow up, they will see the differences between themselves and them. The best way to explain it and make it understandable is by sitting down with your child. While doing so, explain that you two are not biologically related, which can be easier once children know the definition of biology. Explain the definition of adoption and your experience as the adoptive parents. You can do so in a childlike way though it will be a little tough. Tell your child at the end though not biologically related, you love them as much as if they were. 

Join Us By Celebrating National Adoption Month 

If you are a birth mother and reading this, thank you for being an amazing mother. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we value all mothers and believe you should be celebrated every day of the year. If you have any questions and would like to share your story, contact us! We enjoy bringing more awareness to the Missouri adoption process. 

Also, if you would like support or more, we are open 24/7, and as a licensed private adoption agency, we serve everyone’s needs. Come to us, and you will be satisfied.  

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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