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Adoption and the Importance of a Home Study

By Andreia Pereira 

Pregnancy can be scary for someone who didn’t plan to have one. You can be a teenager or an older woman. You could have been a victim of assault or already have children at home. Every situation is different. After thinking about your pregnancy, you realize you cannot become a parent. So you choose adoption. This option will allow your child to have a safe and loving childhood.

There are three types of openness in adoption. They are open, semi-open, or closed. Open adoption is when both families communicate openly. They decide when to visit or the frequency of the visits. Expectant mothers can also choose their adoptive families. You’ll be given a list of families to choose from. With semi-open adoption, communication is done through a third party. You can still choose the adoptive family. The last level of openness is closed. This is when no identifying information is shared. 

Home Study and How to choose an Adoptive Family

There are many different adoptive families out there. But before we get into the different types of families, you might ask how we select families to adopt. We do extensive background checks on each family. Information that is checked is birth certificates, medical reports, etc.

A Home study is where social workers meet with the adoptive family in their home. Why is this necessary? This is to get information about the family and educate them about the adoption. They want to make sure the family is prepared for the adoption. The adoptive family will be evaluated on if they are able to adopt. The family will have to provide a State Bureau of Investigation report. They also need to have a child abuse clearance report. You don’t have to worry that they are not suitable for adoption. Each family is carefully selected. We have multiple agencies throughout Missouri. All you need to do is look up Adoption agencies in Missouri.

Different types of Adoptive Families and Criteria you Might Have

We at Adoption Choices of Missouri have many types of adoptive families. We have transracial adoptive couples. This could be couples that are of different races that are married and want to adopt. It could also be a couple that wants to adopt outside of their race. There are also gay couples to choose from, such as lesbian couples or gay couples. Everyone who passes the home study can adopt regardless of race or sexuality. We have male and female parents if you want. There are also older couples if you want someone more experienced with raising children. There’s also the single-parent option. They are also financially capable of adoption. The reason one might choose to adopt is different for everyone. You can also choose to speak to the family before you make a decision. Each family will give your child a great home and life. 

Did you know you can choose even further with the adoptive families? For example, your criteria could consist of different things. You can choose a religious family if you want. Perhaps the distance is the issue, and you want your child to be easy to visit. Maybe you want your child to grow up on a farm surrounded by animals. Maybe you want your child to live in the middle of a busy city close to multiple resources. Whatever the case, we want to match you with the family you think is best.

What are the Steps of the Adoption Process?

You might have a lot of questions about choosing adoption. The first thing is to contact local adoption agencies. Once you research some more, you should be well-informed about the adoption process. After we get in touch, we will assign an adoption specialist. The adoption specialist can talk to you someplace safe or over the phone. After that, you choose the level of openness and choose from family profiles. Then you can make a birth plan.

Birth plans have decisions regarding the day of birth. You can decide if you want to name your child or if anyone will be there on that day. After you sign the final papers, the baby will go with their new adoptive family. Counseling will be available throughout your pregnancy and even after. If eligible, Adoption Choices of Missouri may also provide financial assistance. Pregnancy can be hard on both you and your wallet. Looking for adoption agencies near me? We are located in Missouri! 

Adoption can be a great choice for giving your child a great life that you yourself can’t give Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond.

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